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Introduction Who needs a billboard when you can bring the wall to life? Vision2Watch Interactive Walls transform almost any wall surface into an exciting interactive display. Simply approach the surface and the smallest action will trigger an amazing visual reaction. Users can participate in games and other interactive fun, or simply watch the digital magic unfold. And if you’ve got an out-of-the-box marketing idea solution, chances are we can accomodate that too.

How does the Interactive Wall work? Vision2Watch Interactive Walls project captivating special effects and multimedia content onto almost any wall surface. Using specialist software and motion camera technology, interactive wall detects the slightest human movement and lets you command an exhilarating multimedia display.

Vision2Watch B.V. - Kryptonstraat 102 - 2718 TD Zoetermeer - The Netherlands

Interactive Walls: •

Offers an exciting design-driven content system that boasts interactive software, motion camera

integration and more

Easy to install

Includes inbuilt ‘playsafe‘ element that makes it safe and child friendly

Includes special effects that can be customized

Includes brand new effects developed and scripted in-house

Delivers high-resolution projection with outstanding picture quality

Custom made software tailored to your multimedia advertising,

marketing or general business needs Can be purchased or rented

Perfect for hightraffic areas like shopping centres, airports and large public spaces. Vision2Watch delivers incredible floor-to-ceiling entertainment that will certainly draw crowds.

What can interactive Walls do for you? •

Provide your customers with fun, interactive while-you-wait entertainment

Promote YOU and make youre business premises really stand out

Generate revenue through advertising

Communicate your message in a unique, fun and memorable way

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Vision2Watch B.V. Kryptonstraat 102 2718 TD Zoetermeer The Netherlands tel +31(0)79 362 46 60 email:

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Brochure iwall