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FEEL THE FEEVAH Feevah aka beats connector aka flavour mixer, comes on the scene with an idiosyncratic sound >> page 11



Giants of Lovers Rock

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Clashing maestro turns love song vocalist t you ho brough The one w My Life & me Bun Gyal A Gim

During the 1970-80s in London, Lovers Rock provided the soundtrack of adolescent life


He ruled Reggae Sumfest in Montego Bay Now he will be coming to London 29th September Brixton Academy



The Caribbean Jamaica’s economy could benefit from the legalisation of marijuana

The Executive Director of the US based Drug Policy Alliance, Ethan Nadelmann suggested that the legalisation of marijuana could be beneficial, during a visit to Jamaica. In a statement Nadelmann said: “If you legally regulate marijuana, first you stop wasting tens of millions of dollars per year on enforcing a policy, secondly you reduce the opportunities for police corruption, you begin to raise tax revenue from the domestic sales of cannabis and you can begin to recruit tourism on that basis.” In July Uruguay has passed a law legalising marijuana in an attempt to fight the crime associated with the illegal drug trade. Nadelmann pointed out that “Jamaica gets left behind as all the rest of the world moves forward” towards changing the law in favour of a commercial marijuana production. Meanwhile, well known Jamaican chemist and cancer researcher, Dr. Henry Lowe believes the Portia Simpson Miller administration should endorse developing the medical marijuana industry. Canada is one of the few countries where the medical use of cannabis is not illegal. Patients can apply to use Marijuana for medical purposes, if the conventional treatments to medicate severe pain or muscle spasm from multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury, cancer or epilepsy were ineffective. Scientific research has shown that the medical use of cannabis has indeed many benefits and can minimise patients’ suffering. Heavy marijuana use however is associated with numerous adverse health consequences, in the combination with tobacco, smoking is a major contributor to premature mortality.

Trinidad and Tobago’s controversial strategy to finally stem crime by Gabriela Radeva

Many where left in ‘anger, shock and fear’ after one of the most violent crimes Trinidad and Tobago had ever witnessed. What started as a robbery turned into an ugly murder. On 18th August two teenagers fell victims to a row over a BlackBerry smartphone and a tablet PC. Jafar Kadir, 17, and his brother, Arshad, 16 whose mobile phones were initially targeted were violently stabbed to death. This brought the government and the opposition finally

Stabbed to death for a mobile phone: brothers Jafar, 17, and Arshad Kadir, 16 together to build a long-term strategy to fight crime. In order to tackle crime and to “create safe community and country free of fear” the Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar and the Opposition Leader Dr. Keith Rowley shook their hands on 23th August. The Government is now undertaking drastic measures regarding reducing crime. Amongst the many new initiatives, was the proposal to turn back to hanging and

trial without jury for drug and gun offenses. Changes on the Bail Act forecast zero tolerance to bails for criminals charged for second time. Furthermore the government will ensure police officers patrol throughout the highly criminal areas and perform their duties with more responsibility. Persad-Bissessar stated this enterprise is not “confined to only one geographic area” and she encouraged actions beyond the East Port of Spain. Despite being criticized by the main opposition People’s National Movement (PNM) of failing to prevent crime, the PM urges for togetherness in this fight against crime causing hater and insecurity. She insisted that even if individual actions are undertaken that would not be enough in targeting issue of such high scale. The PM also pointed out the economy as victim of crime. The negative impact of crime over the foreign business investments and tourism leads to missing out on opportunities “to show off the beautiful islands” she highlighted. “There is no evidence to indicate that foreigners, specifically the expatriate communities, are being targeted in particular, but crimes do occur in areas frequented by tourists” says the crime and safety report 2013 by the U.S. Department of State which has also rated crime in Trinidad and Tobago as “critical.” Those crimes include robbery, burglary, vehicular breakins, home invasion, and assault, including sexual assault.

Sport Bolt cements his status as Greatest Sprinter ever Elderly lady receives harsh treatment by police

She was just trying to sell ackee by the roadside. A video surfaced on YouTube showing an elderly lady stopped by the police by the roadside. On of the police officers tried to pull the lady into the police van, but she refused. The policeman then stood there holding the ladies arm, for some time before, with the intervention of the onlookers, the lady was free to leave. Reduced to tears the elderly lady was ushered away by another female, receiving a JA$30.000 bail and has to appear in court in October. After Irie FM’s Ron Muschette interviewed her live on the radio the stone got rolling and the police promised to look into how they handled the case.

by Yemi Abiade

Olympic champion Usain Bolt became a World champion once again after storming to victory in the 100m final at the World Championships in Moscow. Finishing with a season’s best of 9.77 seconds, he was finally able to avenge the disappointment of his false start and disqualification at the last World Championships in Daegu two years ago. After a decent start to the race, the Jamaican overtook fellow competitor Justin Gatlin in the last stage, confirming the American’s second placed finish at 9.88 seconds and silver medal. Bolt’s compatriot Nesta Carter finished third at 9.95 and collected the bronze medal for his efforts, but the sprinting spotlight remains firmly on Bolt who, after his latest triumph, has now won five World Championship titles. This further cements his status as the greatest sprinter to ever grace the game. While his time of 9.77 seconds was some way off his world record of 9.58 set 4 years ago at the Berlin World Championships, for Bolt to continue his sprinting dominance is an unprecedented achievement. The final

itself was lacking star names such as Tyson Gay and Asafa Powell, who failed drugs tests back in July, and Yohan Blake who was out with injury. This is taking nothing away from Bolt, who proved too much of a force against Gatlin, the man who beat Bolt in June at the Diamond League meeting in June. Speaking on his victory in Moscow, Bolt said: “I am happy but I wanted to do better. My legs were sore after the semi-finals, I don’t know why, but the world record wasn’t on so I came out just to win. Back in Jamaica, they do not expect less than that from me. They always expect me to dominate!” But as long as Bolt continues to fly the flag in such a dominant way, Jamaicans will not have much to object to.

Vision/ Autumn 2013

Around the world Jamaica very popular in China

- China - According to the Jamaica Information Service, Usain Bolt and the Jamaican colours are very popular in China. Mr. Graham, who was one of several businessmen accompanying Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller on her recent visit to Beijing, China, found himself surrounded by quite a large group of friendly Chinese, in the middle of Tiananmen Square, who simply wanted to take a picture with him dressed in his black, green and gold Jamaican shirt. Businessman and Chairman of the Jamaica Fire Brigade, Jalil Dabdoub, believes that there is a potential for Jamaican tourism. “Just the fact that we are from Jamaica is almost like we are celebrities immediately. We are treated at a much higher level than you would normally see and I have been coming here (China) for 25 years and I have seen the changes ever since Bolt won the (2008 Beijing) Olympics,” he said.

Long journey with consequences

- Germany - A journey from Germany to the South of France can be very long, especially so if the whole family travels with you, as a married couple from Germany can tell. After an altercation, the wife threw her husband out of the car and left him in a motorway station. While returning to Germany with her children, the castaway turned to the police who bought the husband a train ticket to return home.

HEMP Party election campaign

- Australia - Australia’s HEMP Party formally launched its election campaign with a call for cannabis to be legalised for personal and medical use, just as it is now for industrial purposes. Industrial hemp can be grown legally under licence in Australia but the HEMP Party wants to extend that to consumers by regulating the sale of cannabis to remove the criminality of the illegal market. It also wants to establish a commercial hemp industry producing fuel, oil and other environmentally sound products.

Surname too long to fit on ID

- Hawaii- With 35 letters the surname of a Hawaiian woman is too long to fit on an ID. Authorities suggested to Janice “Lokelani” Keihanaikukauakahihuliheekahaunaele to change her surname back to her maiden name, but she want to keep her last husband’s name. On her previous ID which ran out in may her first name, and the last letter of her surname had already been omitted to fit on the document.

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Exposing the talent in our communities.

Chief Editor: Francesca Quaas, Co-editor Nadia Akram, Correspondent in Jamaica: Deana Myers ( + 1876 848 1304)/ Contributors: Gabriela Radeva, Edward Brydson, Basil Linx, Nadine White, Fiona Small, Yemi Abiade, Samantha Dennis, Byron Cole, Clare Delay, special thanks to: Johanna & Theo


Vision/ Autumn 2013

Basil Linx’s

Welcome to my column designed to be thought -provoking, challenging and even uncomfortable for some. However as an uncompromising Pan-African I make no apology. My father always use to say "behind a successful man there is a good woman." Famous words that have been around for ever. Today I would like you to take a moment to think about them and reflect on your father, uncles, brothers, sons, friends, acquaintances and yourself whether you are male or female. I believe that there is a lot of truth in the statement. One of the most important decisions that you will ever make in your life is to choose a life partner. Historically the qualities that were sought after when choosing a wife were somewhat different to those of today (child baring hips being one of them), however given the constant media focus on the western concept of beauty, we need to help to focus the minds of our young men and women to reinforce what is really important and why more traditional African centred qualities are paramount when selecting a life partner. Given that the usual rites of passage, marking the transition from adolescence to adulthood, have all but disappeared, how are we ensuring that our young people develop a full appreciation of the qualities that they need to nurture to become successful in today's society? Some might say that traditional

qualities are no longer relevant in a modern environment and with the economic pressures that we all face there is a need for women to do more than to stand behind her man. It might also be said that with the career success that many of our women have achieved that there is no need for them to rely on a man as they adopt and embrace the status of 'independent black women'. However how does this impact on the black family structure? Is it desirable to deprive the men in our community of the quintessential role being the head of the family? Some might argue that many of our young men have lost their innate desire to be successful men, frustrated and subdued by the challenges that they face from an institutional racist educational system, bias policing policies and not to mention the harsh economic climate. We should not allow those events and circumstance disable our culture. We need to reiterate in our young people virtues that will enable them to be successful men and good women. Whilst we might disagree on the detail or the order of importance of the qualities that need to be developed if we remember the real needs of our children and accept that the natural order is for a man to provide and

Comm Olympic standard BMX Unity track opens in Peckham Column

protect his family, to be an upstanding example and role model to family and community, to honour and respect all particularly the females. To ensure that we honour the memory of our ancestors and represent them in a manner that is fitting. If we balance strong work ethic with loving family values, men can only enhance their communities. In addition if our women remember that whilst they are at the centre of the family and in many ways the backbone, they need to allow men to be men, encouraging and supporting them even when the adversities of life prevent them from achieving their full potential. Believe in your man, create a home environment that provides respite from the daily attacks on him and a society that wants to limit his aspirations and success. Appreciate yourself as the Goddess that you are. Understand that whilst you are the subject of much desire you are much more than a sex object and if you fully embrace your role it can only underpin and strengthen the black family.

Fiona Small: Founder of Young Mothers Support Network

I hope you all had an enjoyable summer and were able to keep the children entertained without too much expense. I personally am very happy that school is back on, it’s only so long that children can be off the routine of school life. Especially when it comes to eating, is it just me or do children constantly want to eat when they are at home? Not sure if any of you were able to travel and get out of the UK? If so they I hope you had an amazing trip. Or if you were able to get away just out of London like I did, then I hope it was just as enjoyable. I took my children to the North of England for a break to visit family. We were very near to the sea and spent a lot of time sightseeing. Sometimes we think that going away means booking a flight to far-away places, but we have so much to explore right here in the UK, some areas will make you think that you are in another country. We all need time-out from London. Getting away from the

hustle and bustle really allows you to inhale and exhale and gather your thoughts. Recharging you battery is very healthy for the mind as you know it is so easy to run on empty and burnout. When being a mother burnout is not an option as sadly the only people who will get the brunt of it will be our nearest and dearest. Try to re-energise yourself, buddy up with some other mums who you know could do with a brake as well and find some activities you can enjoy together or find a way to share the childcare. Together we are so much more united and we need to support each other. Friendships are really important. Surround yourself with positive influences and good people whose lifestyle models you aspire to. I really believe in the saying: ‘Birds of a feather flock together” and ‘Show me your company I tell you who you are’. Parenting is a big tasks and takes a lot of sacrifice it is the only job that has no manual or user guide, I always make a joke when I get things wrong and say: “I didn’t receive any instructions after I gave birth”!

Peckham is known to be a tough place but with the new £1.1million BMX track, the area has gained a new sanctuary for determined young guys and girls to show their toughness in a different, more progressive style. The founder of the Peckham BMX club, CK Flash, proudly opened the new track on 16th August and reminisced how he started his training classes with hardly any resources. “We have been coming a long way to train these guys to be number one! Peckham can do it!”, he said.

I challenge you to raise this subject when you are next in a group and see what comes up. Remember the family is the foundation of our society and you have a responsibilty, so don't be the weakest link! Peace



Keep positive influences around you and your children expose your children to healthy lifestyles and have them in environments that will open their minds to new experiences that will shape them into the men and women who will leave a mark in society. Our community needs people of influence in these times. We want to see change so we have to be the change. Don’t let your mind-set or negative things hold you back in life believe in yourself and your children - all things are possible. I hope all of your children have an amazing start to the autumn term and are going to do very well in class. To those who are starting college, Six Form, University or who started working, congratulations. Let’s not forget the recent school leaver’s who have just finished their GCSE’s. Well done on your exam results! Stay blessed everyone until next month. Fiona x

Indeed the Peckham BMX can do it as it has successfully trained Tre Whyte, now an Olympic Development rider, who is hoping to compete at the 2016 Olympics in Rio. CK Flash is adamant that being part of the Peckham BMX club is “about behaviour, about keeping time, your attitude to life, attitude towards your parents. Only after you tick all those boxes can you go to the track.” If you train regularly with the team, and with a bit of luck, you can become part of the British cycling team that takes you to the Olympics. Bring your kids along!

Located in Burgess Park The Peckham BMX Club is renowned for being open to all beginners as well as creating professionals.

It’s a Caribbean Ting by Clare Delay

“What the heck is black history anyway?”, was the response from my confused editor. Vision readers requested a column dedicated to black history but as we debated the title for the new column, it made sense, are we not all in this together? Are we not writing human history? And what of the Caribbean’s who trace their ancestry to China, India or Europe - do they not count? So we decided to open the column up for all of those sharing the Caribbean experience - a Caribbean world history. As I introduce myself as the new column writer for ‘Caribbean Ting’, I am faced with a dilemma, how to keep our readers engaged. Shall I talk about Benjamin Banneker the first black man to invent a clock and how the famous British landmark ‘Big Ben’ is named after him? Or what did you know about the Indian sages, or Holy men that wore dreadlocks before the Rastafarian faith was even thought about? And how do you feel about ancient Egyptian

history being marketed as different from African history? I have decided to start this article on a lighter note to bring awareness to some of Hip Hop’s forefathers: DJ Kool Herc and Grandmaster Flash. DJ Kool Herc, born in Jamaica, used the basis of his Jamaican influences by creating boastful poetry, shout outs and speech over music and was considered highly influential as a pioneer in the Hip Hop movement. DJ Grandmaster Flash, who originates from Bridgetown/ Barbados, invented the cross fader mixer, allowing him to switch from both sides of the turntable without breaking. Grand Master Flash and The Furious Five were inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 2007 at the 22nd annual induction dinner becoming the first Hip Hop and Rap group to get this recognition. Jay Z was their presenter. If you have any ideas or facts that will interest our readers for our next issue, feel free to email me at:



Rise to the Top Zero to a Million

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Is an apprenticeship right for me?

How can I get a job in retail?

Dear Byron. I have just completed my A levels at college and do not wish to go on to university yet. I am considering doing an apprenticeship. Can you give me any advise?

Dear Byron. I am looking for a job in retail but I am not getting any responses after sending out my CV. What am I doing wrong?

Byron says: Having employed over 35 apprentices over the years, I have found an apprenticeship will give you practical skills and knowledge which will benefit you in a number of different ways and ultimately benefit you should you wish to seek employment afterwards or go back into educations. An apprenticeship is no easy route to employment. The decision is ultimately yours. My advice to you will be to ensure you chose the right industry and do not take the first opportunity IF it not 100% right for you. I would also remind you that you will be paid between £90 - £150 per week so ensure this is financially viable for you. Contact the National Apprenticeship Service on 08000 150 600 for more information.

Byron says: Are you ensuring your CV is getting to the decision maker? I would suggest two methods: 1) hand the CV into the store in person and ask to speak to the manager, never give it to any other member of staff. Be well presented when you meet the manager to make the right impression. 2) Post your CV to the manager, this may require you to do some research (calling and asking for the managers name). The manager will be the only person in the retailer in charge of opening posts. Most importantly make sure your CV is of a good standard; no spelling mistakes, professional formatting, no pictures and a clear description of your experience and what you can contribute to the company. If necessary have your CV checked by a family friend or professional CV writer.

Vision/ Autumn 2013

Mula Cake

A fashion label ready for take-off Mula Cake, or for the less street savvy, 'Money Cake', is the brainchild of Dexter Symms, who started the clothing company in 2010. Fast forward to 2013 and the label is now ready to cooperate with major distributors like JD Sports, offering an affordable yet fashionable brand that is easily accessible on the high streets. With a strong team behind him, Dexter even has global aspirations since, according to him "money and cake represent two things that make a lot of people happy everywhere in the world. Can I see the brand everywhere? Most definitely. I would even consider designing an astronaut suit so that they can wear it in space." Although Mula Cake is reaching to the stars, Dexter is quite down to earth and does not look for

celebrities to endorse his brand. "I prefer to get Mula Cake to anybody who is inspirational and thinks about young people. Anybody who is in the position to positively influence the community because they represent what we represent: working to better the community and inspire future generations. I always wanted to run my own business and at the same time inspire young people to know that you can aspire to be somebody. Last September we started two workshops, one for the older and one for the younger generations, offering T-shirt design workshops. We hold our workshops in universities, schools and in playgrounds to inspire young people to utilise their creative potential and build upon it."

Vision/ Autumn 2013



Straight from Yard with Irie FM’s DJ Amber Entertainment Registry First of all I want to Big up all who support Vision and apologise for not appearing in the last issue, due to circumstances beyond my control. In this issue I am going to talk about a serious matter, regarding the Jamaican entertainment industry. The Minister for Tourism and Entertainment, Damion Crawford, is working to regulate the entertainment business. The Entertainment Registry is one of the most recent announcements from the Government. In true Jamaican fashion the new programme was not communicated previous to its implementation on September 1st. Subsequently a lot of people have not registered as not everyone is aware of it. The Minister was invited to speak on Irie FM’s Entertainment Buzz on 4th September to clarify the new registry, but he did not appear for the programme. I went thorough the information provided and think the Entertainment Registry is a good idea. Jamaica is in dire need of some organisation for the entertainment business. At the name suggests its a registry for entertainers, including: promoters, actors, singers, writers, MCs and disc-jockeys. When registering, you will get an ID which legitimises you as an entertainer. On the long run it can assist getting a visa for instance. Although the registry may not solve all the problems for entertainers whose visas got denied in the past, it will define who is part of the industry. Previously everyone could be an artist, quite to the disadvantage of the real players involved. After all, entertainment is a business and that’s how it should be treated. For artists to be able to register they need to have three songs mixed, mastered and released. Promoters will have to undergo very stringent

measures to receive permits, depending on which zone (residential, nonresidential), the event is being held; tying in with the Noise Abatement Act. All events will be rated, similar to movies, depending on the audience it is appropriate for: G (family events) to PG16’, ‘A18’, ‘R’ and ‘PG (for adults only). If an artist breaches the rating according to a contract signed with a promoter, the promoter has the right to sue the artist, or faces loosing points and eventually the licence. Although it might seem restrictive, I believe it is a good concept and artist have a responsibility to adhere to the contracts that they sign. Promoters have to pay quite a few fees to: JACAP, JAMMS (artist-royalties) and the Parish Council, for a permit of keeping the event. Additionally, they pay the police to provide security. It is not mandatory but it makes sense to do it. Allegedly the revenue made through the registry will go towards the benefit of the entertainment industry. If it will happen! We know what it is like, when it comes to government and money, still, I want to stay positive about it and expect all of the big names to register. For more information go to: entertainment for more information or contact: as you can not register online.

Queen Ifrica Queen Ifrica has always been an outspoken artist taking on important topics in her songs and performances. So it came as surprise that at this year’s independence Grand Gala concert she was very expressive about the legalisation of marijuana, for which her mic was cut. The comment that got

Although the Entertainment Registry may not solve all the problems for entertainers whose visas got denied in the past, it will define who is part of the industry. Previously everyone could be an artist, quite to the disadvantage of the real players involved. After all, entertainment is a business and that’s how it should be treated.

her the most backlash however was: ‘All straight people put up unu hand’ which offended the gay community, claiming Queen Ifrica promoted homophobia and intolerance. It began with a media backlash in Jamaica, which spread to other parts of the world, including Canada where the singer was booked to perform at Rasta Fest. The Canadian gay community protested and called for her work permit to be revoked, pressuring the promoters, who had to give in and remove Queen Ifrica from he show’s line up. Here is my take on it: Queen Ifirca has the right to promote any idea of her choice, just as how the gay community claims their right to protest. In this case I don’t see how she was offensive at all, much less to incited violence or intolerance. I see this latest protest from the gay community unnecessary and uncalled-for. There is no denying that this group has influence and is very organised and their efforts to be accepted, going to great lengths to censor people who speak about their own lifestyle choices, as if heterosexuals have no right to their opinion, as if any statement against them, no matter who diplomatically presented, is an abomination! My advice to all artist is: Don’t compromise your ability to reach your fans by placing attention on people or an idea you do not agree with. Ask yourself this: is this important enough to face the negative consequences? Be careful what you use your talent and time for to promote. Until next time, DJ Amber!



Nesbeth on track to woo the London audience Reggae singer Nesbeth is scheduled to come to London for the big reggae show on the 29th September at Brixton Academy. It will be the first time in the capital for the Board House singer and he told Vision that he is pretty exited too. “I am looking forward to the show. I will perform to the best of my ability and I think I have to put in a little extra where London is concerned.” The roots reggae singer has just debuted on a dancehall riddim with Laa Laa La, taking jabs at some of his colleagues who are fighting over money and going to jail. Wonder who he is talking about? Earlier this year Nesbeth got married to his long time girlfriend and he describes the marriage bliss “a great new adventure, a bit

more responsibility and very comfortable. We both have come very far together”. Yes, Nesbeth has indeed a big, warm heart. During our interview he was very compassionate and full of smiles. “Big up all the Jamaican peeps. I hope that things work out the way they want it to, and if they have a bad day I hope it will be better soon. Extra shouts out to Eccentric and all my fans, Vision and the promoters of the London show - I have to give credit where credit is due.”

You can BB Nesbeth under: 25EAE847

Nesbeth’s popular single Drive By was on the number one spot for four weeks on Kenya’s number one reggae radio station Metro FM

Party-Mania in Tobago Star lineup at Annual Great Fete Weekend by Deana Myers

‘Likkle but we tallawah’ a phrase Tobagonians could easily adapt from the Jamaicans. Though relatively small, Tobago is a party island which hosts shows of large magnitude.

Rick Ross at the Great Fete Weekend in Tobago

Agility is a must: Adonia (middle) shows off his moves

Dubbed the ‘Longest Weekend in the World’ the annual Great Fete Weekend is one of Tobago’s biggest parties. Over five days, from 31st July until 4th August, the weekend buzz took off on the eve of emancipation with a party featuring Jamaican roots reggae artiste Jr. Kelly. With an overwhelming turnout the’ partyholics’ of Tobago rocked away to every tune the artiste dropped, singing along word for word. Kelly’s reception was surprising since Tobago is known to gravitate more towards soca and dancehall music. Earlier on, Germany’s Supersonic sound system set the pace with a high energy selection from the 60s,70s,80s and 90s. The following day saw nonstop raving at beach parties. A huge soca show held on the beach featured some of the biggest names in soca. Wining specialist Denise Belfon put on a stellar performance, while Swappy shared the enthusiasm and frenzy of the patrons. Pigeon Point accommodated the highly anticipated Wet Fete featuring international dancehall artiste Aidonia and r’n’b superstar Rick ‘Rozay’ Ross. Rick Ross, after a long wait, entered the stage indulging the patrons with a full set.

Fluffy vs slim

The tone was set and the crowd waved their glow lights, balloons, and glow shades singing to Mr Rozay hits. However, it was Aidonia’s performance that was the most intense performance of the night. On one of his best sets yet, Aidonia gave Tobago revelers whining classes as he ‘tunup-ed’ the energy, communicating with the crowd and dealing with the fluffy girls on stage, leaving the slim body girls jealously craving for some of the action. The police made for an abrupt ending to the show, closing it just after five in the morning leaving patrons standing waiting for more fun and frolicking as the sun came out. Tobagonians definitely know how to party.

MC Spider of German sound system Supersonic, wining specialist Denise Belfon (right)

All pictures courtesy of Lime and Sandbox Entertainment

Vision/ Autumn 2013

I Octane gives whirlwind performances in the USA Using his historic closing performance at Reggae Sumfest 2013 as a launching pad, reggae and dancehall superstar I-Octane continued the momentum by returning to the United States for a whirlwind Labour Day weekend tour. His first stop was in Delaware where he made his debut at ‘In Di Dancehall’. His energetic performance made on impression on the capacity crowd, which came from New York, DC and states. The crowd showed its appreciation, through thunderous applause and shouts of approval, as he sang his more popular songs. Revelling in the overwhelming support, I-Octane said, “It is important for me to come to these markets that do not typically see reggae and dancehall shows. I will definitely come back to perform in Delaware.” On Labour Day (Friday), Octane made his much-anticipated debut at Radio Juggernaut - Hot 97 annual star-studded ‘On the Reggae Tip’ show. He delivered a fiery 15-minute set that brought the audience of Starting off the month of September on a fantastic note, I-Octane took to Brooklyn’s Barclay Center, on September 1, to perform before a crowd of 10,000 people at Irie Jam’s ‘Caribbean Fever Irie Jamboree Music Festival’. His performance was stellar and electrifying to the point that patrons were on their feet for the entire set. Coming off the stage from this performance, I-Octane humbly stated, “It was an honour to perform at this event. I salute Bobby Clarke, Dahved Levy and the team for their vision to create a threeday Caribbean event of this magnitude. I am also grateful for the opportunity to share my talent with the people.” Although these events were his only scheduled appearances, Octane said he ‘felt the vibes’ and wanted to continue the energy of touching the people. He surprised guests at Five Alarm Blaze at Webster Hall, Bobby Konders and Jabba’s event, at BB King’s in Manhattan, and Squad’s Nightclub in Brooklyn, with brief performances.


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Kiprich is known to be one of the most lyrical artistes in the dancehall business. He never fails to prove this sentiment at live shows, much to the delight of the patrons. Born in Waterhouse, Kingston/ Jamaica, Marlon Plunkett aka Kiprich aka Kippo, blasted the main stream in 1999 with ‘Leggo Di Bwoy’. Following with hits such as ‘Mad Sick Head Nuh Good’, ‘Real Badman’ and ‘Telephone Ting’, which maintained one of the longest presences on the dancehall chart in Jamaica and elsewhere, his songs left many people wondering: who is this dynamic and comical artiste with a taste of lyrics that transcend beyond many barriers? At the 2012 staging of Sting, Kiprich was crowned the new King of Clash. He reaffirmed his title as one of the most versatile clashing artistes at this years Sumfest in July, when Kiprich performed a set that will remain in the minds of the people for a long time. Kiprich recently showed a very different side to him, releasing a one drop song ‘Love Chain’, stating that he is not only a clash artiste.

I can’t say yes I will win because you never know what the opponent is coming with. If the Teacher said clash me, I would be ready. It would be a nice show however, I would never pick a war. Who influenced your decision to become an artiste? I grew up on Bounty Killer, Beenie Man, Shabba Ranks and the likes. I generated energy from watching and listening to these artistes telling myself that I can do this. Many fans are not accustomed to Kiprich singing songs like ‘Love Chain’. Will there be more? Right now I’m recording more reggae one drop songs because

in regards to the crime factor. Coming from the garrison you just have to hold your head up high. There are many temptations but you have to choose a route to balance yourself to stay on the right track. Set a mind of your own, that way no one can program you. This is what helped me to be who I am - positive thinking. A lot of youth can do the same, that is why I don’t leave the garrison. I go back to help these youths, talk to them, show them that there’s hope. What the youths need is exposure, moving away from the zinc fence and the everyday sights and see life. My advice to them is stay focused in what you are doing, believe in God and let no one tell you, you can’t.

The man who makes ladies compete for the title ‘Woman of the Year’ Imagine getting up in the morning and finding a note written by your loved one, it reads: “You are the woman of the year”. With these mesmerizing lyrics, Ras Bogle has not only bestowed this title upon all women but also scored an ultimate hit. Despite the song previously being released back in 2011, it is still very popular. It’s the type of song that grows stronger and stronger; just like good whiskey it has matured over time.

Vision caught up with Nuh Behaviour! Explain your tagline ‘nuh behaviour’! ‘Nuh behaviour’ is nothing negative, it’s just a vibe meaning that you are an outspoken person and whenever the time comes you speak out. Talking about being outspoken: do you plan your performances? To tell you the truth, most of the time when you rehearse for a performance it never goes as planned. You just have to be spontaneous and keep an open mind. There is no rehearsal in this thing as you never know what your opponent is coming with. I build lyrics on the spot as I listen and respond. How does it feel being victorious in lyrically killing another artiste? It feels good yuh know. Sting, for instance, is a big stage and you just have to go out and represent as the people expect much from you. If you had a chance to clash Vybz Kartel, would you take him on and do you think that he could win? In any clash it’s about focus no matter who you are clashing.


Woman Of The Year was inspired by a Jah Cure song, Ras Bogle told Vision: “ ‘What am I longing for, my baby to love me more’ was one of the best lovers rock songs to come out of Jamaica at the time. It inspired me to do this type of song and when I heard the All

Kiprich: known to be a successful clash-artist, the Dj is now testing the waters as a singer with his new single ‘Love Chain’

I’m a versatile reggae artist not only a dancehall artiste. What are your future plans ? I want to be more involved in the business aspect of the music, having my own record label and finding new talent so that the music journey continues. How did growing up down town (Waterhouse) impact your life and what advice do you have for the youths that grow up in similar communities - speaking

A little in your business ... are you single, any children? I’m not married. I have three daughters and I live for them everyday. Speak to the fans. I want to say thanks to all the fans who have supported me and I really appreciate the support for dancehall and reggae on a whole. Kippo love - unuh kuff dem! Nuh behaviour!

Right riddim in the studio I knew exactly where I wanted to go and that’s how Woman Of The Year came about.” Originally from Tower Hill in Kingston and currently residing in Portmore, the singer started his professional recording career in 2007. During his teenage years he played the trumpet in the St Judes and the Tivoli Garden marching band: “Those years were my fort, making me strong as a musician.” Ras Bogle is currently working on an album and his most recent production, We’ve Got Love, is picking up. “Since I did Woman Of The Year the people really took to the lovers rock side of me and want to hear more, so I give them more.” Facebook: Ras Bogle



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Vybz Kartel sings a different tune

Aoh! Who would have thought that Vybz Kartel would come out with a song condemning skin bleaching? Entitled ‘School’ the song is aimed at school-children, encouraging them to excel in school, not to use drugs, not to wear untidy or too short uniforms. According to his long-term partner Tanesha ‘Shorty’ Johnson, Kartel has recorded the song three years ago and it has only now been released under her new label ‘Shortboss’.

‘Real’ Ce’cile says Jamaican fans don’t appreciate her

Usain Bolt reveals his favourite reggae songs

Tessanne Chin auditioned for “The Voice”

Sprinting legend Usain Bolt has revealed his top 10 reggae songs. The part-time DJ has been spinning tunes on several occasions said that the music also helps him to concentrate ahead of a competition. Here are his top reggae songs. 10. Buju Banton – Untold Stories 9. Vybz Kartel – Mama 8. I-Octane – My Story 7. Beenie Man ft Mya – Girls Dem Sugar 6. Serani – Stinking Rich 5. Beres Hammond – Step Aside 4. Vybz Kartel – Life Sweet 3. I-Octane – My Life 2. Christopher Martin ft Assassin and D Major – Real Friends 1. Bob Marley – One Love

The sister of famous singer Tami Chin, Tessanne Chin has auditioned for the fifth season of Americas singing competition The Voice Tessanne is looking forward to learn from this experience but most of all to represent her country. Tessanne tweeted “Hey everyone, though you should know I auditioned for the voice! Tune in Sept 23 to see how I did”. The reality show will be streamed on NBC form September 23rd. Tessanne comes from a very music family. Her mother was the trumpeter/ singer in her band called the “Carnations” and her father was the drummer. The family has a recording studio in their home in Jamaica.

Cecil, who just returned from Europe, where she performed at several festivals, explained that there are two Ce’Ciles, the local and the foreign. She said the ‘real Ce’Cile’ was not wanted in Jamaica and, as a result she performs her more serious, but equally entertaining songs at festivals such as Rototom (Europe’s biggest annual reggae festival), where she is embraced and respected for her complete repertoire, rather than a sample of salaciousness, slackness and gyrations.

“When I was on my way from Europe, I thought to myself , ‘Okay, mi haffi go mek some fool-fool song for Jamaica now,” Ce’Cile admitted. She urged the Jamaican audience to listen to her songs and learn to appreciate the real Ce’Cile. “I need to feel that I can perform the same songs at Rototom and in Jamaica,” she said. Known and loved for her ‘Bad Gyal’ persona ever since she came out with her first hit ‘Changez’, Ce’Cile now also delivers on a number of groovy, roots reggae tracks.

Chaka Demus & Pliers in disagreement with Chris Blackwell

Busy Signal ft. Major Lazer get 23 million views on YouTube

Konshens performs in front of record-breaking crowd in Uganda

Buju Banton set to release new album in 2014

In an interview on Irie FM’s Entertainment Buzz, Chaka Demus and Pliers have voiced their discontent about not receiving any royalties from Island Records founder Chris Blackwell. The duo is known for mega hits such as Murder She Wrote or Tease Me. Chaka Demus explained that due to the lack of income, his plans to build a school in Waterhouse/ Kingston came to a hold. Addressing Chris Blackwell, he said: We nah get nah pay. But it help me inna certain form. Mi still haffi give thanks fi certain tings me achieve. But mi know mi seh mi should get ten times of dat.”

The 90s homage Watch Out Fi This by Busy Signal ft. Major Lazer has gained a phenomenal 23 million hits on YouTube. With a Bumayebeat, colourful outfits and Busy’s compelling delivery the video has become a must see. The song has done equally good in the charts and is very popular in many major European markets including France, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, and Denmark. The video was directed by Jay Will who also directed videos for Shaggy (Church Heathen), M.I.A (Boyz), Etana (Free), Alison Hinds (King & Queen), T.O.K (Footprints), Beenie Man (Dreaming Of You) and many more.

Performing in front of a record-breaking crowd of 60.000 people in Uganda, Konshens displayed the power of Jamaican music. Konshens headlined the ‘Pepsi Presents’ alongside the songstress Alaine in Uganda’s capital Kampala on 24th August. Some girl from the crowd even managed to beat the security and stormed the stage during his set. Konshens topped his first performance in Uganda earlier this year, where he sang for 25.000 fans. With the help of his management team Konshens decided to contribute to the education of the children of Uganda by providing school supplies, books and pencils.

According to Buju Banton’s management team, the Grammywinning reggae star will be releasing a new album in 2014, despite being incarcerated on federal drug charges until 2019. Most of the singles are new material which was recorded in 2011 while Buju Banton was out on bail. Production work on the album was done by Buju Banton himself along with close friends Stephen Marley and Blacker Dread, who worked on Banton’s hit single “Innocent” off his last album Before The Dawn. In the meantime Buju Banton’s co-accused has been released from prison. He pleaded guilty to drug trafficking charges and agreed to testify against Buju in exchange for lesser sentences.


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Giants of Lover’s Rock

by Nadine White

During the 1970-80s in London, Lovers Rock music provided the soundtrack to the many dynamics of adolescent life from heartbreak and split-ups to infatuation and overwhelming sentiments of amour. For the artists it was a means of creative expression, for listeners and party-goers it meant Musical Therapy, as well as a sensuous occasion to ‘rub off the wallpaper’, whilst in a tight clinch with ‘smaddy nice’! Fast forwarding over 30 years to this present time and place, it is clear that the demand to hear these special songs is still very great. Many of those artists, who forged their career during that ‘golden age’, still frequent the performance circuit, flanked by legions of supportive followers who remain hopelessly in love with the sound. The greatest of these performance platforms is the Indigo2 in the now-iconic O2 Arena in Greenwich, where the annual extravaganza ‘Giants of Lover’s Rock’ takes place. Running for the last 5 years, each show boasts a more impressive line-up than the last with the likes of Peter Hunnigale, Sandra Cross, Janet Kay, Carroll Thompson, Trevor Walters, Lorna G, having graced the stage. Ironically these hugely successful concerts are not the work of any of the plethora of specialist reggae event promoters who are based in London! Rather, ‘Giants of Lover’s Rock’ was established by ‘soul brotha’ and successful concert promoter Orlando Gittens under his promotion company ‘Musical Therapy’. “I thought it would be great to produce an event of this kind which takes place in a safe, classy, cosmopolitan setting; where all can come out and enjoy this quality music. I feel that this is what people deserve.” As well as Lover’s Rock, he has also

Watch This Vision’s Favourite Online Hits


f you are an avid follower of this column and watch every video we recommend, you must remember: ‘Everyting Flood Out’ from last month. The woman, who talks very animatedly, is back! Rosie was spotted and interviewed outside York Pharmacy in Kingston - house fi clean out!

left inset top to bottom: Orlando Gittens chilling with lovers rock giants Michael Gordon, Peter Hunnigale, Trevor Walters/ Sandra Cross in all her glory/ Carroll Thompson gettin’ down main: Giants of Lover’s Rock curtain call produced similar entertainment concepts such as ‘Giants of Funk, Soul, Boogie and Jazz’ and ‘Giants of Rare Groove’, both of which have been warmly received. “The ‘Giants of__’ concept works because it is about paying homage to the masters of the musical genre in question. This is not restricted to one genre as, for every genre you have artists who have excelled in it and made some fine music for the masses.”

which underprops reggae music, Jamaican Lover’s Rock giants Susan “Hurt So Good” Cadogan and Grammy-nominated Freddie McGregor have both made guest appearances at ‘Giants of Lover’s Rock’. Sir John Holt also performed a one-off concert in August, to a completely sold out crowd, where an extremely pleased Mr. Gittens said: “everyone present had a fantastic time – young and old, black and white – drinking the bar dry, quite literally!”

Though Orlando really whet his musical appetite in the 1980s, with his soul record label ‘Soul Time Records’, he also managed a few Lover’s Rock artists during that period. Therefore, as one of those youngsters who was “rubbing off the wallpaper”, his kinship with the genre was a natural, innate attraction. True to the notion of roots and culture

Wrapping up a 5th consecutive year of success, ‘Giants of Lover’s Rock’ returns on 19th October 2013 with guest artist Frankie Paul in tow, as well as a squad of some of the people’s favourite crooners and chanteuses. All of whom pledge another annual trip to Paradise, which may be somewhere near Six Sixth Street!


eems like everyone wants a likkle piece of Jamaica. In this 34 second video, Scottish actor Gerard Butler, who recently bought an equity stake in Jamaica’s cricket team, pays tribute to the Tallawah’s by wearing the team’s shirt and encouraging them in patwa: ‘We likkle but we tallawah’... he needs to improve on his pronunciation - just a likkle!

Album/ Single Review T Sly & Robbie & the Jam Masters Reggae Connection

The Mighty Diamonds Pass the Knowledge

Million Teeth Repatriation

Isasha Red, White & Black

- Jazzy world-class reggae Sly & Robbie’s new album is a classy, jazzy collection which features a string of reggae artists from around the world: Mr Vegas and Nioma from Jamaica, Irie Love from Hawaii and Coma-chi, Chitose Hajime and others from Japan. The 10-track compilation has been masterfully arranged by Sly & Robbie. With two Grammy wins and over 200,000 singles under their belt, the esteemed Jamaican production duo has become a brand, known to make good, quality music.

- Substantial roots classics ‘Pass The Knowledge’, is the latest VP reggae anthology shining a light on The Mighty Diamonds. The anthology features 40 of their greatest hits including a number of previously unreleased exclusives, ‘Pass The Knowledge’ is brimful of roots classics like ‘The Right Time’, ‘I Need A Roof’, ‘Identity’, ‘Gates Of Zion’, ‘Pass The Kouchie’. An additional DVD of The Mighty Diamonds live at Reggae Sunsplash is also included showcasing that the band have always been equally at home on stage as they are in the studio.

- Return to musical roots Million Teeth was known to skilfully flip Bounty Killer lyrics like: ‘Anytime mi hungry again dem ah go see wi 9’, into: ‘Anytime mi hungry again di ackee tree mi ah climb’. With his debut album Repatriation, feat. songs like Revelation Time and Born Black, Million manifests himself as a cultural artist, with a delivery reminiscent of a long-gone area, when artists sang with an unbreakable conviction. Co-produced by Ras Bolo from Canada on Mighty Chariot the album features a couple of powerful compilations with veterans like: Horace Andy, Dennis Brown or Sizzla.

- A Trini anthem in black, gold and green This patriotic anthem is for all Trinis who love their island! Touching on all things T&T: the heros, the food, the legends and of course the carnival, Isasha delivers the song on a groovy reggae beat with the catchy punch-line: Trinidad mi born and Trinidad mi come from. There is no need to be selfish, so lets share the good musical vibes all around the Caribbean! The video for the single is already out.

Released: August 2013

Release date: August 2013

Release date: July 2013

werking (sticking your bottom out and shaking it) is the new craze. In her video, Jae Tracie suggests you “throw out all your class and self-respect” before you show off your twerking kills in public. “Once all that junk is out of the way you’re good to go!” Now she may seriously have a point there; who really wants to see everyone and their aunties’ buttocks clap?


4 year old singing sensation Nicole Cherry from Bucharest, Romania has a fantastic voice, that she skilfully tuned into a reggae song. ‘Memories’ follows a one drop base line with a carefree feel, talking about love, loss and the memories of it.



Vision/ Autumn 2013

Are new regulations stifling dancehall culture? With its incomparable, colourful creative expression, dancehall music is one of Jamaica’s greatest exports. That said, many members of its fraternity have expressed concerns regarding the genre’s lack of business administration and strategic direction. DJ Amber – host on Jamaican radio station Irie FM – said that “Jamaica is in dire need of some organisation for the entertainment business” (more on p. 5). It appears as though these concerns are beginning to be addressed - to some extent - through legal changes which have been implemented. The Jamaican Ministry of Tourism and Entertainment is now more stringent in enforcing the ‘Noise Abatement Act’; the operative word is ‘enforcing’ as the act was originally created in 1997. What it entails is that parties must end at midnight during the weekdays, and 2am on weekends; this is justified as a noise control measurement. The change has partially been defended by some Jamaicans; though far pushed to voice a positive opinion on the matter, singjay Wayne Marshall did permit that “(It’s more bad than good, but…) the little good is that it encourages people to ready for the

day: school run, work etc.” indoors and hear parties, When speaking to the the sound, the music...”. former chairman of the There seems to ‘Jamaican Reggae Industry be a lot of negative Association’ (JARIA), dimensions to this none other than Grammydebate! Some argue that nominated artist Freddie the abatement dampens McGregor, it became clear creativity, as the sound that JARIA played a key role system culture has in the resurfacing of this act. been vital for reggae/ McGregor said: dancehall’s creative pool. “ We (JRIA) are the people After all, there is a reason who instigated changes such why the genre is so as the ‘Noise Abatement Act’. successful and globally It is not the government they’re revered. only taking credit because it On the topic of Lifeline for many: the soundsystem culture opened falls under their portfolio.” communal spirit, this act income avenues for musicians and vendors alike The veteran rumbled: “The may well disintegrate ball is rolling and now there people who would The act begs the question ‘how do are more developments adding to the people, who once depended on use these events as a place to the progress. For example, the they these parties for income, survive?’ commune, plan projects and are now looking at establishing unwind in their ‘chill-spot’. Are the venues that better accommodate Jamaican government inadvertently Lifeline & communal spirit these events and even zoning plucking away at the adhesive Artist Mavado is a champion areas for events to take place. which fortifies the country’s motto of dancehall and weighed in on These measures will help to “out of many, one people”? It’s all the controversy, declaring to Irie alleviate the current situation; it all relative. FM that the act “makes dancehall goes hand in hand. ” suffer and also the youths who eat That said, the abatement has The Entertainment Registry off of it suffer.” not gone down well with the people Sure enough, the ‘Noise On a recent trip to England, in Jamaica. Whilst the JARIA are Abatement’ act has been flanked Grammy-award-winning Damian argued to have had an input in by talks of more changes to come. Marley said: “I think it’s rubbish, I this act, ordinary citizens were As of 1st September, the Ministry don’t like it. It’s not very supportive excluded. What’s more, many of Tourism and Entertainment of the genre of reggae and this is people make a living through introduced the ‘Entertainment certainly not the Jamaica I knew, dancehall, be it via the music or the growing up. One thing I loved, Registry’ a central portal for the party culture which underpins it. listing of Jamaican entertainment back then, was being able to stay

services/companies. It will certify and register local entertainment practitioners including ‘promoters’, hold details of the nature of business, and contact information. It will be maintained by the ministry, a body who have been repeatedly accused of not protecting the interests of the entertainment industry! All events will also be subject to a ratings system which will reflect what their event is, what activities take place therein and what age group it is aimed at. According to popular talk-show hosts Irish and Chin, the Minister in Entertainment Damion Crawford rationalised the register as “a very important move in allowing for freedom of movement, but also extremely important for tools of trade for artistes to benefit from tax waivers and assisting them in plying their trade.” Tax concessions are always a good thing but whether or not these will materialise once the register comes into effect, remains to be seen. In any case, this registry is just in the early stages and we are yet to hear mass feedback from those who this will affect the most – the promoters, artists and entertainment business owners. However, it is expected that we will! N.W./ F.Q.


LE B A ces N I TA o offi S U t S E* E FR

Tel : 0207 2744521 T-Mobile - 07908875432

healthyeatersuk healthyeaters * minimum order applies


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Feel The Feevah Looking to the Future

by Claire Daley

Remember those reggae tracks that were so huge they brought reggae music to the world and everyone wanted be a Jamaican? Like Damien Marley’s ‘Welcome to Jamrock’, Beenie Man’s ‘Girls Dem Sugar’ or Shabba Rank’s ‘Mr Loverman’. They blazed a trail for artists to come, packing the musical potency of a Muhammad Ali punch. They broke into markets reserved for the industry’s elite; the Soundbwoy riddim is just that. The title track “Soundbwoy (Run Fi Ya Corner)” is the brainchild of upcoming Caribbean artist: The Feevah. While Feevah was promoting his track ‘Get Ya Swagga On’ producer, W. Howlin, let him hear the instrumental for Soundbwoy. “I couldn’t wait to lay down the vocals”, he gushed. “The Soundbwoy riddim is different from any other track that I have recorded, but after Wolf let me listen to the it, I could hear that this tune was gonna be massive.”

Luke’i (Genesis FM,) with “Buy Out Di Party”, Dego Dan with “I need a Big Girl” also feature on the Soundbwoy riddim

The Feevah brought a Hip Hop flavour to create his unique signature sound. “Internationally selling rappers, were a source of inspiration when I made this track”. “Rappers like Foxy Brown who had Caribbean roots were skilful at teaming rap with bashment reggae and inspired me to play with my style. That is essentially what I have done with Soundbwoy (Run Fi Ya Corner), creating a vibrant uptempo dancehall feel”. He blends his rap style with


a melodic range and tight lyrics. The lyrics were geared at DJ’s and created as personal sound clash dubplate. The sound is comparable to Foxy Brown’s; ‘Oh Yeah’ or ‘Tables Will Turn’, and was produced by W. Howlin who previously worked with Leona Lewis on her first album. When celebrated Jamaican DJ/promoter, Catman, heard the track he instantly knew it was going to be a hit and the mission to promote the track and spread it across Jamaica, was on. Not one to shy away from hard work he describes him-self as “obsessed with success”. The Feevah is not just another artist, he is also proud business owner of Premiere Dreadz London, a natural hair salon in Crystal Palace, and Record Label Executive at, Electronik Records. “I embody the spirit of my favourite saying by Haile Selassie I: Success Crowns Perseverance, my outlook on life is a true reflection of that.” The Soundbwoy Riddim is the title track of a compilation, which features some of the finest entertainers reggae music has to offer. Some of the confirmed artists will include Luke’i (Genesis FM,) with “Buy Out Di Party”, Dego Dan (I need a Big Girl) and Chalibrann (Lord Gelly Sound). Don’t be afraid to check out it out on Sound Cloud and like it, share it, tweet it, hell, twerk to it if you will, just please, whatever you decide to do, don’t do it like Miley Cyrus.



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Jah Bouks’ surprising journey

The rest came after Fimiyaad - pioneer in entertainment photography A flashlight zooms through the night, searching for the selectors ready for the action, stylish looking women ready to pose and fashionable guys ready to show off. No respectable event can do without a photographer to capture the buzz and the good times. But the paparazzo has not always been valued as the good-times-capturer, as Kwesi Sewell (pictured above, middle), founder of Jamaica’s popular event website Fimiyaard, knows all too well. “Not long ago the job as a photographer would be associated with an informer. Fimiyaad helped to changed that warped thinking as pictures allow friends and families to interact with each other worldwide.” But there was another Kilimanjaro sized mountain yet to climb: the negative perception about Jamaica and downtown in particular. Upon hearing the song ‘Everything wha gwan ah foreign ah di Yaadman get di blame’, the idea was born. Kwesi was encouraged in his quest to change the connotation of yaad to Fimiyaad, to document and showcase a different Jamaica to the world. The concept was proving popular. After seeing pictures online, Jamaicans living abroad called because they could not believe that parties in Tivoli Garden, Reema and Craig Town went on until 6 or 10 in the morning. “A lot of Jamaican’s who have a 9 to 5 job and don’t live in the garrisons have a different perception of the dancehall culture, they normally turn their nose up. What they don’t realise is that the style of music is a creative outlet for people who have a very hard life. Every economist will tell you that when people experience hard times they seek entertainment to relieve the depressed state they are in. People crave entertainment.” Based on his close association with the down town ‘garrisons’, Kwesi started inside the hardcore dancehall crowd. “I have to thank all the players in the dancehall fraternity and the whole team who have helped to develop the brand” a very content Kwesi told Vision. Today the social media has given the brand an even different spin. “Tourists who experience a good time at an event in Jamaica will leave

with a positive perception. By sharing Fimiyaad pictures on facebook they let others participate. That’s why our slogan is: ‘what entertainment looks like’.”

“A lot of Jamaican’s who have a 9 to 5 job and don’t live in the garrisons have a different perception of the dancehall culture, they normally turn their nose up. What they don’t realise is that the style of music is a creative outlet for people who have a very hard life. “ Check out to find fi your spot. Wether it is the club-scene, the hardcore scene, laid-back vibes, or family events; Fimiyaad allows you a glimpse into it.

Since ‘Angola’ spiralled to the number one spot in the UK and Jamaican charts, a lot has been happening for Jah Bouks. Despite being in great demand for shows, the singer still finds enough time for studio work; producing material that proves that he is not a one hit wonder. With ‘Cry Fi Di Youth’ and ‘Curves’, Jah Bouks has released two new excellent tracks covering more ground and gaining a bigger fan base. Africa is a central point within the work of the modest reggae singer. And with African nations like Zimbabwe, Ghana and Kenya embracing reggae music, Jah Bouks is likely to follow the many reggae and dancehall artists who have travelled to the continent. “I would love to travel there. I just wish I could sing more songs about Africa so that Africa can rise up even further.” Jah Bouks shared with Vision: his story of rising to the point of where he is now. My first story to tell you is about me being black and never having a lot of friends at school.

Jah Bouks: Jamaica’s new rising star. His hit single ‘Angola’ has been the most played song of the summer in Jamaica, the UK and America alike.

I always had to run away, but mi still love myself and mi never force myself inna dem company. This way I have learned to watch people and their movements and if I go on a stage now I can tell if people accept I. That’s what I do; look and observe the body language and facial expression.” “My story is long”, Jah Bouks says gravely, “some of it will

make you laugh, some of it will make you sad”. Don’t miss Jah Bouks latest video: Cry Fi Di Youth.


Vision/ Autumn 2013

Lefty B



The Official Vision Chart


1 8 2 2 3 3 4 7 5 5 6 6 7 new 8 new 9 9 10 10

Mad Cobra - Dis Dem Anyweh Macka Diamond - Dye Dye DʼAngel - Hot Gal March Out DʼAngel - Give It To Me All Night Aidonia - Tip Pon Yuh Toe I Octane & Bounty Killer - Double Trouble Octane - Happy Times Busy Signal ft Major Lazer - Watch Out Fi Dis Demarco - Continue Wine RDX - Broad Out



Jah Bouks - Angola



Romain Virgo - Beautiful



DʼAngel & G Whizz - Canʼt Love You Like Me



Zamunda - Roots Reggae



Chronixx - Smile Jamaica



Nature - Trying Man



Taurus Riley - Likkle One Drop

8 new

Droop Lion - Rock Hard



Tom Laing - Finally Free



Loyal Flame - Rollin Down The Highway

11 12 13

11 12 17

Jah Cure - That Girl Tidal - Back In Your Arms Anthony Cruz - Canʼt Test We


Oriel - Down Where I Live

16 17

13 16

Shaggy & Beres Hammond - This Feeling Iba Mahr - Let Jah Lead The Way



19 18

He is one of the hottest young artist right now, doing very well especially overseas. Konshens is now an entrepreneur, having launched his own line of shoes for men. Since he has many female fans, he wants to release his KONZ876 for women too. Entrepreneurship is a wise thing to do as a prospect for other incomes as an entertainer. Furthermore enterprises like this take the brand dancehall to the world.

Hya P - Better Mus Come Rasta Bogle - We Got Love Maxi Priest - Easy To Love

PopCaan’s slangs featured on Drake’s Clothing Line

God Alone Radioshow with Catman & Lefty B Tuesday’s: 3pm- 5pm Thursday’s: 3pm- 5pm on Metrolove 92.2 fm in the UK

SAM’S MAKE-UP BAG It is coming to the time of year where you have to bring out the warmer knits again and I am over the moon. But with the colder weather approaching,

Konshens launches shoe line

Angel Smith - Bounce Back

15 new

18 19





Live Links with Catman Friday’s: 9pm - 9:30pm on Bess 100 fm in Jamaica





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Popcaan’s 'Unruly' and ‘Y Pree’ trademarks are featured on Drake's clothing line OVO (October's Very Own). The Canadian rapper has two T-shirts with Popi’s branding printed on them along with other items for sale on his network octobersveryown. com. The T-shirts with PopCaan’s “Y Pree” are already sold out. Popcaan's popular Unruly Rave music video had heavy OVO influences as the entertainer sported OVO wear in the video directed by Niko of October's Very Own.

Reggae Showcase UK Monday & Wednesday 5pm Friday & Saturday 9pm on SKY 232 Clear TV hosted by Savana with co-host Eccentrik

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Olay Beauty Fluid 200ml

This moisturiser protects and rehydrates skin in extreme weather conditions. As it relieves dry patches instantaneously, you only need to apply a small amount to your face. It’s the perfect moisturiser for anyone with very dry skin. Available from The Body Shop. - £8.

Olay day fluid maintains hydration levels and is intended for normal to dry weather conditions. I agree it is quite a mouthful, but it will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth throughout the day. Keep it in your bag and reapply if you need to. Available from Boots - £5.99.

MAC Complete Comfort 50ml

MAC’s creamy moisturiser works wonders by providing instant relief from soreness and skin irritation. It can be worn underneath foundation instead of a primer. This is a must-have product for those with sensitive skin. Available from MAC. - £24.


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ADVERTISING IN VISION Vision offers a variety of packages for local business. Call us today to get a quote on:


Bringing life to your SHOE Foot wear

SARGE with flavour

Fed up of shoes or boots from the shops? Design your own shoes to suit your dress code. All different colours to suit your personality. Shoes Sarge will design to your taste.

You can contact me on: 07583774434

Newly open bike shop! We specialize in: Second-hand bikes, a wide variety of Hybrid, Mountain, Racers and Kids bikes. We do sell new bikes but the majority of our bikes are second-hand in immaculate condition.

We provide services, renovation, collection, repairs and a wide variety of bike accessories; eg. locks, tyres, bells, lights etc. We open early in the mornings from 8-30am to 9-00pm.

Bikes to Go 23 New Park Road SW2 4DU Tel: 07910439406




nd O ace a

e Dub V


o h o S dor

We stock: current Reggae, Oldies, R’nB 7”, 10”, 12”, LPs, CDs as well as a selection of second hand originals. 0795.67.55.619

25 D’Arblay Street, London W1F 8EJ Nearest tube: Oxford Circus or Tottenham Court Road