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February is a landmark month for us. Our opening issue was out in February í08, and this year, we came out with another milestone, the Yo Vizag Tourism Special. Making the Tourism Special Edition in association with the ATA (I) was an eyeopener for the entire team. Traveling and discovering unique places and haunts within Vizag and the surrounding districts was an exciting experience. We were captivated by the rich diversity of this Coastal Belt. Its not just the tourist, we too have a lot to see and discover in Vizag and her surroundings. An issue still dominating the headlines is the ongoing agitation regarding the state, some for a division and some against it. The real sufferers of this squabble of political hues are unfortunately the students, who have been missing classes and face an uncertainty regarding their examinations. Hopefully, things should resolve by the middle of the month, allowing the studentsí time to recoup the loss of days... and rejoice with the international day of love and harmony ñ yes, we allude to. Contrary to the popular misconception, is not only for couples or ëloversí, it is celebrates affection for just anyone ñ it could be your teacher, parent, friend; just anyone you consider special. And then again, letís not limit this feeling of love and affection to just a day. Love is eternal. Any day can be special. In fact, surprising your loved one with a celebration without any apparent reason, save for the fact that he or she is that special one, makes that moment all the more special. I would like to close with a note of thanks to all my readers for their positive and encouraging feedback. Do keep the mails pouring in, good or bad, we do look forward to your opinion.

Shilpanjani Dantu Editor

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Hello Shilpa First and foremost - the look to Yo! Vizag is very good, it never lacked in style, now it gets even better .Thanks again for including a generous amount of ëgreen dozeí via the green resolutions section.I have one bone to pick however and that is about the review done on Avatar movie. The movie in addition to being an absolute visual delight, also has an environmental and social message in it. I think somebody has missed a major point that the movie makers were trying to make via this movie. Incessant extraction of natural resource and displacement of people as a result is a problem faced by many native populations in almost every continent and country. Thus this topic has a universal relevance and resonance with people all over the world, especially the natives. Its the urban lot who do not realise the damage consumerism results in and how it affects locals in the country side. The movie has been able to get the attention of urbanites all over the world who are flocking to watch and come back thinking about it. It has already grossed major awards and is likely to add more at the Oscars as well. That apart this movie has got many thinking and writing about it.† -†warm regards Deepa More† Consultant & Faculty

Hi! Though I am no longer in Vizag, I enjoyed reading the magazine as it came out each month while I was there... sure part of it was selfish because I was looking to see how many pictures I managed to get into, haha, but still, it was fun to read. Keep up the good work! - Greg Ernst

Hi My name is Ramachander. Iíve been a regular readering of your Yo Vizag. Unlike many other magazines that have come up, your magazine is going strong in both content and circulation. Regards, P. Ram

This February, the Yo Vizag team releases a limited edition of a ëTourism Specialí magazine. A travel brochure of sorts, it showcases a few of the innumerable sites and sights in and around Vizag. Focussing on the tourism potential of the four districts viz., Srikakulam, Vizianagaram, Visakhapatnam and East Godavari, the Tourist Special through a series of well illustrated photographs and write-ups highlighted some of the lesser known facts about Vizag and its surroundings projecting Vizag as a major international tourist destination and as a gateway to the wonders of Coastal Andhra. In the course of researching for the magazine, we discovered more than we bargained for. Interacting with the locals, trying to sift through all the information gathered and deciding which would be pertinent to the magazine, and then again cutting back as space was severely restricted (and this was not a history or geography textbook!)... the whole experience was fun and exciting. Frankly, we didnít know where to stop, each titbit of information we picked up, each place we saw, seemed perfect for the magazine, but just how many could we fit in!!

Yo Vizag 12 February 2010

While one photographer packed his camera and headed for East Godavari, another team set off towards Vizianagaram and Srikakulam. Photographing all the temples, Buddhist sites and eco-tourism places was edifying. We did learn so much about the sanctity and history of those places. The highlight was sailing out in the deep blue waters and gazing at the marvellous coastline of Vizag. We hired a fishing boat and set out as our young photo-enthusiast tried to get the whole coastline into the frame. On the whole, gathering photos and information was a long enjoyable picnic of sorts, where we travelled the coastline and experienced the joys of this belt. But the whole inspiration and push for creating this special issue was from Capt Sriram Ravi Chander and the Air Travellers Association (India). The idea was to release a magazine packed with information from a touristĂ­s point of view in conjunction with the Regional Summit on Tourism, organised by the association. Accordingly, they sponsored the limited edition magazine. We truly thank them for the opportunity and platform they provided to come out with the issue. Check it out, this limited edition will be on the stands till stocks run out! The magazine will be available at select outlets for a limited time only. For further information, contact the Yo Vizag office at 0891-2508150

Yo Vizag 13 February 2010

If anyone is a classic example of how unique and diverse, ye t united India as a country is, it is the lithe and graceful Minissha Lamba. This pr etty damsel was born to Punjabi parent s in Kashmir. Her initial schooling was in Chennai (The Chettinad Vidyashram ), she picked up her major with honour s in English from Miranda House in Delh i and today, she resides in Mumbai. Wel l, the fact that her father is in the Hospita lity business did co nt rib ut e to he r tra ve ls ar ou nd th e country. She tryst with modelling during her college days clicked to the extent that she became a succes sful Indian model starring in many TV com mercials like LG, So ny, C ad bu ry, H aj m ol a, Ai rte l an d Sunsilk amongst others . Minissha even did a music video for th e hit music album, Aap ka Suroor by Himes h Reshammiya.

Regarding her interactions with her co-stars, she replies ìit was fun working with young and successful actors. Imraan and Ranbir are flawless actors and I really loved working with themî. Minissha is fluent in Hindi and English. But nevertheless she is looking out for projects in Tamil and Telugu as she wants to see herself as a successful actor even in the south. Minissha says ìI am my biggest critic. I look into my tiniest mistakes and make sure that I do not to repeat them. My family is never critical about my acting and they always appreciate my workî. Minissha is looking forward to act with Salman Khan in the near future.

below 50kgs ercise regularly and be 7. Fitness Mantra: Ex on the weighing scale ything comfortable t: Chic casuals and an 8. Fashion Statemen

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Acting was not initially in her future plans. ìActing came to me by chance. I never considered becoming an actor, it all happened by itself. I always dreamt of being a journalist and fancied becoming a news caster in a news channelî says Minissha. It was during the shoot of the Cadburyís advert under the direction of Shoojit Sircar, the advert director when opportunity knocked. Shoojit offered her a role in the movie ëYahaaní, a movie which actually got her a nomination for the ëBest Female Debut Awardí. ìI was very scared at the beginning as it was an uncharted territory and my family was in no way connected to the film line. I had to totally depend on Shoojit, who spoonfed me on everything till the whole shooting was complete. No one knew me in the industry till ëYahaaní releasedî says Minissha. After her first hit, Minishha went on to act in many successful movies like Corporate, Rocky, Anthony Kaun Hai, Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd, Bachna Ae Haseeno, and Kidnap which was highly acclaimed at Cannes Film Festival. She also acted in Shaurya, Anamika and Well Done Abba, which is a father-daughter relationship starring Boman Irani as her father. She is currently working on a Telegu project called ëSimhaí where she is cast opposite Balakrishna. She is also doing a movie series called ëMysticismí which will be in eight versions, directed by four different directors including Soham Shah and Sanjay Gadhvi.

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Yo Vizag 14 February 2010

I see you one day, all pretty and fair Doe like eyes, darting everywhere Trying to find someone Lips full, quivering with passion Eager to meet their mate Restless and hungry, goal in sight I want to see you every day, all pretty and fair Love you to death and beyond For even death canít do us apart

Weíre all here for a reason. To live and to love, and be loved in return. Love speaks many languages, knows no boundaries and is the best thing that can happen to you! Itís just a matter of time before you find the love of your life and decide to grow old with him or her. With the flavour of Valentineís Day dominating the month, we at Yo! Vizag decided to celebrate the season of love with all our readers. Weíve got some tips on how to win your loved onesí heart, some delicacies of the season along with some romantic getaways among other specials. So read on and fire your imagination...

Yo Vizag 16 February 2010

The origin of Valentineís Day has many stories attached to it. Some people say that it originated from St. Valentine, a Roman who was martyred for refusing to give up Christianity. He died on February 14, 269 A.D., which was the same day that had been devoted to love lotteries. They also say that he left a farewell note for the jailer's daughter, who had become his friend, and signed it "From Your Valentine". There are also stories about Saint Valentine being a priest at the temple during the reign of Emperor Claudius. Claudius jailed Saint Valentine for defying him. In 496 A.D. Pope Gelasius set aside February 14 to honour St. Valentine. Gradually, February 14 became the date for exchanging love messages and St. Valentine became the patron saint of lovers.

Most of us gift roses on special occasions but did you know that the colour of the rose being gifted is significantly important? Hereís how you identify which rose to gift for what occasion. Red rose: Red is the colour of love and romance. When you gift someone a red rose, it means ìI love youî. Yellow rose: This is the colour for friendship. Gift a yellow rose to your best friend. White rose: White is the colour of peace and unity. If youíve had a fight with your friend, gift him a white rose, in order to say ësorryí and make up. Mauve/ Purple rose: When youíre falling in love with someone, you gift him mauve or purple roses, it signifies that youíre deeply in love with that person. Pink rose: Pink roses say ìIím thinking of youî, so you know who and when to give it to someone! Orange rose: An orange rose shows desire, when you want the person with all your heart and desire him to be around you, you should gift a bunch of orange roses. Red and White roses: When youíre deeply in love and your love is pure, gift your sweetheart a bunch of white and red roses.

Yo Vizag 17 February 2010

For once, let there be no lights... just candles, and that too fragrant ones! Light up your homes and lives with aromatic candles. Lay the table for your sweetheart, and let it be candlelit too. Pour some wine or champagne into two glasses and play soft romantic music in the background. Decorate the house with heart shaped balloons and red and white streamers. Strew rose petals around; decorate your ëurlisí with them. If you donít want to use candles, keep the lighting soft with yellow lights. Enlarge a photo of the two of you and accentuate it with a spotlight. You could even make a carpet of rose petals with candles on either side, from the door step into the room. One of the most romantic things you could surprise your sweetheart with is by singing her a love song. Set up the music system with a mic and sing to serenade him or her. For inspiration, check out our list of some of the most memorable love songs of all times.

Hereís a random list of love songs that have made a mark in the past years. Express your undying love with these memorable and most favourite love songs of all times.

I Just Called To Say I Love You - Stevie Wonder How Deep is your Love ñ Bee Gees Lady in Red ñ Chris De Burgh Paint My Love ñ MLTR Everything I do ñ Bryan Adams Ever Loved a Woman ñ Bryan Adams Fools rush in ñ UB40 Still the one ñ Shania Twain Love me Tender ñ Elvis Presley Truly, Madly, Deeply ñ Savage Garden I'm in the mood for love - Rod Stewart

I'm in the mood for love - Rod Stewart When a Man Loves a Woman ñ Percy Sledge My Heart Will Go On - Celine Dion I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston Don't Wanna Miss A Thing ñ Aerosmith Every breath you take - The Police Wonderful Tonight - Eric Clapton Right here waiting ñ Richard Marx When you say nothing at all ñ Ronan Keating Letís make a night ñ Bryan Adams

Yo Vizag 18 February 2010

Here are some ideas that can help you in making a choice for the perfect gift for ëHerí. Diamonds: They donít say ëDiamonds are foreverí for no reason. They are a womanís best friend, and even though theyíre an expensive present, theyíre sure to last forever. If youíre thinking of proposing or even expressing your love for your sweetheart, buy her a diamond, either in the form of a ring, pendant or even earrings, and be sure to swoon her off her feet! Perfumes and Chocolates: Each perfume has a distinct identity, identify your sweetheartís fragrance and get her a perfume which describes her. If sheís a soft and delicate person, she would prefer a mild perfume and if sheís sporty and boisterous, she might like a wild one. Chocolates are a womanís all time favourites. Get her special homemade ones that will make her day! A bunch of Red and White roses with a card and stuffed toy: Red and White roses as described earlier are a sign of true love that is pure. When youíre madly in love and know for sure that youíre going to spend the rest of your life with her, get her red and white roses along with a nice sentimental card and a cuddly stuffed toy. A day at the Spa: What a woman really loves is being pampered and what better way that to treat her to a day at the Spa. Surprise her a day in advance so she can let her hair down and feel important, and be ready for the ëbig dayí with you. Handwritten, framed, original poem: If youíre a diehard romantic, thereís nothing better that will capture her heart than an original poem written just for her. Pen down your thoughts on a nice sheet of handmade paper, get it framed and gift it to her on the special day. To add some magic, stick a photo of the two of you on the same.

Sporty racing car toy: Boys will be boys! Thereís nothing more fascinating than a sporty racing car toy for them. Buy your sweetheart one and heíll remember it for the rest of his life. Collage of photos capturing the best moments of your lives: This oneís for all the romantics out there. Photos capture the beautiful moments of togetherness, and what better way to express your love, than to make a collage of the special moments youíve spent together. Make the collage and frame such memories for life! Cologne or Body spray with a box of liquor chocolates You know best how you want your guy to smell when heís around you. Get him a fragrance that suits his personality. You can also team it up with a romantic card and a box of liquor chocolates. DVD of his all time favourite movie: Take up the challenge to find out your manís favourite movie of all times. Buy him a DVD of the same and sit and watch the movie with him. Spend a cosy, lazy day with him watching the movie, eating popcorn. You could also cook up his favourite dish and have it together. Yo Vizag 19 February 2010

When itís for her

How to make the day memorable Any day spent with your loved one can be made extra special. Make it memorable by adding a hint of surprise. You could even organise a party with s0 ......................................................................................................................................................... ome of your close friends and add a theme to it. Try fun couple-based themes like ëAngels and Demonsí, ëMasqueradeí or ëRed and Whiteí. Decorate the house as per the theme and have snacks in the shape of hearts. Offer mocktails and cocktails to supplement the theme. If youíre the kind who would like to spend the day as a couple, there more than visiting ëKailashgirií or Beach Road for celebrating. Catch a movie together, book a table in advance at your favourite restaurant and try something different. You could even go for a long drive towards Rushikonda and treat yourselves at a roadside cafe. Plan a weekend getaway to Arakku or Tyda resorts. Book a cabin and make your day even more special. You could book a beach hut on the way to Bheemunipatnam or Rushikonda. Why leave your parents out of the celebrations? Treat them to an extraordinary day! Book a room for them at any star hotel and let them let their hair down. Within the package, treat them to a spa, candlelight dinner and after dinner drinks and dance at the bar.

The first change you can bring to your look is by spicing up your hairstyle. Get a fresh haircut and learn how to apply gel on it. Spike it up and give it a sexy look. If youíre not very keen on changing the hairstyle, buy clothes that are different from what you generally wear. If youíre seen in formals most of the times, try to get a hip look with printed or silk shirts. Bright colours are in for the metrosexual male! Surprise her with your fresh appeal. If youíre sure that your better half is wearing a saree, complement her by wearing something Indian. Get yourself a kurta that matches her saree, and see how special she feels!

Dressing up Who doesnít want to look beautiful and sexy for their special one? Try a look thatíll surprise your sweetheart. When itís for him Spice up your look with smoky eyes, red lipstick and a knee length dress. Tie your hair neatly with a flick falling on your face. You could even try the nude look with neutral colour lips, golden/silver eye shadow and mascara to outline the eyes. Wear a white or silver dress or team up a white skirt with a beige or golden top. It doesnít matter if youíre slightly conservative about your dressing. The Indian saree is the sexiest of all dresses if draped well. Get a backless or halter blouse stitched with a chiffon, georgette or crepe saree. Wear pastel shades on your eyes and lips. Get high heels to match the saree.

Yo Vizag 20 February 2010

We can only help by giving you some ideas on how to make the day extra special for your loved one, but at the end of the day, if you who knows him/her best. You know what their preferences. But itís always better to add some surprise and spice up your lives!

Kurupum Tomb: An ode to love This edifice on the beach road is a hundred year old testament of a kingís love for his beautiful wife. Labelled as Vizagís ëTaj Mahalí the Kurupum Tomb is a monument built by Raja Vairacharla Veerabhadra Raja Bahadur of the Kurupam Royal Family in loving memory of his wife Princess Narasaiyyamma. Incorporating various architectural styles of different cultures including Mugha, European, Dravidian and North Indian, this monument took six years to complete, the soft lime stone structure has walls carvings

Yo Vizag 21 February 2010

depicting the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu. This monument along with landscaped gardens and water fountain was completed in 1904-05. After the death of the Princess in 1908, the structure was dedicated to the memory of the queen and came to be known as ëPrema Nivedana Rupamí. Though the site upkeep has been neglected off late, plans are afoot to spruce up the place.

Every month we bring before you a unique living experience by taking you through a creatively designed and decorated home. This month weĂ­re going slightly offbeat; weĂ­re covering a very important aspect of interior decoration, i.e. lighting. Good, creative and effective lighting can change the entire look of your cosy little place.

Yo Vizag 22 February 2010

There are hundreds of innovative designs in the market today. Lighting up the house is not just about setting up a few tube lights and table lamps in the desired areas. Thereís a sea of lighting equipment out there to choose from. You could go in for ceiling lights or down lighters, new age chandeliers, focus lights, standing lamps, table lamps or wall fitted lamps. DNS lights and interiors, offers a wide range of classy new designs for those with a keen eye for detail. Targeting interior designers and architects along with a niche clientele, they deal with high quality, modern lighting equipment from India and

abroad. One of their latest acquisitions is a tall, ceramic black and white floor lamp which looks like stone. They also deal with crystal, metallic, fibre glass and wooden lamps. Their exquisite range of chandeliers catches the eye as soon as you enter the store. A crystal, ceiling-to-floor chandelier with tiny bulbs, glitters and glows. DNS also deals with crystal wall fittings, lights for kidsí rooms and concealed lighting, which have become the latest favourite with all designers. They also have a wide range of power saving fittings to choose from.

Yo Vizag 23 February 2010

To break the monotony of ëjust lightsí in the store, the trio of Diwakar, Nandu and Shrawan, owners of DNS lights and interiors, have also housed vases, huge sculptures and bone china show pieces that you can match with your home decor and lighting. A wide range of wall papers and wooden flooring products will soon be added to their store catalogue, thus making the shopping experience complete for your first level home furnishing needs.

The store showcases a wide range of drapery and upholstery fabrics, wallpapers, carpets, rugs, bed & bath linen, mattresses and window accessories.

and office furnishing A one stop shop for all your home d in Vizag. With over needs, Studio Orion has now arrive business, the first two decades of experience in the at Pa rad ise Cir cle , ou tle t op en ed 20 ye ars ag o upsca le pre mi um Se cu nd era ba d, fol low ed by the ilee Hills. The store services showroom in 2005 at Jub professional services with its international standards and in Hy de rab ad . The ch an ge d the fur nis hin g sce ne ing a showroom in success was followed by open essories section in Kukatpally in 2008 and lifestyle acc Jubilee Hills in 2009.

Studio Orion offers the most exquisite range of fabric collections in eclectic colours. The fabric collections match the latest global trends. There is also a wonderful range of silk, velvet and linen fabrics in various patterns and embroideries. The store has shimmering curtains studded with Swarovski crystals, sequins and unique leather cutwork panels. The versatile range of weaves, prints and embroideries is sure to satisfy clientele from across the board. The wallpaper sections has some of the leading international brands like Designers Guild, Harlequin, Casamance, Cole & sons, Elitis, Arte, Omexco, Esprit and many more. There is a huge variety to choose from like flock prints, silk, jute, stone chips look to vinyl based wallpapers. Wallpapers with a special finishing that is fire retardant and stain resistant are also available. One can select from classical style damask designs to ultra modern patterns or even simple textures. The store houses beautiful carpets and rugs from international brands like Habana home. A collection includes novel concepts of sequins, fur and lurex on rugs to add the right tinge of glamour to your homes. An interesting product at the store is the Snoozer mattress. World renowned, these mattresses are used by all the leading Hotels like Oberoi, Hyatt and Taj group of hotels. The store also offers complete range of bed and bath linen consisting of cushions, sheet sets, bed sets, comforters, towels and bath mats. The list of products is endless as you can come and pick up anything that has to do with beautifying your home. Pioneers in furnishing large scale Hotel projects like Taj group, Novotel , Green Park Hotles, Leonia resorts and Lehari resorts, they have also made a name in mock up for major builders like Prajay engineers, Janapriya, Ashoka Builders, Koncept Ambience and Meenakshi Infrastructures. Fabrics and wallpapers from Studio Orion adorn the interiors of corporate offices of HSBC banks, Deloitte, Reddy Laboratories and award winning Fine dining restaurants like F cafe and Lounge, Paradise, Ngrill, Zaffran. Studio Orion is the most popular choices for all major residential projects not only in Hyderabad but also Vijayawada, Guntur, Mehboobnagar, Nellore and Ongole. The store has expansion plans with new stores coming at Ameerpet in Hyderabad next month and other cities like Chennai and Indore.

Yo Vizag 24 February 2010

Vizag city has finally The grouse of many urbanites in of a mall truly offering been addressed with the opening thes and jewels like world-class amenities (not just clo date), a high-class fun the so-called ëmallsí in the city till hall, but four theatres, zone, INOX theatres ñ not just one st significantly, ample multitude food courts and mo the city itself. parking space. And all this within The soft launch of the eagerly awaited ëCMR Centralí has raised the hopes of shopping buffs and movie lovers in Vizag. APSRTC Vice-Chairman and Managing Director S.S.P. Yadav inaugurated the mall. Packed with loads of branded outlets like Nike, Wrangler, Max Lifestyle, Mufti, Spykar, Pepe Jeans, White House, Reliance and many more including the inevitable three-storied CMR Shopping Mall, which is neatly placed in the left block of the structure. A portion of the Fun Zone, the Jungle Adventure was recently opened with a 4 D SFX theatre. The 4 D theatre with synchronised seat movements and a lot of special effects like snake rattles, face blast and mist offers Vizagites a new dimension of entertainment. The ëJungle House of Horrorí is another zone that takes

Yo Vizag 25 February 2010

the ëtrekkersí through ëspine-chillingí adventure; definitely not advised for children and the weak hearted. In addition there is the Mirror Maze and Games Zone with horse rides, video games and redemption games. Soon to be opened (around Ugadi time) is the promised INOX with four theatres and more food courts. CMR Central is constructed across an area of 2, 00,000 sq ft with an investment of Rs.45 crores located in the heart of the city close to the National Highway and can be reached conveniently from all corners of the city. The mall is first of its kind in the region. The architecture is beautifully designed matching all other malls across the country. The four storey mall is still under construction and is expected for a grand opening before Ugadi. Vehicles can easily be accommodated in its 2 floor parking space below the mall.

Born to Annapurnama and Subbarayu in 1925 in Mancheri District, Prof Maheswari was a keen learner since childhood. At the age of 10, she had read ëBharatamí, ëShrimad Bhagwatamí and other epics. At 11, she had learnt the ëBhagwad Gitaí by heart, besides getting good grades in school. After pursuing her BSc at Kakinada, she decided to move to Vizag for her MSc. Even after being dissuaded by her well wishers in Kakinada, she took a brave step forward, away from her family and relatives to try her luck in the city of destiny. That was the year 1947 and today, 63 years after she stepped here, Prof Maheshwari has made a mark in the city, earning laurels in all spheres of life. In those years, Vizag city was barely even a city. Lying in wilderness, even Andhra University had very few departments. And to top it all, there were hardly any ladies studying there. The discipline of the university was very different from what she had experienced earlier. One day, in hostel, when she was at an all time low, she watched the waves hitting on Dolphinís Nose. Many waves splashed across the hill, but it remained immovable. The young girl from Mancheri decided to make herself like the rock, braving hardships and never letting go!

sh e w al ks us er ey es lig ht up as r house. through the lawn of he plant she a history behind each Thereís a botany student and owns, after all, being some perks! Weíre professor comes with eshwari Devi, the first talking about Prof Mah iversity to pursue MSc lady to join Andhra Un Sheís also the first lady by research in botany. her DSc. (Doctor of in India to have done dhra University. Lifeís An at ny ta Bo in e) nc ie Sc for the lady, but she k al w ke ca a en be t no r w ith al l he r he ar t fo th an ks he r pa re nts eved today. whatever she has achi


Yo Vizag 26 February 2010

She took it up as a challenge to finish her MSc (research) in a yearís time, something that was rare back then. Facing many hurdles, she topped the class. Recalling an interesting incident from her student days Prof tells us, ìFor my thesis I needed to study a particular flower which grew only near the beach, and came up only during the night hours. In those days, there was heavy vegetation in that area and going there at night was next to impossible for a single lady. The university Vice Chancellor used to

send a peon and a guard with me to that area and I would study the flower, tag it for various stages and at various times, and get back.î Her dedication and hard work paid, and the external examiners, who had come from across the country, commended her thesis. The Vice Chancellor and other staff members had been noticing Prof Devi for many days. One day the VC called her home. Even now when she recounts the incident you can feel the fear she felt. ìI was shivering when I reached their place. I had no idea why I was called. Going to the VCís house was a very big thing those days. Observing my conduct in campus, VC wanted to appoint me in the staff. He saw me as a role model for other ladies. And it was a great honour for me. But my reply at that instant was ëIíll ask my father and get back to youí. The gentleman had a good laugh and assured me the position. So, in this way, without an interview, I was appointed as the first and only lady in the staff. For many years thereafter it stayed that wayî. Eminent leaders like Nehru, Azad and Dr. Rajendra Prasad who visited the university back then appreciated the efforts of Prof Devi. Within two years of her MSc, she completed her DSc to become the first lady in India to do so in botany. Her career graph was always on a high. She soon became Reader, Professor and then HOD. She retired in 1985 as HOD of botany department. She guided more than 30 students for their PhD. Today, theyíre all achievers and thank her for all her guidance and support. She has authored two books on Embryology and won many awards and accolades for her work. Amongst many challenges at the university, she once received a death threat from the students union for not appointing their recommended people in the staff. ìI just told the union students one thing, ëI live with courage, I fight with courage and if need be, Iíll die with courageí, and I came safe and sound every single day after thatî, says Prof Devi, who takes pride in the fact that even after all this, the three student unions felicitated her on retirement. National level professors from various universities came for her retirement felicitation. Even through her hectic schedule in campus, Prof Devi took out ample time for social and recreational work. She served with the Lioness Club as president for 2 years, headed the society for plantsí nutrition and health, was member of the Lok Adalat in charge of providing compensation for those affected by the steel plant, went on to support and encourage mentally and physically challenged children at RCD hospital. She even reformed an entire tribal village called Srikrishna village, by providing them with adequate health, education and job facilities. Maheshwari Devi was dissuaded by many people from coming to Vizag, but this is where she found her true calling. Vizag made her the person she is. She earned respect from her students, affection from her peers and accolades from her seniors. People from all walks of life come to her for guidance and help not only on professional but also personal issues. Even today she visits colleges across the country to share her knowledge, much of which is attributed to this city.

CAN ANY PLANET REPLACE OUR EARTH? Mother Earth full of splendor With natural resources and mineral grandeur Is grieving and moaning, as her children are abusing The beautiful gifts she has been bestowing. Polluting and poisoning land, water and air, Releasing toxic chemicals & gases without any care, Emissions, radiations, depletions, deforestationÖ Making her unfit for future generations. Oh, what will happen to my children? When I am destroyed by their greed and selfishness, Let me search a new home for my precious gems As I am their mother and have to save them, Mother Earth begged her sister Mercury Give home to my children dear buddy, Oh, I am hot like fire, They will get baked in this pyre. My dear dear Venus, Please accept my daughters and sons. Oh, I am full of acid clouds, They will become hard like moulds. Do not despair me, my dear Mars, Give shelter to my stars. Oh,I am full of dust, rocks and deserts, Your stars cant have even a dessert Mother pleads the king of planets-Jupiter Will you become my childrenís future? Oh, I am full of hydrogen and helium, They cannot survive here in any millennium. My dear Saturn Now it is your turn Oh, I am full gaseous rings and bands, Your children will die in this land. Mother Earth begs Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, Kindly accept the humans, but they said NO, Though we are not full of hydrogen They will get frozen. Hearing the conversation between the planets, Man should realize that he has only one home the third planet, Earth has been our home, sweet home since yore It has to be saved from every danger. For generations may come and generations may go But earth will remain our home for ever Let us pledge to preserve her ecosystem from every human disaster And work together with reverence in this endeavour.

GNV ARUNDHATI Yo Vizag 27 February 2010

s with painted colours tickling the ACircus conjures images of clown artists flying in the air, the magician e pez tra the er, ght lau h wit wd cro dressed in glittering costumes ists art er oth all and hat g lon his with e again entertaining the crowd. On performing their best time and tim n but there is actually more to it tha the face of it, the circus amuses, ment. There is always a dark side just the performances and entertain t exception. Join us, as we interac of everything and the circus is no rking there at the Great Bombay with the managers and artists wo ivaji Park and learn about the joys Circus at the A.U. grounds near Sh and sorrows behind the faĂ ade.

Yo Vizag 28 February 2010

Sadly, the market no more favours the Circus industry and the crowd is declining as the years pass by. People have other options to entertain themselves like TV, computers and cinemas. The general mood in todayĂ­s cities is that coming to a circus is a waste of time. Without the crowd the circus cannot survive. And this time around, in addition to the already dwindling audience, the recent bandhs further hampered the movement of crowd to the circus to a large extent. With dwindling income, life can get real hard, but leaving this lifestyle and walking out of the circus is not an option they consider. The circus and all its people are a big family. Each one of them grew up watching their parents strut into the big tent. The lack of education is another hindrance for getting a job elsewhere. And even if they do get a job, the salary will be meager. On the contrary, everyone in the circus gets the benefit of P.F, insurance, pension and other facilities, plus an extended caring family. Their salary is about Rs 5000 or more depending on the item they perform. The present generation performers are no more encouraging their children into this field as there is no future here and

sending them to schools to provide their children get a better future. Probably, five to six years later, circuses might become history; but the management is continuously attempting to rope in something new like Russian performers to keep the interest alive. With no lions and tigers on stage, innovation is the only way out. But importing performers and bigger props equate to more investments. Behind those flamboyant clothes and heavy makeup, the circus performer is just a person trying to make his ends meet. The Kerala government is supporting them with some schemes in monetary terms. ĂŹAll the artists are paid on a monthly basis according to the contract signed with the artists, even if there is no show, which puts a lot of financial pressure on the management. We have put up this issue with all the state governments and hoping we get support from them as we get from the Kerala government so that we function smoothly and no person associated with the circus faces any setbackĂŽ says Salim the manager. But irrespective of the hardships behind the curtain,inspite of the dwindling patronage, the show still goes on.

Yo Vizag 29 February 2010

a, the definition of fine As per the encyclopedi nsidered to have been art is ìa visual art co sthetic purposes and created primarily for ae . and meaningfulnessî judged for its beauty s tion for higher studie ëFine Artsí as a viable op enomenon in India. It ph nt ce re y el tiv la re a is ing different art media, us d an ng ni ar le to rs fe re pa in tin g, sc ul pt in g, br oa dl y fo cu ss in g on terior design, ceramic applied art, graphic in , m etal cr aft, po tte ry de si gn , m ur al de si gn t then this type of study design and painting. Bu an individual needs to is not just for anybody, , or y se ns e, cr ea tiv ity ha ve ke en ob se rv at d ity, pe rs ev er an ce an im ag in at io n, or ig in al e study of Fine Arts Th r. we po ll wi e bl ita m indo , oneís creative energy ns ig al d an s re rtu nu w l the technical knowho providing an individua ysical shape and form and finesse to give a ph to their artistic vision.

Yo Vizag 30 February 2010

In Vizag, the Department of Fine Arts in Andhra University has been educating interested students with this knowhow, helping them develop and nurture their talent and inherent creativity. The department was established in the year 1976, initially as a five year programme where students could join after their 10th board exams. In the early 90ís the course was re-structured to a 4 year programme, where students could join after their 12th exams or equivalent. The college offers courses in Painting, Sculpting and Print making. Students have to prove their potential in a hands-on entrance test where they are asked to create art and sculpture.

The students of the AU Fine Arts department have participated in All India workshops and exhibitions and many have won laurels in national competitions. Prof. Patnaik, the HOD says ìany person with basic knowledge of art can join the course. We do not have expectations from the students in the beginning as their attitude and temperament towards the subject change with time. Many of the old students are doing pretty well in their professionî. He advices his students to be sincere and not to bother with what others think. The teaching technique is not a regular kind of class room lecture but is mostly 1on1, where the faculty concentrate on a single student at a time. The art studio is open 24 hours for its students who are free to work on their art any time according to their convenience as a creativity can strike at any time even in the middle of the darkest night.

Yo Vizag 31 February 2010

The Department has no plans to extend its course into post graduation as it feels its students will stagnate for two years more, in the same environment and with the same people around. The department rather encourages the students to complete their post graduation in another university which would expose them to a new environment and a new learning experience. Some of the old students of this department are well placed in different universities as faculty in Art across the nation and few others are freelancing and doing well in their field of specialisation. Almost all the impressive statutes across Vizag, of the famous and the great are made by the alumni of this department. The students are well known in the city for their eye catching sand sculptures which they make on the beach stretching between YMCA and RK Beach. Mr. Balaji, an old student of this department will be exhibiting his art works in Italy in the coming months.††

In the autumn of life, all that one yearns for is a bit of relaxation, good health, someone to share your joys and sorrows with and an enjoyable pastime. Fulfilling these very needs for the elderly are the sisters of St. Joseph. These sisters are a godsend to the unfortunate few who are lonely and bereft of family. St Josephís Home for the Aged provides a roof for the disadvantaged aged, and those in need of companionship. Run by the society of sisters of St Joseph, the home was started in 1978 to support the humanitarian cause of the poor. The home today has come a long way. The building well furnished to meet the needs of the homeless aged shares its wall with a hospital run by the same institution, thus taking care of all their medical expenses. Today a home for sixty people, the home is meant for people over the age of sixty five. The home offers two kinds of rooms, Paying and Non-paying. The paid ones are for those families who are unable to take care of the eldersí needs at home. These are single rooms and the family is regularly updated regarding their health and other issues. The non-paying boarders share dormitories. The home takes complete responsibility for them; all their expenses and even burial. The members are encouraged to keep themselves busy. They help in kitchen with chopping, cleaning rice, gardening and making brooms. The well maintained and blooming garden at the entrance is the outcome of their loving care. The elderly long for company and this home is like a large family, together sharing stories of the past, watching TV and eating in the common dining room.

Various associations and schools visit the home on a regular basis. They sponsor excursions and come up with cultural activities to bring a smile to their faces. Sneha Sandhya, an association for the elderly, joins in with the people from the home for some activity on every third Sunday of the month. Even during festivals the members are not alone. Various schools bring their children to spend time with the elderly. The home celebrates Christmas with great

Yo Vizag 32 February 2010

fervour and each member receives a special gift on that day.† The home, in Maharanipeta near The Gateway Hotel, has 13 sisters and 10 caretakers to look after its members.† Any donations in terms of food, clothing or even voluntary service is always welcome. Spending a few minutes with these people will definitely go a long way in bringing a smile to their faces.


ulsi (Ocimum sanctum), aptly called the ìQueen of Herbsî is a highly revered herb in India, worshipped in many households. The holy basil (similar but slightly different from the basil ëOcimum basilicumí used in Italian cooking for pesto) is incomparable in the spiritual as well as the medicinal sense. For the religiously inclined, the Tulsi plant is venerated as the abode of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi. According to legend, Tulsi, also called Vishnupriya was the paramour of Lord Vishnu. Incensed, Goddess Lakshmi cursed her and Tulsi became a plant. But the Lord followed Tulsi and transformed himself into the ësaligramaí to keep her company. Perhaps in honour of that divine devotion, garlands of Tulsi leaves are offered in all Vishnu Temples. But more than spiritual, the Tulsi leaf has high medicinal value.

A great stress-buster Tulsi acts as a balancing factor between the various internal body processes. Tulsi detoxifies and purifies the blood. In addition, Tulsi leaves have antifungal, anti viral and anti bacterial properties. A few easy to incorporate remedies include Cough and Cold: The juice of Tulsi leaves is very effective in curing even toughest coughs and colds

Blood Pressure: Dry tulsi leaves powder or Tulsi tea can reduce high blood pressure

Cholesterol control: Tulsi extracts can effectively control cholesterol levels in the body

Asthma: Essential oils present in Tulsi can offer effective cure to allergies including Asthma

Slows down aging process: The anti oxidant properties of Tulsi can slow down the aging process as Tulsi extracts protect against free radicals

Gastric Disorders: Tulsi extract can effectively fight gastric disorders

Diabetes: Consumption of Tulsi leaves or the Tulsi leaves powder regularly can reduce sugar levels by almost 17% in fasting blood, Tulsi extracts are often used against Type 2 diabetes

Swine Flu and Viral fevers: Anti flu properties of Tulsi can keep us away from the dreaded viral fever and flu including ëswine fluí

Yo Vizag 33 February 2010

As a mosquito repellent: The smoke from the dried Tulsi leaves can control the mosquito menace Owing to the high medicinal value of Tulsi, it has become a practice to distribute holy water mixed with tulsi leaves to devotees in temples.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the main city, tucked away off the main road, behind the Steel Plant lies an ancient temple, right on the shore line. At a distance of about thirty seven kilometres from the main city, this charming coastal village boasts of one of the three most ancient Shiva temples in the country. In addition, there is a quaint pristine beach with golden sands just a few steps away from the temple. This is the Someswara Swamy Temple in Appikonda. To get to Appikonda, travel along the NH 5 road towards Chennai and enter the Steel Plant road. Just before the Steel Plant Main gate, branching off the main road is the Appikonda road. The Appikonda road travels almost parallel to the Steel Plant boundary walls for quite a distance and leads directly to the temple. Vizag January2010 2010 Yo Yo Vizag February 34 10

According to the local legend, the Shiva Lingam here is either installed by Kapila Mahamuni or a ĂŤswayambhuĂ­; in any case, Kapila Mahamuni did purportedly perform tapas here and reverentially worship the Lingam. Historical evidences and inscriptions on the stones show that the temple was developed and renovated thrice, during the sixth, eighth and tenth centuries by the Chola Kings, which dates the temple back to at least 1400 years ago. The temple architecture reflects Chola style of temples and the entire temple was originally built with loose stones of massive weight, bearing testimony to the engineering and construction skills that existed more than a thousand years back. Though government aid is still to come, prayers and daily rituals are conducted by the local priests aided by voluntary contributions. Newly married couples visit to receive blessings for a happy prosperous married life and good progeny. On average about 200 devotees visit the temple daily and on Mondays the number swells to more than a thousand. On the festive day of Shivratri, almost four to five lakh people queue up for the Lord and a dip in the sea. Similarly in the Kartik Masam too, the crowd drastically increases. Currently, the ambitious restoration project undertaken by the Temple Trust with Sri Maddi Srinivasa Rao, Sri Kesavarpu Satish and Executive Officer Sri C. Srinivasa Rao is nearing completion. For further information and guidance regarding the temple Sri C Srinivasa Rao (Mobile 9985869452), Sri M Srinivasa Rao (Mobile 98499959999) or Sri K Satish (Mobile number 9618882888) can be contacted. With minimal facilities in this area, visitors are advised to carry along their own water, snacks and any offerings to the deity. As the place is secluded, it is best to leave the place before 5 pm.

The Appikonda Beach Golden sands bordered by the azure sea on one side and the Appikinda Hillock on the other, the beach adjacent to the temple is one unspoilt beach in Vizag. Perfect for a picnic, this pristine beach is clean and devoid of the usual city crowds. While the waters seem safe, it is not advisable to venture too deep into the sea. And if picnicking there, please do not throw or leave any trash around. Let natureĂ­s beauty prevail.

Yo Vizag 35 February 2010

Just about a 60 km drive from the city

of the Eastern cradled in the foothills e Kondakarla Ghats is the picturesqu la Av a is th e Av a La ke . Ko nd ak ar ter lake in the second largest fresh wa gnised as Eco state. It has been reco Tourism Destination.

Yo Vizag 36 February 2010

A favoured spot for migratory birds and innumerable exotic Indian species, the tranquil waters of the lake surrounded by coconut trees on one side and green hills all around provide a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. This lake was once a popular vacationing spot for the Vizianagaram Maharajas and the British officials in the preIndependence era. Testimony to that is the lone guest house which was constructed during the British time in Kondakarla village, which is situated some distance away from the lake. Other than that there are no lodges or hotels in the lakeís vicinity for tourists to stay. But should the localís efforts bear fruit, resorts might soon come up in the vicinity. As of now, during peak season, (Kartik masam, and October/NovemberFebruary when migratory birds flock) there are a few houses in the village converted into cottages with cots and fans. Rustic, but can be fun. A word of caution for the ëgameí enthusiasts, the Forest Department has posted a guard at Andalapalli village to prevent the shooting down of birds by hunters and tourists. Shooting bird here is an offence. The local fishermen use palm logs converted into canoes to ferry villagers across and take tourists on joy rides, quite an experience. Atop the hillock situated close to the lake, on the Vadrapalli side, is an ancient temple of Lord Venkateswara. Though the temple is in a state of neglect, a trek to the top is worth the effort as it offers a birdís eye view of the lake and its picturesque surroundings. About 2 km. away from Vadrapalli village is the ancient temple of Sri Dakshina Kasi Visweswara Swamy. The Shiva Linga here is the is the biggest crystal lingam in the world. This temple draws good crowds during the month of Kartik.

This picturesque locale draws can be approached from Vadrapalli village or from Kondakarla on the other side. The distance from Vadrapalli main road to the lake is less than a kilometre, a narrow pathway passing through the village. APSRTC operates a bus Gajuwaka to Vadrapalli village in the mornings and evenings daily. This lake lies on the Sankaram (Buddhist Place)- Etikoppaka (Craft Village)Kondakarla Ava Circuit.

Yo Vizag 37 February 2010

SOS There are many adverts and media warnings about only 1411 tigers left in India, the campaign, featuring Indian cricket team skipper Dhoni amongst others generated quite a bit of interest and discussion. But the shocking fact is that recently, the Union environment and forest minister Jairam Ramesh admitted that India may not have even those 1,411 tigers. The number could be even smaller. The Wildlife Institute of India (WII), gave an estimation of 1,100-1,600. . The figure of 1,411 is an average and it was calculated in 2006. It has been four years since then... and the killings continue. Since the last census figures came out in 2006, over 127 tigers have died in India. The worst was 2009, when 66 tigers died and the start of 2010 was also not good, with six deaths reported so far.

1411, the figure is a conservative estimate, the reality is worse. So letís take a stand, letís join hands, take an initiative and stop this massacre. Quoting a regular reader who approached the Yo Vizag team on this issue, Sanjay Varma Rudraraju, ìWith 2010 being the Chinese Year of the Tiger, lets protect our national animal and stop these killings. In memory of the two month old tiger cub, Stripey, waiting in vain for his mother who was killed by poachers, I request all Vizagites to join and roar along with me and also donate to save the tigers.î

Tigers, the once ferocious animal, respected for its strength and agility is now threatened by an even more vicious and powerful enemy, Man. The 1970 ban against killing of tigers, Project Tiger, notwithstanding, poaching goes on unabated in the country. In fact, just recently a tigress was killed in Andhra Pradesh and the skin of another was seized. Tiger reserves meant to protect this magnificent animal are abysmally under staffed and ill-equipped. Finances are low and corruption is rampant. Tiger skins, claws and organs are hot selling items on the black market, ending up in Chinese traditional medicine or on walls of the rich.

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Yo Vizag 39 February 2010

One amongst the notable shopping malls in Vizag is V2, stocking an eclectic collection of wares. Designer saris, ghagras, designer salwar sets, dresses, party wear, designer items, branded clothes, accessories like coordinated shoes and clutch bags, traditional heavy saris, silks, cottons... the range is extensive. In addition there is an array of high quality jewellery, crockery, steel and designer household items to pick and choose from. In the sari section itself the variety on display is mindboggling Ăą in addition to the colours and styles there are Banarasi pattu, samudrika pattu, upadda, cottons, chiffon, georgette, super-nets Kerala silks, designer silks, crystal worked saris and many more. With a reasonably priced, high quality, classy handpicked range of saris and dresses to choose from, satisfaction is certain. The one added feature that V2 offers its Vizag clientele is ĂŤWedding SittingĂ­. This mall stocks stunning women's bridal wear and other accessories required for a grand wedding. Wedding Sitting is a unique concept, wherein the whole family of the bride or bridegroom get to sit together, select from a extensive range of clothes for all in the family, including the accessories and jewellery. Sessions like these can go on for 4-5 hours at a stretch, with most of the bridal shopping done in relaxed comfort. Clothes and jewellery apart, V2 also stocks all kinds of appliances from leading brands, with their related services and after sales services.

Yo Vizag 40 February 2010

Sportlifestyle brand PUMA AG has launched its PUMA Kidswear range in India. The range, in retail collaboration with GINI and JONY consists of apparel, footwear and accessories for kids aged 4 to 14 years. From tees with graphics and prints to sweatshirts, jackets, tracks and shorts for boys and tops, capris and pants for girls. PUMA with its exclusive designs and superior quality caters to the mid-to premium range, priced from Rs.399 onwards. Already a popular designer kidís wear brand in India, ëGINI and JONYí is a known name amongst fashion and comfort-conscious mums and kids. With the addition of the PUMA kidswear range, the showrooms now provide a greater variety and choice to the discerning customer. In Vizag, Rana's Fashion Port in Waltair Uplands besides Mira Collections, the retailers of GINI and JONY for the city now also stock the exclusive range of PUMA wear. A comprehensive shop stocking good fashionable clothes for kids has something stylishly classy for mums too.

Yo Vizag 41 40 February 2010

Planning to tie the knot this spring? Well here are a few useful tips to help deal with the looming crisis!

Yo Vizag 42 February 2010

The spring months of March and April herald the season of festivities, gaiety and marriages. Tying the knot and taking vows for eternity; a wedding is a special occasion; an occasion which requires a great deal of planning and preparations. To assist, the Yo Vizag team created an inventory of sorts listing out the have-to-be-done chores in the last one month before the wedding. But more important, we also have a few suggestions to look radiant and perfect on the wedding day. Have the wedding clothes picked up, and tried for proper fitting.

A fortnight to a week before the D-Day; get all your clothes ironed and suitcases packed. Confirm all bookings. Confirm your appointments with hair-dresser, Mehendi artist and beautician.

Keep the wedding attire with all its accessories ready to wear in a separate small bag, so that the whole ensemble (including inner-wear) is easily accessed. Similarly have the clothes and accessories in a separate bag kept ready aside for the reception too.

Experiment with new hairstyles or total revamps at least a month or three weeks before the wedding, this will give you time to rectify any mishaps, and if the look is perfect, it will give you time to get used to the new look. Give your hair a final trim at least two weeks before the wedding so that it will not look to blunt and obvious.

Discuss and zero upon the honeymoon destination. Make sure that passports, visas and tickets are ready, including the hotel reservations, onward journey reservations and like. Depending on the destination, pack appropriate clothes and accessories. If necessary, shop for the right clothes.

A full body is suggested for the bride to cleanse off surplus body hair. Waxing also waxing removes dead cells and makes the skin smooth and silky. Complement this with a body-bleach. Bleaching enhances the skin tone by removing excessive dark pigmentation. A day at the spa pampering the body, cleansing it, nourishing it and rejuvenating it will give it a healthy glow. Plus a spa treatment can relax the body and help de-stress.

If Mehendi is in the agenda and not covered in the ëbridal beauty packageí, book a good Mehendi artist. Make it a gala event with additional Mehendi artists for all the ladies in the family and close friends. Though the parents usually take care of it, book a nice room for your wedding night. If planning on a DJ for the reception, discuss with him the songs you would prefer, and the songs you definitely donít want to hear. If it is going to be only music in the background sans the DJ, then cut a few CD with yours and your spouse-to-beís favourite songs and have them played.

Working Towards a Radiant You on Your Wedding Day A beauty and spa treatment works wonders for the bride and bridegroom as well. To look radiant and perfect on the wedding day, begin your beauty regime at least a month prior to the wedding day. Facials, manicures and pedicures are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your options for getting beautified for the big day. Microdermabrasion, Botox, chemical peels, teeth whitening, body polishing, body waxing -- the options are endless. Discuss with an experienced beautician in advance what you want. Be open to suggestion and make sure the treatment planned will suit your skin-type.

A simple home-based remedy to cleanse the skin is to coarsely grind masoor dal, mix with curds and scrub the body with this paste. Twenty minutes later was it off. Repeat this twice a week in the week preceding the marriage. This treatment scrubs the skin off dead cells without drying it. Maintain healthy bedtimes for at least a week or more before the wedding. To nourish your hair and make it more manageable before your wedding, give it an oil massage followed by steaming. It is generally done twice a week for a month before the wedding.

Take care of your diet, no binges as you need to be absolutely fit, fine and trim on the wedding night. If time permits, take up a sport to keep the waistline in check like working out in a gym, swimming, walking or jogging. Always go for the shopping excursions with full stomach to avoid snacking on fast foods.

Raid the shops for quality makeup products in the weeks leading to the wedding. Sample the products to see which suits you the best. Have a trial run of the makeup so that on the wedding day the products will go on smooth and blend nicely. Practise using them yourself, as on your honeymoon no assistance will be there. But get a good beautician for the wedding day. And stick to waterproof makeup ñ tears can be real messy.

Get your teeth cleaned. Teeth whiteners, like strips and gels from the drugstore take about three weeks to work. Or get it professionally done by a dentist.

And above all, try to relax and enjoy the special day!

Yo Vizag 43 February 2010

Yo Vizag 44 February 2010

Yo Vizag 45 February 2010

Like it or not, almost along with the month of February commences the countdown for examinations. Be it school level or university level, the months of March to May are peppered with examinations of varied sorts and February heralds in the ëpreparation for examsí season (or at least it should!). In todayís competitive world, exams are like battlefields where students fight for ranks. While a healthy competitive spirit is a must, the associated stress is not. The need now is to make this month productive and efficiently tackle the syllabus with proper planning and management of studies. Make a realistic study planner (with a bit of flexibility for contingencies) and stick to it. The planner should be specific, not just mentioning the subject, but the segments or topics of that subject which you plan to complete in that time slot. Work out the best time when you can concentrate (either early in the morning or late night) and schedule tough or lengthy portions for that time.

Define a study area and keep it free from distractions. The chair and desk should be of a comfortable height, in a well-lit area and preferably adjacent to a window with a pleasant view, so that you can rest your eyes every now and then. Though if the window presents a distracting view of say a park or children (friends) playing, then avoid it. Only the materials that you need for studying ñ stationery, files, notes, paper ñ should be on the desk. Stay away from the TV and computer/laptop. Put your phone on silent mode, ignore the SMSís too. Set goals for yourself ñ a sizeable portion or the entire syllabus of the subject and after that, if honestly completed, reward yourself with some time on the internet or TV. On an average, most students can concentrate on the same subject for about 45 minutes. Hence plan 45-minute blocks of fully focussed study time and after that, change the subject to a mechanical one (like solving mathematical or physics problems) or take a welldeserved 15-minute break. Think positive. As aptly put by the famed American basketball coach, John Wooden, ëDonít let what you cannot do interfere with what you can doí. Get involved with the subject. Divide the course material into smaller segments. Lecture an imaginary class to make more interesting (only ñ focus on the subject, not playacting). Flashcards (or ìindex cardsî) are a good memorisation tool. Reduce your notes into bullet points, keywords, lists, formulas and diagrams ñ which will act as memory triggers. Create a card for each topic. By memorising the flashcards you can enhance your ability to recall larger bits of information referenced by the triggers. Carry the cards with you and review them on and off (though, do discard them before entering the exam hall!). Practise with sample question papers. Time yourself and attempt the full paper with complete answers. Check the answers to the practice questions to diagnose your strengths and weaknesses. If you are weak in an area, go back and study it further. Along with preparing yourself well for the exam, also pay due attention to your diet and sleep. Have a well balanced diet and get adequate sleep. When stressed, exercise, go out for a walk, do yoga, listen to music and just relax your mind and body. And above all, believe in yourself.

Yo Vizag 46 February 2010

ummer and s e m o c r; a ry ye to e story eve y indoors in d o b ry e v Itís the sam e es he g heat driv ned room. T io it d n o the blisterin -c ir a ting nfines of an ement crea ir u q re r the cool co e w lobal ike in the po onment ñ g ir v n e result... a sp e th res, al strain on te m p e r a tu r e m m an addition u s ; the e x c e s s iv e of glaciers g in lt e w a r m in g , m d l rains an in our quest , a y n v o v s a a -s e o s c n u ver e e r- h u n g ry are many. E w s o p ie it n rs o e v e d c a den o our depen , we, the Y s e to re d u c e lv e rs u o to cool imple applainces ed some s h rt a e n u nted Vizag team be impleme n a c t a th sh measures o f th e h a r t e s n o e ep b e fo r e th easures ke m e s e h T the summer. and retain t, u o h it w t ing the hea ereby reduc th , in h it w s of coolnes n s u m p ti o n o c r e w o ners. th e p air-conditio e k li s e c n applia If you are buying roof coating paints or bright white vinyl tiles, ensure that they have the highest SRI (Solar Reflective Index - the ability to act as a barrier against the radiation from sun light). The higher the SRI, the more effective it will block the radiation effect of the sun. Bright White Colour for example has SRI of 85 where as dark black has SRI close to 0.

Coat the roof top wi th Bright White Reflective Paint befor e this summer One of the prime contrib utors to heat rise within the dwelling is dirty or darkened with age rooftops tha t absorb the heat of the sun. This heat gets transferred indoors. On the other hand, white or reflective rooftops ref lect as much as 85% of the heat and consequently, the interiors are comparative ly cooler. ëWhite Solar Reflectiveí paint for rooftops is a cost-effective solution . Another option, White Vinyl Reflectiv e tiles covering a rooftop can deflect as mu ch as 80% heat. Lo ok for hig h SR I (S ola r Re fle cti ve Index) for effectiveness.

Choose bright white / light pastel Sun Ref lect ive Pai nts for the exteriors It is not only the roof tops that con trib ute to the rise in the tem per atu res in the buil ding interiors. The building exteriors too e need to be painted with bright whit ect defl to urs colo tel pas t ligh or n. maximum possible solar radiatio s. nes ctive effe for SRI Look for high

Choose light colours for in teriors Light colours for interiors no t only ensure le ss he at w ith in , bu t al so re du ce th e dependence on artificial lig hting. Dark interiors requ ire switching on the lights ev en du ri ng th e da y ti m e th er eb y increasing elec tricity consum ption.

gla ss es wi th Su n Co ve r th e wi nd ow Reflective Film ws on large glass windo Sun Reflective Film ; ms roo eaming into the prevents heat from str st lea b sor ab t curtains tha also use light coloured heat.

When planning your dream house, ask the architecture to incorporate eco-friendly measures and plan the house orientation such that the building absorbs minimal heat from the sun. Join the cause for Global Warming and reduce the dependence on power. Not only will these suggestions reduce the electricity bill it will help conserve power and save the world for future generations. Yo Vizag 47 February 2010

“Remember, gentlemen, it’s not just France we are fighting for, it’s Champagne!” - Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of Great Britain, (1874 - 1965).

Thirteen centuries ago, a monk, Dom Perignon, in charge of the wine cellars of the monastery in a place called Champagne was frustrated. The wine was not ëredí enough and because of the cooler climate, the fermentation Cha process was disrupted. The chilly grow mpagn e n in as th is sp winters would halt the fermentation d ferm efined e anc arkling ient by Ch ented of the grape juice, until the warm Fr wine F ì m e ampag twice, rench ench p produ ced onc rovi law hap t h o d ne pr springtime would rekindle the e . f n cele piness e c h a oduce in the Furth ce of rom gr d an erm a Cha barr mp í by brat process. This disruption caused eno ore ywh el a mpa pes ion, the , n i e F s gn C d i r t e e h a m renc t To t bubbles to form in the wine, then h, th î . C a l l else is hen in must b e r pag t e the u l y s a v h o ne i e e b s tru ultima d t h e fficially e bottle considered a severe defect. He y o u ubbles o u r g o ëba te d . ly in labe o d lled a c l rink o r o m e get r i n k i t to diss d c h a m ass f i experimented with various t o f i t succe t e r o f a ha nto you oo fas ipate in pagne s o w ss a t , r nd text ngover blood swallo your m you s n. grape varieties and h win . Flu stre ure o o uth uld g al am form of c ted be sip lt t r g processing methods. But enc ) are b ystal is lasses oo quic he bub fore yo it, all oura k b e u sw o w i n r ( o l p l s yes ug re tf the g g the bubbles persisted. full e the or Cha her tha ferably which , the al allow. bott u c arom bub I c n m f o s r ua ho ys or pa l Then one day, his and e shou a to c bles to gne a dinary tal sinc lly res l will ults ld b n g e o c a d l o n t a h b llec cen e op ss, a gr in e su allis frustration turned to t a spar tr m e e the at dea tic cork ned rig ate ne nd ris kling w ore bu rface e a b i f l surprise when he sec oil cov of pre can se ht, afte r the s to the nes as bles r all urin ssu erin riou urfa t t o p r g t a g sly e be he p ce. a l l o hey ngl the tasted the an i sing e). The cork d wire hind th njure a ressur But fir wing a s e beverage... ëI am the le drop bottle w nd turn hood. e cork, bystan in the t the b N d b i s o n i ottl e l u e o f l g r. x g the mom b b l y c drinking the stars!í p r e c ive a c t h e b o t e a s e a r e f u l l T h e r e e t e o n t l y avo as t be tle ( ass the ious rem is i i y f h he exclaimed! Cha t w o u l ore top d froth bever POP eld at cork o ove ut, a a i mpa d ta ng a ping n ge. This ke gne G o d you w 4 5 d e b y them , a n d And thus a gre s t w al lo o ay bott empe is to b f r o m off. Ne low gla w whe nít lose e r l e e a t s u i champagne, the erve fo re c t h e ver ch s s e s n pou a r 20 n a n d a It sh to 30 ice bu n be a cold a e n j o y ill or i to set ring bubbly ëRolls c c m tl m o c t to b uld ne inutes ket ó o hieved about e n t o e the g e a f th ver . Or lass e e n 4 b 3 e y Royce of winesí , yo be p half njoy rom plac to 48 e w i u a l e n with ntic din d with aced in may re ice and ing the ∞F (7∞ e . came into being. frige ner C). the you un ple on

Stric tly s peak ing

r lov

op efo a fr ra ed o r two. S sant co eezer. te it fo half w ened avo ne. mpa Cham r 3 to ater ur th ó 4 n e ul y, be pagne hours tima . it a is m te in a p win arty, o de e se r duc a tion

Yo Vizag 48 February 2010

Yo Vizag 50 February 2010

Yo Vizag 51 February 2010

Audio Launched The audio of NitinĂ­s Seetaramula Kalyanam Lankalo was launched at a function organized at Tennela Park, Vizag on the night of January 1st. Nitin, Hansika, Director Eeswar, producer Malla Vijaya Prasad, Anoop Rubens attended. The function was graced by Minister Bala Raju, Dist.Collector, Police Commissioner and other dignitaries.

VUDA Flower Show Models of tourist places like Borra Caves, Buddhist places like Thotlakonda, Simhachalam and other temples in and around Vizag were an added attraction at the VUDA Flower Show held on Jan 24 to 26 at VUDA Park. The theme of this yearĂ­s flower show was tourism. Many competitions and cultural programmes were organised at the show.

Yo Vizag 52 February 2010

Ultra Wash Tex Opening Police Commissioner N. Sambasiva Rao and film star Bindu Madhavi formally inaugurated Ultra Wash Tex, express laundry service, at Gurudwara Junction here on Friday, Jan 1st. The laundry provides dry cleaning, wet washing, rolling, steam press and stain removal. It specialises in cleaning and finishing service of silk saris, suits, wedding outfits and designer wear.

Italian food festival at The Gateway The Gateway Hotel will be hosting an Italian food festival from January 29 to February 7. An entire array of authentic Italian cuisine, in a five-course dinner menu will be served in the Buffet at Stir.

Studio Orion showroom opening A classy furniture showroom, Studio Orion opens in Visakhapatnam on February 14. The exclusive showroom HSBC tower in Siripuram stocks a wide range of drapery and upholstery fabrics, wallpapers, carpets, rugs, mattresses, bed and bath linen and window accessories.

Computer Society of India Computer Society of India in Association of Visakhapatnam Steel Plant Conducted a southern regional conference on advances in information and communication technology at the Gateway Hotel on 29th & 30th January 2010.

Yo Vizag 53 February 2010

The Appl

e iPad The Apple iPad is a pe rfect fit between the sm art phone and the laptop 1.5 pounds weight and . Half inch thick, empowered with a 9.7 inch IPS sharp display touch functionality . It ,it sports full multiis protected with a fin gerprint-resistant oleo-p 16-64GB flash storage, hobic coating, has 10-hour battery life an d one full month of stand in two models - Wi-Fi by time. Released model and Wi-Fi + 3G model, it functions on custom-designed, hig a 1GHz Apple A4 h-performance, low-po wer system-on-a-chip crisp, vibrant display, un processor. With its ique software features and a large, high-reso is perfect for watching lution screen, iPad any kind of video: from HD movies and TV sho and music videos. The ws to podcasts YouTube app organise s videos so theyíre ea and navigate. The iPo sy to see d app allows you to bro wse by album, song, art genre with a simple flic ist or k. A tap of the iTunes sto re icon lets you buy mu TV shows and podcasts sic, - or buy and rent movie s ñ wirelessly, right fro your iPad. m

Nokia 5230

Nokia dly touch-screen smartphone, the Nokia announced a budget-frien new This ory. mem B screen and up to 16G 5230. It proffers a 3.2 TFT touch with ; usic ssM Xpre 0 580 ia Nok ion of the model is actually a toned down vers focus, fixed a with era cam s focu auto el same look and feel plus a 2 Megapix panels or black body and different colour but minus the Wi-Fi. With a white flip with ion Edit 5th S60 on the Symbian for the backside, the 5230 runs ed play be can ic mus The ive. ress imp ne is scrolling. Audio quality on the pho to t wan who e ne is a good option for thos for about 33 hours. In short the pho , ition add †In lity. qua ic mus phone with good own something similar to a smart urite favo r you to ss acce k quic ia Bar with the†Nokia 5230†features a Med re. music, photos, YouTube or Ovi†Sha as such , ions licat app and ia med

3-D Empowered Laptops

Delve into the world of exciting grap hics in 3-D, comfortably seated at home; only accept the fact that you need wear glasses. While 3-D TVs will take some more time , AsusTek Computer Inc. has new models in laptops and PCs with screens that can show both games and movies in true 3-D. The model comes with powered, rechargeable glasses made by Nvid ia Corp., that alternately black out each eye in sync with the scre en, which alternates the images it shows. A small infrared emitter that plugs into a USB port keeps the glasses timed to the screen. Nvid ia sells the glasses and emitter separately for use with desktop computers and certain LCD monitors. The Asus model is the first laptop with a 3-D compatible LCD screen. Some games work perfectly well in 3-D, though the screen resolution is reduced it enh ances the gaming experience, but at the end of the day, this is only a fun feature, not a musthave.

Yo Vizag 54 February 2010

Encouraging financial gains from the middle of the month gladden your spirits. Those in business are likely to start new ventures with trusted partners. Those in jobs get recognition and rewards for their hard work. You need to avoid being abrasive in dealing with spouse/family members. Hectic travel is indicated during the month. Very positive news about a family member is likely by the end of middle of the month. Health check up may be required.

Sudden and unexpected financial gains during the month pleasantly surprise you. You may finalise the acquisition of a property during the month. Those in business may face a dull month despite hectic efforts. Those in jobs with their hard work gain advantage and may receive promotions. The supportive family members and friends stand by you in the face of difficulties likely to persist till the end of second week. Stress needs to be tackled with medical assistance.

Less than expected financial gains for the first couple of weeks are no cause for concern as the flows pick up dramatically during the last two weeks. Those in business come across very big opportunities and spend lot of time in formulating business plans. Those in jobs may be offered positions of high authority. Lot of travel is indicated during the month. Excellent and encouraging atmosphere at home enable you to get over the business and job worries. Short vacation with family members indicated.

A very rosy picture on the financial front emerges during the month. Your long time efforts on a dream project see positive movement. Those in jobs too have to be ready to bear higher and challenging responsibilities. It is advisable that you consult spouse/family members and finalise all the major decisions since they have far reaching effects on future. You may celebrate a huge success with a grand party during the month.

Good financial gains and recovery of old and forgotten loans indicated. Those in business are likely to undertake extensive travel within the country or outside to explore the untapped opportunities. Those in jobs attain success in all the challenges and win appreciation. Over confidence and excessive trust on others need to be avoided. A busy month with lot of parties waiting to be attended is indicated. It is time to explain the rationale behind your decisions and convince the spouse/family members.

Financial gains pleasantly surprise you. You may go ahead with the purchase of a property during the month. Those in business get a new business connection with a very high potential. Lots of business meetings and discussions are indicated. Those in jobs may consider attractive alternative job offers. DonĂ­t take the support of spouse/family members for granted. They stand by you only if you explain the reasons behind your decisions. Health is likely to be under stress and you may need medical attention.

Average financial gains are indicated. Those in business receive offers for diversification from trusted partners. The pending dues from clients cause you a bit of worry and you need to focus on sound strategies to get back the dues as soon as possible. Those in jobs impress the superiors with their hard work and skills. A long forgotten friend makes dramatic reappearance and gives you fresh ideas for a bright future. Family atmosphere may be good. You may undertake a pilgrimage to seek the blessings for an important future event.

You are likely to make huge gains out of the sale of an old property. For those in business a very big profitable proposal is likely to emerge. Those in jobs face hardships due to work pressure but win the applause of the superiors. The month will be so busy that you may be able to devote less attention to family members/ spouse. An very good news greets one of your family members. DonĂ­t neglect health matters. Try to avoid late night road travels.

Good financial flows are indicated but you are advised to postpone big spending decisions for now. Those in business are likely to receive delayed payments and face financial pressure. Those in jobs perform exceedingly well and likely to receive financial rewards. Avoid being abrasive in dealing with spouse/family members. Understand that you need their support in all major decisions. Health matters need timely attention.

Good month ahead in financial matters. Those in business need to be cautious i n dealing with new clients. A new business proposal from a friend attracts considerable attention. Those in jobs are likely to consider job changes. Guard against those who are trying to mislead you. Family members/ spouse standby and encourage you to take decisions that have elements of risk. Health of a senior member of the family requires your personal attention.

Excellent and unexpected financial gains greet you during the month. Those in business experience growth never before anticipated by them but care should be taken to not to trust business clients blindly. Those in jobs may get foreign or outstation assignments and receive much appreciation from their superiors. You need to clear the misunderstandings with family members/ spouse. Hectic social activity during the month indicated. Sudden health problems worry you.

Yo Vizag 55 February 2010

Excellent money flows during the month indicated. You may go for the purchase of costly items like jewelry or vehicles during the month. Those in business are in for pleasantly surprising growth. Those in jobs are likely to consider switching jobs. Take spouse/family members into confidence before any major decisions. Avoid long journeys by road especially during the nights. Health of a family member worries you.

Sambho Shiva Sambho Cast:†Ravi Teja, Allari Naresh, Siva Balaji, Priyamani and others Direction:†Samuthirakani Sambho Shiva Sambho is an action drama directed by Samuthirakani, who remakes his successful Tamil venture, Nadodigal, one of the super hit movies of 2009, with the film. This story revolves around four men and two women, about their friendship and the spirit of sacrifice. Ravi Teja is as dynamic as always and Allari Naresh is all set to glitter at the award functions. Sunil is as vibrant as usual. Priyamaniís minimal makeup and charged-up screen presence is an asset, but sheís not around in the second half. The character artistes - Tanikella, Ahuti, Chandramohan and the rest, even Roja - are wonderful to watch. Rajamundry and Kurnool are the key locations of the movie, and settings are authentic and pleasing, literally assisting in the story-telling. The technical team has done a very good job. The music is very soulful and soothing to the ears, the effort looks inspired from Rahman, though. Shambo Shiva Shambo with its sensitive storyline, is sure to touch the audienceís heart.

Ishqiya Cast:†Naseeruddin Shah, Arshad Warsi, Vidya Balan Direction:†Abhishek Chaubey Vishal Bharadwajís latest flick ëIshqiyaí is truly a perfect blend of action, romance, drama and comedy. Two thieves Khalujan (Naseeruddin Shah) and Babban (Arshad Warsi) run from their boss Mushtaq (Salman Shahid) and seek refuge with an old friend but instead meet his widow, Krishna (Vidya Balan). As they plan their escape, their time spent together draws the duo close to her - Khalujan with his vision of oldfashioned love and Babban with his lascivious heart. If Khalujan is all heart and soul, Babban is all flesh and blood.†Krishna, the femme fatale small-town girl and a mysterious woman is shown as a woman madly in love, as an object of desire, as a vision of purity and as a woman engaging herself in a lustful bout with another man. The music is composed by†Vishal Bhardwaj†and the lyrics are penned by†Gulzar. A pure entertainer ëIshqiyaí is worth the money spent on tickets.

The Final Destination – Rest in Pieces Cast:††Bobby Campo, Shantel VanSanten,†Haley Webb,†Mykelti Williamson,†Nick Zano, Krista†Allen Direction:†David R. Ellis Like its predecessors,†The Final Destination 4 starts with a teen getting a flash forward about him and his friends, dying in a horrible accident then getting targeted by Death itself after they survive their destined demises. The big difference in this fourth film is that the cheated death takes place at a†NASCAR†race, and that the remainder of the elaborate deaths is in 3D. Four friends amongst a few other escape meeting a tragic end when they are watching a car race at a stadium, thanks to a timely vision their friend has right before death comes calling. But that will not be the last they will hear from lady death as she gorges on each one of them soon after their miraculous escape. Finally, as all prequels, the successful battle for survival of last survivors is quelled, and lady death has her way thankfully without any crushed skulls and bloodspattered walls. Yo Vizag 56 February 2010

Uncommon: Finding Your Path to Significance by Tony Dungy Former†Indianapolis Colts†head†coach Tony Dungy†is out with his latest book -Uncommon: Finding Your Path to Significance. This†is not a football book but has its fair share of football examples. The book focuses on what it means to be a man of connotation in a†society†that is offering young men so few positive role models. Itís an important book for everybody whoís interested in an honest and heartfelt example of how to live a significant life ó an ìuncommonî life that can be far from how the world is defining success these days. Coach Dungy always has a technique of getting himself out of any trouble he is in. The book talks about different topics we all face in everyday life in a way that makes you feel like thereís still hope. Itís a great way to gain a further perspective on his thoughts with specific examples from his own experiences.

Deathís Mistress by Karen Chance Deathís Mistress is the second book featuring Karen Chanceís vampireslaying heroine Dory Basarab. This book is a sequel of her first book Midnightís Daughter. Events in Deathís Mistress follow on from about a month after where Midnightís Daughter left off. The story has characters and a romance plotline that spans both books. With a plot that spans the layline racing World Championship, illegal Fey artifact smuggling, mysterious murders, the machinations of the Fey royal court and the political manoeuvrings of the vampire senate, readers will need to be paying attention to all the twists and turns along the way or risk being left behind. Deathís Mistress is fast paced but the plotís linear timeframe makes it easy to follow. With its vampcentric storyline Deathís Mistress is recommended reading for vampire fantasy. Fans will be pleased to know that Karen Chance has been contracted to write a third book in this series. Yo Vizag 57 February 2010


izag,the weekend getaway destination for many becomes quite a favoured romantic destination in February. With verdant green hills, romantic breathtaking locales, warm endless beaches, the azure sea; Vizag is a hill-station retreat, a beach city and a modern happening city ñ a city that fulfils the holidaying wants of many. An industrial city, a software hub, a fishing city, tourist city... Vizag is all this and more. February is a fun time to visit; the weather is cool, and the flowers are in bloom.

The best time to visit†- is almost throughout the yearÖexcept maybe in the icky rainy months of June to September.† Though if the heat and sweat gets to you, then opt for the cool months of November (after the rains, when everything is clean and green) to February (before the heat actually kicks in).†

Practical clothing†for Vizag climates is cotton and cotton-blends. The month of January is cool and picnic-perfect, but can be interspaced by bouts of hot humid spells. On most days, almost anything goes, cottons, blendsÖbut in the hot afternoons, stick to cottons, keeps one cool and comfortable. And like anywhere in India, skimpy sensuous outfits will attract unwarranted attention. † The mannerism†of the local populace here spells hospitality. Warm, friendly, traditional and cosmopolitan ñ a true Vizagite is a unique blend of all. Ever ready to direct and advise, donít hesitate to ask around. Telugu, English and Hindi are the commonly spoken languages here. † The food†is hot, spicy and mostly ricebased. The local dishes are richly flavoured with loads of tamarind and spice. Sea-food and fresh-water-fish from the neighbouring Godavari districts figure prominently in the local diet. Most eateries are multi-cuisine offering a varied fare. Tipping in restaurants is discretionary, around Rs 5 to Rs 10, or 10-15% of the bill.† While shopping, haggle to your heartís content on the roadsides and smaller establishments. Vizag is not known for its shopping, but the fare on display is varied. Clothes from Kolkata and Mumbai, imported goods from custom-notified shops, toys, sporting goodsÖ you name it, it is available. †

Yo Vizag 58 February 2010

Nightlife†in the city is comparatively nascent. There are a few good pubs and lounge-bars to visit, though the crowd really picks up only on weekends. After 10 pm ladies, do get a guy as an escort. Generally, day or night, movies are the biggest draw.† Modes of transport†within the city include buses, auto-rickshaws and taxis. The cheapest mode of transport, buses cover most of the city. Autos are handy, they will get you just anywhere, though many operate without a meter, in which case, enquire (and bargain if necessary) the cost of the fare before getting in. Taxi-services are catching on in the city. Metered Services like ëCrazy-cabsí (Phones: 6455589, 6455598, 6455355, 6455678, 9246676899) and ëVizag City Taxií (Phones: 3200000, 9348882817) are just a phone-call away.†††† † Touring facilities†are adequately provided by AP Tourism. These packages cover most of the city sights and are quite satisfactory for a rapid trip around the city. The daily conducted ëlocal sightseeing tourí including lunch and snacks, covers the main tourist spots. For Araku, Burra Caves and nearby tourist destinations, there are daily packages. The Araku trip is either by rail and road or only road. † Must See ñ†Must Do†stuff in Vizag includes a stroll down the Beach Road at sunset. A visit to the Sub-Museum on the Beach ñ edifying and really interesting! Add a drive down the Bhimli Road and a visit to the Burra Caves to the weekend itinerary.

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Distance from RTC Complex: 5 Km

Distance from RTC Complex: 6 Km

Vuda Park alias Taraka Rama Park, located near the Rama Krishna Beach is one of the most popular leisure spot in Visakhapatnam. The park has boating facilities, a roller skating rink, beautiful long lawns, flower gardens, dancing fountains show and a children's play area.

A popular picnic spot, atop a hillock with an enchanting view of the sea, beaches, and the bustling city; the major attractions here are the 40 feet tall magnificent ShivaParvathi idol, the Shanku Chakra Naama, floral clock, titanic view point, manicured lawns, children play park, ropeway and toy-train.



Distance from RTC Complex: 3 Km Shivaji Park is an ideal picnic spot sprawling over 3 acres of land. It has many attractions like fountains, skating ring, children's play area, and beautifully landscaped gardens, a small open air theatre, food court etc.


Distance from RTC Complex: 10 Km

The site has a beautiful park with different types of green plants and orchards and a lake that supplies water to the city. The key attraction of the place is the scenic 18-hole Golf course belonging to East Point Golf Club

RAMAKRISHNA BEACH Distance from RTC Complex: 3 Km

Distance from RTC: 10 Km Spread over 635 acres, the Zoo houses around 80 exotic species of animals and birds amidst rolling landscapes of natural habitat. The well planned layout includes a huge Deer park and a Crocodile Park. The park is open from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. on all the days except Mondays.

Ramakrishna mission beach is long lovely stretch of sea and sands. There are various statues, the Kali Temple, the Ramakrishna Ashram, the Submarine Museum, Visakha Museum, war memorial to soldiers of the 1971 war - 'Victory at Sea' and other attractions along the road.

Yo Vizag 60 February 2010

Picnic & Tourist Spots Rushikonda Beach Distance from Vizag: 10 Km Popular amongst locals and tourists, portion of the sea at this beach is safest to bathe or surf, though precaution is always advised. The Government owned Punnami Resorts offer rooms at reasonable rates for tourists. The 14th century Sri Sapta Rusheswara Temple surrounded by seven hills is located in Rishikonda.

Yarada Beach Distance from Vizag: 15 Km This is a fabulous beach with an exotic blend of golden sands and the lush green stretch of hills. Nestled between the hills on all the three sides and the Bay of Bengal on one side, this beach is an ideal spot for a day out.

Bheemunipatnam or Bhimli Distance form Vizag: 25 Km Bheemli, one of the oldest municipality (1861) in the country has a 17th century Dutch settlement, ruined fort, armoury, Dutch cemetery, beautiful beach, light house, Lord Narasimha temple, St. Peter's Church, Maharaja's guest house, clock tower, port and Gautam Boat club. Popular with film makers, the sea here is calm.

Erra Matti Dibbalu Distance from Vizag: about 20 km The million year old vast stretch of red hillocks covered by green vegetation with blue waters of the Bay of Bengal on one side provides a quaint feast for the visitors. these Erra Matti Dibbalu ravines have been naturally formed because of wind currents and soil erosion.

Etikoppaka Distance from Vizag: 65 Km Etikoppaka, on the banks of Varaha River, is known for its age-old tradition of wooden carvings and artefacts made of 'ankudu' wood with lacquer colours, and enchanting designs. The toys, mythological figures, carvings etc display the creative skills of the craftsmen and depict local cultural practices.

Tyda Nature Camp Distance from Vizag: 75 Km Tyda is a small tribal village in the Eastern Ghats, on the Araku Road. There is an eco-tourism park, 'Jungle Bells' with rock climbing, trekking, target shooting and availability of naturalists or guides. There are cottages and log huts for stay.

Borra Caves Distance from Vizag: 90 Km Brightly illuminated, these million year-old limestone caves are at a height of 1400 Mt above sea level. Filled with fascinating stalagmite and stalactite formations of calcium deposits, some fashioned like a 'Shivalingam' and a cow (Kamadhenu), plus with the Gosthani River flowing through, impart a religious significance to the caves.

Dumbriguda Chaaparai Distance from Vizag: 130 Km Situated about 15 kms away from Araku on the route to Paderu, this picturesque picnic spot has charming waterfalls and lush green surroundings. While the currents can be strong in the monsoon, the waterfalls are fun otherwise, though caution is advised.

Araku Valley Distance from Vizag: 115 Km Araku valley; labelled Andhra's Ooty, located on the Eastern Ghats, is home to a number of tribal communities. Spread over an area of 36sq. kms with pleasant climate, lush greenery, waterfalls and streams, this tourist spot has a tribal museum Accommodation facilities are available for tourists.

Matsyagundam with Sri Matsyalingeswara Swamy Temple Distance from Vizag: 140 Km About 15 Kms down the road to Paderu from Araku, comes a scenic spot with a rivulet winding through the boulders against the backdrop of an ancient Shiva temple, Sri Matsyalingeswara Swamy Temple. In the belief the Lord Shiva protects the fish in these waters; they are not caught or eaten.

Ananthagiri Distance from Vizag: 60 Km Ananthagiri is a beautiful hill station in the lush undulating ranges of the Eastern Ghats, on the way to Araku Valley. The clean fresh air makes it a perfect health resort. Anathagiri is famed for its extensive coffee plantations and numerous waterfalls like Tadimada waterfalls. Yo Vizag 61 February 2010

Pilgrimage Spots

Buddhist Sites

Simhachalam Temple


Distance from Vizag: 16 Km This is a well known temple of Lord Varaha Narasimha, (an incarnation of Lord Vishnu), built in the 11th century. The main deity is always covered with sandalwood paste.

Distance from Vizag: about 15 Km Known as 'the Hill of Eagles", the Thotlakonda complex has a number of stupas, Chaityas, Viharas, a congregation hall and a refectory belonging to the Himayana School, mostly excavated during1982-92. Excavations revealed pottery, beads, bangle pieces, tiles, stuccos, iron objects, sculptural remains, moulded bricks, inscriptions, coins, etc.

Appikonda Distance form Vizag: 18 Km Appikonda or Kapilakonda is an ancient Shiva temple. The shore temple contains inscriptions dating back to 12th Century AD and a life size bull carved out of black stone.

Arasavalli Distance form Vizag: 105 Km Located in Srikakulum district, this is the only temple in AP devoted to the Sun God, Suryanarayana Swamy.

Sri Kurmanadha Temple Distance form Vizag: 118 Km Believed to be built before the 2nd century, the Sri Kurmanadha temple in Srikurmam, is the only temple in India depicting Lord Vishnu in the Kurma avatar.

Sri Mukhalingam Distance from Vizag: 148 Km The 9th century Srimukhalingeswara (Shiva) Temple on the banks of River Vamsadhara has some remarkably beautiful sculptures in the Indo - Aryan style.

Annavaram Distance from Vizag: 124 Km Lord Veer Venkata Satyanarayana Swamy presides in Annavarm on the banks of the River Pampa. The Satyanarayana Swamy Vratha is performed here daily by scores of devout married couples.

Bavikonda Distance from Vizag: 16 Km Bavikonda, acquired its name due to its wells created to collect rain water for drinking at this Buddhist establishment consisting of a Mahachaitya, stupas, chaityagrihas, a congregation hall, platforms, viharas, kitchen-cum-store complex. Roman coins, satavahana coins and pottery dating back to 3rd century BC and 2nd Century A.D were recovered here.

Pavuralakonda Distance from Vizag: 24 Km Pavuralakonda ('hill of pigeons') or Narasimhaswamy Konda covering an area of 10 to 12 acres is at a height of 168mts above sea level. Excavations revealed nearly 14-16 rock-cut troughs or cisterns used for collecting rainwater, foundations of viharas, with cells and common verandah, circular chaityagrihas, votive stupas, halls etc.

Bojjanakonda and Lingalakonda in Sankaram Distance from Vizag: 41 Km The 3rd and 4th century Buddhist constructions on the two small hillocks Bojjanakonda and Lingalakonda in Sankaram village near Anakapalli are replete with rock- cut stupas, Viharas, Buddha images, monastery and sanctuaries. Several antiquities like seals, inscribed tablets, pots, copper coins of seventh century AD have been excavated. Bojjannakonda shows all the three phases of Buddhism.

Salihundam Distance from Vizag: 118 Km On the banks of the river Vamsadhara, a maha stupa, votive stupas, chaityas, platforms and viharas have been unearthed. The main stupa measures 46 feet in diameter while the maha vihara salipethaka has an entrance in the shape of Swastika. Inscriptions of 2nd century A.D. have been found here.

Yo Vizag 62 February 2010

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flying from VIZAG To HYDERABAD Flights flyingFlights from VIZAG To HYDERABAD SG 226 IT 4424 S2 612 IC 618 IT 4492 SG 402

08:55 12:10 13:25 14:00 18:30 20:10

09:55 13: 50 14:25 15:00 20: 10 21:15

Spice Jet Kingfisher Red Jet Lite Indian Airlines Kingfisher Red Spice jet

Flights flying from HYDERABAD To VIZAG SG 401 IT 4819 IC 617 S2 611 IT 4818 SG 221 SG 226 S2 6218 IC 7602

07:20 08:30 Spice Jet 10:05 11:40 Kingfisher Red 11:45 12:45 Indian Airlines 11:55 12:55 Jet Lite 16:20 18:00 Kingfisher Red 18:35 19:40 Spice jet Flights flying from VIZAG to DELHI 08:55 12:45 Spice Jet 11:55 14:15 Jet Lite 12:05 14:05 Indian Airlines

IC 7601 S2 6217 SG 221

05:55 14:55 15:55

Flights flying from DELHI to VIZAG 08:00 17:05 19:40

Indian Airlines Jet Lite Spicejet

Flights flying from VIZAG to BOMBAY S2 612 IC 618 SG 402

13:25 14:00 20:10

16:25 17:35 23:15

Jetlite Indian airlines Spicejet

Flights flying from BOMBAY to VIZAG 05:30 08:30 Spicejet 09:30 12:45 Indian airlines 10:15 12:55 Jet lite

SG 401 IC 617 S2 611

Flights flying from VIZAG to CHENNAI S2 6252 IC 7601 IT 2496

08:35 08:30 12:10

09:45 09:35 14:00

Jet Lite IndianAirlines Kingfisher

Flights flying from CHENNAI to VIZAG S2 6251 IT 2495 IC 7602

10:15 09:45 10:30

11:25 11:40 11:35

Jet Lite Kingfisher IndianAirlines

Flights flying from VIZAG to KOLKATA S2 6412



Jet Lite

Flights flying from KOLKATA to VIZAG S2 6411



Jet Lite

Flights flying from VIZAG to TIRUPATI IT 4819




Flights flying from TIRUPATI to VIZAG IT 4407




Flights flying from VIZAG to BANGLORE (via Tirupati) I7 464 IT 4424

10:40 12:10

11:55 15:50

Paramount KingfisherRed

Flights flying from BANGLORE to VIZAG I7 465

08: 45



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Travel Home Lawsonsbay Colony, Visakhapatnam. Ph: 2520977 # Except sundays * Timings are subject to change without notice.

Yo Vizag Magazine February 2010  
Yo Vizag Magazine February 2010  

Yo Vizag Magazine February 2010