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GENERAL NEWS A recent CUADRA ASSOCIATES report reflects some interesting data: — 2,453 online databases from 1,189 producers are up on 362 systems, compared with 400 databases offered on 59 systems in 1979. — 72 databases were dropped by vendor systems in May-June 1984; over 180 new databases went up during the same period. Along with our own Bob Donati, the new Information Industry Association's Interim Executive Committee for the Database Publishing Division consists of: Lois Granick (Psyclnfo and ALA/LITA) Dennis Auld (Data Courier) Debra ~rown (Bowker) Jane Brown (BR5) Art Elias (BIOSIS) Peggy Fischer (LINK) Myer Kutz (Wiley) Dennis McDonald (Aspen) Dan Prickett (Mead) The Database Publishing Division has formed four committees so far: Operations, New Product Development, Marketing, and General Policy Issues. (IIA DATABASE DIVISION NEWS, 3/8/85) MAJOR COMPETITORS BRS CINAHL is up on BRS. (ONLINE, Mar85, p.105) BRS is committed to laser optic publishing project in which Reference Technology's Clasix product line will be distributed by the online vendor, and BRS/Search will be marketed by RT. Customers using BRS/Search software may use it to search the laser videodiscs as well as their computer-stored databases. BRS plans to produce databases for laser videodisc premastering. (Information Today, Jan85, p.3) BRS has dropped PTS Time Series and Forecasts databases but is keeping PROMT and F&S. (A. Caputo, VM on 3/12/85) BRS has changed their pricing structure for Printoffs and Searchoffs from a flat $1.30 per package to $1.00 plus actual postage. (BRS Memo to Users, 2/1/85) BRS After Dark has increased prices of AGRICOLA (now $10), CA SEARCH ( 21.50), and PATDATA ($10). (BRS Memo, lDec85) After Dark Datalines' December issue does announce a forthcoming daytime service with all-new documentation, sometime this year.

(Winter 1985)


CAS Online CAS ONLINE announced several system enhancements in the J a n / F e b issue of their newsletter, including Markush structure searching, shortcuts to structure building, a u t o m a t i c SDI service, and searching on molecular formula and name segments. (CAS ONLINE NEWS, Jan/Feb85) CAS announced a second line to TELENET which will afford reliability and capacity. (CAS ONLINE NEWS, Jan/Feb85, p.5)


CAS announced a Search Award contest with a prize of $500 credit toward usage for the best example of use of the newly announced features (see above). (CAS ONLINE NEWS, Jan/Feb85, p.5) Canadians may now call CAS ONLINE toll-free for search assistance. ONLINE NEWS, J a n / F e b 8 5 , p.5)


MEAD DATA CENTRAL MDC announced its new REFERENCE SERVICE in January; the service is automatically available to all current MDC users, offering access to various reference works and databases. A draft user manual containing Bluesheet-like file descriptions was sent to users along with the announcement, (copy provided by J.FairSpaulding) MDC's Reference Service offers the following files, among others: DOE ENERGY, NTIS, FEDERAL RESEARCH IN PROGRESS, AIAA, INFO BANK, BIOSIS, MANAGEMENT CONTENTS, COMPUTER DATABASE. (Vm from Bob Donati, from conversation with Harry Hamilton of AIAA, 2/5/85) MDC's Product Development group has grown from 1 to 17+ people over the last two years. ( _ . Unruh, from conversation with Frank Alan of Mead, 1/28-30/85) MDC's sales jumped 35% in 198* with sales a t $128 million and 2700 new customers. (IDP Report, lFeb85) MDC has loaded the transcripts of the MacNeil/Lehrer January 1982 to present. (Information Today, Jan85, p.4)



MDC has formed a Personal Computer Systems Group headed by Bob Tabke (former v.p. of Menlo Corp.) and based in Menlo Park. Its mission is to develop a "next generation" line of PC interfaces for LEXIS and NEXIS. (Information Today, Feb85, p.7) LEXIS sales in France reported (INFOTECTURE, 8Feb85, p.6)







Pergamon INFOLINE INFOLINE announces online document ordering feature to be available in "early 1985" with Information on Demand, The Pergamon Patent Search Center, and the Science Reference Library as initial suppliers. (INFOLINE UPDATE, Jan85)


(Winter 1985)

(old news, but in case...) INFOLINE dropped CASEARCH as of December 31, 1985, saying that "InfoLine's energies are much b e t t e r devoted to loading new, unique databases to serve real information needs, rather than repeating services already available via a variety of host systems." (INFOLINE UPDATE, Jan85) INFOLINE's 1985 price list shows connect t i m e charges ranging from $10 to $125, with all telecommunications being $12/hour. GET and PROFILE SAVE are charged at $1.50; SDI's are $5 and $6.50. The complete user guide is 125; each chapter is 12. Ceramic Abstracts has been announced as a new, exclusive file on Infoline, covering all aspects of ceramics and abrasives. (ONLINE, Mar85, p.105 INFOMAT, a business news database is scheduled to go up on INFOLINE this spring. (INFOLINE UPDATE, Jan85, p.l) British Patents, AQUALINE, and NIOSH to go up on INFOLINE this spring; the system has added a third VAX computer to provide increased capacity. (INFOTECTURE, 21Dec85, p.4) INFOLINE training is being presented at Suzzallo Library in Seattle month. (INFOLINE training announcement, received 2/19/85)


INFOLINE announces JORDANWATCH, containing news on British companies. (InfoLine Update, Nov84) INFOLINE announced change in price structure, with the implementation of "small online display and offline print charges on all databases...different charges for different formats" b e t t e r reflect the value of the information obtained. (InfoLine Update, Nov84) SDC SDC and SONY are (videodisc) applications.

discussing a joint venture to (INFOTECTURE, 8Feb85, p.3)



SDC will waive its $100/month minimum fee if users access databases t h a t SDC is pushing. (Online Newsletter, Feb85, p.2)



SDC lowered the price of LC/LINE to $50/connect hour and has split the file. (Searchlight, Nov/Dec84, p.5) SDC offers STANDARDS SEARCH database, supplied by two developers of voluntary standards, the Society of Automotive Engineers, and the American Society for Testing and Materials. (Online Newsletter, Feb85, p.9) WILSONLINE A glowing review of WBLSONLINE, written by Greg Payne is in Information Today, Feb85, p.l 3. WILSONLINE is available through TYMNET and TELENET as well as direct-dial, from 7 a.m. Monday to 7 a.m. Sunday EST except for a daily

(Winter 1985)


downtime from 3 to 5 a.m. EST. A one-day $60/person. (Online Newsletter, Jan85, p.l)




OTHER COMPETITORS U.S. COMPUSERVE will offer complete text file of USA TODAY Update, consisting of HOTLINES and DECISIONLINES news files drawn from USA TODAY sources. (ONLINE, Mar85, p.l03; and Information Today, Feb85, p.l) COMPUSERVE and Borg-Warner Chemicals, Inc., have formed a joint venture company, DATASERV whose first offering is PLASTISERV covering the plastics industry. (ONLINE, Mar85, p.l 02) DOW JONES announces availability of PETERSON'S COLLEGE SELECTION SERVICE. (Information Today, Feb85, p.5) DOW JONES NEWS/RETRIEYAL is now available through ITT DIALCOM and IBM Information Network at rates slightly higher that those of DJN/R itself. (IDP Report, Marl, p.l) DOW JONES also offers INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL REFERENCE database and STANDARD & POOR'S ONLINE. (InfoGLobe News, Jan/Feb85) NEWSNET implements a 15 monthly subscription fee connect-hour charges. (Online Newsletter, Feb85, p.l3) NLM reported 2,802,000 searches run in 1984. News, Nov84, p.5)




(National Library of Medicine

OCLC has 30 users in Europe after its first year of marketing there; 24 are in the UK. A computer is to be put into service in the UK this spring, allowing for a maximum capacity of 600 terminals in contrast to the current 150 maximum. (INFOTECTURE, 8Feb85, p.2) VU/TEXT is offering STUDENT PLACEMENT PROJECT a database of student resumes. (Information Today, Jan85, p.4) (NOTE: Information Today's Feb85 issue mentions CareerSystem, yet another online resume service (p.ll). WESTLAW announced two new databases containing documents pulled from the Federal Register in the areas of (1) federal maritime law and practice, and (2) federal regulation of commercial media. (ONLINE, Mar85, p.l04; and Information Today, Jan85, p.l2) NON-U.S. COMPETITORS Europe ESA-IRS feature, acquired (ESA-IRS

has announced SUPERZOOM, an enhancement of their ZOOM as well as a Format-X for downloading search results. ESA-IRS fourteen new databases in 1984, bringing their total to 62. News and Views, Nov84)


(Winter 1985)

Britain FINSBURY adds Dataline, providing financial companies as well as a financial modelling 28Feb85, p.7)

data on system.

3,000 European (INFOTECTURE,

DATASOLVE announced the full text of the FINANCIAL TIMES due up in April, with a forty-eight hour delay. Datasolve already offers the Wordl Reporter, The Guardian, The Economist, the Washington Post, and other full text files. (Monitor, Feb85, p,3) France DERWENT, INPI, and QUESTEL signed an agreement to develop software for Markush structures. (INFOTECTURE, 8 Feb 85, p.2)


QUESTEL has issued around 3,500 passwords, logged about 55,000 connect hours in 1984. (INFOTECTURE, 8Feb85, p.6) Germany DIMDI is 15 years old, has 27 million records online, and provided searches in 1984. (INFOTECTURE, 8Feb85, p.6)


DIMDI announced four forthcoming databases: PHYTOMED, AGRICOLA, VITIS, and ELFIS. (INFOTECTURE, 21Dec85, p.7) Switzerland DATA STAR has dropped the NEW YORK TIMES in favor of DOW JONES NEWS SERVICE. (Link, Jan85, p.11) DATA STAR announced the CHEMICAL BUSINESS NEWSBASE, covering the European chemical industry. (INFOTECTURE, 28Feb85, p.8) DATA STAR offers CLINICAL NOTES ON-LINE produced by Elsevier. Newsletter, Feb85, p.9)


DATA STAR'S new marketing firm is D-S Marketing, Ltd., following Information Technology Group's reorganization which ended the BRS/Predicasts/Data Star agreement. (INFOTECTURE, 28Feb85, pA) DATABASE PRODUCER ACTIVITIES BIOSIS now available in IRAQ through an online search service in Baghdad which is acquiring the tapes. A similar agreement will make the file available in Sweden as well, (press release from BioSciences Info. Service, 2/4/85) CAB (Commonwealth Agricultural Bureau) is producing their own database now, having allowed their c o n t r a c t with Pergamon-Infoline to expire. (INFOTECTURE, 21Dec85, p.5) CAB has dropped its North American Representative position (held by Elaine Cook of the Arid Lands Information Center), stating that they plan to c o n c e n t r a t e their efforts on their UK location. (CA~ press release, 31Dec85) (Winter 1985)


DATA COURIER is offering training in the UK with the first sessions taking place last fall. (Log On, Sep/Oct84) DUN & BRADSTREET's European service, DUNSDATA, has been operating in the UK for about six months, and is about to open in the Netherlands and France. (INFOTECTURE, 28Feb85, p.2) ERIC and PSYCINFO to be produced on laser disc with premiere demonstrations scheduled for ALA Annual Conference in July. (IDP Report, Marl, p.7) CUADRA ASSOCIATES announced plans to license its DIRECTORY OF ONLINE DATABASES as an online database, as well as sell it on floppies (ONLINE, Mar85, p.104) Gale Research offers copies of its major directories on tape or diskette through its new Database License Service; price tags range from $2,000 to $4,000 per year or edition. (IRLA, Jan85, p.4) IAC is to offer MANAGEMENT CONTENTS, COMPUTER DATABASE, and INDUSTRY DATA SOURCES on Mead Data Central's new Reference Service. (IAC press release, 2/5/85) IAC has introduced a videodisc (laser disk) storage system, InfoTrac featuring a database of references from 1,000 publications. (Information Today, Jan85, p . l ) An 8,500 annual subscription obtains material dating back to 1982 and monthly updates of about 60,000 records. IAC is also offering the videodisc player and interface for a flat $7,000. (Monitor, Feb85, p . l ) First release May 1985; search language is menu-driven. (Online Newsletter, Feb85) IAC is exclusive U.S. representative for FINSBURY DATA SERVICE LTD. a business information database producer (Newsline, Textline, Dataline). (Information Today, Jan85, p.5) MANAGEMENT CONTENTS is now available on five systems at connect-hour prices ranging from $84 (DIALOG) to $7.75 (The Source at night). (Data Base Informer, Feb85, p.2) The publishing division of MARQUIS WHO'S WHO has been sold to MacMillan by ITT; the effect on the database-related activities is as yet unknown. (R.Kaminecki, from David Grossman of Marquis, 3/7/85) The National Agricultural Library is investigating laser videodisc applications as well as microcomputers and gateway services in an effort to inprove NAL services. The NAL is also placing one of its handbooks online on BRS as a private file to be evaluated as a test project for future developments. (Information Retrieval & Library Automation, Dec84) TELECOMMUNICATIONS EURONET came to its expected end as an access network on December 31, 1984. The national networks in Europe now interconnect, making EURONET unnecessary. Its governing Commission, however, will remain active in European telecommunications activities. (INFOTECTURE, 8 Feb 85, p.l)


(Winter 1985)

KODAK plans "to market enhanced-value telecommunication services to business and commercial customers," through its own internal network plus leased lines from AT&T. (INFOTECTURE, *Dec85, p.5) ELECTRONIC MAIL ALANET is offering telex link through linking users to about 2 million telex Libraries, Nov8*, p.738)

DIALCOM's new XMAIL service, machines worldwide. (American

DEUTSCHE BUNDESPOST has launched an electronic mail link with Japan. (Filel8, Ace. 1328*31, 11/28/8*) FEDERAL trademark 12/28/8*)

EXPRESS has been sued by ZAP Legislative Courier for infringement of Fed Ex's ZAPMAIL. (Filel8, Ace. 1327021,

GTE's TELEMADL has implemented an international telex link and has announced plans for international linkage of online systems which will facilitate worldwide usage, all based on the X.*00 standard recently adopted by the CCITT. (Information Today, Feb85, p.3) GTE TELENET donated ten terminals plus free network services for New York University "for research in the use of electronic mail as a way to improve literacy among the deaf." (Data Base Informer, Feb85, p.5) MCI reduced its telex prices for MCI MAIL customers in hopes of penetrating the market currently dominated (90%) by Western Union. (Filel6, Acc.No.l 127585, WSJ 1/10/85) MCI opens service to Belgium with a unit in russels offering direct links to the U.S. service. (Filel*8, Acc.No.l 1709*8, 117065*, Jan85) MISCELLANEOUS BCN (Business Computer Network) has had a personnel shake-up with the ouster of its founder and chairman by the new company board (BCN went public last summer), who may c o n t e s t t h e action. (IDP Report, 2/15/85) BCN is offering two modems-plus-software, Superscout and Smartlink II, each at $199.95. (flyer from BCN) Interesting overview of laserdisc/optical disc/videodisc development and potential in INFORMATION RETRIEVAL <5c LIBRARY AUTOMATION, January 1985 issue. The International Institute of Applied Systems Analysis (HASA) has signed an agreement with the Soviet Union for access to socio-economic databases from the "International Information System on Social Sciences of the Socialist Countries." The material, in Russian, is mostly bibliographic, and has never before been made available to the West. (UPI File 261, Accession No. 0166069, 21 Jan 85) NFAIS' EASYNET was launched commercially on December 1, 1984 following

(Winter 1985)


a Beta test period. Seven vendors are available (BRS, DIALOG, INFOLINE, NEWSNET, QUESTEL, SDC, VU-TEXT), and initial market response is promising. (Memo Status Report of EASYNET from Neufeld, 1/25/85) ONLINE INC. is offering an International Command Chart comparing 41 commands on 16 systems, for $40 (available June 1985). (press release from Online Inc.) PEOPLE Chris Andrews is new IAC Marketing Manager for DIALOG. He formerly worked for LP. Sharp here in California. He is taking over the responsibilities of Delores Portugal Huth, who will now work with Finsbury and Mead files a t IAC. (Connie Zuga; also letter from IAC) Joseph Bremner, formerly of Management Contents, has established his own consulting firm, Database Development, based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (Information Today, Feb85, p.30) Jane Brown is new Director of Business Development at BRS as of 10/29/84. She was formerly a t AT&T Technologies and Source Telecomputing. (BRS Bulletin, Jan85, p.7) Robert (Rick) Clark is Director (Information Today, Feb85, p.30)







Jim Ducker is leaving Datasolve for Pergamon InfoLine; P e t e r Cotton will replace him as head of database services. (MONITOR, Feb85, p.3) William L. Dunn is an Executive V.P. at Dow Jones & Co., Inc. also President of DJ Information Services. (ONLINE, Mar85, p.106) Dana Ellingen is new Director of Marketing for Business Corporation, producers of INVESTEXT. (press release, Marl)

He is


Richard Itz is new product manager in the online service group at Marketing Services. (Information Today, Feb85, p.30)


Robbie Kolman is new Bulletin, Dec84, p.4)






Jennifer Ladam is new Manager of Customer Service at BRS. Dec84, p.4)



(BRS Bulletin,

Michael P. O'Hara has been promoted to VP at QUESTEL responsible for database acquisition, customer services, marketing, and venture development. (Online Newsletter, Feb85, p.3) Kay Pool has left QUESTEL for Information Consulting, Inc. Senior Marketing Representative. (ONLINE, Mar85, p.106) Julie Quain is new BRS/Saunders; she Report,2/15/85)

where she is

manager of Library and Medical School Programs at will be marketing the Colleague service. (IDP

Barbara Quint is on a leave-of-absence from Rand to do consulting and s t a r t an online newsletter, (per vm from T. Brouwer) Inews-8

(Winter 1985)


Linda Resnick is new Executive Director of the American Society for Information Science (ASIS); was formerly with PBS. (Friday Memo, 3/8/85) Sue Rugge, of Information on Demand, was featured in an article in SAVVY (Dec84) about how she started IOD. (Friday Memo, Feb22) Susan Severtson is new Newsletter, Jan85, p.4)

VP for

Marketing at Carrollton



Andy Uszak is retiring from being VP at Bowker, to offer a consulting service within the industry. (Friday Memo, 2/1/85) Amy Vegter is new Manager, Medical Product Development, at BRS. Bulletin, Dec84, p.4) Marvin Wilson is retiring from Summit)


NTIS on or about April 1, 1985.


(Winter 1985)


inews vol 3, issue 1 - Winter 1985  

Company newsletter.

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