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Winter 2013 / ISSUE 16

The New Face on Sky TV

Savana pushes the presence of Reggae


fter four albums, numerous hit songs, and a prime spot on TV hosting the popular Reggae Showcase UK, Savana has certainly made a name for himself. With all this under his belt, it’s no wonder he is a key figure in the UK reggae fraternity; one who loves to explore all aspects of reggae culture. According to Savanna: “The Reggae Showcase provides a platform not only for established and upcoming artists but also people such as Miss Jamaica UK, the Jamaican Commissioner, radio DJ’s, dancers and entrepreneurs.” With two live shows each week, several repetitions and over 250,000 people watching, the demand for the programme is clearly on the rise. But the Jamaican born has not always had luck on his side. In our interview, Savana is brutally

honest, speaking about the unfair treatment he experienced by record companies as an artist trying to reach out. ‘Life Ah Foreign’ is a well known song of his, summing up much of his life’s obstacles. He has mustered all his craft into this beautiful song about the painful experience of crushed hopes living abroad. The song’s lyrics blow a cold chill down your spine and for many it gives something to hold on to because, bitter-sweetly, it always feels good knowing other people find it just as hard as you. The song speaks for everybody who has experienced the hurdles of picking up new customs, making oneself at home in an unfamiliar place and dealing with the disappointment of reality abroad. For Savana himself had to overcome a few stumbling blocks before he could stand firmly on the ground. All the more it is refreshing to see Savana in such an ascent.

And as he has maintained his humble character you actually feel really happy for him too.

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What is next for Miss Jamaica UK? She is busy pursuing all the new avenues that are coming forth.

Positive lyrics and a consistent performances: conscious artist & new-comer Loyal Flames stands his ground.

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Vision/ Winter 2013

The Caribbean Rastafarian livity on the rise

(Jamaica) According to figures of the latest census in Jamaica, conducted in 2011, Rastafarian livity finds more and more followers. Officials recorded a 20% increase over the last decade, despite the fact that many Rastafarians refrain from taking part in any official surveys. Hence it can be assumed that the number is even higher. Founded about 80 years ago, the Rasta movement’s growing appeal is attributed to its rejection of Western materialism, an increasing acceptance of the movement itself and the scarcity of opportunities for young men in Jamaica. Approximately 29.000 of Jamaica’s 2.7 million inhabitants are Rastafarian with 7,630 Rastas in St Andrew being the strongest following, ahead of St Catherine with 4,557.

Captive turtles making tourists sick

(Cayman) Captive sea turtles in the Cayman Islands can ruin a tourist’s visit with a nasty dose of bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites, The Smithsonian Magazine reports. The symptoms can take some time to emerge and typically resemble gastrointestinal bugs or the flue. For those more severely affected, however, the turtles can cause septicemia, pneumonia, meningitis and kidney failure. None of these problems apply to freeliving turtles, which the researchers insist are quite safe. Turtles which are kept in stressed, confined conditions on the other hand are prone to infection.

Rum War in the Caribbean

(Caricom) Caribbean rums are now in danger of going out of business. In general these are small to medium size enterprises like Mount Gay, Seales, Appleton, Wray & Nephews, Sangster, Myers, Barbancourt, Brugal, Barcelo, Ron Matusalem, Flor de Caña, the Demeraran Distillers Ltd., Ron del Barrilito, and many more. On January 1, 2013, U.S. President Barack Obama signed the bill averting the threatened “fiscal cliff” of higher taxes and spending cuts. Unfortunately the legislation included special gifts to a number of U.S. corporations. Diageo (Captain Morgan) and Fortune Brands (Cruzan) have received huge special subsidies and tax-financed incentives from the US Virgin Islands totalling nearly $4 Billion dollars. The USVI gave Diageo nearly $3 billion in subsidies. These subsidies were so rich that they amount to more than double the cost of actually producing rum! Diageo is actually being paid to produce rum. The USVI also gifted Fortune Brands (Cruzan) $1 billion for improvements to its distillery, including a guarantee that Cruzan can buy molasses for just 16 cents/gallon – far under the market price of $2.00/gallon that the Caribbean producers must pay. Big Winners: Bacardi, Diageo (Captain Morgan) and Fortune Brands (Cruzan). Big Losers: All other Caribbean rums, especially distillers from the Barbados, Jamaica, Guyana, the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas who actually pay their taxes, and who receive no significant benefits. Damage: This legislation will have an adverse effect on Caribbean CARICOM distillers financial capacity to survive, let alone continue to manufacture rum at a competitive price. Caricom has concluded that these subsidies constitute a violation of WTO (World Trade Organization) rules regarding fair trade. A formal petition has been created which can be signed under:, keyword: rum subsidies.

Only a Passport away 5 Caribbean Countries to be traveling Visa free to Schengen Countries

by Gabriela Radeva

Recent changes in EU Visa regulations will enable certain Caribbean countries a much more simplified entry into Europe. On Wednesday 7th November 2012 the European Commission proposed 16 new countries to be listed in the exemptions list of countries permitted to travel into Schengen zones without a visa. Among those are 5 states from the Caribbean; Dominica, Grenada, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and Trinidad & Tobago will enjoy the many advantages which this visafree system offers. “Travelling without a visa is not just a symbolic gesture – it will have a direct impact on citizens of these countries and on EU citizens in the form of more peopleto-people contacts and business opportunities”, said Cecilia Malmström, EU Commissioner for Home Affairs. Visitors will be able to enter and travel freely throughout Europe, including: Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland as part of the Schengen region, as well as Bulgaria, Romania and Cyprus. Citizens will be allowed to travel for business or holiday purposes within the duration of 90 days. This proposal, aiming to attract more tourists to

Europe, will inevitably leave an impact on a local level too. These changes will notedly increase the prestige and demand for the Dominica citizenship program for instance. Many more Caribbean citizens will be interested in obtaining citizenship as the passport issued for 10 years will bring them closer to Europe. The holders of a valid passport will save time and costs usually spent on visa and travel insurance. This freedom of movement will not only be of a domestic importance, but will benefit the relations between the Caribbean and Europe in general. This innovation however should have gained an approval by the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union by the end of the year 2012 and has been delayed as the new regulations have not taken effect. The Schengen Area is not identical to the borders of the European Union. Even though the United Kingdom and Ireland are both EU member states, they have decided to opt out of the Schengen Area, preferring to maintain their own border controls, meaning that if Caribbean citizens from the list of countries intend to travel to either of these two places, they will yet need to observe a separate procedure.

Check This Olympic champion Kirani James launches scholarship award

Grenada Co-operative Bank Limited and the Grenada Boys’ Secondary School (GBSS) Alumni Association of New York Inc. has launched the Kirani James/Co-op Bank Athletic Scholarship Award . Grenada Co-operative Bank Limited, which signed a Partnership Agreement with the World and Olympic 400m champion, has agreed to provide a scholarship award in the name of the sprinter. The scholarship award will assist the recipient in the purchase of books, supplies and other living expenses for one year.

Ride Natty Ride

Restoration work has begun on one of the world’s most iconic vehicles: Bob Marley’s 1977 Series III Land Rover Defender, at the ATL Automotive in Montego Bay, Jamaica. The car had been on display for several years in his home-turned-museum, located at 56 Hope Road in Kingston but was in urgent need of repair. Rohan Marley, son of the reggae legend, commented: “We are very happy with the work that has transpired so far in restoring our dad’s car to its original condition. It has been a very technical

process to locate all the parts from various countries, including an original 1977 engine from a military vehicle in Ethiopia."


Around the world Jamaican cuisine in Beijing

(China) Born in Ghana, brought up in the UK’s capital London, Zamoa’s interest in languages has brought her to China to study Mandarin. After two and half-years of intensive study Zamoa masters the language fluently and the 34-year-old is now living in Beijing, where she opened her first restaurant called Jamaica Me Crazy. Offering mainly Jerk Chicken and patties about 50% of her customers are foreigners and the other 50% are locals. “They love the spices used with the (jerk) chicken. It’s something new to them.” Zamoa says. She has big plans for the future and dreams of setting up a few shops around Asia: Patty and Jerk Chicken to go. “Ultimately, I want to venture outside of Beijing to see what is out there. I would hopefully go somewhere like Jamaica, where my father’s father was born. I very much want to go and live there and send stuff back to Asia and check the cash every now and then,” she says with a grin.

Moustafa has the biggest

(USA) Moustafa Ismail from Massachusetts has the biggest biceps in the world. His upper arms measure 63.5 cm / 25 inch, which is equivalent to a small man’s waist. Nicknamed the Egyptian Popeye, he says he prefers chicken to spinach. Sceptics say that is impressive biceps are implants or suggest that he used steroids, a claim which he rejects vigorously. He even went to Tokyo to appear in a Fuji TV documentary program in which independent doctors collected blood samples a n d X-rayed his muscles, where they found nothing abnormal. According to Moustafa his physic is due to the hard work in the gym and his special diet of protein, carbohydrates, minerals and a lot of water.

South African skateboarder faces dangerous driving arrest

(RSA) One of South Africa’s top skateboarders is facing arrest over a video posted on YouTube of him racing down a Cape Town street at a professed 110 km/h (68 mph) to set off a speed camera. The “Spoofing the Traffic Camera” video, which has notched up more than 1 million YouTube hits, shows skater Decio Lourenco, hands folded behind his back to decrease wind resistance, hurtling down the mountain road in fading light. (Reuters)

Biggest Reggae Archive for Sale

Roger Steffens owner of the world famous reggae collection which boast rarities such as: original placates, autographed rare original singles, Bob Marley’s first ever released records, film material, buttons and much more has put up his entire collection for sale. An initiative to bring the world’s largest collection of reggae artefacts from Los Angeles to Jamaica has been launched by Jamaica-born American citizen Chazz P. The required budget is US$ 3.000.000 (three million) in order to erect an International Reggae Museum in Nine Miles, St. Ann and permanently exhibit the collection. Under you can become one of the bakers to support this idea with a minimum donation of $1.

US law enforcement officer took bribes from Jamaican entertainer

(US/ Jamaica) A U.S. State Department law enforcement officer has pleaded guilty to accepting bribes to help a “well-known” Jamaican entertainer gain a visa to enter the United States. According to The Washington Examiner, David J. Rainsberger, an officer with the State Department’s Diplomatic Security Service, admitted to unlawfully receiving watches worth about US $2,500 and other gifts while stationed at the U.S. Embassy in Kingston, Jamaica. Rainsberger also admitted to making false statements to the U.S. government on a national security questionnaire. The 32-year-old faces two years in prison when he is sentenced on April 19. The entertainer in question was identified in court papers only by the initials D.B. It is believed to be Mavado who’s real name is David Constantine Brooks.

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Chief Editor: Francesca Quaas, Correspondent in Trinidad & Tobago: Nadia Akram (+1868 739 1185), Correspondent in Jamaica: Deana Meyers ( + 1876 848 1304) Contributors: Gabriela Radeva, Edward Brydson, Basil Linx, Queen Kalefa, Nadine White, Fiona Small VISION - THE CARIBBEAN UPDATE is an independent newspaper printed by Vision C.U. Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales.


Vision/ Winter 2013

Miss Jamaica UK aka Miss Go-Getter interview by Fiona Small

After achieving a First Class Honours in BA Business Management with Commercial Law, the recently graduated Miss Jamaica UK is now pursuing all the new adventures that are coming forth. “I have been fortunate enough to embrace all opportunities that have come my way. If you don’t make use of them, someone else will.” Gemma Feare told Vision. Since winning the beauty pageant, what kind of prospects have presented themselves to you? Winning has opened my eyes to how much more I can achieve. I will be the official ambassador and co-host for BEFFTA Caribbean (Black Entertainment Film Fashion Television and Arts awards), launching in Jamaica this summer. In December I went to Jamaica where I was received so well. It was such a humbling experience. I have been to all the big TV stations: TVJ, CVM, as well as on Irie FM with Elise Kelly. Being in Jamaica is not only a great cultural experience that keeps me firmly grounded to my roots and heritage but also everything in general, from the food, the music... you name it I love it. I go to Jamaica every year. I have a strong bond to the country. Not only does my father live there but also a lot of other family as both of my parents come from Westmoreland. What would you like to pass on to inspire the younger generation? People who are wanting better and not knowing where to go. In terms of where you are going: you always need to know where you come from. That is something that has been instilled in me from a very young age hence I have such a strong connection to Jamaica and I am very aware of our heritage, the sacrifice and struggles of my parents and their parents. It’s

so important for people to connect. That is one of my missions as Miss Jamaica UK; to strengthen the connection between Jamaicans across the Diaspora, particular with the youth. I work a lot with young people and I believe a lot of them are more limited by their attitude than opportunity. Adopt the right attitude: dream big, extremely big and be proactive about it, make it happen. Execute, execute, execute, plan towards your success and it will come to pass. What has been your major drive to become this go-getter at such a young age? We can learn a lot from the people around us. I learned from my parents. They didn’t have much to utilise or many opportunities for themselves but they made the most of what they had and put me in a prime position to start my life. I am very young yes, but I am also already thinking of the next generation of young leaders. I think the world belongs to people who say: “I can!” Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? Generally just striving for bigger and better. Setting a precedence and hopefully creating a legacy. I hope to have finished my Masters by then and be looking towards business and ventures, that’s where my great passion lies. I get that from my father who is an entrepreneur. I hope to have a charity as I always believed in giving back, especially for young people who don’t have a role-model in their life. People should aspire to inspire before they expire.

A defining moment in Gemma Feare’s live: receiving the crown as Miss Jamaica UK 2013

IF ONLY - Poignant and gripping film about the repercussions of gang life but they don’t.” Fredi Nwaka said at the premier of the film. Having lost over 40 friends and associates to violent crime and gang affiliated incidences, Fredi Nwaka has used his real life experiences to deliver a punchy, fast paced, intelligent look at the gang epidemic which has claimed the lives of so many of our young people.

IF ONLY is a gritty, hard hitting short filmed aimed at individuals who may be involved in gang and violent youth crime or influenced by it. The film aims to divert young people away from violent crime through use of real life story telling. What If ... you could roll the dice again? C.R.I.M.E (Creating Role Models In Media Enterprise), set up by Mr Fredi 'KRUGA' Nwaka and is a community organisation which works with ex-offenders, gang members and young teens have turned their stories into this poignant and gripping short film. It was set up as a response to the 2011 London riots as a way to not only give back to the community but to help some of the troubled teenagers who would like to seek a career in film/TV,this being done through work shops, mentoring and real life film classes. “A lot of people say they do something for the youth,

Cast: If Only left: Mr Fredi ‘KRUGA’ Nwaka, founder of C.R.I.M.E (Creating Role Models In Media Enterprise)


Prince meets ex-offenders starting over The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall visited Change Up @ Kennington in January, a charity providing workspace to small businesses that would otherwise struggle to get off the ground. Change Up is based in the heart of its community at Kennington Cross, which for hundreds of years has been a part of the Prince of Wales’ estate. Among the businesses based at Change Up are a number of start-ups established by ex-offenders: “It’s very important for us to be able to provide oneto-one support for this community,” explains Rev. David Longe, who chairs the charity. “At the same time, the centre is not exclusively for ex-offenders – we aim to mix things up by having ex-offenders and other small – often community-based businesses – working together side-by-side.” His Royal Highness and the Duchess spent over 20 minutes visiting the units, and had time to speak to each of the ten businesses individually. Quince Garcia and Julien Bernard-Grau are one of Change Up’s success stories. An ex-offender from southeast London, Quince established Roadworks Media with Julien and Change Up’s support to train and mentor NEETs (not in education, employment, or training) and vulnerable youngsters in all aspects of the creative industries. “There’s a real buzz here, with people from all different backgrounds working together across many kinds of projects: digital media, fashion and textiles, arts & crafts, public relations, community initiatives, and training and mentoring. Roadworks Media’s aims are to entertain, inspire, educate and to enlighten – and this is a great springboard from which to achieve that.”

The Prince lingered a while in the units to see how the Roadworks team were progressing: by happy coincidence, Quince and Julien had met the Prince before – and benefitted from a generous grant from the Prince’s Trust to set-up his fledgling but inspirational training business. Roadworks Media has teamed up with Skills Plus Project and Post Code United. They will deliver an outreach programme called FLY Southwark which engages with young people from vulnerable backgrounds. The programme will provide support with behaviour, employment and training. A course acknowledged by Prince Charles who’s trust gave Roadworks Media a start up loan. Quince and Julien also provide businesses with workshops that encourage team building. Roadworks Media Programmes are available to apply for at the Job Center.

Prince Charles of Wales talks to Julien BernardGrau from Roadworks Media

Vision/ Winter 2013

There is so much more you can do police left half way through the event as they realised there was no need for them monitoring. I also have to thank those who funded us, 12 housing associations, as it was a step out of the boundaries for them trying something new. The feedback was very positive and in 2013 we are looking for a bigger location.

interview by Fiona Small

Andrew Brown is the Director of Elevating Success, a personal training company which provides work experience, apprenticeships, holiday programmes and holiday activities for young people between 8-19 years. The programmes run in different boroughs like a construction course currently being run in Deptford for over 18’s as a back to work measure. Last November Elevating Success put on a fantastic event called ‘Momentum Youth Conference’, an anti gang and crime event hosted by award-winning British comedian Eddie Kadi, held at Croydon’s Fairfield Halls. The event sat out to educate young people about the dangers and consequences of gang culture. At the same time negative perceptions of London’s youth were challenged by showcasing the positive contributions many young people have made to their local communities. With over 800 attendees, there was an amazing turnout for the event. The whole day proceeded without any interruptions. We had no problems despite certain people actually being afraid that something might happen with so many young people coming into Croydon. But the

What inspired you put on an event like this? My biggest inspiration has to be my family and also my background. I grew up in Brixton. My mum, a single mother, was not able to afford much so I had my first job at the age of 11 as a paper-round. At the age of 15 I worked at McDonalds, already aiming for a job in the IT sector. I eventually became an IT specialist working for KPMG in India, Australia and Dublin. In 2007 when 26 black men got killed, one of them who was Billie Cox in Clapham, I decided that enough was enough. I knew I needed to do something and I left the corporate world. Some people very close to me could not understand this move as I was someone they knew who was working in the city and travelled around the world. Now when I see a young person from one of our courses getting a job who has not been working for two or three years it fells like scoring a goal in a football match.

More than 800 young people attended the Momentum Youth Conference below: audience engaged in discussion inset: helping hands - the volunteers



Basil Linx’s Organisations like yourself have been set up as a response to the issues in our communities. Lasting in an industry like this for five years is already an achievement and I understand that you do not solely rely on funding. “Its about joining partnerships and being flexible. Sometimes we will start a programme but then the client might want something different or additional. We are able to move around, add on and react towards the customers requirements.” How can a young person access your service? Anybody can access the services, we are not limited to anybody. We have our programmes and we also offer volunteering opportunities and work experience. I take on 20 -25 people for work experience every year. They are either sent by the job centre in Croydon or schools. I’ve ran 1000 courses over five years and only had to charge for one. I am currently mentoring 12 young men, still in school, who are going down the wrong road. I will be working with them for 6 months. I tell them “you can go to University, you can go to college, you don’t just have to be a footballer, builder or rapper there is so much more you can do”. Hopefully within a years time we will see the difference in those young men. Have you ever been nominated for an award? Your genuine and passionate work deserves an award. The work of the company has been recognised, for instance our Business Enterprise course has been nominated. We didn’t win the award, but we will next time. Ed Balls and Chuka Umunna from Streatham came here leading up to the Momentum Youth event, recognising our work. +44 0207 993 8411

CommUnity Column Welcome to my column designed to be thought provoking, challenging and even uncomfortable for some. However as an uncompromising Pan-African I make no apology.


Greetings family, I’m sending out positive energy to you in this challenging time. We are living in a commercial world where increasingly things are being measured in financial terms. Everybody wants to be a millionaire and globally we are encouraged to become one by participating in lotto’s, prize draws and all other forms of gambling. Mostly the people that can ill afford to are spending money on trying to get rich quick. This fixation on wealth can have a very negative affect on our community. Yes money is essential however real wealth isn’t only measured in pounds and at this time of year it is good to take stock and reconnect with the values and principles that we can sometimes forget and that are necessary to build a strong and balanced community. I would like to introduce you to the principles of Kwanzaa which are based on traditional African family values and celebrated by our cousins in the US and across the globe. Whilst some focus on these for seven days following Boxing day I would like to encourage you to stay focused on them for the entire year, remembering that others are watching you as a leader and where you lead they will follow. 1. Umoja (Unity) - Success and unity of your family, community, nation and all members of the black family 2. Kujichagulia (Self Determination) - To create our own destinies and be responsible for ourselves 3. Ujima (Collective Work and Responsibility) - To create and dedicate yourself to building and maintaining your community by working collectively to assume and solve the problems of your brothers and sisters. 4. Ujamaa (Commercial Stability) - To build, maintain and support our own resources, stores establishments and business.

5. Nia (Purpose) - To restore African people to our traditional greatness. To be aware of your ancestors who came before you and your descendants who will follow you. 6. Kuumba (Creativity) - Using your imagination and creativity to develop a better community than you inherited 7. Imani (Faith) - To believe with all your heart in your people, and the righteousness of our struggle to stand firm and stay true to the plan. Every strand of the above principles is vital, albeit challenging to remain focused on them with all of the everyday challenges that we face however it’s important to bear them in mind and even if we chose to focus on a couple and simply discuss it with those nearest to us it will be a step in the right direction. Times are not getting easier they will get harder as we get older and our children and grandchildren will suffer if we choose to ignore these values and neglect the development of ourselves and our communities. Remember a chain is only as strong as the weakest link and you are a very important part of that chain. You are a leader and it’s your time to step up now and to positively represent all those that came before you as well a to take responsibility for your children’s future…… Don’t be the weakest link!! Peace Basil Linx Please forward feedback to:

Sculpture by Gary March at the annual AACDD exhibition


Vision/ Winter 2013


The secret supporter behind the veterans

Patrizia “Trish” de Rosa shares her incredible story on how meeting Alton Ellis helped change her life Music can induce a myriad of wonderful emotions. Behind the scenes however it is a big machinery that operates just like any other business. There are those on stage and others behind the stage. Trish is one of those people who ensures the smooth running of events. For 20 years she has managed the Late Great Alton Ellis and now manages Derrick Morgan and Ken Boothe for Europe and has worked with many other artists over the 10 last years. Originally from Italy, Trish moved to the UK in the early 70s at the age of 18. “The only singer we (Italians) knew from Jamaica back then was Harry Belafonte. When

I came to London I heard Ken Booth’s ‘Everything I Own’, which reached the UK charts in 1974. Hearing this song I thought: oh, I love this, what is this? From there I found all those other singers. Initially I thought it was just this one song! Can you imagine!”

Trish’s first step into the heart of the music began after a friend of hers complemented her on her good record collection and brought her into one of the pirate stations, Traffic Jam, where she eventually got her own show. “I spent a lot of my salary on records and got all these treasures like: Freddie McKay, Slim Smith, Bob Andy and Horace Andy. One day I happened to meet Alton Ellis. This encounter changed my life. We realised that we have a lot in common regarding our passion for the music. Alton wanted to work in Europe (Up to this point all the big reggae festivals are happening in mainland Europe), and as I speak Italian, French, Spanish and

English he wanted me on board. I thought it was a silly idea as I had never done anything like it. What I didn’t know was that an artist like Alton does not look for work, but work comes looking for him. He offered to guide me as I was anxious of how to deal with

BEFFTA goes JA The global awards ceremony BEFFTA (Black Entertainment Film Fashion Television and Arts Awards) founded by UK based entrepreneur and philanthropist Pauline Long has officially launched in Kingston, Jamaica on February 9, 2013.

African and Caribbean personalities in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Africa and the Caribbean in entertainment, film, fashion, television and arts. Vision has won the award for Best Community Newspaper at the UK BEFFTA in 2012.

BEFFTA Caribbean aims to promote and honour unsung talented artists and personalities in film, fashion, television and arts but most importantly celebrate both unknown and known personalities under one roof. Freddie McGregor and Sean Paul (who won Best International Caribbean act at the UK BEFFTA 2012) will be honoured at the awards, which will be hosted by BEFFTA international manager Verona White and Miss Jamaica UK Gemma Feare in Summer 2013. BEFFTA celebrates and honours

UK Lifetime Award winner 2012: Sir Trevor McDonald and BEFFTA founder Pauline Long

requests. Alton told me not to worry but to tell people that I will get back to them, which allowed me to discuss deals with Alton first. If I have made a success of what I am doing it is because I had Alton behind me. I learned and progressed from there. For 10 years I only worked with Alton. He told other artists about me and so it came that I took on other people. I also had help from people like Bunny Striker Lee. I really have to thank them. I could not have done it all by myself.” Having worked, and still working, with so many of the legendary singers of reggae, Trish is a woman with not only passion for the music but also a deep understanding. “In my personal opinion music has changed direction. Four musicians and a good voice could produce a wonderful record. Everybody had to be on cue, as they had just one time to record it. There was no such thing as stop and do it again or computer generated riddims. I worked with Derrick Morgan who was called One-Lick-Derrick. Artists like him, who could record as much as possible in one go where requested at that time. I remember Alton Ellis told me that Leroy Sibbles and Bob Marley once did his backing vocals because they just happened to be in the studio. All the artists worked in one studio inspiring each other and producing so much quality music in a short period of time. Just like Motown. Alpheus is an artist who is progressing on that level. He was the last artist who recorded with Coxsone when he was in New York. He writes his own very original songs, not only about boy meets girl, locks and Jah Rastafari, as some artists who just jump on bandwagons to appeal. Far away from a leisurely journey

Trish’s work is comprised of meticulous detail. “I do all the logistics, itinerary, organise a band if needed, but I also make sure there is a suitable changing room and everything is set for the show. I make sure that the work offered to the artist is dealt with professionally and fairly, both towards the artist and the promoter. Over the years you’re not only working with the same artists but also with the same promoters. I am the middle person, it’s difficult at times to make both sides happy. I also help artists to get royalties. I did it for Alton Ellis’ song ‘I’m Still In Love’. Versions by Sean Paul & Sasha, and by Althea & Donna (Uptown Top Ranking) were big hits. It’s one of Alton’s best songs and he never got any royalties for it. It happened to nearly all of the artists who recorded back in those days. All they got was the money they received on that day. Alton tried for many years to get what was due to him. It got to a stage where he wanted to forget about it all. Lawyers either refused to touch it or charged horrendous fees without achieving anything. But I am a fighter and I came across this lawyer who had worked for other musicians. It took two years before I got a deal worth thousands of pounds. Alton was shocked when I told him that we got a deal for a considerable amount of money. He was also happy knowing that the work he did back in the 60s which is widely appreciated by listeners all over the world, finally brought him the financial reward greatly overdue.”

Patrizia “Trish” de Rosa is the head of Roots Rockers Promotions based in London and over the years has worked with Laurel Aitken, Gregory Isaacs, Mikey Dread (Michael Campbell), Horace Andy, Marcia Griffiths, Bob Andy, Owen Gray, Dennis Alcapone, Dave Barker, Ansel Collins, Dawn Penn, Big Youth, The Pioneers. Trish continues to be present with her artists every year at the major European Festivals.

clockwise: Trish with Alton Ellis, Derrick Morgan and wife, Gregory Isaacs and Max Romeo

Vision/ Winter 2013


I have to do music

Conscious artist & new-comer Loyal Flames stands his ground present on the airwaves. In Jamaica we met the charismatic singer to find out what he is up to. What's going on for Loyal Flames? I have been in the studio voicing new songs and late last year I went touring with Romain Virgo in Europe: Belgium, Switzerland and Germany. The people in Europe love reggae music. They accept the message we as singers bring to them so very well. Being in Europe has taught me a lot. I realised that I have to continue with the music I am doing. Now I am sure that I am on the right track. There was a time when I considered doing dancehall music, but it's reggae that allows you to reach out to everyone: young souls and big people.

Every singer who comes on the scene with a big hit ultimately leaves a void. A void that can only be filled with one thing: an even better song. Some artists remain one hit wonders forever while others find the right lyrics to match their initial success. Loyal Flames who burst on the scene with his hit 'Mr Dead' has placed us in this familiar state of anticipation: can he deliver again? Yes, he can! His new hits 'Searching' and 'In This Time' are very

'In This Time' is a recent track of Loyal Flames which is getting a good response and a lot of airplay in the UK. How did you come about this song? If you listen to the song it is actually derived from Mr Dead. In this time where Mr Dead nah give no warning … you have to live life to the fullest. I like contemplating about what concerns me - 'live this life and live it right' is my motto. You have to learn from life while living and enlighten those who are

While it’s customary for many dancehall artistes to sing gospel, Elephant Man’s recent Gospel hit ‘God Never Fail’ produced by Chester Walker for Very Huge Records, has gained audience in the hearts and homes of many Christians, believers and music lovers worldwide. Since its release the song has been blazing the airwaves with heavy rotation all over the world and has been claiming its space on the top charts. Elephant Man explains that the song was easy for him to write and even more powerful when performing, as God plays a very important role in his life. He demonstrated his emotions for the Almighty by confessing that without God his career and life would have never been what it is today. The song helped him to burn out wicked and evil people who sometimes pose as angels.

The song embraces the fact that no matter what one is going through, God will never fail once you believe and pray. Although Elephant Man has recorded a Christian song before, this current song is more personal. In 2005 he did a dancehall version of gospel recording artiste Mavia Providence’s ‘Hear my Cry’ and Elephant’s version ‘Yuh Too Badmind’ which they performed together at an unforgettable performance at Sumfest in 2005. Look out in 2013 for Elephant Man’s hits. He has been described by many radio personalities as the artiste to watch for 2013, still going strong with new songs like: ‘We Not Having It, ‘Crocodile’, ‘Hand Inna Di Ceiling’, ‘Madness’, ‘Happy’, ‘From My Heart’ and many more. Elephant Man is looking forward to touring the United Kingdom this year after an absence for over 10 years! He says that his fans can anticipate an

Fi Real?

not reflecting about it or not paying enough attention. Plenty of us know the right thing to do but we still do the wrong. All we need at times is a little push. That's what Loyal Flames is here for. Your song 'Keep Focus' is released on of the Best One Drop riddims of 2012, tell us more about it. It's actually a very old song. I wrote it about four years ago. It tells a story of how people are not aware of the impact or powers of their actions. If I see a person with a tattoo on their skin, you will see me shiver. It looks painful. The bleaching thing provokes the same reaction in me. I think it's not necessary. I am not saying that you can't do it, after all it's your life. All I am saying is it's not necessary. We can't fight no-one, everyone deserves a chance in life. I can't tell another one how to express themselves. My music is more subliminal, I am fighting the situation not the people. I think that is the best approach to any problem really, this is why I think I have to do music. Big up time. Big Up Ron Muschette, Big Up Elise Kelly, Big Up Smurf, DJ Wayne, Big A, Amber, the whole of Irie FM, Vikings, big up my mother.

Elephant Man Goes Gospel by Deana Myers


Nadine White David Rodigan MBE and Reggae Supremo has landed an all-new broadcasting slot on BBC 1Xtra. As of the 17th February he will be bringing reggae to the masses every Sunday from 7-9pm. He is said to be very happy with this decision. The news comes less than 2 months after he sensationally left his 22 year post at Kiss FM – due to “the continued marginalisation of reggae music”. His original prime time slot was moved back to ‘the twilight zone’ to accommodate a brand new show hosted by award-winning artist, Craig David. I am absolutely delighted that Rodigan is able to broadcast our ‘stardust of Jamaica’ to the masses once more. It has proved extremely difficult for reggae to even get a place on commercial radio since… ‘ever , and for Rodigan as a reggae DJ, to be in this position is great, albeit ‘easy’. However, I do wonder whether his motive behind leaving Kiss FM was more of a personal one. When you get to realise that he has also been asked to return to his award-winning slot at BBC Radio 2 this summer you’ve got to admit, the timing is impeccable. It is said that JahJah’s timing usually is but let’s keep it real.  

even more energetic performance as he promises to give British fans a lasting memory of the Energy God. ‘God Never Fail’ is available on iTunes.

Healthy Skin, Healthy Living, Beautiful You Yess Essentials Natural Skincare Products Combining the benefits of the indigenous, West African centuries old traditional 100% natural soap, known as African Black Soap (ose dudu or alata samuna), with the benefits of modern natural ingredients, Yess Essentials formulated sophisticated naturally based skincare products for all skin types that ensure meticulous skin cleansing and comprehensive moisturising for best skin maintenance regime. The African black soap, a soft mild soap made from cocoa pod ash and unrefined palm kernel oil, has deep cleansing properties and is used by the indigenous women to sustain their beauty and prevent skin problems such as acne, rashes, spots, blackheads, blemishes and eczema. Yess Essentials Exfoliating Facial Scrub, made from African black soap, carrot and cucumber extracts, is an excellent cleanser and exfoliator that removes all the grime and surface

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When last oonu hear from Craig David? How dare Kiss FM move big MBE-recipient, David “Ram Jam” Rodigan into the twilight zone to accommodate this guy – he mus’ vex! Therefore if you knew that you had a job waiting for you at the BBC and Kiss FM ‘sheg themselves’ – wouldn’t you leave too? I would. With my MBE, full diary, and long bag. Propriety dictates that Rodigan justifies his decision to leave on the ‘continued marginalisation of reggae music’, rather than ‘the marginalisation of him’. He has been widely praised for his decision to make ‘a stand’ but the genre has always been and still is somewhat cast asunder. If his stand was firm he wouldn’t be back on radio whilst reggae is still being marginalised, says I.  Perhaps other legal Radio DJs/Presenters would make a similar stand and leave their post had they the luxury of a guaranteed slot on a legal radio with Her Majesty’s backative. Instead, all they can do is to make the best of their situation and hope people still tune in and listen – because the fact is most of...’dem lucky!’. They are lucky they’re on there in the first place.  The alternative would be to lose their global platform,  teef someone else’s frequency, go on pirate radio and run the risk of getting raided every 5 minutes. So outside of ‘Utopia’, the options are quite limited. No offence, Rodigan! The debate continues, next month, when I’ll be discussing the overlooked, positive impact that Pirate Radio has on the perpetuation of Reggae music. ‘Fi Real!’

Vision/ Winter 2013



Savana pushes the presence of Reggae Savana's forthcoming album 'Journey', is expected to leap up the charts, and as his previous four albums have proven, this too will be diverse in sound throughout, and feature many number one hits. They deal with life and love and staying away from the obnoxious glorifying of dubious moneymaking activities. "My first album came out on Jetstar, with various number one his, featuring Alicia Keys and a remix on the Little Kim riddim. Pretty Lady was the first song that came out and went straight to MTV base hitting the charts. I was very young, 19 at the time. I remember that year well, appearing at the Urban Music Award and winning an award with the album. I also went to the MOBO awards as I was nominated. I didn't win but it was still an honour. The next album 'OK' was not as successful but it nevertheless played on MTV and reached the national top 100 charts. Life Ah Foreign I then released 'Life Ah Foreign', featuring a lot of good collaborations, like '26 Police' featuring Junior Reid and 'Thugs Cry' featuring Leona Lewis, Lumie Dee, and Determine. The most popular singles were 'Life Ah Foreign' and 'See You In My Dreams'. The latter went straight into the reggae charts. This album was released by an independent label, SDC Records. To me, the label never did me any justice on that album. 'See You In My Dreams' and 'Life Ah Foreign' were the biggest songs in England at the time but the way it was released and licensed was obscure. The album deal was signed with a distribution label in France without letting me know and without ever wanting to let me know. The album might have sold 35,000 hard copies at that time. I want to release this album again as I think it never got the right promotion. Regardless, all those albums built the name Savana which was my aim and I am still on it. That's why I gave the new album the name 'Journey'. For me music has evolved into a crucial part of

my life, it’s not a fun thing anymore. I know music helps people and takes them out of misery. I am doing music to uplift a next generation. When I'm gone I want my daughter and her friends to still listen to one of my songs. That’s the reason why I called it Journey. It will feature a lot of one drops songs like 'Our Love Will Never Die', as well as re-releases of 'See You In My Dreams' and 'Life Ah Foreign'. Trials and Tribulations You go through a of trials and tribulations in this music game. What people don’t know is if you are signed to the likes of Jetstar you are treated like a baby. The only thing that counts is your voice and talent. It doesn’t matter how many hit songs you have - it’s not a happy life. You can be on TV and yet you still don’t have much money in your pocket because the company is cashing in. People should know what artists go through in this music business to reach their success. Sometimes people grudge artists for the wrong reason. Even in the studio producers and engineers treat us badly when we are new. Only when we start to get a name they make us feel comfortable. It's just like stepping into an expensive shop where everything costs £1000, wearing your little sneakers, you get looked down at. UK Reggae Showcase But I want to thank God before I even say more. I also have to thank the people around me, my team who keep me going. Especially so with my TV show Reggae Showcase which is doing extremely great. The show is meant to support reggae artist from both the UK and Jamaica. Initially the show was refused by the mainstream media TV stations who didn’t want to play reggae music. I went back to SKY and kept talking to them until they gave me a one year contract to broadcast reggae music 4 days a week. From the show started is has been tearing down the whole of the UK, we also won the Dancehall Industry Award (DIA) for it. The show is hitting over 250,000 people, that’s brilliant! I want to big up everybody who is supportive, like Vision newspaper, and all the viewers and radio DJ's.

We need the support. We are about to cut a deal with one of the national TV stations in Jamaica for them to see what is going on the UK. Movie Project My current project, a movie by the name of 'Life Ah Foreign', deals with that aspect: going and maintaining a life abroad. When somebody travels across the Atlantic Sea, even from England to Jamaica, its the same thing: If you are going to a foreign country, don’t think its a better road. People have to do a lot in order to survive. The movie will focus on the reason why some youths get caught up in the streets. One of the main characters is a young girl who wants to go to college but can not fulfil her dream. Her boyfriend cannot support her either and so she ends up in the streets doing what she never wanted to do; dealing drugs. It shows you a lot of facets of life: struggles, dreams, success and failures. The movie will feature actors and celebrities also from Jamaica and the UK. I will be playing a minor part in the movie too. We are currently discussing with investors and will go into production shortly. The movie is set to release this summer. Big up the Reggae Showcase team, everybody who is around me, supporting me. Dainia, Shareen. Natreisha, Ziona, Tony, Eccentrik, all my Jamaican links; Anthony Williams who gets out all the write ups in Jamaica

for me and Advocet, my American contacts; Wally. The European crew; Kinglsey, Ado.

Savana live on stage & with the DIA Award for Contributions to the Dancehall Industry


Reggae Showcase UK Monday & Wednesday 5pm Friday & Saturday 9pm on SKY 232 Clear TV hosted by Savana with co-host Eccentrik

JAMAICA’S FINEST GOLD RUM T: (44) 0844 879-4964 M: (44) 0776 062 9477 E:

Vision/ Winter 2013


Machel Montano shares Power Soca Monarch title with SuperBlue Twenty finalists have competed for this year's International Power and Groovy Soca Monarch title. Competitions were held at the Hasely Crawford Stadium, Port-of-Spain on February 8th.

Montano was initially expected to be sentenced on January 16th. December last year, Montano and songwriter/producer Kernal Roberts were found guilty by the magistrate of assaulting Brandis Browne, Russell Pollonais, Janelle Lee Chee and Gerard Bowrin, and using obscene language outside Zen nightclub on the morning of April 26, 2007. During the trial, which lasted more than five years, Montano had denied the charges brought against him, stating, instead, he was the one who was attacked by the group and spat at.

Mr. Vegas' custody trial put off

Originally scheduled to commence on February 4th, the trial was set to begin the process of determining whether Vegas, or his ex-girlfriend, Shellian McBayne would win full custody of their daughter.

The much anticipated clash between soca heavyweights SuperBlue and Machel Montano produced a result that most did not expect. Billed as the showdown between the student (Machel) and the teacher (SuperBlue), the judges could not separate the two after they delivered crowd pleasing performances. Machel urged his supporters to get off the ground and float in his delivery of "Float" while SuperBlue, who had the crowd chanting his name long before he took to the stage, had patrons bouncing to his aptly titled piece, "Fantastic Friday." In the end, they had to split the title. Machel, however, did not encounter such stiff competition in the Digicel International Groovy Soca Monarch as he successfully defended his title.

Machel Montano sentencing postponed

However, the case has now been postponed until April 23 after McBayne reportedly failed to show up for the hearing, which took place at the Bronx Family Court in New York. Vegas has been campaigning in recent months that he should receive full custody of their two-year-old daughter after she allegedly witnessed her mother, McBayne, being intimate with another man inside the prominent singjay's Florida home. Vegas has since sold that home and is auctioning off furniture from the residence.

Bob Marley’s oldest son, Ziggy Marley has donated his latest song “Personal Revolution” to End Polio Now, a benefit album raising funds for Rotary International’s “This Close to

Strawberry Hill). The music fraternity has greeted the decision with well-wishes.

Did Busy Signal obtain passports in a false name?

As a Polio Ambassador, Marley is bringing awareness and efforts to eradicate the viral disease that continues to disable children under the age of five in Asia and Africa. In addition to Marley, some of the other featured artists include polio survivors David Sanborn, Itzhak Perlman, Donovan, and members of the Congolese band, Staff Benda Bilili. The collection also features Indian artist Tanvi Shah, known for her work on Slumdog Millionaire. For as little as 60 cent a child can be saved for life with the oral vaccine can that fight this potentially fatal disease.

The entertainer, who returned to the island after serving 6 months in a US prison for absconding bail, is now facing charges of obtaining passports in a false name.

Tommy Lee Sparta wants to shows the world another side of him with a new release called Spartan Angels. Admitting that he overdid his demon persona he plans to take a different track.

It's been 22 years since the city of Toronto, Canada has declared Bob Marley's Birthday (February 6) as Bob Marley Day to honour people who promote humanitarianism in various ethnic and social groups.

Allegations are that Busy Signal unlawfully obtained three Jamaican passports in the name Reanno Gordon, which he used in his travels abroad as an entertainer. However, Busy Signal’s manager Shane Brown said the artiste didn't have three valid passports at once, but because of his frequent travels, Busy had exhausted several passports.

And the Grammy goes to

This news will come to the relief of many parents as Tommy Lee's music was particularly popular amongst the younger generation. The lyrics of his new song are written by Tommy Lee Sparta, delving into issues such as the influence his

Ziggy and Damian Junior Gong Marley performed the classic song 'Could You Be Loved' alongside Sting, Rihanna and Bruno Mars in a segment dedicated to Bob Marley. The Grammy Awards took place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles 10th February.

Bob Marley Humanitarian Award in Canada

Tommy Lee Sparta distances himself from demon persona

Ziggy Marley donates song

The sentencing of soca superstar Machel Montano on five criminal charges has been postponed to February 25. Soca artiste Machel

music has on the youths and society at large. The artiste sings, "Some a say mi bless some a say mi curse, God forgive me, if a me alone sin a earth". The track is very deep; it's a mix of soul, rock and dancehall that evokes feelings of darkness and light, happiness and pain.

Ending Polio” campaign.

Jimmy Cliff received a Grammy for Best Reggae Album for Rebirth. He competed against The Original Wailers (Miracle), Sean Paul (Tomahawk Technique), Sly & Robbie & The Jam Masters (New Legend - Jamaica 50th Edition) and Toots and the Maytals (Reggae Got Soul: Unplugged On

Amongst this years winners is Canadian recording artist Drake. “Each year we take time to honour the best of the best: people — acting in the diversity spirit of Bob Marley’s One Love — who have worked hard to make our city a better place for all,” said Bob Marley Day Committee chair and founder Courtney Betty. Other winners include Rowan Barrett, the executive vice-president of Canada Basketball, who won the award for encouraging diversity in sports.

Straight from Yard with Irie FM’s DJ Amber Black History/ Reggae Month

There is always controversy surrounding Black History/ Reggae month, because people feel keeping both in February will distract from each other. The Ministry of Youth and Culture has scheduled several activities including free cultural shows at Emancipation Park. One of them are the Bob Marley celebrations, at the 6th February - his birthday. However we understand that Bob Marley's children were absent form the Bob Marley museum that day, which has sparked some controversy. They were also absent from the annual Sing-Song concert which is usually in celebration of Bob Marley. The fact that they were absent was quite surprising and we do not know the reason why as yet. As for Black History month the information does not go back straight to the roots: Africa. Most of the time they

speak of the African tradition that were taken by the slaves and are continued to this day, like: Kumina, Dinki Mini and Junkanoo. Nobody in Jamaica speaks any African languages, we are very disconnected from Africa. Furthermore the school curriculum should reflect more on this topic. When children learn something it will stay with them. If you teach them that Christopher Columbus discovered Jamaica they will believe it. The meaning of Black History month is not being fulfilled. With Reggae month it is even worse. I think they should focus on involving the business side of entertainment as well as the business side of reggae that foreigners have dwelled into in places like Germany and Italy. We should have more workshops and educational classes about our own cultural exports. The Junior Minister of Tourism and Entertainment Damion Crawford made

a statement that Jamaica should not be celebrating February as Black History month; that it is not important for Jamaican people as it is an American reality. It was a very controversial statement to make. A lot of people disagreed and were shocked that he would think much more even say it in a public forum.

Anthony B

Anthony B has been arrested for ganja possession and has been accused of ganja trafficking. He will have to go to court in the US.

Jazz and Blues Festival

Romain Virgo was a big highlight at this year's Jazz and Blues Festival held in Trewlany in January. He was the local artist that really stood out. Not did he only deliver he was also quite well promoted

in the US marked. Advertisement with Romain Virgo run on E! television and CNN. Romain Virgo right now, I would say, is one of the most outstanding artist coming out of Jamaica. He has held his own and he has not changed the music or his style, the people are just loving him.

Snoop Lion

Since he has taken on the Rastafarian faith a few people are not sure about his genuineness. For example Bunny Wailer made a comment stating that he feels the faith is being exploited. Bong Herman on the other hand said: leave the judgement to the almighty to see if it is for real. Snoop has to prove himself that it is not just something he is doing because it looks interesting. In the people's eyes he is on a trial phase and he needs to prove himself as a rasta.


Vision/ Winter 2013

Reverence for Maxi ‘Chart Buster’ Priest the greater part of society was common amongst young black people growing up in 1970s, white-dominated London. There came about a borrowing of the Jamaican ‘sound system’, where music would be played at gatherings with live performances by various budding reggae artists. The rhythmic vibrations would literally make waves from the giant speakers into the very souls of those who listened. It brought a mutual message of ‘home’ and for many, an avenue through which these young people could create a destiny.

There are many examples of UK sound systems; but it was through Lewisham’s iconic ‘Saxon Sound System’ that Maxi Priest’s career began and it was also the starting point for artists such as Tippa Irie, Pato Banton & Smiley Culture – all of whom have had measurable international success.

by Nadine White

Maxi Priest has been at the forefront of the international reggae game for years. He’s left no facet of the business untouched – from appearances on the silver screen to two ‘Best Reggae’ Grammy nominations! However, before the glitz, glamour and success, the chartbusting maestro’s beginnings were extremely humble. Who is this man really, and where did he come from?

“Maxi Priest is Max Elliot and he is a young black boy from SouthEast London (New Cross) who used to sit down on a staircase and think ‘there’s got to be more to life than this”. I was fascinated by the riveting story of a boy who came to find his long sought-after acceptance, within a society who deemed him ‘strange’, through the art of reggae music. Moreover, he was not alone in this struggle for identity; the ostracization from

“Saxon holds a special place in my heart...Sound Systems, as a whole, played a key part in the connection between us and Jamaican artists who would come over. In a sense, their presence, them coming around the Sound Systems made it ‘legit’; we’d gain a seal of approval from Jamaica” With the plethora of superb talent within the UK Reggae Industry, why have no other artists quite reached the level of TransAtlantic success that Maxi has? For the most part, he puts it down to the reluctance amongst many of his fellow artists to travel. When he left the UK, for


Watch This Vision’s Favourite Online Hits

Jamaica, in 1987 this proved to be a key ingredient in the recipe for ‘cross-over’ success; he met with some production heavyweights such as Willie Lindo, Sly & Robbie and hence, the subsequent release of his third, self-titled studio album in 1988. This album spawned one of his biggest hits ‘Close To You’ which firmly put him in the history books as one of two reggae acts (besides UB40) to have a #1 American Billboard Hit. The world has since embraced Maxi Priest. On the topic of ‘embrace’, there has been an on-going concern from some notable members of the UK Reggae Fraternity that our own Reggae Disc-Jockeys/ Radio Presenters do not do enough to support home-grown talent. Staring pensively into his cup of herbal tea, Maxi quickly responds: “It’s a fact.”

Looking out of the window these days makes us feel anything but a carnival vibe. Watching the Roy Cape All Stars & Blaxx - Leh Go Official Video however makes you feel so good that you want to jump outside and dance. Full of energy, the video even plays a little homage to the Gangnam style - jus’ leh go!!

He goes on to diagnose part of the current state of play with a case of an impersonal ‘grass is greener’ mentality; arguing that because UK artists are accessible, they’re not supported over Jamaican artists. This leads back to his earlier notion regarding the importance of travel, in order to get oneself ‘out there’ and he adds: “I’ve met some truly inspirational people, from all sorts of place and countries…I am truly blessed”

And just to rub it in one more time: Trinidad & Tobago just enjoyed their parties of the year - Carnival Again - is a collaboration between Jamaica’s Dahlia and T&T’s rising star Mark Hardy. This reggae/ soca fusion goes down well.

Maxi Priest continues to tour the world to sold-out audiences and has plans to release a brand new album later in 2013.

Album/ Single Review Noisy Jamaica is a dancehall documentary produced by Snoop Lion. The second series features Popcaan and follows him around. The series is designed to give an insight into the Jamaican dancehall culture but with 10 minute sequels there is not much time to elaborate.

Jah Cure - World Cry

After some setbacks Jah Cure has finally released his new album World Cry. Careful of not releasing too many singles beforehand Jah Cure has put together a solid 15-track album which also features collaborations with international superstars Jasmine Sullivan or Rick Ross. Moreover is Jah Cure the only Jamaican artiste to be featured on an authentic Tupac track. Generally Many tracks have a Rn'B feeling to it. Released: November 2012

Etana - Better Tomorrow

Miami-based singer Etana is due to release her new album February 26, 2013. Recorded at Kingston’s legendary Tuff Gong Studio, Etana’s third album Better Tomorrow (VP Records) is a true testament to her evolved sound. The album features 14 soulful reggae tracks produced primarily by Jamaica’s Shane C. Brown of Jukeboxx Recordings. These releases follows her 2008 critically acclaimed debut The Strong One, which featured massive hits: “I Am Not Afraid,” and “Wrong Address”. Released: February 2013

Positive - Forever My King

Trinidadian gospel & reggae artist Positive has released his sophomore album: Forever My King. Putting a positive spin on reggae music, fused with a tinge of dancehall along with regional soca and calypso influences, Positive has earned acclaim from music critics and fans alike, ever since hitting the music scene just over five years ago. Forever My King showcases a seasoned lyricist and vocalist, whose talent shines on 16 glorious tracks. Released: December 2012

African Caribbean Fusion

Machel Montano, fellow Soca artiste Kerwin Du Bois and South African choral group Ladysmith, Black Mambazo collaborated for a new single entitled “Possessed.” This smooth but very rhythmic soca tune is fused together in a perfect blend with African choral voices humming the beat. South Africa’s Ladysmith Black Mambazo are triple-time Grammy award winners, who have added their distinct and unforgettable vocal voices to such legendary albums as Graceland by Grammy winner Paul Simon. Released: January 2013

The God Alone Man - Little Hero - is back with another big track entitled: Is Only God. This timeless piece is bound to stay with us for a long time. He is doing well sticking to his major topic: God alone nah trod alone!


Vision/ Winter 2013


Top 1o Movers and Shakers in 2012 A Review by RuffKut Lady D

© Nick Webb

2012 was a mixture of good and bad for the industry. The good far exceed the bad. Buju Banton was certainly missing, also Vybz Kartel. Their place in the industry can never be replaced by anyone. #1 Jamaica 50 was celebrated in style at the 2012 staging of the Olympics in London. Usain Bolt who is rightfully a legend, created history once again and placed little Jamaica on the map. Yes, team Jamaica was the talk of the Olympics. Even with the little distraction of dumping his white girlfriend for the dumbest reason Usain still managed to strike his charms on the field. The celebrations in London and Halfway Tree in Jamaica were outstanding. Big ups to Warren and the Beast Yohan Blake, Shelly-Ann Fraser, Veronica Campbell and all the others who made us proud. #2 Goat Head and Nyammy Lee feud was the top of the movers and shakers in the music business in 2012 for me. The General say him fi kill all devil worshiper and Tommy Lee was offended as he thought the Killa was pointing a finger at him. Both artistes started recording songs for each other but Tommy Lee should have not dissed the General, after all respect your elders is the order of the day. And Bounty should ah never answer Tommy. Demons or not everyone chooses their own path and if he finds favour in the name that's his cup a tea. Both artiste appeared on the big bad Chug IT held in Portmore and were booed well by each other supporters. The resolution is that Killer, who had a good year anyway has moved on and has no time for Tommy Lee. Another feud that took our attention was the Sizzla-Khago knockout. What happened was disrespectful. Once more a younger artiste lyrically disrespected an elder and again the veterans answering making them somewhat equal in status. Mi nuh know ah my view still. #3 Mr Vegas took his dirty laundry to wash in public, taking his heartbreak to social media exposing it to millions of fans around the world. May I remind

you: Vegas bawled during an interview saying he cached his woman having sex with 'a doctor' on camera in front of his daughter in his own house. Now many conclusions were drawn and sides taken. Frankly mi say Vegas mek a puppet outta himself. When him have ah problem a yard there is no need for it to be in the public. After all: Mr G woman him teef and get pregnant. What goes around comes around.

#4 Most people found Sting 2012 boring. Although it had its moments: the return of Busy Signal who did an amazing set, Kiprich no was no match for the kindergartenlyrics from Madgi (Matterhorn) and Merciless and Ninjaman who clash each other, Spice bringing on a donkey to represent a missing Makka Diamond and Blak Ryno braving the attack from Poppy, after Popcaan shoved him from the stage. Disappointing and embarrassing if you ask me. Sting was made to clash that means you throw lyrics not punches! #5 Beenie Man surprised many as out of the blue he comes on Youtube and TV expressing himself in an open apology to the gay community, clear throat! Shortly after Beenie Man’s US visa was returned and he was getting shows in the States. Yes, his apology was beneficial one the one hand and unfortunate on the other as he was openly kicked off a show as the gay community claimed that his apology wasn't genuine. What a man want to do that's his business but dah apology deh ketch me off guard. #6 The females had a good 2012 blasting on the scene, topping charts and making babies. Big up to Lady Saw the Queen. There will only be one Queen and that's Saw. Tifa drop word pon Saw and muma tek them on in her song: 'Who the cap fit let the wear it ' and Tifa wear it well - lol. #7 If anything else wasn't a surprise for 2012, Busy Signal incarceration surely was. When the news broke about Busy's imprisonment many fans were left with their mouth open and droopy faced taking to the social networks to vent their sadness and expressing their vehement desire for the release of the DJ. However fans had to wait for six short months for the release of the elated Busy. Busy who was charged for absconding bail in the US made it clear that jail is not a place one should be in, as life in jail is hell. Happy that you are back to continue thrilling us with your talent.

#8 2012 gave way for rising stars to show what they are made of and challenged them on the longevity of their craft to take their place in the industry. Chronixx whom many describe as the little Sizzla is still one of the most talked about rising artistes in the business. His young ‘rasta man vibration’ look and eloquent reasoning gave fans a choice that he was definitely one for the future. Tommy Lee on the other hand made bold transition in 2012. Dubbed Uncle Demon, Tommy Lee created the most enemies in the business with his Gotham look and scary appearances, having favorable audiences amongst the younger generation. Gaza Slim, Tiana, Protoje, Kibaki, Pyramid, Specialist with his Phone Card song, which stayed on the charts for quite a while and also Ishawna had a very good year. #9 Sumfest and Air Jamaica Jazz Festival 2012 were the biggest shows for the year with the best lineup. Jazz Fest had legend Celine Dion at her best, having the roads blocked and the venue packed to maximum capacity. Sumfest saluting Jamaica 50 with the return of Shabba Ranks! Bwoy his performance was a memorable one. With the big reception he received at the airport setting the pace for an envious appearance for one in particular pointing to the fact that the reception he received was planned. Badmind! Shabba is a big artiste - he made all Jamaicans proud.

#10 Whilst no one expect tragedy or death we can't ignore the fact that each year people meet this demised. 2012 was sad for dancehall fans especially me after hearing about the death of Captain Barkey. I can remember he was one of the first to ping me on my bb to say Happy Birthday and few days after he was slain to the hands of jealousy. The Haitian couldn't handle the bun and killed Barkey and his girlfriend and later himself. Aweee it would have been better if he had consulted with Mr. Vegas to take it to twitter or facebook. Another shock was radio personality and veteran Mighty Mike who died from heart attack. We miss you. Radio will never be the same without Mighty - Rest in Heaven!! That's it for me on 2012 movers and Shakers and look forward for a bless year in dancehall for 2013 and nuff more mixup and I hope the that dancehall can regain its place in the musical world.


Vision/ Winter 2013 by Deana Myers

As you all know February is slated the month for lovers and Vision went into the love lives of a few of dancehall's favourite celebrities to get their views on L.O.V.E.

Dancehall artiste KIPRICH, a darling amongst the females and a lyrical giant amongst the males in the industry, is the first to give us his views: What is a perfect gift to give to your lover on Valentines day? You don't have to wait until Valentines day to give your girl a gift. When you are spontaneous it keeps the relationship alive but a perfect gift can be a promise ring that makes her feel closer to you. How would you surprise your lover on Valentines day? The best time to surprise your girl is when she is around her friends or family. What can your partner do to make you feel that special feeling? Just be herself and be sexy. How do you know when she's the one? When you've found a lady that does the right things and possesses the good qualities that everyman looks for in a good woman, e.g. make me happy, supportive, kind, know.

As the First Lady of dancehall, D’ANGEL has been through two celebrity relationships with Bounty Killer and Beenie Man, yet still hasn't given up on love. She is in fact stronger than before. D'Angel shares her cupid talks. What can a man do to make D’Angel feel special? All a man has to do is be himself. What's your idea of a perfect partner? A team player, someone that listens and who is willing to go the extra mile without reservations. As a woman who has being through marriage, what makes you stronger now as a divorced woman? Do you think you'd walk down the aisle again? I'm very comfortable being single. I think in time God will provide me with that sole mate, I'm not in any rush. What does D'Angel do to make her man feel like he's the only man in the world? I always tend to be myself in my relationships and if my partner is a good lover then I'll be at my best. It goes both ways.


Cupid Talk

Questions that need to be answered

Veteran radio personality, promoter, host and producer GT TAYLOR, is a man whose sexy voice has females swooning. What's GT's outlook on love? What does a man like GT look for in a woman? Kindness. What's the weirdest thing a woman has ever said to you? Honey I Love You, but there is someone else. What's the one thing that your partner could do or say to blow you away or melt your heart? Wake me up in the morning, kiss me and say: 'I'll Love you till I die!!!' From a man's perspective, is it ever awkward to give a woman gifts on Valentines day? No it's not. What's your take on true love? My take on true love is commitment.

DEMARCO, another firm favourite amongst the females, shares his views on love. Does Demarco have a valentine? Yes I do. What can a woman do to make Demarco feel special? Just make me happy. How do you know when the right lady comes along? You don't feel stressed when she is around. What's the worst thing your partner can do to spoil your Valentines day? Spend the whole day working on Valentines. Have you ever been in love? Yes I've been in love before.

KHAGO is known for his hits addressing the ladies. Has the gyal dem tunup him ting? Let's find out from the 'Threesome General; himself. You're a well known ladies man, how do you know the real ladies from the fake ones? Time will always tell, you can never just look on a lady and know. What kind of girl does Khago like? Khago loves all girls. You have some girls that act normal or simple and through mi a star mi just make them into my celebrity.

If you were stranded on a desert island on Valentines day, which celebrity would you want to be your partner on this island? ...remember it's just a fantasy! Lawd OH!!!! Dead with laugh. Ruffkut Lady D. What can the female fans expect from Khago for 2013? I will be launching an album with crazy hits for my angels. (Ps: Khago, regarding your answer to the desert island question: I'm not a celebrity just a journalist!)

Are you a romantic lover? What would you do for your partner on her birthday Valentines day/ special days? I'm not a romantic lover, I just live and live to what comes. I can remember cooking for my girl on her birthday. What's the weirdest thing a woman has ever done or said to Khago? Proposed to me! Lol.

© Corey Ann

Vision/ Winter 2013

Books & Art

Jana Bent: The Reggae Band Dolphin Rescue

Ifeona Fulani: Ten Days in Jamaica

Aimed at younger children, the Reggae Band Series by Jana Bent are interactive CD storybooks. Endorsed by the United Nations and Caribbean Environment Programme the books focus on the animals and the environment . All books have lovely illustrations and with the CD the children can learn about the sounds of the different musical instruments. It includes a glossary of new words and animals indigenous to Jamaica and notes to teachers and parents. Published: December 2012

Following the hearts and desires of Caribbean people in search of love and the means to make a life in unfamiliar places, this collection of short stories travels from the lush hills and sunny beaches of Jamaica to London, New York, and Calcutta. In the title story, a Jamaican youth hustles a living as an escort to tourists. In “Fevergrass Tea,” a young woman returns from New York to her hometown in Jamaica to find that she no longer understands the subtle languages of class distinction and romantic relationship. In “Elephant Dreams,” black Londoner Jewel’s childhood dreams of riding an elephant lead her to India, where her lover Arjun will introduce her to his family. Published: December 2012

In 2008 Carolyn Cooper hosted a series of plenary lectures at the University of the West Indies, Mona in Kingston, Jamaica. Under the title “Global Reggae” the conference invited musicians, scholars, cultural practitioners to share their perspectives on the ways in which Jamaican reggae has been adapted in a variety of cultural contexts. The essence of the conference has been captured in this book, highlighting the “glocalization” of reggae. The essays in the book looking at the Impact of Jamaican Music in Britain, the Evolution of Reggae in Europe with a Focus on Germany, Reggae Music Documentaries in Brazil and Reggae Griots in Francophone Africa and other perspectives. Published: November 2012

About the author:

About the editor:

About the author:

The writing and editing teams are led by Reggae Pickney’s Project Director Jana Bent. Jana is a writer, who worked as a singer, dancer and choreographer and has either recorded or toured with various reggae artists, including, Shaggy, Damian Marley, The Wailers, Sean Paul, Bounty Killer and Spragga

Benz. Editing is done by Dr. Rebecca Tortello, Special Advisor to the Minister of Education on Early Childhood Development.

Golden Pen Award for Linton Kwesi Johnson


edited by Carolyn Cooper: Global Reggae

Jamaican-born Ifeona Fulani holds an MFA in Creative Writing and a PhD in Comparative Literature, both from New York University. She has taught fiction workshops in the United States, the UK, and France and currently teaches in the writing concentration in the liberal studies program at New York University.

Dub poet Linton Kwesi Johnson won the Golden PEN Award 2012 for his outstanding achievement in Literature. The award is presented annually to an accomplished writer resident in Britain. Previous winners include Sir Salman Rushdie and Doris Lessing. Johnson is known for his controversial poem “Inglan Is A Bitch”, and for “Di Great Insohreckshan”, a response to the 1981 Brixton riots in which he stated “It is nah mistri / we mekkin histri”. Johnson coined

Carolyn Cooper is Professor of Literary and Cultural Studies, University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica. In 1992, she initiated the establishment of the University’s International Reggae Studies Centre. Her publications include Sound Clash: Jamaican Dancehall Culture at Large and Noises in the Blood.

the term “dub poetry” and describes it as a blend of reggae music and verse written in a Jamaican-London patois. In his acceptation speech he said: “I belong to a little tradition of Caribbean verse. I am a child of the Caribbean Artist Movement founded by Kamau Brathwaite, Andrew Salkey and John La Rose in the 60s. A movement that sought to create an alternative Caribbean aesthetic to the dominant, colonising canon of English literature. An independent aesthetic

rooted in the history, culture, languages and oral traditions of the Caribbean people. It is from that perspective that I began to write, dealing with the black experience in Britain. Whatever I have achieved in literature is due, ironically to the power of reggae music. Because reggae has been and still is the main vehicle through which my verse has been spread around the world.” He further said that he is truly honoured to receive this award.

National Biennial in Kingston

Inside the exhibition below: Franz Marzouca: Canoe Nude

Artists who are resident in Jamaica and Jamaican artists living abroad were invited to submit entries for the National Biennial exhibition, which will be open until March 2013 at the National Gallery of Jamaica. The exhibition has been hailed as spectacular and wonderfully curated. The Biennial features the work of over eighty artists in the following categories: Painting, drawing (including pastel and watercolour), original print, collages, photography, sculpture (including assemblage), installation, ceramic, fibre art and video.

The exhibition features works by familiar artists like Cecil Cooper, Laura Facey, Franz Marzouca, Bryan McFarlane and Olivia McGilchrist. There is also a great representation of young/emerging artists like Marvin Bartley, Marlon James and Leasho Johnson—whose ingenuity promise great future for Jamaican art. It was mentioned that the eligibility for the next biennial will extend to artists of Jamaican parentage. The 2012 Biennial runs until March 9th at the National Gallery of Jamaica at 12 Ocean Boulevard, Kingston Mall.


Vision/ Winter 2013


QUEEN KALEFA’S HEALTHY LIFESTYLE COLUMN "You cannot poison your body into health with drugs, chemo or radiation. Health can only be achieved with healthful living." T.C. Fry The prevailing classification of diabetes as a failure to metabolize carbohydrates originated in the early 19th century when knowledge about metabolic diseases was very limited. Modern research has taught us that it would be more appropriate to define Type 2 Diabetes as a failure of the body to properly metabolize fats and oils. This failure causes a loss of effectiveness of insulin and the consequent failure to metabolize carbohydrates. Unfortunately, outside of research circles, the medical profession remains steeped in the legacy of 19th century beliefs.

Type 2 Diabetes and its symptoms are the result of a basic failure of the body’s cells to transport glucose from the blood to their interior, for the metabolic process that produces the body’s energy. As a result, glucose builds up in the blood stream. This malfunctioning of the blood sugar control system is the direct cause of the many debilitating symptoms associated with Type 2 Diabetes. For any programme to be effective it must repair and restore the body’s blood sugar control mechanism. Most people suffering from Type 2 Diabetes are told they will have to live with the condition and take medication for the remainder of their lives. Some questions we should be asking are:

Diabetes is not a condition you simply have to learn to live with.

• If the drugs are effective why will you need them for the rest of your life while the condition gradually deteriorates? • What are these drugs actually doing then? • Does this really make sense when you think about it? • Who is really benefiting from your dependence on drugs? Certainly not you the sufferer, who will experience continued deterioration of debilitating symptoms, increasing

What’s On World Premier: Samson and De Liar

A hilarious new comedy play set in Jamaica which follows the ups and downs of Samson & Ears Ring, two Homeless men living on the rough Kingston streets. One is a jack of all trades and con artist, the other a proud, honest man who will not, forget his pride. Brought together by fate they are able to change each others lives for good.

who work in African history, politics, culture and arts, whether you are an organisations, individual, small business or if you have an interest in the way that African heritage is portrayed, celebrated, commemorated and written and spoken about

filmed aimed at individuals who may be involved in gang and violent youth crime or influenced by it. The film aims to divert young people away from violent crime through use of real life story telling. Age restrictions: 12A

February 22, 2013: 2:30 pm (workshop)/ 6:30 pm (public debate) Cost: Free, booking essential Venue: Africa Centre 38 King Street, Covent Garden, London WC2E 8J Telephone: +44 (0)20 7224 5680

Book your tickets under: and type IF ONLY into the search.

Mothers day special: Touch of Class

Poetry in Motion 2013

March 3. 2013, 6pm & 7pm Cost: £8 - £15 Venue: BAFTA, 195 Piccadilly London, W1J 9LN

Prince Abdi – Josephine Lacey and guests, Jason Patterson – Nico Yearwood and others

Fusion of the best in musical talent with the UK’s finest comedians for an action packed non stop night of entertainment. Comedy from : CURTIS WALKER - The Real McCoy, GLENDA JAXSON - Female Comedian Of The Year 2010, SLIM - Male Comedian Of The Year 2010, QUINCY Supreme FM and SHABBA - Wahala Team Jamaica. March 10. 2013, 8pm Cost: £ 25 - £ 22.50 Venue: Hackney Empire, Main Hall 291 Mare Street, London E8 1EJ Telephone: +44 (0)20 8985 2424 Public Screening: If Only - short film

February 17 & 24/ March 3 & 10, 2013: 8:00 pm Cost: Pay What You Can Venue: The Africa Centre 38 King Street, Covent Garden, London WC2E 8J Telephone: +44 (0)20 7224 5680 African Heritage Month International (AHMI): a new way forward for Black History Month? WORKSHOP & PUBLIC DEBATE: This event aims to bring together practitioners

doses of medication and the stress of having no control, or hope of a normal life in the future. Health is not about curing disease, it is about achieving and maintaining wellness. Many of us have been erroneously led to believe that our health depends solely on the quality of healthcare we receive. The truth is, your health is your responsibility. You are the only one with the power to take the steps to preserve your health and create wellness for yourself. Eliminating symptoms is not the same as curing disease. The only way to achieve health is to eliminate the cause of the problem, change what you have been putting in and doing to your body. The way to health means treating the whole person and re-igniting the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

The Joy of Food as Medicine cooking and nutrition classes and Health Rejuvenation Programme gets to the core of this problem and shows you how to reverse the condition by naturally restoring and repairing the whole body, including its own blood sugar control system. For more information: or email me at Give the gift of health with my book ‘The Joy of Food as Medicine’, or a one hour consultation with bio energy scan.

‘Your health is priceless’ Queen Kalefa, Clinical Nutritionist, Natural Health Consultant, Author, Presenter 07533 577 615

Bringing life to your SHOE Foot wear SARGE with flavour Fed up of shoes or boots from the shops? Design your own shoes to suit your dress code. All different colours to suit your personality. Shoes Sarge will design to your taste. You can contact me on: 07583774434

February 16 & 17, 2013: 8pm Cost: £15 Venue: Studio Theatre at Broadway Studio Catford Broadway, London SE6 4RU Telephone: +44 (0) 20 8690 0002 Comedy on Sundays: The best in African & Caribbean Comedy from the UK & beyond


IF ONLY is a gritty, hard hitting short

Jamaica’s Premier Poetry and Edutainment Event. Freddie Mc Gregor headlines a cast consisting of: Yasus Afatri, Dahlia Harris, Mutabaruka, Dr Leachim Semaj, Dr Michael Abrahams, Prof Fred Hickling, and more. February 24. 2013, 3 pm Cost: JA$ 1.500 - 2.000 Venue: Manchester Golf Club, Brumalla Rd, Mandeville, Jamaica Telephone: + (1876) 962-2403

Vision/ Winter 2013

by Nadia Akram

Picture Page


Carnival Trinidad & Tobago 2013

As any Trinidadian will tell you, the past few days in Trinidad and Tobago have been truly phenomenal. Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th February saw the culmination of Trinidad's Carnival 2013, undoubtedly the biggest and best party on earth. It was a sight to behold as players extolled toned physiques while grinding to the Road

March tunes. Hundreds of thousands of multinational Carnival lovers came out in fishnet stockings, bikinis and short pants, and some even sported underwear as they flocked into the city from as early as 3am to dance in the streets. Carnival also bred many spectators, sidewalk and porch perchers, and those seeking less exercise while hiding from

the sun. There were also a few who chose the couch to watch the play by play, totally safe, from their TVs. Between the assisting troupes and bands were barbecued pork ribs and chicken legs galore. Whether wining, grinding, cheering or jeering the menu had something to suit the hunger needs of all, nothing was too messy that it

couldn't be wiped with a napkin! The stars of the fete were undoubtedly Machel Montano and Austin “SuperBlue� Lyons, who both came away with a share of the Power Soca Monarch honours. Legions of soca lovers were overjoyed at the result as it proved a fantastic return for SuperBlue after an absence of many years from the competitive arena.

T: (44) 0844 879-4964 M: (44) 0776 062 9477 E:


Autumn 2012 / Page 15

Check Face and Ox @

Dub Vendor Soho

Klassique Barbers & Hair Salon


We stock: current Reggae, Oldies, R’nB 7”, 10”, 12”, LPs, CDs

Opening hours Mon - Sat: 8:30am - 10pm Sundays: 12noon - 7pm

as well as a selection of second hand originals. We are located at BM Music.

81 Atlantic Road Brixton, London SW9 8PU

Tel.: 020 7738 6200

0795.67.55.619 25 D’Arblay Street, London W1F 8EJ Nearest tube: Oxford Circus or Tottenham Court Road

Black & White is located at 75 Atlantic Road, SW9 8PU (close to Brixton tube) We provide Take Away foods as well as eat in facility, inside the chic black and white decor restaurant. Black & White is in the heart of the original front line and one of the oldest restaurants in Brixton. Formerly known as Peggy’s, after Peggy and Chapie, who served the community for over 40 years, the restaurant was refurbished and reopened in 2009. We provide freshly prepared food, our meats are marinated with fresh vegetables and spices. We serve a variety of great dishes and freshly made drinks, like: Mango & Passion juice, Guinness Punch, Carrot juice and Ginger Beer. People travel far to visit us on our special FISH FRIDAY where you can choose your fish and get it freshly prepared. Thursdays and Saturdays are our Cow Foot days. Whether you need a quick stop for a lunch, a chilled out meal with friends, personal time alone or a quick take away munch - Black & White is the place! Bring your family and friends, team or work mates and spend some quality time with us.

XTRATAINMENT PLUZ For Jamaican artiste bookings for Elephant Man, Charly Black, Sheba, Kym Hamilton formally Gaza Kym, Lady Saw, Mr G, Pamputae, Anthony Cruz, Stacious, Dwayno, Top secret Sound, Selector Baba - Dee Weddy Weddy DJ, International DHQ Sher, Head Top Aneka and MOB Crazy Hype please contact: 1876-848-1304 Email:

The New Societe Org of Caribbean Cultural Affairs LOOSE CHANGE SUPPORT

We would be truly grateful if you could make a donation through our donation collection boxes which are clearly marked with our Logo, and can be found in supporting Caribbean businesses. Programs done through the NSOCA are not financially supported by government but by our own people of culture under our standing on our own two feet policy. Your loose change can make a difference in ways such as the creation of our first cultural academy, assistance to our “Friendly Face” program for senior citizen who are hospitalise, lives alone are place in care home with no direct family support, employment and various other community projects including tuition classes and legal advisory service. To find out more about us, please contact:

NSOCA Cultural Development Dept Tel.: 020 7733 7337 E-mail :

ADVERTISING IN VISION Vision offers a variety of packages for local business. Call us today to get a quote on:


Vision Newspaper ISSUE 16-2013  
Vision Newspaper ISSUE 16-2013  

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