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Introduction Our interactive foils provide a new and interactive tool to reach your customers even more effective. Used to create the ultimate through-window interactive display, our newly improved lightweight touch foil can be applied directly onto a window, or glass sheet to create an interactive window display.

How it works The Vision2Watch lightweight Touch Foil can be applied directly to a window or a glass sheet. When using a projector, an additional rear projection foil will be mounted behind the touch foil to create the through-window experience.

The foil has an extremely thin grid of specialized wires that are very sensitive and that lead to a controlling device. The wires are designed in an X Y grid pattern, and the Touch Foil film is applied to a substrate that is not metallic. When the glass is touched this places pressure on the substrate, and this causes the capacitance to change. The changes in the capacitance are detected by the controlling device using the X and Y coordinates on the grid, and these changes are then communicated to the software and computer being used. The Touch Foil can be mounted using either a permanent or a removable fixing method. There are no externalcomponents required with the Vision2Watch Touch Foil so the installation is completely safe behind the window.

Vision2Watch B.V. - Kryptonstraat 102 - 2718 TD Zoetermeer - The Netherlands

The possibilities The software will be custom-made for your company by Vision2Watch. The design possibilities are therefore endless. The content can be projected upon an existing bar or a custom-made bar. In short, the interactive table or bar from Vision2Watch offers you a unique way of advertising, informing, entertaining or just a completely new way of standing out.

In brief •

Attracts attention and entertains

Simple and quick to install at almost any location

Stable software and beamers

Low maintenance

Flexible in size

We’ll provide standard- or custom-made software

Not only for sale, but also for rent

tel. +31- (0)79362 46 60 - -

Vision2Watch B.V. Kryptonstraat 102 2718 TD Zoetermeer The Netherlands tel +31(0)79 362 46 60 email:

Vision2Watch Interactive foils  

The Vision2Watch Touch Foil is a clear laminated and lightweight plastic foil that can be applied to virtually any display screen or non-met...

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