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SEVEN Nights of Cheese York’s never been criticised for having too few cheesy pop venues, but here at Vision we wanted to make all your musical dreams come true. Is it possible to go a whole week without ever hearing music that doesn’t have an accompanying dance or wasn’t played at your primary school discos? In

York, the answer is no. So why not embrace your inner cheesy pop every night of the week?!

Festastic GOODFEST

With a atmosphere akin to that of the recent ‘Live and Loud’ event, Goodfest is set to be an unmissable event this year on the 16/06/12. Benjamin Francis Leftwich is headlining, and countless other hot talents performing throughout the day. Free pizza, a BBQ, free candy floss, bubble tea and Krispy Kremes are but a few of the mouth watering food available. With a shisha den, bouncy obstacle course, ‘Goodricke’s Got Talent’ and performances from York Brass Band and fire jugglers, you won’t be left unsatisfied. The evening sees a silent disco being held alongside a bar in the nucleus; definitely not an event to be missed!


13/06/12 sees the arrival of the biggest event of the year in Halifax College: FAXIVAL! Faxival is packed full of entertainment from start to finish with live acts performing all day! Some notable acts include ‘Taming the Savage’ and ‘Taking Down Skye’, making another impressive line up in the summer colelge event. The event also boasts an array of huge inflatables such as a 45ft assault course, a surf simulator, a bungee run and sumo suits. In terms of the food and drink available you won’t go hungry, as Faxival will have hog roasts and an ice cream van to name but a few in addition to a cocktail bar. There will also be the unveiling of Halifax’s new mascot!


This year’s Big D event sees Derwent and Langwith colleges being transformed into the magical world of ‘NeverlanD’. The different areas in which the event will be held have been inspired by the world of Neverland: London, The Lost Boys' Hideout, Mermaid Lagoon, Hook's Pirate Ship, and the Indian Camp. With 1,800 students in attendance and three stages, BigD is set to be bigger than ever before, with long-awaited for performances from Roll Deep and Reverend and The Makers. With the aforementioned acts and theme, it is clear this event will be spectacular and not one to be missed. NeverlanD is on the 28/06/12.

Henna Ishaq takes a look at the variety of end of year celebrations offered by the colleges on campus this year, consisting of top quality entertainment, activities and food. These festivals are a great alternative from the usual trek into town for a night out!

Alcuin Summer Fete

The annual Alcuin Summer Fete is known as a family friendly day that is held in the Alcuin quads. Entertainment and activities on the 16/06/12 consist of an inflatable bouncy castle and sumo suits - after all, no big party is complete without them! The Summer Fete coincides with ‘Alcuin’s Got Talent’, so the fete won’t be short of entertainment! Activities will include a coconut shy, lucky dip, guess the sweets, and name the teddy. To add to the fete feel of the event, there will be performances throughout the day which will consist of a variety of local bands and DJs.

So Longwith Langwith

So Longwith Langwith celebrates the end of not only the academic year, but the end of Langwith’s time on the HesWest campus. After 47 years, Langwith are joining Goodricke on HesEast. 16/06/12 sees an epic celebration in Langwith college, consisting of cheap drinks, as well as top-notch food! Langwith will be providing outstanding entertainment including standup comedy, and the opportunity to partake in samba dancing! This epic celebration is set to be a reunion for Langwithians past and present to not only reminisce and rejoice, but to enjoy the end of an incredible fortyseven years on HesWest!


Subsequent to the sensational Quad Dash last weekend, James College continue to make summer as exciting as possible. Their formal event on 24/06/12 will consist of a champagne reception, wine throughout the evening, canapé, nibbles and chocolate fountains, followed by an awards ceremony for outstanding James College students. The event sees over 350 attendees ranging from distinguished guests from the University and the Student’s Union to James’ sports teams and first-year students. James College are certainly ahead of the crowd when it comes to summer spectaculars!


Zena Jarjis looks at some of the more bizarre effects alcohol can have on our behaviour. Wich type of drunk are you?

The Phone Drunk

The Phone Drunk will spend most of the night on their phone and will do considerable damage whist TUI-ing (Texting Under the Influence), usually involving embarrassing texts to an ex. Phone Drunks are also responsible for all the badly spelt drunk statuses all over Facebook. If you see a Phone Drunk in action, do them a favour and take their phone from them.

The Sharking Drunk

Usually male and most commonly found in Willow, the Sharking Drunk will stop at nothing to pull. The Shark's desperation increases as the night goes on. He (or occasionally she) will begin the night by picking a single target and shamelessly flirting, but will be physically throwing him or herself at absolutely any potential conquests in the vicinity by the end of the night.

The Amnesiac Drunk

Everyone forgets the odd thing after a night out, but some people are guaranteed to forget every single detail of every single drunken night. The Amnesiac Drunk will wake up the next morning feeling ashamed but will have no idea why. If you are friends an Amnesiac Drunk, you will spend an entire morning watching them squirm whilst you give them a detailed account of the previous night.

The Emotional Drunk

Determined to make their problems everyone else's problem, this type of drunk will probably spend the night trying to have a deep meaningful conversation with anyone who will listen: taxi drivers, bouncers, strangers in the toilets - no one is safe. It is also likely that the Emotional Drunk will have a meltdown on a night out and will start weeping over their unresolved father issues.

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