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Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. Proverbs 4:23

Unlock Your Heart Inner Sanctum By George Lockhart

Our lives are lived on two planes: time and space. How we operate on these continuum essentially define our lives. But to say that we truly live on these planes is really questionable. Many people exist on these planes but do not live. We go about our business and our busyness, circling the running wheel like a gerbil in an effort to get somewhere that ends up nowhere. How can we truly get somewhere? Therein lies the problem. We are asking the wrong question. Our destination as a Christ-Follower is settled. Perhaps the right question is: who are we becoming?


Yes. The answer is like Christ. But that’s not it completely. There is only one Christ. We are to be “like” Christ but in our own expressive and imitative way. God is not looking for carbon copies of Christians or cookie-cutter churches. He is looking for organic, authentic expressions of Himself, manifest in and through each and every unique follower of Jesus. So, if God “knit” us together in our mother’s womb (Psalm 139:13-16), are we not designed purposefully and intentionally with a unique way, heart, and fingerprint to leave on the world in the name of Christ?

This is why dealing with our interior life is so important; because whether we know it or not, whether we are aware or not, life is not something that happens “to us”. Life is what happens in us and from us. Proverbs 4:23 says we should guard our hearts because everything (life) flows from it. The question begs to be asked: how is your heart? On the space and time continuum, how is your heart? In this session we will begin to unlock our hearts and delve into what makes us tick, what causes us fear, what holds us back and what inspires us forward. Are you ready to dive in?


Time and Space Does God Fit?

“God will not fill a heart that has no room.”

By George Lockhart

Is God claustrophobic? Are you? One look at someone’s calendar can certainly tell much about a person’s life and purpose. As I get older, I definitely have found that if I am to get meaningful time with people and especially with God, I have to “schedule” it. Now, don’t get me wrong. Having a detailed and planned quiet time, devotional time is vitally important. However, it is far too easy to reduce my relationship with God to a certain timeframe, a special place or space and then simply “leave” God there. God will not be contained. He does not want to be limited to a time frame, a space, a checklist, a routine, a good and albeit “godly” habit. He wants to be GOD. Time cannot contain God, nor can space so why do we try to fit Him into a slot, box, or agenda? When it comes down to it, we somehow manage to “manage” God and our own spiritual lives. We schedule Him in when we can “fit” Him in. We plan Him in and out of many things in our lives. God does not fit into a box called a calendar or a linear equation called a formula. Therefore, God demands all space, all time, all the time. How much space and time of yours belongs to God? The “Jesus” answer should be “all of it”. But we know that often this is not true. How

Gary Thomas can we make it true? Where do we go from here? Instead of asking how can we fit God into our lives, we need to ask how can we make room? As an Interior Life Designer, we have to deal with “room”. Rooms define space and rooms occupy time. Rooms say much about us. How do we decorate to the purpose and intention and utilization of the room? Some rooms are used more of the time than others. How would the room look if God designed it? If God were arranging your house, where would He start and what would be important to Him?

Spatially Challenged? Time To Look Within By George Lockhart

Tree of Life? Everything started in the Garden of Eden with a choice from a Tree, right? But was there something that was happening in their hearts before they got to the tree?


Here are a few questions to join God with the renovation and the release of your heart to His hands. 1) What occupies most of your time? 2) What thoughts, fears, dreams, goals, occupies the most space in your heart and life? 3) How is your space decorated? What words have shaped your life in positive or negative ways? How much room do these words, beliefs, ideas take up?

Furthermore, have you even invited Jesus into your home? Is it your home or His? Remember when Jesus first came to earth? What was the innkeeper infamously recorded saying? “There is no room” (Luke 2:7). In order to begin, this interior life design, we have to look at the room of our hearts. We have to look at how we were made, who made us and for what reason and purpose. We have to come to the conclusion that we are not a mistake but by design and become ok with that design. Then and only then can we begin to see the floor plan and decorate our lives with meaning and value. 4) What qualities do you like most/ celebrate about yourself ? What qualities do you dislike about yourself ? Are you willing to let God deal with those on His own timetable? 5) How have you tried to manage God? 6) How has God proven to be bigger than you and your space? How has He proven to not be locked into your timetable? Can you be ok with that? 7) Contemplate the difference between eternal and everlasting. John3:15-16 How does that affect your view of God in time and space?

Interior Life Design  

Contemplate time and space within your spiritual life