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Spring Break ’11 Oasis, Elevate, Kix/Branches

Oasis Camp 2011

Teens from South Florida and even as far as Texas attended this year’s Oasis Camp. The camp is sponsored by South Florida Urban Ministries which consists of partnerships between Branches, KIX and other ministries from South Florida. The theme for this year was REAL and I was asked to challenge them

expressed faith in Christ alone as Lord and Savior. Upon leaving camp, they were given a 28 challenge journal/ quiet time guide to help them develop their personal relationship with Christ. Many of the students have completed their 28 days. I was able to see some of them last week and to witness their continued journey. with sessions on dealing with real choices and real life among many other things. Students were able to enjoy many different activities from fishing to soccer. Teens also were able to hear from mentors who have been in and through difficult life situations and prevailed in Christ. By the end of the 4 day event, at least 15 students placed their

The guys who attend many of N our Elevate Skate Events in T l took a tour throughout centra Florida during Spring Break.

Buddy Smith, Aaron Upton, Austin Massengale and Corey (Badazzle) Jordon traveled to Jacksonville, FL, Tavares, FL, Plant City, FL, Tampa, FL and Port Orange, FL for the Spring Break Elevate Tour. These guys enjoyed a day at Kona Skatepark, Ed Austin Skatepark, and The Skatepark of Tampa. They were also part of a skate demo at Adventure Academy. They were also able to visit a couple of beaches.

During our time, we met with the new teams in Plant City and in Port Orange. It was great to see them and be part of the expansion growth. The guys had a wonderful time and grew in their abilities. It was a great time! We’d like to give a special shout out thank you to Scott Kirschner, The Gittners, Shannon Wilson, Jackie Overton and Ed Branch for housing and feeding us!

Students from Community Christian School traveled to South Florida to serve children through tutoring and mentoring. From reading to helping with homework, this team served with gladness! Thanks Laura O’Kelley, Matthew Hooten, Lawson Mallony, and Trevor Jenkins for all your hard work!

Branches: Florida City

The ministry mission team from CCS also served with the Miami WAVE Team down in Florida City, FL. We played games like 9 square, football, and some games related to the theme for the evening: Real Talk. The group from Branches asked me to share about how our language and the use of acronyms that stand for foul language online and in life affects

Miami team did awesome hosting our team and we want to give a special shout out to the Gallos for having us in their home all week! Keep Branches, KIX and SFLUM in your prayers, along with all the kids from Oasis and the ministries represented.

our testimony. I shared some thoughts from James 3 and encouraged them to “Tame The Flame�: Train The Tongue, Use Acceptable Words, Manage Conversations and Encourage Everyone through their words. We shared some songs with the group and had a wonderful time hanging with our Branches peeps! The

Spring Break Newsletter  

See what Vision 2 Hear was involved with over Spring Break in 2011

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