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June 2011


Mobil 2011

Everyone’s Going Somewhere

SUMMER MISSION EXPLOSION The Summer is here and already

Honduras working with their church

moving at the speed of sound! On this

group and the rest of us will meet

past Sunday, Buddy Aaron and I left

them on Thursday!

TN for the start of summer Mobil

The Lord has brought some

Mission Tour. For 24 days we will be

incredible things together to tie up the

away from home, traveling and doing

loose ends of the trip providing us

ministry in various places. Currently

with the funds we needed and the

we are in Stockbridge, GA serving in a

some of the tools to build the ramps!

VBS at Stockbridge United Methodist

Thanks for all your prayers and

Church. I am responsible for teach a


few songs. This is the first VBS that

Please be in prayer for the

I have participated in that has one in

members of our team. There are 16 of

the morning and one in the evening. All

us and we still have a few housing

together, we are ministering to about

issues to be resolved in El Salvador.

200 kids each day. It’s been a great


way to start the Mobil Mission trip.


Some of our team is already in


VBS: Shake It Up! Here’s one of the 200 kids shaking things up at VBS!

Stockbridge VBS


The VBS season is upon us! To kick off the Summer Mission


Mobil Tour for Vision 2 Hear, we were able to share some of our WAVE songs with the kids from Stockbridge United Methodist Church. With about 200 kids between the morning and evening gatherings, the kids learned some classics of V2H like the Lawnmower Dance and Shark Song. V2H also helped them choreograph a new song


called Today Is The Day by Lincoln Brewster for the VBS itself.

45mph in a 35mph, hit them without braking, rear-ending the car and ending the life of our KIA. Thankfully, after a ride in the ambulance and a couple hours in ER, it was concluded that no one was seriously hurt and all were released. As the insurance dealt with the quotes on the car etc, they deemed the repairs more than the value of the car and gave me a check, which God used in a big time way to help pay for our way to Honduras and El Salvador this summer! As much as we loved the KIA and have fond memories, we are very thankful that no one was hurt and that God used that vehicle to serve us one more time by getting us to Central America this

Friday The 13th

summer. That car really can fly and little did we know that Friday the 13th would have been such a blessing!


On another note, I am now driving the

people may

Rodeo exclusively and it’s really tough on

have their own


Evidently the kid who hit them simply wasn’t paying attention and doing about

personal and

gas. I will be looking to get a more


economical car once I get back from


overseas. If you know of anything, please let me know. Thanks!

feelings about Friday The 13th but we will remember it for the car wreck that killed the KIA.

Another V2H Graduate

It was a rainy afternoon and the guys had gotten home from school. However, a friend had come home with them and they were offering him a ride to his house, which was fine, of course.

Random Pictures A) Victoria Jimenez, long time V2H’er and friend. B) Notice the passenger seat is bent from the impact of the wreck! C) Dawson Doremus all painted up at VBS

But about 5 minutes after they left the house, I got a call from Buddy saying “we’ve been in an accident...someone hit us from behind but we are all ok.” I told him I was on the way and made my way. Once I got close, the fire and rescue and cops were already there, with traffic backing up on the little two lane road. As I ran up on the guys, they were all out of the car, with the other guy who had hit them standing in the rain, trying to figure out exactly what happened.


Victoria Jimenez from Palmetto Senior High School graduates this Friday, June 10 and then heads directly to meet our Mobil Summer Tour Team in Honduras. This is no surprise though, because this is the kind of servant heart Victoria has had all along. Among some of our first signers in the Florida area, Vicki has been as faithful as they come! She has served with us not only in Florida but been with us previously in Honduras and El Salvador. She has been an outstanding student leader on WAVE and a tremendous servant at George Camp. We have been blessed immensely to have had her on our teams and leadership! Congrats Vicki!

George Camp 2011

History of George Camps The summer of 2002 is when “George Camps” began. The camp grew out of the outrageous sessions George used to have with students at Palmetto Bay Academy (now known as Christ Fellowship Academy) during Spiritual Emphasis Weeks. After the second year of speaking at PBA (CF), George hosted the first George Camp and the rest is history in the making.

Universe: All-Stars This yearʼs theme for George Camp is UNIVERSE ALL-STARS. Our goal for camp is to help children know how they can be lights for Jesus. As we dive into this yearʼs camp, we will explore the truth about being Godʼs Light and allowing His Light to shine through us! From the way we talk to each other to the way we serve one another, we can all be stars for Jesus! Join us for a week you wonʼt forget and Be A Star in the Universe! Then you will be innocent and without any wrong. You will be God's children without fault. But you are living with crooked and mean people all around you, among whom you shine like stars in the dark world. Philippians 2:15 15


George Camps are all about crazy, messy, wild and fun times but also about singing, praising and learning about Jesus. During George Camps, children from 3rd grade through 6th grade learn Bible verses, have meaningful lessons, and develop life-long memories that change and shape their lives forever! Check out this link for more George Camp images and video: http:// v=xFE2GpN_6F0

UNIVERSE: ALL-STARS IMPORTANT INFORMATION SURVIVOR ALL-STARS MONDAY Students will play games geared around the TV show Survivor. We will provide lunch on this day. We will be “stranded” on the continent of Africa. So bring anything that has an “African” flare for points. SHARK TANK ALL-STARS TUESDAY Students will play many water activities and also be challenged to invent a new product. Bring lunch and a change of clothes. Bring anything with sharks for points. THE BIGGEST GAINER ALLSTARS WEDNESDAY Students will not only be decked out in glow-in-the dark garb but see who can actually bring in the


most weight in canned/nonperishable food items for us to donate to the local food pantry. Bring lunch and glow-in-the-dark stuff. Anything glowing or of a race theme for points.

WAYSIDE BAPTIST 7701 SW 98 Street Miami, FL 33156 Cost: $125.00/person for one week or $230/ person for both weeks.*


July 11-15 and July 18-22

Students will play a lot of very messy, gross games that will not only be memorable but wipe them out! Bring lunch and a change of clothes. Anything Beachy or Hawaiian for points.

Hours: 9am-3pm Early or after care available at additional charge.**




Going into 3rd Grade Through 6th Grade

Our week will end with a great race that will challenge their team work skills and focus their attention on God’s plan for the world. Lunch will be provided on

To Register Wayside is handling all registration here: Please mention that you are calling or registering for George Camp.

If you have questions please feel free to contact George at 704-472-5339 or *2nd or more children less $15 per week. ** Check Wayside fees when registering.






SUMC VBS June 6-10 Honduras June 9-13 El Salvador June 14-28

Tennessee July 3-7

Possible trip back to EL Salvador to follow up on Elevate.

WAVE Conferences.

George Camp Miami FL July 10-24

Leadership Conferences


June Update 1  

Read about some of the recent events and V2H