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VISION HOPE NEWSLETTER // JANUARY 2017. Hello and welcome to our monthly newsletter, where we share updates on projects, people and staff with you. Thank you for being part of our movement towards a brighter future. Stay in touch and receive regularly updates!

New year, new design, new challenges - but with the same boundless engagement and dedication. We are excited to introduce our freshly designed newsletter. As the first letter for 2017, we recall 2016 and look forward to the upcoming plans for this year.

First of all... A round of applause! We thank all of you for your incredible support and dedication in 2016 and cannot wait to continue to develop our existing projects and embark on brand new adventures.


Medical assistance and care for the youngest: our maternal hospital in Syria.

In 2016, we set up a maternal hospital with the Syrian Violet Organisation. The aim of our first project in Syria? To provide essential medical care to mothers, newborns and children in Ariha, Syria. By the end of December last year, we managed to reach thousands of people and provided a broad range of services, including maternal consultations, deliveries and cesareans. Not only that, also vaccination campaigns for the youngest among the community took place!

Joy and trauma therapy: our integrative family centres in Jordan. Over the last years, we have been operating kindergartens for Syrian refugees in Jordan. In 2016 we took this a step further and developed a safe space for families, extending the kindergartens to Family Centres. These centres help provide a secure and loving environment to heal the trauma of war: for the kids in the kindergarten, school children, young girls and women as well as mothers. Our main focus has been on the integration of Syrian refugees and their families into the Jordanian community. Through playful therapy, individual talks, as well as group trauma therapy, we help to support their urgent needs.

Signs Of Hope: Our new campaign, together with Stadtpiraten in Freiburg, aims to raise awareness on the situation of Syrian refugee children. While the children in Jordan draw and paint to express themselves and channel their experiences of war, we decided to share these images as an exhibition with schools, companies and anyone in Germany who has interest in learning of the humanitarian effects of the Syrian conflict. The children’s stories m a k e their experiences tangible and understandable for everyone.

Yemen: a current crisis with severe consequences for all Yemenis.

As the crisis stepped up in Yemen, we continued our work to provide emergency relief as well as long-term development wherever possible. In 2016, our involvement in Yemen saw us work on and develop the nutrition situation, food security and sustainable water projects. In collaboration with the World Food Programme, we provided nutrition for mothers and newborns and distributed food for families. To build capacity, we implemented twelve new water cisterns in the Hajjah Governorate. A sustainable approach, which will help the community to work towards their own self-sufficiency.

Empowerment of the youth: their are our future and our hope. Do you remember our Yemeni Youth Empowerment in 2015? Using the same idea and approach, we decided to set up an similar initiative in Tunisia, aimed at social and economic integration for the youth. In September 2016, we launched t he t wo year pro ject , So cial and Economic Promotion, located in Tunis. It is implement ed t o g et her wit h o ur lo cal par t ner No ur el Hayat . As Tunisia suffer s fro m hig h levels of unemployment among young, w e l l educated people, this project provides the country’s youth with career guidance and greater aspirations for their future. We are looking forward to the same great results as in Yemen!

2017: STRAIGHT AHEAD. As we look to the year ahead, we aim to continue working towards providing humanitarian assistance to those in need, throughout the Near and Middle East. We will work on and develop our existing projects in Tunisia, Yemen, Syria and Jordan and also look forward to overseeing the execution of new ventures, including our ongoing collaboration with WFP on nutrition, food security and health in Yemen’s Hajja governorate. Another plan of ours: to enhance the the Violet Maternity Hospital. Our idea is to establish a training entity for birth attendants and to ensure reliable medical care and long-term sustainability in the region. With these and other projects in mind, we are enthusiastic for the prospects of 2017, and look forward to all it has to offer.





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Vision Hope Newsletter - January 2017.  
Vision Hope Newsletter - January 2017.  

Vision Hope Newsletter - January 2017.