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MAGNITUDE of mind by Brennan Lagasse

“That is, we as humans have created the lens by which we see diversity in gender, sexuality, age, ability, and other differences as a way


to rationalize dominance.”

umans are the most unique species on the planet. We’re the top of the food chain, we manipulate vast tracks of landscape for our well-being, and there are a lot of us. Beyond our most simple and complex traits that make us such a distinctive part of the planet, it’s our minds that truly set us apart. Past experiments and detailed studies show that some non-human species, such as dolphins, exemplify superior cognitive skills akin to or even surpassing that of humans. Still, human beings have brain power that is fully unknown in terms of its actual sheer magnitude. In terms of what our minds are really capable of, that is still absolutely unknown. Social Darwinists believe that laws found in “nature” inform social laws created by humans themselves. While this view argues from the standpoint that humans are animals and just as much a part of the earth as a tree, rock, plant, rabbit, or shark is, it fails to honor and recognize how different we are as our own species. How much we have evolved and developed over thousands of years, how many failures have been instituted across humanity, and how much potential there is for the magnitude of our collective minds to work for a better world is lost in this theory. It hasn’t been realized yet; of course the potential is there, but moving beyond the above mentioned failures continues to be our crux. The failures I speak of are the unnecessary institutions and systems created by humans, against humans, that are often rationalized by the argument, “It’s just human nature.” Looking at the course of humanity as “survival of the fittest” is how some have come to understand why certain races have been oppressed, why certain wars have been fought, and why many who claim fundamental belief in certain dogmas feel they are superior to others. It’s an absolute belief that forms an ideology that atrocities of the world are natural, have happened, and will continue to happen because it’s just human nature. Truth be told it’s a tough argument. Theorizing against the grain of history and what has indeed taken place in the past to shape our current reality is deep. Horrific accounts of brutalization are so intense and rooted that indeed seeking understanding for why we as a species have allowed such energies to be present and put into action “makes sense” when viewed through a lens of Social Darwinism. However, in recognizing and respecting the magnitude of the mind, I’ll argue it’s just as logical to view this course through a lens of social construction. That

is, we as humans have created the lens by which we see diversity in gender, sexuality, age, ability, and other differences as a way to rationalize dominance. In a society built on the false promise of an “American Dream” that could never ever be realized by all members of the greater community—for the way of life the dream promises can only be supported by a small percentage—it feels good to be better. Whether being better is built on a belief that your religion is really the right one, or your class status holds you to a higher level of well-being than others, most of us are taught from a very young age that it’s good to be wealthy, it’s good to live in a country with the strongest military, and it’s good to become as well educated as you possibly can. One way or another the idea to gain power, execute that power, and then recycle that power to your next of kin is paramount. While other animal species of the world play out similar roles through their place on the food chain or ability to migrate to seasonal climates where the species in question can thrive, humans are different in the next steps of thought that truly separate us from all other walks of life. With our social norms, our ways of leadership, our economies, we’ve created these many different ways of being and have thus been a part of this continuing evolution. What would happen if that evolution, only possible through the magnitude and sheer consequence of our collective minds, led us to decide that we’ve learned enough from our failures as a global community? That is, what if we as conscious beings tapped into the true magnitude of our minds, recognized we’ve created this reality and allowed it to be created, and started to build a new chapter towards our true potential as beings? In my mind, this continues to be a focal point for where I believe we as a species can go, and are meant to go. We’ve created atrocities across the world both environmentally and socially. We’ve created multiple forms of economy that have become so engrained in the way life is dictated that without them, life as we know it would cease to exist. We understand that too much greenhouse gas emissions have changed and continue to change our environment. We know that by hunting too many of one particular species we have the potential to wipe that species off the face of the earth for good. And we know that it’s not just nor fair to hold one person as a lesser being because of the their skin color or their spirituality. What,


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h o l i s t i c

h e a l t h

SolarRain Water—Water Like Mother Earth Makes It A Conversation with B.J. Kjaer by Sydney L. Murray


e have so many opportunities in this country to live a healthy life, and many people can make the right choices to live a healthy and fulfilled life. Many others worldwide do not have the same opportunities. Over 1000 children will die today from unsafe drinking water. Today over a decade into the 21st century, we still find that humanity’s most pressing health concern is the access to safe fresh water. It sounds like such a simple thing, but up to 2.6 billion people live in very difficult conditions, without access to even basic sanitation. What is the solution to this global peril? One might be through an amazingly innovative company called SolarRain Water that creates great tasting water from ocean water. I had the opportunity to speak with B.J. Kjaer, Co-founder and CEO of SolarRain. Vision Magazine: How do you create solar rainwater from ocean water? B.J. Kjaer: It started one day as I walked amongst my avocado trees. I am an organic avocado farmer. And I was walking through my grove one day, which is a beautiful forest. The sprinklers were going and there were water droplets everywhere and rainbows and water glistening on the leaves of the trees. It was a beautiful scene, almost like walking in a rainforest, except there was a smell of chlorine. As an organic farmer, I use compost, natural manure, and natural minerals if I add anything; I don’t spray anything. And I thought, here I am putting chlorine on my trees. There is something wrong with this picture. I began talking to two gentlemen (Tor, a solar energy expert, and David, a Ph.D. in chemistry) who had been working on a [water] project for 20 years. We got together about five years ago and after four years of hard work and three different prototypes to see if it worked—and sure enough, it works—we decided a year and a half ago to start this plant. We take ocean water right here locally [off the coast of San Diego] and use solar thermal energy in an evacuated solar tube. We heat the water at low temperatures (140-165 degrees Fahrenheit) [which] makes clouds. And then we blow the clouds into a vapor room, [then] cool the clouds down and it becomes rain. You can actually hear the rain falling in one tank.We are making rain just like Mother Nature makes rain. And the thing about ocean water that is so great is that this water is almost identical to the fluids in the human body. SolarRain Water has similar minerals in the same proportion as that in your blood. So the body understands it and it is like a key. When you put a key into a lock that has the proper cut, the key goes in and you can open the door. In other words, the body recognizes this mineral composition and can therefore better absorb them. So aside from plant sources in your food, where can you absorb organic materials

in the proper proportions? That is what is so great about this water—those vapors carry over those minerals. We actually test every batch of water that we produce, which is done by an independent lab in San Diego. And people can visit our Web site and see what is in our water. You can check it by batch from the code on the bottle and go to our site,, and see what percentage of minerals is there and available for your body. Minerals that are out of proportion found in other waters can cause problems in the body and become harmful. VM: I have heard that “water is the next oil.” What does that phrase mean to you? BJK: I think that is the most important and number one reason that I have worked on this new product. Again, I am a farmer and my water was cut back 30 percent a few years ago and I basically lost about 30 percent of my income. My trees need a certain amount of water and if I get 30 percent less, my trees cannot survive on 30 percent less—they don’t produce fruit. I had to cut one third of my trees out because I had one-third less water. And the fact of the matter is that 97 percent of all of the water on the planet is continued on page 8

ur M i n d nI trodutoceyourYobody.

They just might like each other.


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ho l i s t i c

h e a l t h plant-based bottle. And then we found out you couldn’t put the plant-based bottles in the regular recycling stream. And then we thought, what else can we do? How about recycled plastic? I went to our Chief Research Scientist, David, and he said, “That is a bad idea.” He said recycled plastic is good, but to please make lawn chairs or car parts out of them, not put water in recycled plastic. When you grind up plastics to recycle, you break down the long polymer chain, and when you break this chain it becomes porous, which means it can leach into whatever you put into it. We found a company out of Arizona and they have developed IS a product, which has been tested and approved, where they add an organic fatty acid to the plastic, and what it does is it acts as a catalyst for microbes to digest the plastic. So once the bottle is exposed to a microbial environment like a compost pile or a landfill, these microbes start attacking this bottle because they see food. We believe it biodegrades between nine months and five years in a microbial environment. But the tests done on it—an ASTM D5511 is a test that they do—show that it biodegrades in 280 days. And compared to thousands of years, even nine months to five years is a huge difference. So that is what we ended up doing after all of the research for containers. We thought for now this is our best option. Yet we are constantly looking for better ways. VM: Where can consumers find it? BJK: It’s in a few places now. It is at Jimbo’s Markets, Seaside Market in Cardiff, and it will be at Whole Foods Markets, OB People’s Co-Op, a few restaurants and hotels. I am out there pounding the pavements trying to tell our story. We exposed [the water to] a small group of people and they loved the water and they loved the idea. I spent all day in La Jolla yesterday handing out samples to restaurants and stores. Everyone loved the water and thought it tasted very clean and couldn’t believe it was from ocean water. I think it is important that people put good healthy food and water into their bodies. By doing this I think our brain is healthier. It is important to put healthy water in your body. San Diego city water is on the 10 Worst Water list in all the cities in the US. You are what you eat, you are what you drink. Do something healthy.

“Solar Rain” from page 7

important. And some might say tap water is plentiful, but let’s face it, in San Diego we are getting our tap water from the Colorado River and it travels thousands of miles and costs millions of dollars to pump it up over the mountains. A lot of it is lost just purely in evaporation, and [because of] getting from Colorado to San Diego from open rivers and canals, it goes through the desert at 120 degrees. The San Diego water department loses billions of gallons of water every year [due] to leaky pipes and for other unknown reasons. VM: Do you see your technology going worldwide? BJK: Our basic goal is that this could help people all over the world where there is no water. I think it is a system we could put in place in countries where there [are] certainly water needs, such as Mexico, Africa, or the Middle East. Right now we are producing on a small-scale model [but the applications could be much larger]. You could provide water to a whole town. With our system we have about an 80 percent success rate. So our “waste” is 20 percent versus 50 percent in conventional reverse osmosis operations. And we have a ‘by-disposal plan’ of our brine. We are working with a guy in San Diego who “grows” coral and is working on a formula to use it for concentrated ocean water aquariums. He would have to haul less water around because he uses this concentrate. And some day we hope to be able to produce sea salt, so there would be nothing going to waste. Again, we are importing sea salt [from all over the world, such as] the Mediterranean, Hawaii, and the Himalayans, when we should be making it right here in San Diego. VM: And if you had one, what would be your greatest passion? BJK: I would love to see this county, this town, this state to be self-sufficient. I would love to do everything I can as an organic farmer and sell our products locally. I would love to help everyone have a little piece of earth so they could grow their own food and get in touch with that. I don’t want to see any food or water imported. I don’t think we should leave it up to other nations to provide us with the essentials that the human body needs to survive: water and food. VM: Please tell us about your bottles. BJ: We have this incredible product that tastes really great and we asked, “How do we get it to people?” And personally, I have always been a glass person, I love glass. But I found that glass is not economically feasible unless you import the glass from China. And of course I thought, how ‘green’ is that? So then we considered [a]

For more information on SolarRain Water, visit, e-mail, or call 760.751.8867.

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g r e e k

t o

m e

Smart Man, Wise Man, Teacher Man, Student © 2011 Greek to Me by Michael Raysses


s a kid, I always had an appreciation for Life’s Big Questions, hereinafter referred to as LBQs. The first LBQ I confronted, one that seemed to be on everyone’s mind, was the ubiquitous “What do you want to be when you grow up?” My initial response to that heady query was riddled with working-class reason: I wanted to be a Gas Station Man. Back in the day that was something to aspire to for a five-year-old whose world was very narrowly drawn. They wore matching pants and shirts, carried portable air gauges in their breast pockets just in case, and got to clean people’s windows, my favorite Zen exercise of all time. As if all that weren’t enough, they also got to work around the smell of gasoline. But my Father wanted me to become a smart man. I was going to elevate myself. I was going to get an education. Just saying the word “education” floods me with memories of elementary school. It’s where my formal education began. Being the most literal person on the face of the earth, that was the prism through which I looked at all learning for years to come. ‘Education’ was something express, the result of very clear-cut roles and responsibilities. There were those whose job was to teach; there were those whose job was to learn. It was a one-way street, hierarchical and orderly. As a kid I never saw the two having any inter-relationship beyond that. And I had absolutely no idea of its underlying paradoxical nature. Elementary school was just the first lap in a relay race that wouldn’t formally end until I graduated law school many years later. Throughout that time, I ran the full gamut of teachers—from those that inspired me to want to learn more than any syllabus they could proffer to those whose approach to their job served only to stultify, forcing me to instruct myself in the ways of educational self-preservation. Both types made a deep impression, placing me on the path to becoming a wise man. The bad ones made me understand that you should avoid doing a job you can’t be passionate about. My sixth grade teacher was one such wretch. The crew cut he wore only seemed to accentuate the short, squat contour of his body—he formed a perfect cube. A block. This was only fitting because that was precisely his impact on me—he quite literally obstructed my growth. More importantly, though, he made me appreciate the value of the great teacher I had had the year prior. My fifth grade teacher was a young woman of boundless enthusiasm and

insight. She encouraged reading and writing above and beyond what was expected. And she injected everything she introduced us to with the belief that laughter and fun weren’t mutually exclusive to learning. In short, she was a gem. (In one of those instances-as-gifts-toogood-to-be-true, we are still friends to this day.) Take any one student exposed to such an instructor—how do you quantify that teacher’s impact on a student’s development? Simply put, you can’t. Now multiply that impact on the number of students that teacher taught over the course of a twenty-year career. It’s astounding when looked at in that light. Clearly, there was great benefit conferred on me by all my stellar teachers. But there was a downside, too—I was so impressed by their example that I was intimidated from ever teaching because I didn’t think I could measure up to the standards I’d been privileged enough to be exposed to. As tortured as that logic seems today, it was something I never questioned. That is, until I found out that there are kids today who go to public schools that are grossly underfinanced, and whose arts and humanities programs suffer accordingly. Knowing this, I realized I couldn’t maintain that posture any longer. I got involved in a volunteer program that teaches kids to access their creative impulses by writing film scripts of stories they had conceived. Doubting my smartness, unconvinced of my wisdom, I had inadvertently evolved into Teacher Man. It was a role I wasn’t prepared for, attempting a job that forced me to reconcile teaching’s inherent contradictions. This is, after all, a profession that is based on the notion that if you do a really good job, your student ultimately no longer needs

Next Stop Gas, Food, Education


continued on page 39


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L i f e Q u a k e ™

Ask the

LifeQuake Doctor ™

Dr. Toni Galardi

Dear Readers: The summer is a great time to do more than just vacation. It can also be a time to prepare for a new start in some area of your life. I will be doing a free teleclass in mid-June on passionate purpose. Call 310.890.6832 to sign up. Dear Dr. Toni: My father died a year ago. He owned a family business that I now run. My mother is the primary shareholder but is not directly involved. Recently she connected with her childhood sweetheart and they are now very involved. My mother has completely dropped any and all interest in being a grandmother to my children or my sister’s children. I feel like I’ve lost both my parents in the span of a year and it makes me angry and sad. I am 40 years old and yet I find myself having all these feelings of jealousy and judgment around my mother’s new boyfriend. I’m not sure what to do with my feelings except for punching out this “ friend” of my mother’s whom I experience as an interloper. Any suggestions, Dr. Toni? Dazed and Confused Dear Reader: It is not uncommon in children of any age where there has never been a divorce to have adjustments when Mom is dating for the first time in their lives. Your life has changed dramatically since your father’s death. You don’t say as to whether taking over the family business is something you have welcomed or that it feels like a burden of responsibility. Perhaps if your mother did not have this new companion, she would have tried

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to interfere as a way of giving her life some purpose. This may be a great gift in disguise. As for her dropping out of grandmotherhood, if you were to look at everything that happens and ask, “What about this experience or event is working to my benefit?” what would you interpret about your mother being absent from that role with your kids? In all great myths and stories, the hero begins his journey with the loss of his parents. He must begin the path to conscious adulthood as an orphan so that he can reach his destiny through learning a new way that is devoid of the constraints the family would give to play it safe. Freed of his parents’ authority, he can develop a kind of leadership that has his own unique style. You get an opportunity to make this company your own without interference from either of your parents. Happy Adventuring! Dear Dr. Toni: I have an identical twin sister who is bipolar and self-medicates with alcohol. We are 25 years old and live near each other in a small town. We look a lot alike and people sometimes think I have done some of the things she has done when she was manic. I have tried to get her to go to AA to no avail. She also refused to go on lithium because she says it makes her gain weight. What should I do to get through to her that she is ruining my life and hers as well? Thanks for any advice you can give. Jan S. Dear Jan: I’m sure you probably know that you cannot force someone to get help. That said, there are protocols that involve herbal and nutritional supplements that can help to create and maintain brain balance. A Web site I recommend is with my friend Dr. Hyla Cass, She is an ortho-molecular psychiatrist who treats mood disorders with amino acids, essential fatty acids, and good nutrition. Dr. Cass has suggested that it is possible if one is highly motivated, to treat bipolar disorder using holistic methods. I would also suggest that you attend an Al-Anon meeting. Al-Anon is a great place for family members of alcoholics to go to learn how not to enable or try and control the alcoholic. You may find that surrendering all your anxiety around your reputation being ruined could be ultimately liberating. Your sister being out of control may be in your life for you to loosen up your need for approval and fear of how you are being seen. Inside every constrictive challenge lies an opportunity for greater freedom. My wish for you is to find the inner wild girl that your sister is expressing and give her a voice. Dr. Toni Galardi is extending her offer from last month to her readers at 20 percent off her normal phone coaching fees and $100 off her soul blueprint readings, through June 30, 2011. Dr. Toni Galardi is a licensed psychotherapist, career coach, public speaker, organizational consultant, and the author of the book, The LifeQuake Phenomenon: How to Thrive (not just survive) in Times of Personal and Global Upheaval. To submit questions for “Ask the LifeQuake Doctor” or if you would like to consult Dr. Galardi for phone coaching, she can be reached through her Web site at http://www. or by calling 310.890.6832.

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m i n d

Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba: The Passing of a Beloved Spiritual Master by Shannon Nies


have come to light the lamp of Love in your hearts, to see that it shines day by day with added luster. I have not come on behalf of any exclusive religion. I have not come on a mission of publicity for a sect or creed or cause, nor have I come to collect followers for a doctrine. I have no plan to attract disciples or devotees into my fold or any fold. I have come to tell you of this unitary faith, this spiritual principle, this path of Love, this virtue of Love, this duty of Love, this obligation of Love.” —Sai Baba, July 4, 1968

“Love All Serve All—Help Ever Hurt Never.” After 85 years of touching the lives of His followers with His message of pure Love for all, spiritual Master and humanitarian, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba left His earthly body on Easter Sunday, April 24, 2011. As a proclaimed Avatar (an incarnation of God), Sai Baba had many messages of hope and Love for all who followed Him, as well as for all of mankind. “My objective is to establish unity in mankind, to reveal the aspect of the Divinity latent in man, and that God must be the only goal in life,” said Sai Baba. “It is also my duty to make you realize the kind of relationship that should exist between fellow human beings.” This is a powerful and inspiring message no matter what your religious or spiritual beliefs may be. In fact, Sai Baba spoke of his acceptance of all religions and incorporated fundamental beliefs of all religions of the world into his teachings. He explained, “I have come not to disturb or destroy any faith, but to confirm each in his own faith, so that the Christian becomes a better Christian; the Muslim, a better Muslim; and the Hindu, a better Hindu.” In his physical presence on Earth, Sai Baba provided many philanthropic services to carry out His own message and beliefs. He did everything from establishing free hospitals and schools to creating free drinking water supply projects and housing projects. By devoting His time and selfless passion to deliver these acts of Love and service, he followed his own ideal that “service to man is service to God” and to “Love All Serve All—Help Ever Hurt Never.” It is incredible to realize the sheer magnitude of the number of people who worshipped Sai Baba and His beliefs. Millions worldwide have held bhajans (devotional songs), service activities, and spiritual sadhana, showing their devotion for Him. And although Sai Baba is physically no longer with us here on Earth, His spiritual, immortal presence is still here in the hearts and minds of all who knew of and worshipped Him. To learn more about Sai Baba and His teachings, please visit V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E


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s t a t e s

m i n d

s t a t e s

Experience the Tao

Master Zhi Gang Sha World-Renowned Spiritual Master, Teacher and Healer

June 19–25, 2011

Tao I Healing and Rejuvenation Retreat

“Tao is the Way. Tao is the source of all universes.” –Master Sha, Tao I

Tao Is the Source of All Universes by Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha


ao is the source of all universes. Tao creates One. In fact, Tao is One and One is Tao. One creates Two. Two is Heaven and Earth, yang and yin. Heaven and Earth interact to produce all souls and all things in all universes, but they all come from Tao. To study and practice Tao is advanced soul study and practice. It is most important to understand that everything has a Tao. I explained above [in a prior chapter from “Tao I”] the Tao of eating, the Tao of sleeping, and the Tao of soul healing. In fact, there is a Tao for every aspect of your life. For example, business has a Tao. A relationship has a Tao. To realize the Tao in any aspect of life is to follow the spiritual principles and laws to ensure your success in that part of life. Take healing as another example. How can all of a person’s sicknesses in the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies be healed? What is the Tao of healing? To heal all sicknesses in these four bodies, the Tao of healing can be summarized in one sentence: The Tao to heal all sickness is Shen Qi Jing He Yi. Shen represents all souls in the whole body, including the souls of systems, organs, and cells. Qi represents all energies in the whole body, including the energies of systems, organs, and cells. Jing represents all matter in the whole body, including the matter of systems, organs, and cells. A person’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies are made of soul, energy, and matter. Any kind of sickness is due to an imbalance in and the separation of Shen Qi Jing. To join Shen Qi Jing as one is to balance the whole body. To join Shen Qi Jing as one is to return to Tao. Shen Qi Jing He Yi (pronounced “shun chee jing huh yee”) is to return to Tao. I am honored to share this highest divine secret to heal and transform all life. This highest secret can be summarized in one sentence: To return to Tao is the solution for healing, rejuvenating, transforming, and enlightening all life. How can one apply Shen Qi Jing He Yi to heal all sicknesses? This is the way to do it. Apply the Four Power Techniques that I shared in my book “Power Healing: The Four Keys to Energizing Your Body, Mind, & Spirit.” [The first key to energizing your body, mind, and spirit is] Body Power. Sit up straight. Put the tip of your tongue as close as you can to the roof of your mouth without touching it. Put one palm on your abdomen. Place your other palm over this hand. [The second key is] Soul Power. Say hello: Dear Divine, dear Tao, dear saints in Heaven. I am honored to invoke you to request healing for (state your healing request silently or

“Dr. Sha is an important teacher and a wonderful healer with a valuable message about the power of the soul to influence and transform all life.” –Dr. Masaru Emoto, The Hidden Messages in Water

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Honor fee: $350 before May 25

The Wigwam

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m i n d aloud). [The third key is] Mind Power. Visualize the Jin Dan (golden light ball) rotating counterclockwise in your Lower Dan Tian, a foundational energy center located in your lower abdomen. A renowned ancient Chinese statement about spiritual healing is: Jin Guang Zhao Ti, Bai Bing Xiao Chu. “Jin” means golden. “Guang” means light. “Zhao” means shine. “Ti” means body. “Bai” means one hundred, which represents every or all. “Bing” means sickness. “Xiao chu” means to remove. Therefore, “Jin Guang Zhao Ti, Bai Bing Xiao Chu” (pronounced “jeen gwahng jow tee, bye bing shee-ow choo”) means: Golden light shines; all sicknesses are removed. Visualizing a golden light ball rotating counterclockwise in your Lower Dan Tian is absolutely one of the most important Tao healings for all sicknesses. [The fourth key is] Sound Power. Sing or chant: Shen Qi Jing He Yi Shen Qi Jing He Yi Shen Qi Jing He Yi Shen Qi Jing He Yi Shen Qi Jing He Yi Shen Qi Jing He Yi Shen Qi Jing He Yi… Sing or chant for three minutes now. Remember, I explain in the beginning of every book of the Soul Power Series that when I ask you to spend time to practice, do not skip the practice. Three to five minutes of practice per time is vital for healing, rejuvenation, and life transformation. In fact, to heal chronic and life-threatening conditions, you must practice at least two hours per day in total. My new teaching is that the fastest way to heal is to sing or chant all the time, either silently or aloud. Every moment of singing or chanting is healing and transforming. The more you sing or chant, the faster you could heal. Shen Qi Jing He Yi is a mantra. This mantra is extremely powerful, beyond words and comprehension. Practice more and more. A great healing result is waiting for you. Mother Earth is in a transition period, with many natural disasters, conflicts between nations and religions, communicable diseases and other sicknesses, wars, financial challenges, and all kinds of problems for humanity and Mother Earth. How can we apply Tao to serve humanity and Mother Earth at this critical historic period? All problems in humanity, Mother Earth, and all universes are due to imbalance in and separation of Heaven, Earth, and human beings. To help humanity, Mother Earth, and all universes rebalance and reunite, I will share an extremely powerful Tao practice. This practice is so powerful that we cannot use any words and thoughts to explain or comprehend it. This Tao practice can be summarized in one sentence: Tian Di Ren He Yi. “Tian” means Heaven. “Di” means Mother Earth. “Ren” means human being. “He yi” means join as one. Therefore, “Tian Di Ren He Yi” (pronounced “tyen dee wren huh yee”) means Heaven, Earth, and human being join as one. This is one of the highest philosophies of Tao. Tian Di Ren He Yi is Heaven, Earth, and human being returning to Tao. Remember that to return to Tao is the solution for everything in your life, the lives of your loved ones, the life of humanity, and the lives of all souls. In one sentence: To return to Tao is the way of all life.

3 Jun 2011: Darshan: 7:30 p.m. All are welcome to come and receive a personal blessing from Louix, and to be enchanted by the world devotional music of Pranam, who will be performing live.

Seaside Center for Spiritual Living, 1613 Lake Drive, Encinitas, CA

26 Jun 2011: Ecstatic Singing with Louix: 7:30 p.m. Featuring the world devotional music of Pranam. Reach profound states of bliss and joy through song.

Center for Spiritual Living 25782 Obrero Drive, Unit D, MissionViejo, CA

19 Aug 2011: Darshan: 7:30 p.m. Seaside Center for Spiritual Living, 1613 Lake Drive, Encinitas, CA

New Year’s Eve Retreat — Sedona, Arizona Thu., 29 December 2011 - Tue., 3 January 2012 During this residential retreat at world-renowned Enchantment Resort, you will experience darshan, ecstatic singing, personal counseling, gourmet vegan cuisine, and nature hikes over the course of six love-filled days with this spiritual Master. * All events, except the retreat, are by donation *

To register for the retreat or for more information, please contact Samantha: phone: (888) 288-3735 • e-mail: To register online, go to: All attending these events consent to having their names, voices, images, and likenesses recorded and used for commercial purposes. All proceeds from these events will be used to support the Louix Dor Dempriey Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization.

From Tao I: The Way of All Life by Dr. Zhi Gang Sha. Copyright ©2010 by Heaven’s Library Publication Corp. and Dr. Zhi Gang Sha. Reprinted by permission of Atria Books, a Division of Simon & Schuster, Inc. NY.


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m i n d

s t a t e s

The End of Poverty by Louix Dor Dempriey


hat would you say if I told you that you single-handedly have the power to end poverty on this planet? Well, you do. One commonly known axiom of love says, “It is in giving that we receive.” Many have come to understand this universal truth through the Law of Karma: “As you sow, so shall you reap tenfold.” What is not known is that, because humanity lives in a consciousness of separation, most universal truths have been both taught and understood either as halftruths or as distorted truths. As applied here, what has for so long been understood as the primary Law of Creation—“As you sow, so do you reap tenfold”—is actually only half of the Law of Creation. The second half of the Law of Creation states: “As you reap, so do you return to Source one-tenth.” This part is called the Law of Tithing, a law that few understand and even fewer practice in the manner which God ordained. Tithing fulfills the Law of Creation. Without it, energy moves only halfway around the cycle of life. The reason people do not tithe is because of poverty consciousness, in other words, living in survival mode. What do you suppose created poverty on this planet? In a word: Hoarding. I will explain. The universe is always in perfect balance. Since this planet currently lives in duality, that balance is achieved through the interaction and merging of polar opposites. The moment the first person had that feeling of, “I will just hold onto a little bit, to save for a rainy day,” an energetic tube through which flows God’s infinite supply was severed and poverty was created—by man, not by God. The underlying motivation for the decision to hoard is a deep-rooted fear which speaks, “God will not be there for me, so I will just have to take care of myself.” Further substantiating this is the fact that all your thoughts, both loving and nonloving, manifest in kind on the physical plane. Thus, it is that the thought form of hoarding preceded and precipitated the condition known as poverty. While many

insist on it being the other way around, universal law states that form follows thought. Humanity has propagated that fear for eons of time, offering axioms such as “survival of the fittest,” “look out for Number One,” “kill or be killed.” Because these are held firmly in more than 50 percent of humanity’s consciousness, they exist as reality for the collective whole. Paradoxically, as there is nothing outside of self, if an individual does not hold those fear-based tenets, one does not live or experience that as one’s reality—even if 99 percent of the planet was being affected by that non-loving thought form in the collective grid. Among the multitudes whose fear has them struggling to hoard and save, there are ones who have tremendous heart openings and, feeling the love of God, suddenly want to share and give. These spiritual awakenings, however, are seldom enough to fully move one out of the overriding mantle of fear- or duality-based consciousness with regards to money. Thus, the internal dialogue which follows is, “As soon as I put my kids through school…,” “once I meet my twin flame…,” “as soon as I get that new car…,” “as soon as I get a promotion…,” “…then I will be soooo generous.” How would you feel if the sun said that to you? “As soon as you completely surrender yourself to God, I will cast a ray your way.” How would you feel if the trees all decided to withhold oxygen until you came 100 percent to God? Does God or the universe meter out Its gifts to us? Why, then,

“ V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E


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m i n d

About Louix Dor Dempriey – Louix Dor Dempriey is a spiritual Master who has come into this world to help others restore their inherent divinity and live as unconditional love. Louix’s darshan, as well as His illuminating discourses, meditations, and ceremonies, have invoked profound transformation in thousands of people worldwide. With grace and humor, Louix imparts timeless wisdom in contemporary, practical teachings—that transcend all faiths, paths, religions, and cultures—making self-mastery and true, inner peace attainable for all. He resides at Prema Drala Ashram, located in Laguna Hills, California. For more information, please visit:

Until the Law of Creation is honored, poverty will continue to grow and flourish on this planet like a bush fire out of control.



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Good for You Good for the Planet

does humanity continue to bastardize a Law of Creation which is so beyond the mind’s ability to conceive? Hedging and leveraging demonstrate fear, not faith; yet, it is faith which builds the Temple—the same faith which God and the sun and the trees show us in every moment. The solution and the cure for poverty on this planet, as well as the means for manifesting abundance (in every area of your life), is to fulfill the law and cycle of Creation by returning to the universe one-tenth of all that the universe gives to you. Someone once asked me, “Is that gross or net?” Since the universe does not have conditions placed upon its giving to you, you cannot have conditions placed on giving back to it. The single, most powerful and effective way to return to the universe is to tithe the 10 percent back to the Creator through a single point of focus, the neck in the hourglass. Which single point do you choose? You are spun from love, you live on love, you radiate love, and when your embodiments are finished, you no longer need air, food, and water but still need love to sustain eternal life. Love is, therefore, the one element you need for survival. It is for this reason that the highest source of returning to the universe is through the point which gives you the greatest spiritual or loving nourishment. Thus, if you have a spiritual Louix Dor Dempriey teacher, mentor, or Guru, give there. If you are completely devoted to a hospice, an orphanage, a church, give there. Tithe first to the person or place which most feeds your soul and brings you closer to God, because that is the funnel through which God (the universe) most feeds you with love. Do not use, “I don’t know where to give,” “I can’t decide,” “once I have more money…” as excuses to continue hoarding and thus creating poverty for yourself and others. If you look within and cannot seem to arrive at a decision, just pick something. Pick a recipient so that you create a perfect neck in the hourglass through which to give back to the universe. It is virtually impossible to tap into God’s full universal abundance without tithing. Even if one has amassed great material wealth, that one would be lacking in God’s abundance somewhere else in his or her life—health, relationships, happiness, etc.—if not fulfilling God’s own Law of Creation. Once, I was in the middle of sharing this at a conference when an irate woman jumped up and screamed out, “I disagree with tithing to one person or place. Sai Baba says, ‘Love All, Serve All.’” To this outburst I calmly responded, “Who said stop at 10 percent?” It is in giving that you receive. Tithing is simply the first place of giving. Giving the first 10 percent of all you receive, continually, to a single point of focus, fulfills the Law of Creation. The universe was constructed, and functions, according to this principle. The more you give, the more you receive, provided that giving is motivated by joy, gratefulness, and unconditional love, and provided that the gift is given freely—without attachment, expectation, or entitlement. It is important to remember that the energetic value of any act, thought, word, or feeling is only and exactly equal to the consciousness with which it is delivered. If you tithe begrudgingly, you are sowing bitter seeds and you will harvest bitter fruits for yourself. Even though the money will still bless another, it will not bless you in return. Do whatever you do in love, joy, and gratefulness. Then everyone is blessed and rewarded. At a time when “transforming the ills on this planet” is so pressing on the minds of many, here lies an opportunity to have an instant and lasting impact on the world in so many ways. And you need neither wealth, fame, status, nor training to do it. The very fact that one person’s $10 tithe has the exact same impact/effect on self and others as another’s $10,000 tithe (provided both tithes constitute 10 percent of the individual’s respective gross earnings) proves that this alchemical law is given and facilitated directly by God. It amazes me how few people adopt this practice once gaining awareness of it. Universal laws built and govern all Creation. They are not affected by anyone’s opinions about them. Until the Law of Creation is honored, poverty will continue to grow and flourish on this planet like a bush fire out of control. Furthermore, while there are many ways in which to give, the Law of Tithing outlined here is the prerequisite and foundation for all others. It is with great joy that I lay this treasure in your lap, the opportunity and the power to personally wipe the disease of poverty from this planet and be blessed by God’s spiritual and material abundance in so doing.

s t a t e s

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Expanding Micro-mind to Macro-mind in this Fractal Reality by Joseph McDonald


ccording to the Mayans, the magnitude of your mind is expanding from a planetary to a universal consciousness. Time itself is speeding up as we hurdle towards the “end of time,” which many scholars dispute will occur on October 28, 2011 as opposed to the popular date of December 21, 2012. Is your mind expanding? Your mind is not limited to the 666 channels that HD and 3D TV is offering these days. Nor is your mind an extension of your 4G cell phone. Escape from your left brain prison. You are a fractal micro-mind of the macro-mind galaxy. What if our Sun had a mind? What if our Earth and our Sun are sentient beings like us? Science has now proven that Father Sun, Mother Earth, and Baby You are all connected. The human body and the earth are instantly affected by our Sun’s solar flares. What if solar flares are mind intentions (logos) from our Sun? Does sunlight affect earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and even human DNA? New research claims it does. Mother Earth provides the material for creation. She is the canvas and the paint, the clay and the potter’s wheel. Father Sun provides the mind (logos) for creation. He is the painter creating life; he molds the clay. Humans are the children of Father Sun and Mother Earth. We contain all attributes to be both the creation and the creator. In the world of duality, we all experience light

and the dark. With humans, the light side is our soul and the dark side is our ego. Mother Earth has an ego too; it is the moon, also called Sin, Blood Moon, and Luna. During a full moon, police stations and hospitals become more active due to the Luna-tics it creates. Does our Father Sun have an ego, too? Throughout history, cultures around the world have called our Sun’s foe by many names such as: Nibiru; Nemesis; Lucifer; The Destroyer; The Punisher; Hercolubus; the Black Sun; and Wormwood. Within the past 50 years, scientists have identified a new space object which has entered our solar system heading towards us. This object is referred to as Planet X, Comet Elenin, C2010 X1, Tyche, and Tycus. Many believe the names mentioned above refer to the same object which researcher Zecharia Sitchin calls Nibiru. One theory suggests that Nibiru rotates around its own small sun, which is a brown dwarf star. With so many names throughout history, it is a wonder why the governments of the world downplay its existence to the public. For the remainder of this article, I will refer to our Sun’s foe as Planet X. Though the existence of this Planet X and the catastrophes it has caused have long been known by the ancients, it has only been in the past year that Western scientists have begun informing their citizens about this inbound object. Worldwide activity suggests that Planet X could repeat its catastrophic history. For instance, Russia is building a huge underground city to hold 60,000 people in the Yamantau Mountain Complex. Norway has already built a facility for their entire population to go underground. NATO, Sweden, and even Bill Gates have created underground seed banks—a modern day Noah’s Ark. And there is a city under Denver’s airport linking it to multiple underground bunkers throughout the United States. NASA has announced that Planet X will be appearing in the earth’s night sky by 2012 (actually more likely to occur in October 2011). Is the idea of a binary star in our solar system even possible? Absolutely! In fact, there are numerous scientific publications examining the evidence of a “dark star” to which our sun is gravitationally bound, in an orbit which circles every 3,500 years. Adolf Hitler worshipped this cosmic body, which science originally called a black sun. Brown dwarf stars are failed suns, which are dim and cold. Planet X is more likely to be a failed sun, or a brown dwarf star. Is it a coincidence that the continued on page 40



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Laughing at Grief G by Larry J. Michael, Ph.D.

rief is no laughing matter. In fact, it’s an emotional earthquake that shakes a person to the core of one’s being. Shock, sadness, disbelief, and anger are all feelings that will overwhelm the typical person who has experienced significant loss. In fact, the grief and mourning is so dire that most people cannot imagine ever being able to laugh again. But amazingly enough, laughter does come, and sometimes at unexpected moments, it brings a bit of relief to an otherwise painful situation. Author Allen Klein tells about an incident that occurred (in his book, “The Courage to Laugh: Humor, Hope and Healing in the Face of Death and Dying”) in a phone conversation his mom had with her rabbi after the loss of his father. They were discussing the customary Jewish ritual of sitting for seven days after the funeral (termed “Sitting Shivah”). This is a time when Jewish families will receive friends, neighbors, and relatives who come to bring food and offer condolences. His mom, telling the rabbi about his brother’s completing the observance of the ritual in another city, had a slip of the tongue, and blurted out that he was “Sh*tting Sivah” rather than “Sitting Shivah.” Allen, his brother, and his mother all burst out in convulsive laughter and could not contain themselves. His mom thrust the phone into Allen’s hand. It was a momentary respite from the grief that overwhelmed them all. Allen went on to say that the next couple of days were a roller coaster of tears and laughter. But the lighthearted intervals of levity contributed to a healthy perspective even in the midst of their loss. There are several salient points to make to a person who is grieving. First of all, yes, it is okay to laugh. More than that, it is therapy. The book of Proverbs says, “Laughter does good like a medicine.” It is a holistic antidote to the grief that can be all-consuming. And no, you should not feel guilty when you laugh. It is a natural part of life, and it is very helpful to your overall well-being. Welcome those times when they come. Yes, it will take time before you feel like laughing as a regular occurrence. Working through grief is a long-term process, and you must be patient with yourself and your emotional state. Grief is normal and it is individual. Finally, no, grief is not funny. But the ironies and absurdities of life open a door to discovering hope and healing when you can allow yourself permission to enjoy moments, even days, in the midst of grieving. Laughter is a holistic approach to grief. Don’t avoid it; embrace it when it happens. It is nourishment for the soul. An inner chuckle, a brief amusement, a whimsical experience, or even a hearty guffaw may help enable you to get through those days that otherwise may seem most dark and dreary. Don’t get me wrong, grief is serious business. However, there is hope to come, and if you work through your grief, light will emerge from your darkness that will enable you to move positively towards the future. Life does go on. A better day will come. As the Psalmist wrote, “There may be weeping at night, but joy comes in the morning.”

c u l t u r e


more than ever before, people are turning to humor for therapy and healing. Medical journals have acknowledged that laughter therapy can help improve quality of life for patients with chronic illnesses. Many hospitals now offer laughter therapy programs as a complementary treatment to illness.

According to some studies, laughter therapy may provide physical benefits, such as helping to:

-- Boost the immune system and circulatory system -- Enhance oxygen intake -- Stimulate the heart and lungs -- Relax muscles throughout the body -- Trigger the release of endorphins (the body’s natural painkillers) -- Ease digestion/soothe stomachaches -- Relieve pain -- Balance blood pressure -- Improve mental functions (i.e., alertness, memory, creativity) Laughter therapy may also help to:

-- Improve overall attitude -- Reduce stress/tension -- Promote relaxation -- Improve sleep -- Enhance quality of life -- Strengthen social bonds and relationships -- Produce a general sense of well-being (From Cancer Treatment Centers of America,

Larry J. Michael, Ph.D., is the Executive Director of Alabama Grief Support Services, Inc., in Birmingham, Alabama, a non-profit agency whose mission is to provide education, guidance, and support to those who have experienced loss. Dr. Michael’s varied background includes pastoral, educational, and grief support experience. He is the author of a book on leadership and contributor to numerous periodicals. He lives with his wife Kathryn and their two incorrigible dogs, Pallie and Bibi, in Hoover, Alabama. Please visit www.

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june b y


A d r i e n n e

A b e y t a

Aries: Temperance (7 of Pentacles)

Adrienne Abeyta presents a unique forecast blending the tarot with astrology. A gifted reader of intuitive arts, she offers private consultations and psychic entertainment for parties and events. To set up an appointment, she can be reached at 619.917.0998 or (See her ad at the bottom of the page.)

Libra: Death (10 of Swords)

3/21 – 4/19

Patience is acquired when you respect the natural progression of time, as all things come into being in their appropriate season. Through the awareness of cycles, it is possible to learn the perfect time for movement or retreat. If you push too hard in any direction, you will interrupt this delicate balance and lose momentum. A project you’re currently working on may seem delayed, but is actually just waiting to be carefully refined. Keep an open mind and see what happens. You may discover that something you discarded last month is actually the missing ingredient.

Taurus: Hermit (10 of Wands)

4/20 – 5/21

Gemini: World (3 of Pentacles)

5/22 – 6/21

Cancer: Devil (3 of Cups)

6/22 – 7/22

10/24 – 11/22

Sagittarius: Empress (Knight of Wands)

11/23 – 12/21

Capricorn: Magician (Knight of Cups)

12/22 – 1/20

Creativity is the key factor in life, for we are, at our core, creative beings. Everything we do is an act of imagination. Don’t get too caught up in your routines and forget that life is exciting and adventurous. You are a naturally restless spirit and require a variety of experiences, and, although at times stimulation may seem unavailable, there’s a surplus of untapped potential awaiting you. This is a great time to enhance your current projects by allowing yourself to fully engage in the wonder of life. Near the end of the month a spontaneous trip involving family will arise.

Life is a collection of endings and beginnings. Just as you believe that you’ve seen the last of something, the experience arises in another context. Similarly, a goal you thought complete will prove unfinished, asking for more of your energy and attention. This time, however, you must approach it from a different standpoint. Rather than looking at what you’re doing as a means to an end, look at it as a piece of you. Success or completion is not as important as integration—how have you been changed? When you involve yourself authentically in your pursuits, the payoff is fulfilling and lifelong.

We are all part of the greater whole and each of us plays an important role, whether we’re conscious of it or not. When you believe in yourself, you honor that role and your actions become an extension of your confidence. Pay attention to the vibes you are sending out in the world and ask yourself if they match what you represent. It takes trust to be comfortable with who you are, because in doing so, you acknowledge and accept yourself despite what others think. Take pride in who you are and others will treat you the same way.

Attachment to things, people, and emotions is the cause of all suffering because it causes a state of craving. When you crave something “out there,” you lose sight of your connection to what’s inside you. What begins as a desire can easily turn into addiction. Happiness is frequently the drug of choice, but it’s often achieved at the expense of avoiding real life. Emotions, like water, are meant to flow; if you cling to one feeling too long, your life becomes one-sided. Your shadowy parts need extra attention. Learn to embrace all of your emotions without judging them.

Aquarius: Sun (4 of Cups)

1/21 – 2/18

Pisces: Wheel of Fortune (Knight of Pentacles)

2/19 – 3/20

It’s amazing how many committees exist in your head, all of which have conflicting and somewhat outdated ideas. Even more amazing is that you actually “listen” to them, believing that they’re speaking your truth. Try, for a moment, to observe what your committees are telling you, then ask yourself whether you actually agree with it. You have the chance to dissolve these “opinions” and adopt a new frame of mind. Look with the eyes of a child, observing the world from a more open perspective. Be careful not to dismiss the feelings of others this month.

7/23 – 8/23

The demands and practicalities of life can sometimes feel limiting and redundant, especially when we take ourselves too seriously. As children we often could not wait to grow up, and as adults, we frequently long for the bliss of youth. Balancing these opposite polarities becomes the dance of life. Let your imagination motivate you to do things outside your comfort zone. A thoughtful risk requires the fusion of both your mature and youthful aspects. Life is only as fun as you make it! Parents, spend time playing with your kids—it’s a gift for both of you.

Virgo: Star (4 of Wands)

Scorpio: Hanged Man (Ace of Pentacles)

Take a breath. In fact, take a few. This month, your plans and projects remain at a standstill. The goal is to develop more patience and consistency; however, the challenge is to accept the fact that difficulties are part of this process. Because there is no way to force the situation, your energy would be better spent reviewing the details and adding final touches. A small investment made last month will show positive signs of growth, although you may not see the full rewards until the end of the year. Slow and steady is the axiom for the month.

What do you do when it feels as though the weight of the world rests upon you? There will always be periods in life that feel difficult; in most cases, however, your attitude is actually the cause of your feelings. In order to cope with life’s demands, it’s important to recognize how you deal with, or avoid dealing with, stress. You know how to tend to your own needs—make sure you’re doing so. Spend time alone this month connecting to your inner wisdom and you may find things less problematic than you thought. An attitude of gratitude goes a long way.

Leo: Emperor (Page of Wands)

9/23– 10/23

There’s a big life change this month that will challenge your way of thinking. It could be that your plans take a massive detour, requiring you to relinquish control over something important. Unfortunately, there’s no getting out of this one, and in fact, your ego is likely to be a little bruised in the process. On a more positive note, the detour or change will lead you to a larger opportunity. Working with this energy, now is a great time for throwing out the old to make space for the new. Don’t be surprised if an old problem comes up again.

As the world turns, so do our lives, and yet, deep within we remain unchanged. You’ll experience a change this month in finances and/or health, and although you may want to dig your heels in, let it go. Remind yourself that change is merely movement, and although you don’t always have a say in when you move, you do have a say in how—so move gracefully. A project you’ve been working on will begin to gain momentum; take it slow and be thorough. Avoid making impulsive purchases. Don’t be fooled by the wrapping; what you see might not be what you get.

8/24 – 9/22

Although there are various perspectives in the world, we all contribute to a universal consciousness. Whether you are a participant or a spectator, the energy in the world affects you, and you, it. Take a moment and ask yourself how you’re contributing to the greater good. Turn off the TV, get off your computer or cell phone, and tune in to the silence. It’s in this space that you’re connected to everything and have the opportunity to experience the magic of life. The best part of it all is that this connection is available t to you anytime and anywhere!

Becoming Who YOU Are! Adrienne Abeyta, Sacred - Self Coaching

Using Astrology, Numerology, & Tarot to discover the hero in your life story. Answering the questions:

• What is my purpose • What is the lesson of this challenge • When will my life look different • Where do I go from here Contact Adrienne for consultations, events, and private lessons. • (619) 917-0998 V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E


J U N E 20 11

c u l t u r e

by Dovid Krafchow


f all the outstanding questions plaguing the human consciousness— where did we come from, who are we, where are we going—no question is more profound than, what is the mind that asks all these questions? The mind of the animal differs from the mind of the human being as portrayed in their stature: going upon all fours, head and heart at the same level, face towards the earth. When the head is elevated above the heart, as it is in the human being, the eyes are no longer looking primarily at the ground, but stare out to the horizon and into the heavens. The natural triangulation of the head and the seven portals of the face are emblematic of the three lobes of the brain that see, hear, and smell, each of which has a left and a right, a male and a female. The mouth is the culmination of thoughts after being filtered through the maze of emotion finally emitted from the mouth. The three abilities of the brain—to think in vision, words, and knowing—are portrayed in the eyes, ears, and nose along with the extraordinary faculty to articulate thoughts into words through the mouth. Yet, of all the abilities we claim from the brain, none equal the veracity and limitlessness of the mind. The mind is clearly the most spiritual part of our corporeal state of being. The mind can easily go and do anything; while studying nuclear physics, the mind can stand at the place where infinitesimal lines merge and new points and states of being are established for a thin slice of time that can be prolonged indefinitely. The mind can also comprehend the furthest point in space. It can grasp the entirety of creation. But the one thing the mind cannot do is think in terms not yet experienced. The mind relies upon temporal experiences to build a library of expressions, emotions, and memory—the confine of the mind is based upon experiences. Yet, there is something beyond mind revealed in the uncanny and unexplainable that defies all earthly experience. Dreams are the gateway to that unimagined world just beyond the grasp of our minds, like little white clouds floating above our heads, and we are like children reaching out for them. The chimerical quality of dreams lulls the mind beyond what is possible; it is our dreams that pervade reality, wanting to strip away the exterior of perception and see within. It is our dreams that propel the human spirit forward; it is the mind that dreams. The mind appears to be the most corporeal part of the spirit and the most spiritual part of the body, but the question still remains, what is the mind? The


Dreams are the gateway to that unimagined world just beyond the grasp of our minds, like little white clouds floating above our heads, and we are like children reaching out for them. Cabala, the Jewish mystical science known to be the most feminine of all knowledge, literally meaning ‘receive,’ details how creation came to be, based on the Torah that teaches, God spoke and the world was. Speaking infers thinking, which infers mind—the Mind of God. In the same way a person develops simple thoughts that rise in the mind and eventually give continued on page 39


J U N E 20 11

h e a l i n g

a r t s

Healing with Infinite Source by Hetty Matthijssen


ow can I be of service?” is the question it has all boiled down to in Michael Gilardy’s life. It may sound like he is a very motivated customer service representative, but in fact Michael is a soul code activation healer and asks this question repeatedly to Infinite Source. When Michael realized that he had powerful healing abilities, he was working as a designer in San Diego and was reluctant to change his life around. But when all signs in his life started to point to the same direction, he asked Source how he could use his abilities to be of service. This is how he ended up moving from Southern California to the mystical red rock town of Sedona, Arizona. It is early in the morning and Michael and I are sitting in a beautiful sunny room facing each other. On the coffee table in between us sits the biggest crystal I have ever seen. Michael explains, “I like utilizing the energy of the crystal when I do soul activations, so I don’t have to use any of my own energy. This is a big problem that a lot of healers deal with. They do many sessions using their own energy and they get depleted in the long run. The crystal prevents this so I can help more people over longer periods of time.” As soon as I sit down I feel the energy of the crystal whirling in my chest. “Wow,” I sigh, surprised by the intensity, and the journey begins. “Do I have your permission to access your soul code?” is the first question in my soul activation session. It is quite a personal request and “yes” is my answer but I am starting to get a little nervous. Then he taps in gently with closed eyes, suddenly smiles to himself and says, “There are actually three of you existing simultaneously in this world.” I am obviously quite baffled by this news, but I like the idea and am trying to stretch my mind beyond the realm of possibilities that I was taught. What happens in a soul activation? Michael explains, “Duality consciousness, a mental construct, must collapse, and simultaneously a unified consciousness of oneness (holographic in nature) has to be activated.” As a child, Michael never really felt completely at home in his family. “I definitely was the odd one out,” he says. He saw light-beings all around and when his grandfather died, he just couldn’t figure out why everyone was so upset. Grandfather was right here!Luckily, his mother had some understanding of his abilities and tried to explain that not everybody could see the things he saw. In the next hour, Michael takes me on a beautiful guided meditation into the

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universe, through stars, suns and galaxies. There are three steps he guides me through. The first step is the collapse of duality, where I am one with the universe and there is no ‘I’. Then I move through a gateway, leaving behind my old me, and I seal the gateway behind me. Lastly, I move forward, away from my old self and I melt into Source. Michael talks about the collapse of duality: “On Earth there is a predominant belief that we are separate from Source. This creates a mental schism, a perception that we are separate from all life. This is a fear-based reality. From the time we are born we are programmed with belief systems from our family, country, culture, education, religion, etc., without the ability to discern what is authentic for us. In essence, we create a persona based on other people’s perceptions and reactions of our behavior, wanting to please others or fit in with our peers. This creates a false self, one born out of a reactive consciousness, a manufactured personality based on image. Form without content. The impostor!” “Unified consciousness, Oneness, remains dormant or random for most human beings. This level of consciousness is accessed through the heart and leads to the connection with your soul, that part [of] awareness that has always been directly connected to Source, creator, creativity. The unified awareness is holographic in nature, multidimensional, and allows direct connection with Source. When the soul is activated, dormant light code, your lineage of light from advanced systems of intelligence, begins to stream or download into your conscious awareness. This is the birth of your illumined continued on page 46


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by Joseph Costa, Ph.D.


o understand Mind Psychology, one must understand the material path psychology has trodden since the field of psychology began. We can trace back through the stages and labels to before any formal psychology was recorded. What we notice are the changes of understanding of how man thinks, which has evolved from shamanistic modes of thoughts about thinking. Today we are shaving the brain in slices, trying to pin down how thinking works. We have histories of proof that the brain does 2 + 2 = 4 without question, just as we have behavioral proof that 2 + 2 can be interpreted in many ways using metaphors. So do we go to the brain for metaphors? Not if we understand that the brain in the head is not the storehouse of metaphors. One must go to the “Mind” of the being to work with the understanding of the Universal Metaphors. One must understand the two thinking systems of the human being to grasp the whole world of thinking of the human animal and its being self. In “Primal Legacy, Thinking for the 21st Century,” I explain in some detail the being aspect of the human animal and describe the other brain of the human being, the Mind, or Body Brain, which is a non-matter mechanism in the animal body which serves as the psyche brain (Body Brain) of the person. The book was written to introduce and prepare all people for understanding the 21st century changes that were coming. As of the year 2000, the human body has been forced to adjust psychically first, physically second (to the Earth changes from third dimensional vibrations to fourth dimensional vibrations––Earth changes predicted to coincide with calendar readings of 2012). These predicted changes of Earth and all upon it are affecting all humans mentally. The Mind thinking mechanisms of the human being are coming fully into play, which give cause to disturbed thinking experienced by all individuals. All thinking is happening on the basis of laws of attraction. Thoughts being attracted fall into the scientific existing paradigm idea of progression and regression. When we recall thoughts through regression, we think in terms of past thoughts being recalled, hence the use of past-life recall. We can use past-life recall in this lifetime readily, as proof of the life that is readily tied to this life’s data, all experienced through the existing five senses. We seem to be required to involve different mental capability to recall past lives than that which we use for present life. Not having an understanding of our altered states’ thinking abilities causes us to question and doubt past lives. Had our existing scientific paradigm been designed to work for recall of past lives, we would not question their existence. Why is it that our paradigm for existing scientifically does not provide for past lives? Simply because it does not provide for altered states thinking. The human animal skull brain functions on beliefs and is conditioned from birth, or “Tabula Rasa,” to operate as the existing accepted scientific paradigm. It is obvious that humans use altered states of thinking. It is also obvious that those V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E

h e a l i n g a r t s who do function using altered states are held as behaving abnormally to the official paradigm. This causes altered state users to be labeled as abnormal, and they are left to “suffering” delusions. The animal brain becomes paranoid if it is conditioned to fear abnormalities. It becomes so because it has no paradigm to function with that which explains what abnormal is. Presently, we use drugs to prevent the brain from dabbling in recall abilities beyond the present paradigm. Authorities of science see drugged brains as the solution to altered state ideas. There is no question that altered states thinking can create mental instability. It does that because of the paradigm limitations. However, human consciousness has long surpassed the limitations of the presently accepted paradigm or thinking. Other methods of proof of reality must be brought forward to fit with the new non-matter thinking and world we are crossing into now. There is no cause for fear or anxiety as we move into the fourth dimension except for a knowing of changes taking place. This means the human body is re-orienting physically and mentally to a new way of going—a New World (4-D), so to speak. As the earth slowly cycles to full fourth dimensional status, unlike most Earth creatures who evolve naturally, humans need understanding and guidance to make the full changes needed for body, brain and Mind adjusting. And so the time of Mind has come upon the human race. Once again, mankind is faced with evolutionary changes it cannot escape. Rather than suffer the fears the human race has karmically heaped upon itself, Universal forces are now freeing the soul of its karmic past. Between now and 2014, all human beings need physical change in body and in thinking to a level of “Oneness” that results in an Earth life of harmony free of self-destruction. This cleansing and Oneness is there for all who “ask for it.” The asking must be of the heart of each human who would choose to ask and be of Oneness, a balanced state of karma. Joseph Costa, Ph.D. is the CEO of the World Healer Institute and the author of Primal Legacy: Thinking for the 21st Century. Join Dr. Costa at the Fifth Annual World Healer Conference: A Convergence of Educators of the Inner and Outer Worlds, June 12-17, 2011, at the Hilton in Mission Valley, San Diego, CA. For more information, please visit or call 858.467.6974.


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Spirit Clearer by Amanda Hinds Doyle


normality of modern movie culture is that ghosts are translucent beings stuck in a type of “in-between” that harm and frighten their human friends for affirmation on whatever they are looking for. This skewed perspective is a stigma that clairvoyant and spiritual worker, John Chandler is fighting every day in his work and studies. “There are many shows out there about hunting for ghosts,” says Chandler. “Would you want to be hunted? Or would you rather have someone show up who will listen to your side of the situation?” While aspects of the Hollywood stereotype are true, the analysis is not. Chandler specializes in a wide range of helpful healing techniques and teachings, including: Chakra Balancing; Psychic Readings; Animal Communication; Clinical Hypnotherapy; and Clairvoyant/Medium. As a child, Chandler was already privileged with spiritual inclination. Due to his father’s forester work, Chandler relocated often. “By about 8 years old I could feel the different energies of homes we lived in; some felt good and others did not,” he explains about his earliest experiences with spirits. These were not normal childhood fears, but actual experiences Chandler was channeling throughout his homes. “One time I tied a rope to keep my closet door closed, telling spirits to stay in there,” says Chandler. In addition to spirits, Chandler also communicated with animals from an early age. His mother remembers him talking to monkeys at the Los Angeles Zoo. “You really loved the monkeys,” she said to him. “I’ll swear, John, we thought you talked to them and they back to you.” Chandler remembers this well. “They would come near me and call back to me,” he says. Unsure at the time what to do with it, if others had it, or whether people would

accept it, Chandler kept his gifts to himself. His ambivalence was moderately uplifted while working more “conventional” jobs when friends and co-workers were drawn to him for advice and input on their troubling situations. Chandler’s work as Vice President of Visual Media was no fit for his appetite; he knew his abilities lay somewhere outside this idea of Corporate America. In 1997 his search for fulfillment landed him in massage training. It was around this time when he had an awakening in his spiritual/psychic abilities. “I would mostly see and feel spirit energy,” Chandler says. “Then, I started to hear them talking. They we’re all around me all the time.” Confusion and fright overcame Chandler. To further understand the spirits around him, he decided to enroll in Southern California Psychic Institute online for a 15-month training program, where he received the Advanced Clairvoyant Certificate. He also took chakra classes and participed in workshops that worldrenowned medium James Van Praagh, the executive producer of the TV show, “Ghost Whisperer,” was giving in LA. Now Chandler was ready for the spirit world that was so insistent on communicating with him. It took some time, but finally in 2005 Chandler was confidently


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h e a l i n g ready to begin clearing and blessing. His talent as a clairvoyant also enabled him to successfully complete clearings. “At this time I had the confidence and understanding to begin doing this work on a professional level,” says Chandler. “There are many different areas of specialty in the spiritual world; I consider clearing work to be my speciality, my passion.” In this practice, danger lurks around corners for the faint of heart, so Chandler always makes sure he is 100 percent before any clearing. “Energies/ghosts/spirits will take advantage of any sign of weakness, and that can be dangerous,” he says. For a six month span, Chandler was recovering from a foot injury. During this time he ceased any clearing activity. “I have to be mentally and physically in top form, for my own safety and to be effective.” Due to his rare gift, Chandler possesses healing affects that most never achieve. He explains, “Many people know about burning sage and setting intentions to clear unwanted energy. And you can learn other techniques related to clearing, but it takes more than just this knowledge; you must have total confidence, lack of fear, and the ability to maintain your strength of will through the clearing.” This is why he offers clearings and workshops for individuals afflicted by the spiritual world. Here, Chandler helps them rid their lives of unwanted energies and/or learn to do so through his guidance. “Doing clearing work is like being given a post as ambassador,” Chandler says. “You have to learn the customs and how to communicate with the residents of this new world. You also have to treat them with respect and compassion; you are there for your own people and the other country. You must work on creating balance.” Not all spiritual activity is bad, however, and to differentiate ghosts from spirits, he explains: A ghost is a person who has passed on but has not moved on, transitioned to their next level. They often have situations they need to work on before they cross over to the spirit level of their journey. A spirit is a person who has passed and also transitioned to the next level, crossing over. They have moved on to further their growth on another plane. There are other types of spirits, such as spirit guides, that help us in our day-to-day lives. Knowing exactly what is inhabiting a residence or business is essential in clearing and balancing the area, as it may not always be a ghost. “This is where it is helpful to have some training or work with someone who has, to learn who or what is contacting you,” says Chandler. “You may misinterpret loving contact from a passed loved one, thinking it is a ghost.” Although ghosts are not always meant to be harmful, they sometimes can inflict physical and/or mental scars. “Ghosts tend to need help in one way or another,” Chandler says. “ They can be upset about how they died, something someone did to them while they were living, something they felt they should have finished before they left, or they may feel they were not ready to move on.” This, just like living individuals, can cause ghosts to lash out in some way or another. When this occurs, signs usually start appearing, which is generally around the time Chandler is called in. Kathy Woody called Chandler after moving into a new home. She had found the house very peaceful until a roommate moved out and she started living there alone. She noticed the energy was changing. She started finding odd animals in the house: two snakes and a swarm of bees, in different instances. Her cats started lashing out in fits. Her nights became restless, and one night in particular, she heard a loud commotion from her cats. When Woody entered the room, her cats were in an uproar, staring into an empty corner of the room, hissing with their fur raised. “After two weeks of this non-stop aggressive cat behavior, I turned to John for help,” Woody says. Chandler confirmed the misplaced energy and spent a great deal of time clearing and spreading good energies around. Woody was given advice on what to do if the unwanted spirit returned. “The night after the clearing was the first good night’s sleep I had in over two weeks,” she says. Chandler returned to continue the clearing and was able to get the ghost to move on. This can be difficult, especially if they are not willing. Sometimes Chandler can make agreements for the living and the spiritual world to coexist in harmony. Woody feels so blessed, as all of his clients do, to have his support and help through a troubled time. “If I had not had John’s help, there’s no doubt I would have had to sell continued on page 44 V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E


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The New World FEST:

An Interview with Howard Mauskopf, Festival Producer by Sydney L. Murray


he world is changing at a dizzying pace. There are so many technological advances that make our world more connected and hopefully more sustainable. That is why the The New World F.E.S.T is presenting an amazing array of environmentalists, new technology that supports our environment and passionate activists. I recently had the opportunity to speak with producer Howard Mauskopf about this upcoming expo. VM: In your opinion, how does living green intersect with technology? Howard Mauskopf: Well, when I look at the subject of green, and living a sustainable lifestyle, I often find conflicts. If more people would adopt the tenets that would make this a better planet, we’d all benefit. But what are those tenets? What are the practical issues? We wanted to address the fact that in order for renewable energy and other tenets to become adopted, the technology had to be in place and be workable and economically feasible. So we made the event have a broader theme—it is not just about green, it is about a smart future. Then we asked, what would prepare us for a smart or better future? Well, there is cooperation and living as a more cohesive community. And we think that science has to get more respect. If there is one thing that drives me crazy it is when obvious scientifically supported data gets disputed for political reasons, whether it is global warming or anything else. So we wanted to present science and technology at this event to better present how we could plan for a smart future. But there is a second reason for us taking science and technology and promoting it at this event. We also love that it is cool. You start having gadgets and robots and futuristic things, and you have attractions so that the public will attend. VM: Do you have a target audience for The New World FEST? HM: The one thing that both my PR guy and I speak about all the time is that you have a core group of individuals who have adopted a sustainable lifestyle, and some have not. But everyone at this point knows someone who has adopted a sustainable lifestyle. Therefore, there are people on the cusp— tons of them. I call them the eco-curious. So we think if we can draw them in with interesting technology and awesome speakers and film screenings and music—if that is a sphere of their interest that gets them to the event—then we have a really good chance at converting them. To the extent we have a noble reason for producing this event, it is V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E

to expand the market for green. VM: Why Santa Monica and why the beach? Do you consider Santa Monica a green city? HM: Absolutely! I had done an eco-friendly event on Long Island in 2006. Back then, the only things that were solar were those little dishes that could cook chicken if it was sunny. Look how far we have come, and cities like Santa Monica lead the way. They are conscious of decreasing carbon footprints, they support sustainability, and their Office of Sustainability and the Environment does great things. They are not afraid to legislate to decrease the use of plastics, chemicals, and Styrofoam, and they are hugely concerned with the ocean and the air, and they offer many wonderful educational outreach programs. Ultimately, our goal is to do this in a number of markets, but I happen to live in Santa Monica, so it is also convenient. We wanted to go on the beach, not inside a building under fluorescent lights. It’s always ironic when I go to an environmental event and then schlep to a convention center, park for 40 minutes in a gas-guzzling car, walk another 20 minutes to find out where it is, and then enter a sterile environment to see green things. We wanted this to be festive believing that our messages would be better retained if people were loose, casual; and with their friends and family. You rarely see kids or groups of people at convention centers. Often times convention center events are populated by people in the industry who are networking and sharing business cards. We wanted this to be very friendly. The challenge of course is that the beaches of Santa Monica are always packed. But they believe in sustainability and we were very happy to see them offer us this weekend. One of the things we like about it is that it is the first weekend of summer and people are thinking a certain way. I like to think that there is a lack of almost any opportunity of bad weather, but who knows, with the planet in its current state, right? Still, I can’t think of a better place or a better weekend. VM: Tell us about the power of the mind, in reference to our theme—how important is that, in your opinion and in your life? HM: I think magnitude of mind is very important, because often times certain truisms really depend on the degree of things. You have various levels of adoptive tenets within the larger category of sustainability. Some people go vegan, some have their various incarnations that are less true to vegan-ism, others struggle


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to even avoid products that are the result of factory farming. I think the magnitude of one’s adoptions of things, the degree to which one does things, is important. At this event, one of the things we are proud of is that it is going to be large, in terms of space, so that people can feel like they can spend hours there and hang out. We have five or six stages of activities with panel discussions and lectures and demos and music. I believe the total space is about 95,000 square feet, so the magnitude there is substantial. Bringing it from magnitude to mind, I would say that everyone has heard the old adage that we use a very small percentage of our brain. Certainly almost every science fiction writer has written something that talks about, what if we could go from 10-15 percent to 80 percent, what else could we do? Well, without even answering that, we know all about the power of the mind. Look at the influence of the media. People react more to change these days with anxiety and fear than with optimism and hope. A lot of that comes from the way newspapers and TV shows are sold. I think that as a byproduct of that, intelligence has almost been adopted as a negative. You can see that in some circles there is resentment for our current president, because he graduated at the top of his class from Harvard. Is that supposed to be a bad thing for the man running the country? But it’s sold that way within certain circles and what they are doing is playing on fears, and what makes them able to do it is the power of the mind—implant an idea, however false or misleading, and if it fits the way a particular mind is molded, it will grow. People should deal with things intelligently and minimize anxiety. They should become healthier and more focused. Positive thought is not a mystical concept and needs to be tempered with reason. But it is a lifestyle, like living more in the now. Earthquakes and natural disasters show us how insignificant and not in control we can be. Anyone who is into astronomy has a sense of the size of the universe. Sometimes it is hard to wrap one’s mind around the scope of it. I do believe we are all energetically connected to some extent, and I think that if we curtail fear and anxiety in favor of more positively skewed emotions, we will achieve more as a society and as a planet. VM: What would be your greatest passion in living? HM: My greatest passion has become animals. I was mentioning living in the now. When I get home each evening and I open the door, my dog runs up to me like it is the greatest thing that ever happened in the history of the world that I am home. After he gets his greetings and so on, there is no conditionality there. I don’t have to answer “How was my day?” Granted, this is probably why I am single. But I love animals and I love watching their instinctive behavior, especially dogs. I feel that for the most part, dogs can be pure good. One of the speakers we have at the New World FEST is Wayne Pacelle, the CEO and leader of the Humane Society nationwide. We are very excited about anything that talks about wildlife and conservation. It will be a personal thrill to meet him. I am not the first guy to say this, but I think that if he were in a room with a dog that could talk, that dog would be very complimentary. VM: What are some of the highlights and special speakers and music at the New World V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E

FEST? HM: A couple of things we are most proud about is we have a great line-up of both eco-friendly speakers and films and videos that have won awards. We also have a great line-up of sustainable art exhibits. Some of the speakers we have include David Hertz and Nicoló Bini, two highly acclaimed eco-architects. David is a Santa Monica native who once built a Malibu dream home for a client using repurposed parts from a 747 jet. Nicoló Bini is the founder of Binishells, which is a revolutionary light concrete (hard) product that supposedly makes the building of homes less costly, more energy efficient, and more flexible. We have Andy Lipkis of TreePeople, John McKinney, aka The Trailmaster, Wayne Pacelle, and Ed Begley Jr., everyone’s favorite green celebrity. The list goes on and we are proud of it. We have films like “Dirt,” “The Cove,” “Metamorphosis,” and “The Majestic Plastic Bag.” Our artists include Dave Lovejoy and Franklin London. Franklin is actually a 3D photographer that has won an Academy Award for visual effects. The exhibitors, as an aggregate, are also phenomenal because this is a pretty passionate space and people that are in green businesses love talking about what they do. We have one exhibitor that manufactures paper and paper products from Sri Lankan elephant dung. We have another one that sells a grow-at-home mushroom kit using used Peet’s coffee grounds as soil. Another is an ionic water so pure and powerful it was used in Russia after Chernobyl to help decontaminate water levels. We have great live music, the world’s fastest oven, and we have Luna the Robot. VM: What is your greatest hope for our future as a world and society? HM: My number one hope would be that decisions and systems would be less influenced by the almighty dollar. It creates too many special interest groups, and continued on page 46


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Timeless Wisdom for Changing Times: An Interview With Thaayrohyadi, Toltec Wisdom Keeper by Leslee Goodman


abadi Thaayrohyadi is spiritual leader, wisdom keeper, and sacred guardian of the Otomi Olmec Toltec Teotihuacan lineage of Central Mexico. He is also the founder and director of Indigenous University, which his elders proposed 35 years ago as a university without walls—taking place in nature and among sacred sites and sharing traditional knowledge “of the ways of the ancestors and protocols of the elders.” Indigenous University offers programs in Mexico, the United States, Argentina, Bolivia, and other continents. In 1999, Thaay’s elders also received the message that it was time to reinstate the 8,000 Sacred Drums ceremony, which had been a tradition of his people for some 4,000 years, until the arrival of and persecution by the Spanish. The ancestors knew that the time would come when indigenous knowledge would again be needed and foretold that the Great Healing of the Earth and of our relationships with all our relations would begin when the sound of 8,000 drums was heard in the Otomi Toltec region again. Since 2004, participation in the annual ceremony, which takes place during the spring equinox—which is also the Otomi New Year—has been held building. In 2011, the sound of 4,000 drums was heard together. Thaay is now on a yearlong pilgrimage to call “all brothers and sisters, light workers, peace keepers, earth keepers, wisdom keepers—all our relations—to come together” in Toluca, Mexico, the week of March 14-21, 2012. He says, “When the sound of 8,000 drums is heard together, we will begin healing of the Earth and our walk together on the path to Sacred Peace.” Vision Magazine: What is the significance of 8,000 drums? Dabadi Thaayrohyadi: Eight thousand symbolizes infinity, and the drum symbolizes the human heart. We each carry a drum within us, and when our drums beat in harmony we treat the earth and each other with respect. We become balanced, and our balanced energy helps to restore balance on the earth. When we are in harmony, there is no war. When we are in harmony, there is no greed. When we are in harmony, we care for each other. The vibration of 8,000 drums beating together sends powerful energy to the spirit world and to the natural world that the people of Earth are waking up. That our hearts are coming into alignment. Our elders say that healing the drum of the human heart sends healing wherever that person goes—into government, business, into the family, the community, into nature. That’s why healing the heart is so important. VM: What does the heart need to be healed of? DT: Painful memories—from this life or previous ones. The history of humanity includes a lot of suffering. Indigenous people know this well. The poisonous treatment of the earth and of our brothers and sisters is not V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E

just from the past; it continues today also. For example, to associate our ancestor and elder “Geronimo” with terrorism and murder doesn’t help to heal relations between indigenous people and Europeans. This doesn’t mean that the people who chose this name are bad people. It means they were not aware of how their decision would affect others. So once we explain our position, it is our responsibility to forgive and return to our mission on this Earth, which is to be happy and to live in harmony with the earth and each other. Our elders say that every day is a good day for releasing anger, sadness, jealousy, fear, and all of the negative emotions. It is time for the Great Healing to begin. Everyone must take responsibility and action on this issue in order to release bad memories, heal historical wounds, and to transmute the pains of humans, families, clans, and all living beings. We need to “heal our heart” with all our relations. This is a call for all colors, all the peoples and lineages. VM: You are also the founder of Indigenous University. What is its role in the “Great Healing” you speak of? DT: There is an urgently felt need for a return to indigenous knowledge in all areas. The dominant culture’s dependence on extraction, exhaustion, and depletion of Mother Earth cannot continue. Mother Earth is responding with floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other means of signaling her distress. Western medicine is becoming so expensive that few people can afford it. And besides, it treats only the symptoms; it does not address the spiritual, social, and emotional roots that are the cause of human illness. The modern world erroneously labels shamanic practices as primitive and many traditional techniques have been lost through the European colonization of the “new world.” In fact, energy healing protocols are enlightening and effective. We have seen many miracles—what others might call inexplicable outcomes. Our teachers say that there is no illness that cannot be healed. No illness is “terminal.” This is not a claim that Western medicine can make. Indigenous University offers teaching in five main areas of indigenous knowledge: indigenous spirituality; traditional medicine; mother languages; indigenous rights; and indigenous arts. All of these areas of knowledge carry a vibration that, properly understood and used, is healing. It restores balance—in ourselves and in our environment. Each indigenous language, for example, carries a vibration that is tied to its place of origin. Our mother languages contain well-organized codes for indigenous wisdom, and when we reconnect with this vibration and these codes, we can recover our completeness, our fullness. Similarly, people hunger for the knowledge of our ancestors that can teach us what plants to eat, what plants to use for healing, how to be attuned to the animals, to the elements, so that our actions are harmonious, so that we live in a good way. The way of the dominant culture cannot continue, and when it fails, people will need to remember—or relearn—the ancient ways that served humanity well for tens of thousands of years. VM: So will we all go back to living as our ancestors lived? DT: We can’t speak for everyone. But if you know how to grow your own food, you can eat, even if you have no money. If you know the medicinal value of plants, you may not have to go to the hospital, or even to the drug store. If you have a practice of sharing with others, you can benefit from your neighbors’ resources, and they can benefit from yours. The dominant culture wants to impose its destruction and consumption and teach us that this is the only way to be happy. But there are


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other ways of living, eating, clothing oneself, creating community, and being happy. These other ways are what Indigenous University teaches. VM: What about people who live in major metropolitan areas, like Los Angeles? What good does indigenous knowledge do for them? DT: The most important thing is to appreciate the nature and beauty you do have access to. Water flows from the tap, does it not? Thank Mother Earth for the water. Acknowledge the sacredness and healing powers of the water. Walk outdoors and look up at the sky. Be grateful for the sky, for the birds, the clouds, the breeze. A bit of grass, a potted plant—honor beauty and nature wherever you find it. Become aware and appreciative. In this way, you teach yourself to be present to the moment, to be connected to all that is. This is the indigenous way. VM: The theme of this issue is “Magnitude of Mind.” What does “Mind” mean to you? DT: Mind is the universal intelligence that expresses itself through all Creation. It is heart intelligence, meaning it is love intelligence. Mind is in everything and it is the means through which co-creation is possible. Mind is co-creation. It is the means through which all things are connected; therefore, Mind also means unity. The Mind in me is the same Mind that is in you, which is the same Mind that is in everything. VM: And what does “Magnitude of Mind” mean to you? DT: Mind is infinite—that is the magnitude of it. It does not end, in either the microcosm or the macrocosm. This is because Mind is co-creative. It is continually expressing itself. And each of its creations contains the same creative love intelligence, and continues to create—without end. The Mind that is in the cell creates new cells. The Mind that is in the galaxy creates new galaxies. As above, so below. World without end. VM: There is so much environmental destruction—and so much suffering— that has already taken place on our planet. Do your ancestors think humanity can survive? DT: Oh yes. This is not a time to say, “The Earth is going to be destroyed. It’s too late. There’s nothing we can do.” The ancestors say that there are six billion of Earth’s seven billion people who want to live harmoniously who are Earth keepers, peace keepers, light workers, wisdom keepers, indigenous and non-indigenous people. Together we make a very powerful healing vibration. Western culture doesn’t understand the power of vibration. The materialist worldview believes that the only energy that matters is the kind you plug in, or that you burn in an engine. They believe in

f e a t u r e sound healing, but only if it’s ultrasound. They believe in light healing, but only if it’s a laser. They don’t realize the subtler vibrations—the power of thoughts, intentions, words, and actions. We are all vibrating. Every atom in every cell is vibrating. When we vibrate harmoniously we extend order and harmony throughout our environment. The natural world responds to this, as do our fellow humans. In 2004, a council of elders and wisdom keepers from the Otomi Toltec people and from other Indian nations came to the Grand Tetons to pray for the restoration of balance to prevent the eruption of the Yellowstone caldera that the US Geological Survey predicted would take place. Thousands of people prayed, chanted, drummed, and performed ceremonies for four days across a medicine wheel that encompassed 400 miles. The volcano’s eruption was averted. The same year, a 120-mile radius medicine wheel was created around Big Bear Lake. Prayers, drumming, chanting, and ceremony were performed to bring healing rains and snow to the area. Afterwards, there were healing ceremonies conducted in Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, the East Coast, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, Europe, and Africa. These ceremonies were for the healing of pollution, drought, and other imbalances, such as those created by mining operations, dams, airports, oil spills, tourist centers, industries, highways—all kinds of human activity. They were also for the imbalances represented by bird kills, bee colony collapse, butterfly die-offs, and fish kills. The earth is in distress, yet people have the power to heal and alleviate this distress. This is the power of intention, of energy, of prayer and vibration. VM: Do you have hope for humanity? DT: Yes. Yes, of course. The ancestors say yes. It is true that many people will not survive the changes that are coming, as they have not survived recent earthquakes, floods, and tornadoes. But if you are aligned with what is happening you will know how to prepare and protect yourself and others. If you cross the desert bringing food and water, you will survive the crossing. But if you build your house in a dry riverbed, your house will probably one day be flooded. Respect our Mother, the earth, live in harmony with her, and Mother Earth will respect you. Walk in the beauty. Be grateful as Mother Earth is generous with you. Learn the power of infinite gratitude; offer her your life in a

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art | cin e m a | p er f o r m a nc e a r t s | t hea t r e | g a l l er i es | p o et s | c o nv e rs ati on | cu l tu re

Neptune and Uranus

Challenging Our Minds in New Zodiac Signs


he mystery of why astrology works and psychics are so accurate will challenge our minds during the next 14 years as the planet Neptune makes its home in the last sign of the Zodiac and its own house of Pisces,” states astrologer Linda Berry. This is the completion of the first journey around the entire horoscope (165 years) since Neptune was discovered; the last time it was in this sign was back in the mid-1800’s. Now that Neptune is home, we are in for a long ride to test the magnitude of our minds during this age of new mystical revelations. This will be a time for unfettered imagination taking hold of the universal consciousness and helping to move us away from materialism and towards spirituality. Joining Neptune in the mental whirlwind is the messenger of changes, Uranus, as it churns things up in the first sign of the Zodiac for the next seven years. Uranus in the sign of Aries opens up a new way of thinking and acting. Creative minds can bring forth radical changes that move us in new directions that we’ve not known before. Linda tells us, “We’ll be experiencing life revolutions through

Study Somatics in Depth Pacifica Graduate Institute’s M.A./Ph.D. Program in Depth Psychology with Emphasis in Somatic Studies

our higher minds in relationship to our spiritual individuality. This energy awakens the intuitive seeds planted by Neptune to blossom into the truest and broadest expressions.” Both of these planets join forces with Pluto, who changed Zodiac signs a few years ago and has a long stay in Capricorn until 2024. Being a “spiritual astrologer,” Linda has been taking a closer look at the furthest planets in our Solar System and how their spiritual energy affects us all. Interviewed on television and Internet radio shows, as well as speaking at various venues, she has been sharing her unique wisdom of the cosmos as the “Zodiac Yoda” in regards to what we all have in store in these coming years. Linda, who is an internationally known astrologer and paranormal researcher, is also the producer and host of two blog talk radio shows, including the Lunar News™ radio show where she covers current Moon astrological information as well as transiting planets in the sky. Join Linda Berry in person as she presents a two-hour lecture on “Cosmic Energy of Our Solar System: A Closer Look at Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto” on Sunday, June 19, 2011 at the MUFON San Diego monthly meeting (which will be held at 5 p.m., with Linda speaking at 6 p.m.). She will be discussing the correlation between science and metaphysics of these current planet positions in our Solar System and the cosmic energy affecting us all, as well as our planet Earth. Linda will share insightful information based on 10 years of background and experience as an astrologer, coach, trainer, consultant, and healer at her Spiritual Discovery™ Center in La Mesa, California. Participants will also learn metaphysical and spiritual techniques for using this new planetary energy being released. Finally, her lecture will also take a closer look at the farthest three planets:

Neuroscience has now convincingly demonstrated the functional unity between mind and body. This validates one of the foundational principles of depth psychology— an understanding that there are forces of the psyche that stimulate the body’s capacity to heal itself. This new paradigm has led Pacifica to offer this exciting new degree program specialization.

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An Accredited Graduate School with Two Campuses near Santa Barbara, California

805.969.3626, ext. 359 | V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E


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c a f é

A Convention on Capitalism, Spirituality, and Other Playful Endeavors by Jon Block


ERE & NOW came to me while I was taking an afternoon nap last November. 2010 had been a non-stop year. In the second half of 2010, I began my own personal development, deepening the relationship I had to myself, and becoming much more conscious of what I put into the world. During this time I recognized my true commitment of using my life to advance humanity, standing for others’ complete self-expression and coming into their true selves. And so planted were the seeds for HERE & NOW. HERE & NOW is a bi-annual event, and the upcoming one is the second edition following the January 2011 Convention for New Year’s Resolutions. With the tagline, “A Convention on Capitalism, Spirituality, and Other Playful Endeavors,” the June 26 experience will take place across four stages at the Lafayette


Hotel in North Park. 50 percent seminars and 50 percent live music, HERE & NOW will also have 70 exhibitor booths offering free services and product giveaways. This is the Coachella of Personal Growth. Of the four stages—Career, Health and Beauty, Fitness, Lifestyle and Relationships—like any festival, the seminars will be comprised of the established as well as the talented upand-coming. We came within inches of securing Deepak Chopra as our keynote speaker, though I’m absolutely thrilled to have the CEO of the Chopra Center, David Ji, provide the opening inspiration at 11:00 a.m. Greg Reid, icon of “Think and Grow Rich,” will host a one-hour seminar on the Career stage. Joining us for a 45-minute intimate Q&A session on the Lifestyle stage will be my friend and mentor, the creator of Street Scene, Rob continued on page 46


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The Power of Positive Affirmations Dr. Issac Eliaz


o positive affirmations and positive thoughts really work? Does thinking positively about yourself, your external environment and your reality actually produce positive effects and create noticeable change? Can you cure yourself of disease simply by affirming yourself to be healthy and whole? Having a positive outlook can alter your perception of reality, which can be beneficial, but does it actually alter reality per se? This may be the most profound question in the age-old contemplation of consciousness within spirituality, philosophy, and even science. What role does consciousness play in the establishment of reality? There are many extreme views on this topic. Western science has traditionally clung to the dualistic concept that subject and object are separate and there is no room for subjective (consciousness-based) experience in the scientific “rational” observation of the material world. Taken experientially, this interpretation states that the mind of the human being is simply a passive observer of a reality that is imposed by a totally deterministic external world, i.e. by forces of nature that we have no internal control over. The opposite view, held by many mystics and spiritual practitioners across the ages, is that all experience in this world is created by consciousness, and that all

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tangible elements of physical reality are therefore ultimately an illusion. Then there are many beliefs, spiritual, philosophical, and scientific, that place themselves in the middle ground, existing as flexible mediums between these two extremes. One such belief system, celebrated especially by the New Age Movement, is the belief in the “Power of Affirmations” or the power of “positive thinking.” When we make an affirmation, we generate a positive thought, but unfortunately it often doesn’t result in a real difference. Why? More often than not, the thought is generated in a contrived way and is not genuine. We may tell ourselves that “we are healthy and happy,” but deep down, we might not really believe it. Often, our positive thoughts are just a few thin layers covering a multitude of suppressed negative beliefs generated by fear, aversion, attachments, etc. These negative beliefs can be both conscious and unconscious, but regardless of their specific location in our psyche, they are clearly the obstructing force in any real effect of positive affirmation on our reality. So, positive affirmations can work, but only to the degree that they are truly genuine – that you generate them and sustain your belief in them from the deepest core of your being. This means being in touch with yourself, experiencing the true potential of your existence, and then being genuine to that experience. So what is the deepest core of our being and how do we access it? This is the difficult part. We can use the metaphor of the onion and its many layers. Our deepest core is our true essence, and it is in no way separable from the essence of the Universe. When we peel back the layers of the onion, the layers of negative beliefs, distractions, fears, etc., we can actually reach this core essence and rest in it, naturally and effortlessly radiating energies of love, compassion, and healing. The deeper we go, the more layers we peel, the more access we have to our true essence, and the more genuine our affirmations can be, for this essence is simply pure openness and, love – the true essence of positive affirmation. Oftentimes especially in moments of crisis, we can become more genuine to ourselves, to our experience of existence. This is the true opportunity presented by crisis. If we keep going deeper, we can start peeling into the depth of our experience, peeling back the layers that obstruct our essence. Then, when the openness is there, love and compassion flow effortlessly as a natural expression of our true nature, and anything can happen. Read about the lifestyle changes that are truly valuable to your health and well-being at

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Harps for Hearts by Amanda Hinds Doyle


ust as music undergoes momentary modulation from one key to another, coincidently, Celtic harpist Lisa Lynne has done the same. Beginning her career as a bass player, Lynne pursued her musical passion by playing with Top 40s groups, rock and dance bands, and on military bases full-time for 10 years. Then at 21 Lynne stumbled upon the Celtic harp at a Renaissance Faire in Agoura, California. “It was love at first sight,” Lynne says. Keeping with her rockin’ roots, Lynne began teaching herself, playing along to Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin albums. Altering the traditional sound of the Celtic harp, established as a soothing, mellow, and earthy instrument, she incorporated the harp into her heavy metal band. “I took it everywhere I went,” she says, “sharing it with others and insisting everyone play it.” It wasn’t long before Lynne was a full-time harpist, playing at weddings, restaurants, and memorials. To gain even more knowledge of bass guitar, Lynne attended the Musicians Institute of Technology in Hollywood. Yet again, the harp trumped the bass when she came out with the formation of a hard rock harp band. After attaining her first record deal in Germany, Lynne decided to stay, recording and performing in concerts. Inherently, the music industry has a way of intervening in an artist’s initial objective, and Lynne’s music turned into something she felt disconnected from. Returning to grassroots, Lynne ended up back in Los Angeles playing on the Venice Beach Boardwalk. Seeking out the authentic soul of her music, along with touring, Lynne landed a record deal with Windham Hill Records and the #13 spot on the Billboard Top New Age Album chart (for “Daughters of the Celtic Moon”) in 1998. It was around this time when the Columbine [Colorado] tragedy occurred. One student, Anne Marie Hochhalter, who was paralyzed from the waist down from three shots to her back, was sleeping because of Lynne’s album, “Love & Peace.” When Lynne received a call from a friend of Hochhalter’s family, even though she was booked in Denver, she changed her travel plans and went immediately to the hospital where Hochhalter was staying. After playing for Hochhalter’s family, Lynne wrote to Triplett Harps (the com-


r e v i e w s pany that makes her harps) and to a harp chat group asking for contributions to get Anne Marie a harp of her own. “I was amazed and delighted that donations came pouring in from all over the world from other harpists wanting to help Anne Marie get her harp,” Lynne says. Anne Marie got her harp and still plays it today. Inspired by the recent happenings, Lynne’s view of music changed. “The miracle of music was not just about playing for the passive listener,” she says, “but sharing the music and having the listener be a part of it, and empowered to make their own music, was where it was at.” Transitioning her life, Lynne began visiting nursing homes, playing her harps and bringing small harps for the residents to play. She was so inspired that she went out and spent her own money to buy more and more harps for others to play. She later received a call from City of Hope, one of the largest cancer treatment and research centers in the world. Here, City of Hope and Lynne created programs and workshops to teach patients how to play, as well as a music library for patients to check out learning tools and even harps and live concerts in City of Hope, doing everything to get people involved and inspired. “The smiles and happy faces are worth more than I could ever say,” says Lynne. Lynne was juggling a tremendous load—she was still touring and playing at festivals around the country—but without fail, every weekday she was back at City of Hope hanging posters and playcontinued on page 44


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STOP Smoking in One Hour— Guaranteed!?


uring the past decade, more than 100,000 smokers have successfully quit the smoking habit in about an hour with advanced, individualized hypnotherapy. No dangerous drugs or harmful chemicals, no needles, lasers, or useless aids are involved. It’s just a safe, relaxing one-hour session in a comfortable chair. How does something so seemingly easy really work? The mind functions on two levels: the conscious—which governs our thinking, decision-making, planning, and actions—and the subconscious—which controls our habits. In the relaxed state of hypnosis, we communicate directly with the subconscious mind to disengage the habit of smoking so that it no longer has power over the smoker. Then we break up all the triggers (first thing in the morning, after meals, etc.) and reinforce the smoker’s personal motivations using advanced hypnotherapy techniques, including Neuro-Linguistic Programming. The beauty of the one-hour system is that the client will avoid negative behaviors and side effects like weight gain, cravings, painful withdrawal, and feelings of deprivation. Hypnosis is a natural state that we enjoy throughout the day, from the minute we wake up relaxed and carefree, to daydreaming, to becoming engrossed in a book or movie, to “zoning out” to music, to arriving safely at our destination without remembering the drive. Hypnotic moments are relaxing and enjoyable, and we stay in control because all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. But the smoker must be highly motivated to stop smoking, as no one can force a person in hypnosis to do anything against his or her will. Hypnosis is completely safe—no one can get stuck in a state of hypnosis, as it is simply “breathe, relax, and focus,” which all of us may do at some time during the day anyway. Thus, anyone with normal intelligence, and who is not taking psychotropic drugs, can be hypnotized easily and achieve successful results. Hypnosis is possibly as old as humankind. The old myths and misconceptions about hypnosis have given way to proven, scientifically sound applications. It is used effectively today in a variety of fields worldwide, including medicine, surgery, dentistry, professional sports, stage performances, law enforcement, and education. Smoking is the number one preventable cause of premature death worldwide. And most smokers know that if they would only quit smoking, they would save

by Dr. Ginger Marable, PhD

thousands of dollars a year, would add many years to their lifespan, and would avoid painful, debilitating health problems in the future. So why do people continue to smoke? Fear! Fear of losing their crutch, of uncontrollable cravings, stress, weight gain, or failure. But clients of the one-hour hypnotherapy system leave relaxed and elated that they have at last achieved what they have longed for—the new life of a happy, permanent non-smoker. Dr. Ginger Marable, PhD, CHt is the owner of Absolutely Smoke Free—1 Hour! The system has a scientifically documented 95 percent success rate and offers a lifetime guarantee: If a client should ever begin smoking again, he or she can have a free back-up session. For a free consultation, call 760.420.2279 and visit www. for more information.

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“Magnitude of Mind” continued from page 19

birth to many words, so too the Creator of Heaven and Earth with a simple thought of creation spurs words that created endless worlds with boundless possibilities. The power of speech, according to recent scientific discovery, has a connection to the human ability to hurl an object and hit a precise destination; playing sports is an exemplary example of this uncanny ability particular to human behavior. The ability to throw and to speak are propelled from the mind that can look into the future by extrapolating from the present and the past. Similarly, the Creator in the primordial thought of creation implanted every possibility for every particle, physical or spiritual, forever. In this way God knows everything past, present, and future at one time as indicated in the highest of the Seven Hebrew Names of God, YHVH, whose four letters can be rearranged to read the three tenses: Hoya/Past; Hove/Present; and Yahiya/Future. The MidrashBook of Metaphor says, To the Creator creation is but a little thing taking little effort. The reason why only the human being has this power, this magnitude of mind, is due to the difference in souls. Animals, which resemble angels in many aspects, have souls similar to the angels, made from the upper three elements of creation— water, air, and fire—called Emesh in the 4000-year-old book of Cabala, Sefer Yeztirah/Book of Form, written by the patriarch Avraham. The soul of the human being comes from the primordial thought of the Creator who wants a dwelling place in a low world. Presumably time and space is considered low by God. The ability to create something out of nothing was not included in the package of the soul because that preceded even the thought of God, but the power to create out of what was created is endlessly being played out in the mind of each person. The magnitude of mind far outstrips all other abilities of the body with the exception of the heart that loves. With these two bastions of strength, the head that thinks and the heart that loves, the human being can bring the Creator closer to creation.

Motivational Institute of Hypnotherapy HYPNOTHERAPY CERTIFICATION TRAINING • Ericksonian Hypnosis • Cognitive Behavorial Hypnosis • Energy Psychology Motivational • NLP Institute of • We l l n e s s Wo r k s h o p s Hypnotherapy • 858.587.0422

Marla Brucker DCH, R.HA



Dovid Krafchow is a Hebrew scholar and author living in San Francisco, CA. His most recent book, 2012 and the Cabala, is “an ancient take on the modern world, providing a positive spin to our chaotic times.” Please visit his Web site, Also visit his blog,

“Smart Man, Wise Man, Teacher Man, Student” continued from page 9

your services. Furthermore, when you become a teacher, your student’s needs force you to learn more about the subject you’re teaching than you could have dreamed of when you were the designated student. But it doesn’t stop there. The irony of placing yourself in front of a student as a teacher is that ultimately your students are really teaching you—they just don’t know it. And so goes the paradox of formal education—you start out trying to become smart. Along the way, you learn that what you really seek is to become wise. If you’re lucky, you gain a little wisdom, which emboldens you to teach. And the act of teaching makes you a better student than you thought you could ever be. Ironically, maybe I share more with the Gas Station Man I aspired to be as a kid than I know, providing a different kind of fuel. One that offers both self-serve and full-service as well. Which is definitely Greek to me.


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“Expanding Micro-mind to Macro-mind in this Fractal Reality” continued from page 16


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arrival of this menacing dark star is causing such havoc on Earth? A posting on NASA’s Web site called the “Buzzroom” stated that Planet X will be closest to the earth on October 28th, 2011. Later, due to controversy, the posting was removed. This date coincides with the Mayans’ reference to “the end of time.” Many other cultures also speak of an unseen sun that drives this movement of the stars across the sky over thousands of years and causes great ages to rise and fall. So if our Sun has a foe and there is a “war in Heaven” coming around again, how can we puny humans survive? Well if you’re a global-elite, you most likely have a condo waiting for you deep within the earth at “Bunkersville.” For the rest of us, I suggest a spiritual solution. Ride the big cosmic wave! Unplug from the techno-matrix for starters! It is stealing your magic. Get in touch with your cosmic parents. Spread love, not fear. Fear only sells if you are buying it. According to best-selling author Gregg Braden, the power of prayer and meditation has greatly reduced crime when practitioners focused on a particular city. What if we focus on our meditative powers of healing during these troubled transits? If the Nazis could wield such occult power from their black sun, imagine what we could manifest by tapping into the transformational powerhouse of our Sun. Great masters throughout history suggest that people can ingest the rays of our Sun. Sun glazing is a practice so effective that, according to the Discovery Channel, the Buddha Boy from Nepal hasn’t needed to eat or drink for over three years! Master Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath, a Solar Master of the 20th century, encourages people to practice Surya (Sun) Yoga, a dynamic osmosis of solar healing and protection. Yogiraj also teaches the ancient Himalayan knowledge for selfmastery called Babaji’s Kundalini Kriya Yoga. These techniques are powerful and provide extraordinary spiritual protection during these turbulent times. Yogiraj will be returning to San Diego in July. Learn more about Yogiraj at www. and

Joseph McDonald will be conducting a live presentation series in San Diego called “2012…The Cosmic Journey: Where Science Meets Spirit!” Go to www.seeklight. org for a schedule and amazing research tools. Also visit for meditations. Be a part of the solution-revolution!

on the science of yoga meditation and successful living





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“Magnitude of Mind” continued from page 6

then, does it take in order to build the “institutions” and “systems” necessary to make available a quality standard of living for humans across diversities, across places and spaces, when we know the way things are currently situated has been, and continues to be, fully unsustainable. Even President Obama said in a recent speech, “The status quo is unsustainable.” Human beings have unlimited potential, and in honoring the magnitude of our minds, let us reflect on where we’re at, what’s brought us to this point in history, and what it will take to foster solutions to the many issues we’ve located and understand are unjust and unsustainable. It’s within us as the unique species we are to rise above the shackles of Social Darwinism and reject it for what it is: a rationalization of destruction, stratification, and never ending conflict. There are countless barriers and gaps by which alternate ways of thinking must be nurtured in order to get here, but it’s all within our grasp. And in respecting the true magnitude of the human mind, it’s only natural to not only theorize ways to bring about such a standard of living to the planet and its people, but to put them into action as well.

March, what should they do? DT: We intend to hold preliminary events on the summer and winter solstices and the fall equinox in Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Miami, Denver, Atlanta, Washington, DC, Chicago, and New York. We invite people to organize events in their area and synchronize their drumming and intention by registering their events on the 8000 Sacred Drums Web site, which is And we invite all our brothers and sisters to plan now to be at the Otomi Olmec Ceremonial Center near Toluca, Mexico, the week of March 21-25, 2012. Together we will begin the Great Healing and walk together the Sacred Path of Peace. To learn more about Dabadi Thaayrohyadi and the International Indigenous University, please visit Leslee Goodman is a freelance writer who divides her time between Ojai, CA and Methow Valley, WA. Find her at

Brennan Lagasse is a writer and environmental consultant living in Lake Tahoe, CA. His book, Waiting for the Snow to Fall: First Nations, Federal Policy, and Environmental Justice, explores the tenets of holistic sustainable land-use policy applied and understood through critical examination of the plan to expand the Arizona Snowbowl ski resort near Flagstaff, AZ. He can be reached at brennanlagasse@ “Timless Wisdom for Changing Times” continued from page 27

good way, in a sacred way. VM: Even if we mean to respect Mother Earth, so many of the systems we have created are harmful to her. It is nearly impossible, for example, to live in Western society and not participate in fossil-fuel consumption or contribute to global warming. How can we respect Mother Earth while continuing to participate in her destruction? DT: It is all about intention. The more you intend to respect and appreciate the natural world—the more you see it as alive and beautiful and sacred—the more you will find your attitudes and actions changing. You will find that you are happy with less. You will become less of a consumer. When you do consume, you will be aware of the consequences of your consumption—the offering that other beings made so that you could consume. And you will begin to think of your own life as an offering as well. This may change the very idea of what you think of as your purpose. It may awaken you to the sense that we live in community, a community that is our responsibility—and also our joy—to care for. You become aware that your actions affect everything around you, even affect the entire universe. You will participate in destructive systems less and less, and if those systems collapse, because the present path we are on is unsustainable, you will already have learned a new, more harmonious way to live. The prophecy of the 8,000 Sacred Drums is meant as a call to action. It’s not just an opportunity to say, “I have a heart, let’s drum.” It’s also a call to take responsibility. It’s a call to cooperate, to respect, and to love. It’s a call to realize that every thought you think and everything you say and do has a powerful vibration—for better or worse. Our elders want to invite us to keep peace, harmony, and hope. The hope they speak of inspires action. We must nourish and heal our relationships every day. Live in joy every day. This is the most important thing we can do. Live with compassion, forgiveness, and understanding that everything we do to others, we also do to ourselves. Unity is sacred. When you understand unity you will not harm another. You will not harm the earth, which is alive, and so is also “another.” VM: If people want to participate in the 8000 Sacred Drum ceremony next V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E


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JUNE 12 SUN – JUNE 14 TUES AMMA IN LOS ANGELES - Retreat with Mata Amma (Mata Amritannandamayi) Renowned Humanitarian and Spiritual Leader at the LAX Hiilton. Fee and registration required. for LA Programs please visit or call 323.469.1247 - A Celebration for World Peace. May all Beings Everywhere be happy. JUNE 14 TUESDAY CLOUD 9~PATIENT SERVICES 1ST Free Power Yoga Class with Jamie–Free for qualified patients. Call 619-955-8420 to save your spot. June 15 WEDNESDAY CLOUD 9~PATIENT SERVICES 1ST Breathe yourself to Lower Blood Pressure with Brahm who has developed a technique for lowering one’s base blood pressure almost instantly! 4:20 pm both days. Yari Camarano 619-955-8420

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Escondido, CA JULY 23 SATURDAY SATSANG & EXPERIENTAIAL WORKSHOP with Yogiraj Siddhanath (Free) 7 pm - 500 DeHaro St., San Francisco, CA Registration and Questions: 415-377-5310 or JUNE 26 – SUNDAY ASSESSMENTS FOR CHILDHOOD ATTENTION AND LEARNING ISSUES at the Labbe Health Center at 12pm. Join us for an exciting free lunch as you learn more. Seating is limited so please RSVP today. 858.483.4770. or visit or

JULY JULY 3 SUN DAY-JULY 24 SUNDAY REV. KATHY HEARN at Universal Spirit Center. Spiritual Leader for United Centers for Spiritual Living will address the subject of relationships during the Sunday Gatherings at 9am and 10:45am. Corner of University and Front Streets, San Diego. Call 619.291.4728 or visit July 5 TUESDAY – JULY 20 WEDNESDAY ACCELERATED NLP MASTER PRACTITIONER CERTIFICATION TRAINING in Newport Beach. You will learn Quantum Healiing Techniques. Advanced Clearing and Healing Techniques and more. Visit or 800.800.MIND JULY 9 SATURDAY REIKI 1 EMPOWERMENT – LEARN the HISTORY OF Reiki and the benefits of it as a healing modality. 1 OF 6 CLASSES - Reiki I Empowerments will be given. Self-healing techniques will be taught.

AUGUST 13 SATURDAY Sat. Aug 13, Los Angeles, CA KRIYA YOGA WORKSHOP & EMPOWERMENT with Yogiraj Siddhanath ($108) Registration and Questions: 650-291-0061 or AUGUST 11-14 THUR-SUN 2011 INTERNATIONAL THEOSOPHY CONFERENCE The Heart of Wisdom, A Concurrence of Science and Spirituality from the Theosophical Perspective. $25 Registration. All are welcome. Call 760.765.1090. www. AUGUST 19-20 FRI - SAT MATRIX ENERGETICS is a ground-breaking consciousness technology for insight and spiritual growth founded by Richard Bartlett, DC, ND. Our life-changing weekend seminars will allow you to learn how to rewrite any rule about your reality. Create a new sense of you while letting go of old unwanted patterns with ease, grace and fun. www. SEPTEMBER 8-11 THURS-SUN 3RD ANNUAL BHAKTI FEST – 80 HOURS OF KIRTAN, 72 YOGA CLASSES, 40 HOURS OF WORKSHOPS. Joshua Tree Retreat Center 866.992.4258. SEPTEMBER 9-11 FRI-SUN HEALING THROUGH THE AKASHIC RECORDS WEEKEND with Akashic expertauthor Linda Howe. Use your Soul’s energyarchive to heal self-abandonment patterns and radiate your true essence. Burbank, $425. Also 9/8/11 at Bodhi Tree Bookstore, attend Linda’s book signing and healing meditation (free). Info: Barbara Schiffman, 818-415-3479,,,

store, 8036 La Mesa Blvd, La Mesa, CA. 619.588.6483 for information. LOOKING FOR A SPIRITUAL COMMUNITY? You are always welcome at the Celebration of Light Church. Visit our website for program. www.CelebrationOfLightChurch. org. Vicente @ 23rd St. – San Francisco. MONDAYS FREE PSYCHIC READINGS every FIRST Monday 7:30p.m. by students in Vessa’s INTUITIVE INSIGHTS Clairvoyant Program, 4455 Morena Blvd. #108, 858.509.7582 www.MyIntuition.Net 06.11 COMPASSIONATE COMMUNICATION TELESEMIAR. 6:30pm. Enhance fulfilling relationships, self-connection and spiritual qualities with innovative compassionate communication skills. Ongoing 45 min. teleseminar $12 All experience levels. Rick@ 805.898.9336. $8 BEGINNERS YOGA CLASSES Monday @ 6:00p.m. Tuesday @ 5:30 p.m. 2333 Camino del Rio South #240 92108 www. 619.917.0998 TUESDAYS THE ASTROLOGY ACADEMY Arthyr W. Chadbourne Master 3rd Generation Astrologer, author of Ancient Whispers from Chaldea and Moment of Truth teaches ongoing astrology classes including Horary and Sunset charts every Tuesday evening at the New Age Bible and Philosophy Center, 1139 Lincoln Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 7-9PM, $15 per class, call 562.598.0034 for more info, (entrance is in the alley behind the Coffee Bean)

JULY 24 SUNDAY KRIYA YOGA WORKSHOP & EMPOWERMENT with Yogiraj Siddhanath Sun. July 24 7:30 pm - 500 DeHaro St., San Francisco, CA ($108) Registration and Questions: 415377-5310 or


JULY 30 SATURDAY SATSANG & EXPERIENTAIAL WORKSHOP Sat. July 30 7-9 pm with Yogiraj Siddhanath (Free)- 1613 Lake Drive, Encinitas, CA 92024 Registration and Questions: 858877-3219 or

ANTHONY WILLIAM – MEDICAL MEDIUM provides accurate readings for Individuals seeking and In-Depth understanding of their body and health. Phone consultations available. 941.429.8383 www.medicalmedium .net.

WEDNESDAYS MIRACLE CIRCLE MEDITATION Connect with your inner divinity through deep meditation, inspirational prayers, and group discussion. 7p.m.-8p.m. Teaching of the Inner Christ 1100 N. Second St. Suite 1114 El Cajon, CA 92021. 619.447.7007 08.11

JULY 31 SUNDAY KRIYA YOGA WORKSHOP & EMPOWERMENT with Yogiraj Siddhanath ($125) Registration and Questions: 858-877-3219 or July 31 4-8 pm - 11260 Clairemont Mesa Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92124.

SUNDAYS FIND THE CENTER OF DIVINITY WITHIN! Inspirational prayers, metaphysical teachings, music, social hour to follow. 10:30a.m.11:30a.m. Teaching of the Inner Christ 1100 N. Second St. Suite 1114 El Cajon, CA 92021. 619.447.7007 08.11

FREE MEETUP GROUP with SPIRITUAL COACH John Abe. Learn Universal Enlightenment with “I Am Totality.” Build your life to order. 1-800-584-1640, iamtotality@, Meeting at Spiritual Discovery Center, La Mesa, 619507-6395.


ONENESS MEDITATION SERVICE – Led by Goddess Light and Ordained Metaphysician Tauheedah Shakoor-Curry. Expanding Light means expanding abilities. Step into your vaster self. Align, Renew. Give, Receive higher light. Join us for inspiration and meditation 11am-1pm at The Imagine Center, 18635 Ventura Blvd, Tarzana, CA 91356. Each participant receives a higher light reading. $10 minimum donation. Register at 818.345.1100 or online at (Note: Group does NOT meet on the fourth Sunday of the month.)

THURSDAYS FREE DETOXIFICATION AND WEIGHT LOSS CLASS 1st Thursday of every month. 6:30p.m. Easy and successful program. Register @ Body Basics Health Center, San Diego. 619.296.7390 06.11

AUGUST 6 SATURDAY HAMSA PICNIC WITH YOGIRAJ - L.A. (Free) Registration and Questions: 650291-0061 or AUGUST 12 FRIDAY Los Angeles, CA SATSANG & EXPERIENTAIAL WORKSHOP with Yogiraj Siddhanath (Free) Registration and Questions: 650-291-0061 or


SPICA – WAY OF LIGHT INSPIRATIONAL SERVICES 2nd Sunday of the month at 10am, 4th Sunday at 9am. Myztic Isle Book-


J U N E 20 11

AROMATHERAPY CLASS Every Tuesday 7-9pm Amrita Wellness Center, 7820 Ivanhoe Ave., La Jolla CA, 92037 858.779.9120. $25 per class

FRIDAYS HAPPINESS CLASSES - Based on the lifehealing teachings of VERNON HOWARD, Fridays - 8p.m.; Sundays - 10a.m. New Life Foundation, 5779 Westminster Blvd., Westminster, CA. 714.899.9300 Conquer stress, handle difficult people with ease, banish problems. Donation basis. 06.11

“Neptune and Uranus” continued from page 34

Uranus; Neptune; and Pluto. All three of these planets have moved into new Zodiac signs during the past few years, with Uranus and Neptune being the most recent and remaining in their new respective signs for seven (Uranus in Aries) to fourteen years (Neptune in Pisces). For more information, please call 619.507.6395, e-mail and, or visit and Also visit for live and archived radio shows. MUFON (The Mutual UFO Network, Inc.) is an international scientific organization researching the phenomenon known as Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO’s). The June MUFON meeting will be held on Sunday, June 19 at 5 p.m. in the Sizzler Banquet Room at Linda Berry will be the guest speaker at the meeting starting at 6 p.m. “Harps for Hearts” continued from page 37

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call toll free: 866.804.8444

ing music. With a dedicated CD, “Hopes & Dreams,” filled with the healing music she created for the patients at City of Hope, she flew to #6 on the Billboard Top New Age Album and #4 on the New York retail music charts. “My company, ‘Harps for Hearts,’ now places weekly music in several Kaiser locations around Los Angeles and the special events in numerous other hospitals between Los Angeles and San Francisco,” Lynne says. She now has help with music tours, but every month she still goes to LA for special events at various cancer centers. From rocker to harpist turned humanitarian, Lynne began her journey, and like many paths, yielding at the sign of awakening new life in our fellow race. Her turn was a betterment for the lives of many, and one that increased and immensely satisfied her. Now Lynne releases a new album every year (now with over 15 albums). “My passion lies in sharing the gift of music with those doing major health challenges,” says Lynne. “I will continue to do this for the rest of my time on Earth, and hopefully even after that.” For more information or to contact Lisa Lynne, visit or call 818.569.5691. Amanda Hinds Doyle is a graduate from Kent State University with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. She is currently a staff writer for Vision Magazine and the Go Green blogger for Contact her at amandahinds@ “Sprit Clearer ” continued from page 23

my beautiful home.” Chandler is a professional, through and through. Taking everything into account before each clearing, Chandler goes in fearless, full of strength and compassion for the client and the spirits, energies, and/or ghosts. Looking beyond what can be seen (by most), he channels spirits, actively participating in helping them and negotiating a solution for his clients. “My skills have developed over my lifetime. But like anything, if you practice a lot, your abilities increase,” says Chandler. “For the past 15 years I have been working more and more to develop my gifts and skill set. It is never-ending and I am always looking to learn and share with others. The cycle does have great awakening.” For more information and guidance on dealing with spirits and how to get Chandler’s expertise at your home or business, visit Chandler’s Web site at www.chandlerspiritworks. com. Amanda Hinds Doyle is a graduate from Kent State University with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. She is currently a staff writer for Vision Magazine and the Go Green blogger for Contact her at amandahinds@ V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E


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v i s i o n a r y



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a r t i s t

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Hagey. Among the up-and-comers, I’m pleased to showcase Jen Hamilton, who is going to show attendees what it means to be a social entrepreneur. Stephie Althouse will bring Family Focused Health to the Health and Beauty stage. Also, The Love Mob will join us, spreading their powerful, insightful message. The music is comprised of some very local favorites. Geezer is a hilarious tribute band, old men performing songs from Weezer to Beastie Boys. Astra Kelly and Josh Damigo are fantastic singer-songwriters. And watch out for Todo Mundo; this Spanish acoustic dance music act is going to be huge. For those inclined, the Lafayette Hotel will also boast a fun pool party and full-service bar. In my three years as an event producer, this is the event of which I am most proud. Experience community on a much higher level, create a new future that inspires you and touches others, and give flight to your dreams and those “someday” wishes. It’s never as scary when you just do it. I’m very pleased to partner with Vision Magazine on our journey to move lives. With joy at new beginnings, Jon Block Tickets to Here & Now are just $15.00 for full-access. Individual areas may be purchased for $10.00. Complete information and tickets can be found at “Healing with Infinte Source” continued from page 20

soul is activated, dormant light code, your lineage of light from advanced systems of intelligence, begins to stream or download into your conscious awareness. This is the birth of your illumined consciousness.” In the course of the session, the rational me has ™ been writing this interview Energetic Cosmetic™ Skin Spray in my mind and is trying to structure and memorize Revitalizes “water of youth” in skin everything as it happens. This backfires when the Restores luster and smoothness Improves skin elasticity by up to 50% energy and emotions distract me to the point of moving far beyond thoughts and words, beyond writing… Age Defying Youthful magazine…matter. Now as Beauty That Improves ‘I’ am writing this interview, with Every Bottle I suddenly wonder what this ‘I’ concept is that people OR Your seem to not be able to stop Money Back! talking about. It is slowly starting to dawn on me that it is Source moving me to THE AGELESS SECRET is the Energetic Cosmetic that helps recreate that healthy, youthful glow. write in order to spread the concept of soul activation, This all natural and organic product restores skin luster and smoothness and reconditions and tones moving through Michael, muscles to give long term results. to move others. How can we all be of service to each Results further enhanced by LED Beauty Light. other? For more information about THE AGELESS SECRET After the session I feel all Call Paula or Jim at blissed out. Driving home, 888.424.4247 or 760.341.2255 I am overcome with the beauty of the early morning

sun rays that illuminate the alien-shaped red rocks all around into a magical red glowing world. What a glorious new day! For more information on sessions and phone consultations with Michael Gilardy, please contact him at 928.592.8062 or Hetty Matthijssen is a writer and world traveler originally from The Netherlands. Living between Venice, CA and Sedona, AZ, she finds energy in balancing the ocean and the desert. Contact her at “The New World Fest” continued from page 25

de-prioritizes the welfare of the world community. I also wish that the positive messages of religion would be less perverted. Considering the importance of spirituality, it is a shame that so much of what’s bad in the world is done in the name of it. When I was in my 20’s I was a capitalist. Now I don’t think it works in a pure form. We need regulation and we need some government. Finally I hope that change does not only come about from disaster after disaster. I hope it happens through natural process, logic and intelligent uprisings of communities. But I do think, of all things, if I could pick one thing that would be my greatest wish, it would be that the dollar ceased to be the driving motivating factor for so much of what happens. For more information on The New World FEST (Festival of Eco-friendly Science and Technology), please visit For questions and comments about the FEST, call toll free at 855.500.3378 or e-mail




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Vision Magazine June 2011  
Vision Magazine June 2011  

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