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Introduction Do you want to see your name up in lights? When you witness what Your Logo can do for your business,you will not believe your eyes!

Mounted on an office wall, conference backdrop, exhibition space or any other surface: we will make your static logo come alivein a dazzling display of light, movementand color. Your logo will even be very visible from outside your shop. People will noticethe bright and sprankling colors. By using the interaction, the customer is not only being entertained, but you canalso send him your message in an appealing way.

Vision2Watch B.V. - Kryptonstraat 102 - 2718 TD Zoetermeer - The Netherlands

How does Your Logo work? The first thing we do is taking a look at your business logo. We cut out 3D lettering and/or motifs that perfectly overlay the dimensions of your business logo. We work with our developed software to create a customised special effects file and project it in your logo. This clever, eye-catching Video Logo is the ideal solution to unite your business or brand with its intended target market.

What can Your Logo do for you? Your Logo’s main strength is the fact that it makes your business logo stand out in the crowd. Thanks to its movement by animation and color it will draw the attention of passers-by. It gives passers-by something to talk about and you become more memorable for your potential clients.

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Vision2Watch B.V. Kryptonstraat 102 2718 TD Zoetermeer The Netherlands tel +31(0)79 362 46 60 email:

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