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Tapping Your Intuition is Like Finding Your Own Personal Gold Mine by Renee Stern

Hypnotherapist Program! Mueller College of Holistic Studies is proud to add the Hypnotherapist program to its existing bodywork programs - the first new offering in its 34-year history! - Learn how to open your own practice as a professional hypnotherapist

- Have fun while becoming a life-management expert


n the 90s, I departed what I could best describe as a “challenging” marriage. I assumed life would improve and, of course, in many ways it did. Still, I felt like a fish out of water what with two kids in tow, financial woes, and fears of “what next” looming heavy in my head. I had to make real changes in my life. I first went the traditional route with a highlyrecommended therapist helping me sort the “stuff” that was weighing me down. A wonderful beginning except for one thing: progress took forever! Through a twist of fate, a man I met referred me to “a top psychic” (his words) in town Vessa Rinehart. And thus my journey into developing my personal clairvoyance began. Through readings and house healings with Vessa, I actually found more explanations for my circumstances and solutions to help me resolve them than from any other source of transformational work I had ever tried. There’s always going to be bumps in life, it’s about how we react to those bumps. When we heal inside we find the power to replace old drama-fests with amusing episodes. I learned why I was attracting the same types of people and situations into my life. Better than that, I discovered how to change that energy that I no longer wanted in my life. The bottom line is that healing is enhanced through use of the right “tools”. Could you build a house if you didn’t have a hammer and nails? So why would you expect to heal within without the right tools for that? When you start with “Tools 101,” aka Practical Intuition & Meditation, you can really hit the ground running. I uncovered gifts in myself I never knew existed, such as the ability to read auras and chakras (mine and others), communicate with the other side, and learned how to help heal others. Did you know that when you heal someone, you also help heal yourself? Yet, without protecting yourself, you easily risk being stuck wearing other people’s problems after releasing and healing them. And that’s the whole point. You pick up other people’s energy wherever you go. Learning these spiritual tools has changed my life as well as the lives of those around me. You see, my [good] energy rubs off on people too! If you want to lose old patterns find yourself a goldmine the way I did. Renee Stern is currently enrolled in Rinehart’s Trance Medium and Hands On Healing programs. Vessa Rinehart-Phillips, author of Opening the Third Eye, discovered her gift of telepathy as a child. Practical Intuition & Meditation–Part 1, begins June 3, 2010, at Intuitive Insights, 4455 Morena Boulevard, Suite 108. Call 858.509.7582 or

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Vision Magazine June 2010 Edition  

Vision Magazine is your monthly Holistic Community Resource.

Vision Magazine June 2010 Edition  

Vision Magazine is your monthly Holistic Community Resource.