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iBar Bar

Introduction The interactive bar from Vision2Watch transforms a bar or table into an interactive performance, creating an experience that will not be forgotten quickly. Therefore it is a unique way for you to advertise and entertain the customer at the same time.

How it works The multi-touch system reacts to any object that touches the table or bar surface. A projected logo or moving projection for example will appear as a reaction. Imagine that a customer is sitting at a table or the bar and an airplane is projected onto the surface. At the moment the customer puts their glass down, the airplane circles around the glass. It’s also possible to let your customer write or draw on the bar, or share photos by sending them to the bar from a mobile phone. There are many other possibilities with the interactive bar or table.

Vision2Watch B.V. - Kryptonstraat 102 - 2718 TD Zoetermeer - The Netherlands

The possibilities The software will be custom-made for your company by Vision2Watch. The design possibilities are therefore endless. The content can be projected upon an existing bar or a custom-made bar. In short, the interactive table or bar from Vision2Watch offers you a unique way of advertising, informing, entertaining or just a completely new way of standing out.

In brief •

Attracts attention and entertains

Simple and quick to install at almost any location

Stable software and beamers

Low maintenance

Flexible in size

We’ll provide standard- or custom-made software

Not only for sale, but also for rent

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Vision2Watch B.V. Kryptonstraat 102 2718 TD Zoetermeer The Netherlands tel +31(0)79 362 46 60 email:

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Brochure ibar