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This year my entire family, my four children and their partners, and all nine grandchildren will be together. My grown children are very close and supportive of each other, and the cousins, ranging in age from 2 to 17 years old, love hanging out together. I anticipate very joyous, harmonious, and resonant energies in the group. I believe that old resentments and grievances have been resolved and will not bring their negative vibrations to this year’s table. Holidays tend to be times for the gathering of families, and family gatherings are often fraught with old, hidden and unresolved issues. I remember one particular Chanukah celebration many years ago just before my ex-husband and I separated. The antagonism between us was palpable to me. My children were unusually high strung as they tried to cope with the tension between their parents. None of the other guests present were aware of what was going on between us, but the invisible heavy energy hung over the room and subtly cast a shadow over all present, whether it was labeled or not. If such feelings exist, especially if they are unexpressed, they are as real as the food on the table and decorations in the room. If the room feels yucky, you can be sure the vibrations present are the unseen cause. If the room feels soft, uplifting, and joyous, and you just feel like smiling, sharing, playing, and laughing, then you can assume that the energies present are of a high and positive vibration. Now let’s take a look around the room. What colors are present? What messages are they sending? The colors of the clothes being worn, decorations on the tree, paint on the walls, carpets on the floor, flowers on the table, as well as the color of the candles in the menorah, the Kwanzaa Kinara, or Christmas candles on the mantel, all affect the overall feeling of the space.


h e a l i n g a r t s Crimson holly berries radiate brightness, offer vitality, and speak to us of fire, action, and activity. The red stimulates while the green of the tree grounds and centers our attention. In a home celebrating Chanukah, the bright blue star against a white background lifts our spirits and balances our energies. The daily changing colors (canary yellow, royal blue, ruby red, emerald green, and brilliant orange) of the adornments of Ganpati create a different energetic vibration each day. The red, black, and green candles of Kwanzaa contribute to the energetic vibration that washes over the people gathered. I invite you to sense/feel the rainbow of colors present at your holiday celebration. Are they harmonious or dissonant? Might there be an unexpressed energetic reason for many guests pulling out that special red or green sweater on Christmas morning? Might it feel odd and just plain wrong if one person wore a pink or chartreuse sweater? Such an outfit would be physically and energetically dissonant on that particular morning, but perfect and appropriate for a different occasion. Add into this mix of individual and interpersonal vibrations—the vibrations in the room, house, neighborhood, town, state, and country, on the continent, in the geography and the geology—and you will get a sense of how complex is this study of Energetics and how multi-layered is the multi-dimensional perspective. Everything present, seen and unseen, contributes to the energy present, and the feel, comfortable or uncomfortable, of that one place on the planet at that moment in time. And to complete the picture, we really must also include the energies coming onto that spot on the globe from the great beyond, from the energy grid that surrounds the earth and contributes to our three dimensional world every moment of every day. Right now, for example, it is said that there are heightened (rapid) energies coming from beyond the physical world that are focused on two areas of the planet: Sedona, Arizona and Lake Titicaca in Peru. If you were having a celebratory continued on page 44


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