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EDDY TORR’S NOTE: The cover story “Are we alone?” is handpicked from the work of my mentor, DimitarSasslov. An astronomer of repute, a TEDx speaker and theoretical physicist, Dr. Sasselov work is written in simple language to make even the layman aspire to know more regarding outer space. He once wrote to me saying that man would truly come to accept the essence of “physics” only when he perceives the impossible and we at G-Mag, feel his article does just that. It makes people see the impossible. We are currently at the brink of a war- A war that can lay down lines for the future. A war between organized terrorism and democratic governments. The Syrian war article which is written by the MAG team sheds light on the war’s current global scenario and how it can become a game changer. The greatest whistle blower of the 21st century - Edward Snowden. Reputation is more about how the society perceives oneself. The bold article written objectively solely on the life of Snowden, strips his actions down without taking sides. Christ or Anti-Christ? Good or Bad? – The judgment is yours, the reader. We at G-Mag are currently on a budding level. We release we have built an expectation and would definitely strive to meet it. We will bleed earnestly to raise the bar, entertaining yet educating our readers. Rome has not been built in a day, thus we at G-Mag, would slowly yet steady improvise on all aspects to cater to you better. Progress made however slow is progress. We would definitely like to hear from you, please write to us – We are ever open to constructive criticism, reader’s submissions and other suggestion. We sincerely hope you have a good read. Stay tuned to us.

-Shyam Tenali (Editor)

P. Sai Abhishek Srimoudgalya Sangavarapu Ram Pradhyumna Ram Subhash Bhaskar Kondaveety Likhith Mittihi Sushen Dang Tushar Murty Sharat Chandra Kasarla Vishnuvardhan Supla Malhari Vydula Molika Sinha Gargi Saha Shreyasi Roy Likhitha Ravi Subramani Shyam Tenali

G - Studio: Colors of GITAM

-Tushar Murty

“Creativity is precious; it is our birthright that resides within each and every one of us, making us special and unique.” Red for anger; Yellow for fear; Green for, well of course, Green Lantern! Mix all that and you get something that you won’t even imagine existed in GITAM. It is none other than G-Studio. Each and every member of G-Studio are always seen with huge grins (If you don’t believe me then you can check out their FB page). Associating all of them with colors wasn’t pun intended, but it was done to give you an insight about what they actually do in their free time. Resembling all the above said colors, they capture each and every emotion mentioned in GITAM.

What can I say, photography is their passion.They are the ones who make GITAM a better place (Okay, I exaggerated a little bit). They catch the glimpses that you or I fail to see. They see everything as it is, not what they want it to be. They capture the beauty, the playfulness and best of all, they take some of their precious time to stop and admire the environment that they live in. They are our friends and our classmates; but to outside world, they are the best photographers that GITAM can provide. The fascinating thing about them is that they not only capture photos, their area of work is also spread out to cinematography and designing.

And the best part is that these guys also make T-shirts! (Pretty cool, huh? Then you should go to my roommate, one of the cofounders of G-studio.) An interview with one of the founders spread some light on this matter that they always had talent (DUH!) and they always were kind of freelancers (DOUBLE DUH!) but they have always had this hidden desire to do something in a group and follow their passions in photography, cinematography or designing, which gave birth to what we now proudly call G-Studio. Consisting of only eight members, I feel privileged to speak about a group that did something no one else could. They covered the entire GUSAC carnival.

For some of us, who participated in GUSAC Carnival, know how big of an event it was and now we are coming to this epiphany that it was totally covered by only eight of our fellow members! (Astonishing!) GUSAC carnival being their first official event, they didn’t stop just yet. No! They spread; covering each and every event there is to cover in GITAM. Their latest was the anniversary of GUSAC which I hope you fellow readers will read about in our upcoming issues. But as I was saying, there was no stopping these guys. They even spread outside GITAM by forming a partnership with a group called VIVAN which is a club known for its community services. At present, they were hired by Kalakriti, to design Logos, T-Shirts and Posters for the next upcoming event in GITAM organized

G-Faces It’s not a group or club. It’s an activity created by the G-Studio team. Their main aim is to “Cover all unknown faces in GITAM and give them some recognition,” said my interviewee. “Because each and every one of us is unique and special in their own way and our main aim is to put each and every GITAMITE in a frame so that everyone can see them as we see them. It’s simply an activity to catch spontaneous reactions and emotions which are not visible when we are posing deliberately for the camera.” G-Face has been very successful so far and due to this G-Studio is on the verge of being the most liked GITAM page on Facebook. But beware, you don’t know in what shadows they lurk, waiting for the perfect moment to catch a glimpse of you doing something that you would later regret. Core Photographers: Mourya Vijay, Revanth, kalyan, Ankith, Keerthan, Pinak, Vikash Mishra, Yogesh(chief editor),Likesh.

Edward Snowden Christ or Anti-Christ?

Edward Snowden is probably the

- Srimoudgalya Sanagavarapu

After completing his unsuccessful education, Snowden decided to second most notorious whistleenlist in the United States Army. He blower of the currently ongoing millennium, only to be shadowed wanted to combat in the Iraq war. by the founder of Wikileaks, Julian He felt that it was his destiny to free people from oppression and Assange. Snowden has managed leak several details on top-secret tyranny happening around the world. Irony really has a twisted U.S. and British surveillance sense of sarcasm as now he must programs which are now considered to be a mass breach of fight for his own freedom. Unfortunately, his days in the army privacy and freedom. The U.S. government retorted by charging were cut short after he broke both Snowden with theft of government legs in a training accident. After his recovery, he started working as a property, unauthorized security guard for the Center for communication of national Advanced Study of Language at the defense information, and willful University of Maryland. Snowden communication of classified later received a job offer by the CIA intelligence to an unauthorized as an IT Security agent, which he person (June 2013). Snowden is happily accepted. According to The currently on the run from the Guardian, Snowden left the CIA to United States Government. join an NSA contracting company, later identified as Dell (Shocking, Snowden was born and raised in North Carolina, U.S.A. He grew up isn’t it? Dell was a contractor for the reading Japanese manga and later NSA). For a single man in America, studied the Japanese language. He earning $200,000 per year is well also has a basic understanding of beyond a shabby lifestyle. After learning about NSA's surveillance Mandarin and has an obsession programs, which clearly violated with martial arts. On official the constitution, he transferred to records, he lists Buddhism as his Hawaii by accepting a lesser payroll religion. of $122,000 per year. This is where the plot thickens.

In Hawaii, Edward gathered information about NSA's surveillance programs and managed to reveal them to the world. The NSA obviously fired him. After Snowden was removed from his job, he decided it was time to flee America. The NSA has a policy of reporting travel plans 30 days before their journey so that they may be properly surveyed through out their travels. Using this clause as an opportunity, Snowden booked his airplane tickets for him, as well as his girlfriend, to Hong Kong on the spot without informing the NSA.




Currently Snowden has signed a treaty for temporary assylum in Russia. But the question still remains, is Edward Snowden an awe-inspiring hero Or is he dastardly villain who has put an entire country under threat? We have to remember that these ill methods of the NSA have saved not only America but the entire world from mass terror attacks. Compromising th NSA's methods may prove to have distressing results. l So I leave the decision to you: Is Edward Snowden a Christ or Anti-Christ?

Ravi Krishna Subramani Three years ago, there was a student in GITAM, who had wished to help all the other students who were skilled in Arts, Music and Dance but could not find the correct platform to develop and sharpen their respective skills. His ambition was to setup a student body which focused only on cultural activities. He was Akhil Mahesh, a first year student at the time. He decided to call it Kalakrithi.

Kalakrithi meaning ‘The form of art and exhibiting this art to the outside world’ was a very successful student body which focused on the talents in the forms of music, arts, dance, drama etc. The founder, Akhil Mahesh is one from the associated bands of “Royal School of Music, London”. Assisted by Ajith, Nithin, Priyanka, Joy Solomon, Kalakrithi was founded on 24th March, 2010 in the Open Auditorium with a crowd of 60 people. The body has worked since then to bring out the skilled into lime light. Kalakriti leadership was later taken up by Shiva, Sneha and it is now currently lead by Dwarakanath. The Auditions for Kalakrithi are taken once a year, in a well planned and organized manner. There are various categories to audition for; Dance, Vocals, Instrumental and Dramatics. The auditions will all take place on a single day. Auditions for dance are taken on spot while instrumentals and vocals are done in stage wise process. The body of 120 members divides the work among themselves and make the auditions a grand success.

Kalakrithi has performed in many national events so far and great achievements have been made. One of these great achievements was a dance performed by Alchemy, a pop-dance troupe with about 10 people which has bagged first prize in NIT Warangal National Fest. Alchemy has also won many other college events. Another great weapon that Kalakrithi possesses is the Classical Gujarati Dance Group of five girls who have rocked the show and stole the first prize of the Royal Civil Fest at Andhra University. They also performed at Symbiosis and earned great appreciation. The Dance club performed two flash mobs which were great hits. The first flash mob that performed at CMR Central Shopping Mall, two years ago, was considered to be one of the best Flash mob in Asia. The second one was performed for a cause, GO GLOBAL VIZAG, created a sensation that spread throughout India, thus spreading the name of Kalakrithi. The Dance club also performed in the IEA (Indian Economic Association) last year, which had approximately 1,500 delegates. Apart from dance, the achievements that the Dramatics club of Kalakrithi are also something to be noted. It won a prize for a mime performance at IIT-Kharagpur and there, it was appreciated by Purandareshwari.

VROOM VROOM. Life: It goes on….

For life to move on swimmingly, you have to sleep and dream about it! Cause it’s not likely that it could befall. Now you all know what life in general is. But what are the contributing factors for this phenomenon? They are manifold! The style in which your life is going on depends on every petty affair. The environment, the people, the places and the attitude. Let’s take the race for example, different drivers, different teams, different kinds of race tracks and the goal of every ->You refuel. (get your morale back single driver is the same, to vanquish the second. Apply the up) same logic to life: You’re set to race in life with the appropriate ->Get your tyres changed. (fetch guidance of the pit crew. There new change in life) will be hurdles, there will be ->Acquire mechanical adjustments. accidents. But that doesn’t mark the end of your journey. Some (repair your reflexes) hurdles are a part of the race and ->And the most momentous reason being the driver that you are, you for a pit stop in a peculiar genus, a have to implement ways to tackle them. Whereas, accidents driver change. (Place the wheel in happen due to things like the hands of a sound afflatus to ameliorate life so you can conquer negligence, over confidence and lack of ability to foresee the the course) happening of a mishap. When I was told to write something about ‘Life in general’, I came home, paused for a moment, and thought ‘What’s life in general’? And I came across the most valid, coherent answer. It may sound very obvious and you might go all ‘Ah, I knew this one!’ But, “It goes on”. That, my friends, is the most general thing about life. From the time you’ve suited up until the final lap, you’re racing on one of the toughest racecourses you can ever find. With pit stops every now and then,

It’s not always your fault that you Even if it means a tad bit lesser end up in an accident, right? partying! When you ask your parents what worries them when you take the At the same time, it’s not a wrong car/bike out for a spin they’ll say: thing to decide the other way round. ‘It’s not your driving that I do not When you make a mistake in life, trust, but it’s the other rascals on you have to grow up to a position the road I’m worried about.' never to repeat it again. Learn from Right now, we all are in an all the bad things that you’ve done. identical phase. Academics, new Remember one thing, if you experiences, exposure to scrutinize the experience levels of a different cultures, crude successful person who hasn’t curiosity, relationships, parental committed a mistake EVER and a pressure and the constant battle failure who is trying harder and with one’s self to make the right harder everytime he ends up in decisions. The quality of life is fiasco, the bar is very high in the case that it has something or the other of a failure. to offer against all the decisions you make. Good, or bad! This is It’s because he has seen what the the age to party, to freak out, not successful person hasn’t. He has to worry and to live life to the tasted bitterness everytime he fullest. Not at the cost of putting tried. He put his brain to work and your life in jeopardy. When you developed new ways of winning. He sit down to make a decision, has faced the accusations. He broke examine the pros and cons of all down. He gave up. He plunged back, the options you have. And the and kept on trying. When a person simple logic behind choosing the with experience in so many domains right option is by choosing the corrects his mistakes, doesn’t repeat toughest option. them and has faith in himself, he is bound to be a winner anytime soon.


Now tell me, who is more experienced? Life is beautiful. Go on with it. Enjoy the long drives, the much needed sips of coffee, the little scoops of ice cream, those long walks which do not seem tiring at all when you make sure you do not walk alone, the all nighters right before your semesters, those days when you go back home after a long time, the love you’re bestowed with, the happiness around you… wait wait, the list doesn’t end here! That is the beauty of it. Not just the good times, learn to breeze through the humdrum affairs of your journey. And when you think you need an impulse or a stimulus or motivation as you call it, do it yourself. Because there is no other person who knows yourself better than you. Advice is always welcome, but in the end the decision lies in your hands.

Off the record, you must be thinking ‘How does she know how life works?’ Well, let’s just say I’ve written all of this out of my own experiences! I couldn’t find a better way than to end this with one of my favourite dialogues from ‘Rocky’ (Balboa? Italian Stallion? Ring a bell?) “You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward; how much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done! Now, if you know what you’re worth, then go out and get what you’re worth. But you gotta be willing to take the hits, and not pointing fingers saying you ain’t where you wanna be because of him, or her, or anybody. Cowards do that, and that ain’t you. You’re better than that!”

By: Malhari Vydyula

Syrian Civil War: The War of The World III? By: Srimoudgalya Sanagavarapu

During a time when chaos and despair is spreading throughout the world, it's quite common to see an Arab country locked in a civil war. Currently, we find a war waging in Syria. It is a war where casual civilians themselves are taking up arms for civil rights; fighting, so that they may be treated as humans.

In August 2001, Damascus Spring ended with an arrest of all activists involved.

The actual conflict between the Syrian government and its people began in March 2011, which was marked with a large demonstration that grew nation wide by the following month. These It all started in 1964, when the Ba'ath demonstrations were part of a larger Syrian Regional Branch government series of public outrages presently came into power after performing a referred to as the Arab Spring. successful coup d'état. Later, Hafez Finally, in April 2011, the Syrian army was called upon to subdue the mass al-Assad, the defense minister demonstrators. The army, without orchestrated another successful coup d'état and overthrew the ruling warning, opened fire causing widespread shock. After months of party members in 1970. Though military tyranny, the non-violent elections are conducted, for the demonstrators turned into armed namesake that Syria has a rebels, hungry for justice and democratic government, the alvendetta. Assad family has been ruling the country ever since. The rebels consisted of untrained civilians who picked up arms to After the death of Hafez al-Assad, Bashar al-Assad took over the reigns defend their families and beliefs. On the other hand was the strongaccompanied by his wife. They put armed Syrian army. The famous up proposals to turn the country into radical Islamist group Hezbollah a more democratic state. This is later entered the war in support of when “Damascus Spring” took place. Political activists would meet the Syrian government. Syrian government obtained further up at their own houses to discuss support from Russia and Iran. various social and political issues.

What humanity fails to understand Whereas the rebels, were is this war has the potential to spark supported with weapons from of World War III, just as the holocaust Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The was the spark of World War II. United States and European The crimes committed by the Syrian Union along with several other government are very deep and countries frowned upon the grave. Yet, the UN Super powers sit a Syrian government for bay watching as millions of lives are committing such a grave act against its own citizens and cut being destroyed. After World War II, off all ties. Syria has been booted the UN Superpowers took an oath to from the Arab League, which is an prevent any mass killings from taking place, yet they lay down and association somewhat like the observe. To them, the war has no European Union with the means of profit, apart from the exception that it is made up of revenue they earn from middle-eastern countries. manufacturing weapons. So, will By June 2013, the causalities of this war have an adverse effect on the long run or will this war be the civilian war had risen well snubbed right at it's root level? This past 100,000. There are up to is yet to be seen. 28,000 people who are either missing or kidnapped. According to the reports made by the UN, there are 4 million people who are displaced within the country and 2 million people who have fled the country.

Digital Rainbow ?

ike L s k o o L i F i W What

ing Vogel

/M. Brown m m a L y la o k ic N

waves, streaming Wi-Fi is a series of invisible d offices and along through our houses an aves look like if we planes. What would those w crazy explodingcould see them? Like these rainbow images! y way of actually Well, okay, we don't have an really a way of t no s e' er th so i, i-F W ng ei se like without knowing what it would look from Nickolay es ag im e es th t Bu n. io at ul spec ophysicist M. tr as om fr lp he ith w ne do , Lamm y beautiful, and Browning Vogel, are certainl age, you can im p to e th In o. to e, iv ct ru st pretty in along, colored with see Wi-Fi waves emanating i doesn't just travel a rainbow gradient. But Wi-F so included the in a straight line, so Lamm al emanating image below, showing waves a source. spherically, in pulses, from

Here's What Wi-Fi Might Look Like If We Could See It

"Wifi fields are usually spherical (like the one here) or ellipsoidal and extend about 20-30 meters, assuming a typical off the shelf wifi box," Lamm writes at My Deals, where the images first appeared.

Brave New Worlds

The search for life on distant planets is in full swing—and we are only beginning to understand the implications.

By Dimitar Sasselov

Today, we stand on the threshold of a new discovery—a planet that humans might one day inhabit, perhaps one that some other beings already call home. A new race to find Earth’s twin orb is under way, led by NASA, whose Kepler space observatory went into orbit in 2009. Kepler is designed to discover large planets in or near the habitable zone of stars where water might exist; the mission’s goal is to determine how many of the stars in our galaxy have such planets.

From a purely technical standpoint, there is no overwhelming benefit in discovering a true Earth counterpart, because the properties of worlds similar to ours can be found in all kinds of bigger, easier-tofind planets. But, scientists and casual observers agree that we need—to build future telescopes to study such planets for signatures of life. However, from a philosophical standpoint, the Kepler quest sparks quite a bit of soul-searching. Our work is in some ways the 21stcentury update of the

tential question of the other:

exisexistential question of the other:

Who am I and how do I relate to others? If life exists elsewhere in the universe, how does that jibe with the age-old human need for meaning and belonging? Discovering life elsewhere has the potential to give humans a collective identity crisis. The perception of who we are has been a part of our history for a long time. Mostly the question came up when we had “first encounters” with other tribes or races. Homo sapiens encountered Homo neanderthalensis somewhere in today’s Europe. Mayans encountered Spanish conquistadors in Central America. And there are numerous other examples. But the time of first encounters on our planet is over. For good or bad, we all now know about one another. The latest generations of Homo sapiens have a global awareness and a sense of connectedness that humans have never had before. Indeed, the end of the 20th century was a real watershed in this regard. That’s when our planet suddenly became small. The search for new worlds orbiting distant stars affords us a fresh opportunity to contemplate a first encounter. Before we get too excited, however, we have some major hurdles to overcome. One big impediment to the search for life on other planets is the lack of a fundamental definition or understanding of the origins of life on Earth—or rather, how life emerges from chemistry

We do know that the molecular unity of Earth life may give us a clue. For example, we know that the chemistry of life on Earth is rather restrictive in its molecular permutations, and unnecessarily so, it seems, given the enormous choice of good options provided by chemistry for building bodies and function. The question is whether nature is the reason for the permutations of life we know. Our biochemistry could be universal, similar to gravity, where the same basic rules apply anywhere.Our biochemistry could be one of many options—one that just happened to fit Earth’s environmental conditions. If the latter, how do we plan to search and what types of life could we expect to find first? The question of whether alternative biochemistries exist now seems approachable in the lab and, although this does not directly answer the big questions of life’s definition and origins, it represents a giant leap in the search for alien life. With physics and chemistry being the same throughout the universe, we can work to define signatures that are unique indicators of a living planet. Half the battle is knowing how to search. If Earth and its history of life are any indication, we should be looking for a vibrant microbial biosphere that is capable of affecting the chemistry of the atmosphere and oceans.

Astronomers like me, and those I work with at the Origins of Life Initiative at Harvard, are now using powerful telescopes to discover entirely new classes of planets orbiting other stars. These telescopes (and others currently under construction) allow us to detect the signatures of atmospheric gases from distant planets by analyzing their light in different colors. Among them, we are looking for one that could teach us about alternative geochemistries—and ultimately lead us to the discovery of biochemistry and life. We will only succeed if we manage to combine what we see remotely with our work in the lab.

Astronomers like me, and those I work with at the Origins of Life Initiative at Harvard, are now using powerful telescopes to discover entirely new classes of planets orbiting other stars. These telescopes (and others currently under construction) allow us to detect the signatures of atmospheric gases from distant planets by analyzing their light in different colors. Among them, we are looking for one that could teach us about alternative geo-chemistries—and ultimately lead us to the discovery of biochemistry and life. We will only succeed if we manage to combine what we see remotely with our work in the lab.

When that day comes, we’ll learn a lot, but whatever we end up learning, it is bound to transform our world in at least two ways. First, the technology that comes out of our work in the lab is going to be powerful. Much as the 20th century brought us synthesis in chemistry, the 21st century is bringing a synthesis in biology, with implications for new materials, therapies, industries, and applications. Second, these discoveries will represent nothing less than a revolution in our understanding of life and its place in the cosmos. We may again ask deeper questions about who we are and how we belong. Issues of theology and philosophy are bound to crop up. Whether the extraterrestrial life we discover is rare or ubiquitous remains to be seen, but either way the implications will be earthshaking.

Dimitar Sasselov is a professor of astronomy at Harvard University and the director of the Harvard Origins of Life Initiative. He was a TEDGlobal speaker.

Project Extrodinaire | Grey Water Magnum Opus

Molika Sinha MM

Ideas are everywhere. We can get a Taking her notes and scribling dozen ideas for a dime. Everyone pads, she went over to the register has a scheme that often does not to find more about this issue. The revelation that there is over work. The difference between ideas and a revolutionary concept 1,92000 litres wastage daily due to just the hostels hit her hard. Not is all about initiative. Today, we a one to give up,the biotech have one such senior: Molika Sinha,who has taken that initiative topper scored the internet for a solution. to make her idea into reality. Most of us strive to achieve success for ourselves, but there are gems The equipment utilises bioporous membranes that crops of that toil to see a change in the the sodium content in waste water society. to finally obtain water for human activity by using very little to no Molika Sinha and her project, energy utility. The equipment “Grey water harvesting prototype was built last year for an equipment” does just that. expo using daily scrap material Molika Sinha, a bio-tech second year got her inspiration on a brightmaking it highly economic. Thursday when she was loitering So, where do you see this project about in fashion street.The dripping out from pipelines,made heading Molika? ”First of all a fact that everyone her wonder how much wastage does GITAM university have as a should know that grey water harvesting does exist in world,but whole. it doesn’t in India on largescale.

When most of countries have this system,then why should India take a backseat?The whole concept is to save water in all possible ways."The main motto is to conserve water in a very efficient and eonomic way” says Molika.

I don’t know what I will get in return, but something I am sure I will get, is happiness after implementation. We need to join hands to revolutionize the whole system.” continues Molika with air of confidence. There are a few who are "I dream of seeing my working genuinely motivated to make a model established in Gitam first. You change in the society and even see, when I got my statistics at hand. I fewer who take it to the next found out that GITAM is making a level. himalayan blunder by wasting so much water. So even if we save 30% We at G-Mag wish Molika the of this amount, I can gladly say I have best on her road to implement made a change” smiles Molika. the change. “Implementing this system in GITAM -Editor is actually a very complex task. One should dream big, so our aim is to establish this system in each and every house of A.P and so in India. Everybody must realise the importance of saving natural resources. Currently Akhil Reddy, my classmate, and I are working on increasing the efficiency of the prototype.

It is one thing to feel that you are on the right path, but it's another to think that yours is the only path -Paulo Coelho, Author Do not allow people to dim your shine because they are blinded. Tell them to put on some sunglasses -Lady Gaga, Singer Your life is designed by three designerscircumstances, yourself and coincidences Any one can be the chief designer at any particular moment -Javed Akhtar, Lyricist

"If she's amazing, she won't be easy. If she's easy, she won't be amazing. If she's worth it, you dont give up. If you give up, you are not worthy. ..... Truth is, everybody is going to hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for." -Bob Marley

Movie Reviews

Madras Cafe Cast: John Abraham, Nargis Fakhri Director: Shoojit Sircar

Plot: The film, set in India and Sri Lanka, is a

political spy thriller set against backdrop of the Sri Lankan civil war. Vikram Singh (John Abraham) is an Indian Army special officer who is appointed by the intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing to conduct covert operations in Sri Lanka shortly after Indian Peace Keeping Force was forced to withdraw.As he journeys to Sri Lanka, with the intention of disrupting a rebel group, he discovers the larger issue. There he meets a British journalist (Jaya) who wants to reveal the truth about the civil war, and in the process he uncovers a conspiracy.


Madras Cafe is an Indian political action thriller movie relesed on Aug 23. The film also deals with the subject of terrorism, and was shot in India and Sri Lanka.

Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters Cast:

Alexandra Daddario, Brandon T Jackson, Jake Abel, Logan Lerman, Nathan Fillion, Sean Bean, Stanley Tucci

Director: Thor Freudenthal Plot: This is the second film adapted from series of

children's novels, Percy Jackson. Half-human, half-god; Percy and his friends have a run-in with all kinds of monsters and gods. The books were written by a high-school classics teacher, Rick Riordon , to entertain his young son. In order to restore their dying safe haven, the son of Poseidon, our protagonist, along with his friends embark on a quest to the Sea of Monsters to find the mythical Golden Fleece while trying to stop an ancient evil from rising.

Verdict : Teens will enjoy the sound and fury and

attractive cast, but if book three, Percy Jackson: The Titan’s Curse, is to make it to the screen it needs to be in bolder hands than these.

The Bucket List As Gathered By: Sampath Putrevu

The Dark Knight Rises(2012) The film contains a fine cast of talented actors. Christian Bale, of course makes is a great Batman. Michael Cain is fantastic, as he always is. Tom Hardy as Bane is utterly terrifying. Anne Hathaway as Catwoman is very elegant. Everyone is so great, scenes incorporating all of the actors are done so well. The Dark Knight Rises is emotionally riveting and amazing to watch.

Prasthanam(2010) This movie came onto the silver screen with a total new story, which has impressed all kinds of audiences. The main theme of the movie is very impressive. Direction, Cinematography and the dialogues add an advantageous angle to the movie, making the viewer feel that this is different from other movies. This movie is a Nandi Award winner under the category of best direction.

Get Smart(2008) An enthralling comedy starring Steve Corell and Anne Hatheway. It is completely engrossing till the end as you wait for the next hymalian blunder that Steve's character will pull off next. The comedy duo steal the stage as the faults in their co-operation tend to lead to an hilarious output.

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara(2011) A feel good film with an all-star cast and fantastic camera work. The chemistry between the three lead actors worked perfectly and this elevated the film in every aspect. By the time I was done watching the film, I was lifted to serenity.

DOTA-2 The basic setup of DOTA 2 places two The largest active community on strongholds containing critical STEAM Ever. It's all about 'The Radiant' and 'The Dire'; 102 heroes, structures called "Ancients" at opposing ends of a geographically gold, enemies, defending your ancients and much more. Yes, we are balanced map. These bases are talking about The DOTA 2, the most connected by three main paths (referred to as lanes), which are happening game of the decade. guarded by defensive towers and With a rating over 9.0/10.0 on all the websites that you can imagine. groups of units commonly referred to as "creeps" which traverse their lanes, Sounds great, doesn't it? attacking enemy units and structures Defense Of The Ancients 2 a.k.a DOTA 2 was released on July 9 2013 upon sight. Players are split into two for Microsoft windows and on July teams, each consisting of up to five players, to compete as the primary 18 2013 for OSX and LINUX. defenders for each Ancient.

The overall objective of each match is to battle through the opposing force's defenses, and destroy the opponents' Ancient. The currency of the game is gold, which is granted steadily at a slow rate. Gold can be accumulated at a much higher rate by killing enemy units, destroying enemy towers, or killing heroes. Killing creeps grants gold solely to the player who killed it; killing heroes grants gold to the killer and any nearby allies; and destroying towers gives gold to all players on the team.Featured across the map are units referred to as "neutrals", which are not aligned to a faction, primarily located in the forests. Located on the southeast side of the river is a boss called "Roshan" who typically requires multiple team members in order to be killed. Following his death, Roshan will drop a powerful item which allows for a hero to instantly respawn at the location of their death if they are killed.

To ensure the transition of DOTA players to DOTA 2, Valve invited and sponsored sixteen of the most accomplished teams to compete and showcase the game's capabilities with its public debut at The International, a global championship hosted at Gamescom 2011 in Cologne, Germany, with a grand prize of one million dollars. The International became an annual championship tournament, with the venue changing to Seattle, Washington,United States. Once you're in, Dota 2 is very entertaining, and subverts so much of the perceived wisdom of game design. No commercial studio could have made a game this demanding, with matches this long, that fused genres like this and included such counter-intuitive tactics as killing your own soldiers to prevent the opposing team from gaining points. I give the game a 9.2/10.0. Don't just read about it, but go get your copy of DOTA 2 now (Cause it's amazing, ain't it?)

By: Sushen Dang

Developer- Ubisoft Montre Publisher- Ubisoft PLOT The story is divided into two Characters: Edward Kenway- a British privateer- intertwined halves, with one in the present day, one in a historical turned-pirate and eventual setting, and the events of each member of the Assassin Order influencing the other.The presentBlackbeard - A pirate day story had previously established contemporary of Kenway and that an Animus was required to view narrator of the debut Assassin's one's ancestors memories, the Creed 4 trailer ending of Assassin's Creed III implies Benjamin Hornigold - A pirate and that Desmond's genetic memories historical figure Calico Jack - A pirate and historical have now been uploaded on to 'the cloud'. As such, the player's character is hired by Abstergo Entertainment — a subsidiary of Abstergo Industries — to investigate a pivotal movement in Desmond's ancestry; the Assassin Edward Kenway. A notorious pirate and privateer operating during the Golden Age of Piracy, Kenway's story is set in the Caribbean, and landbased adventures on a number of Caribbean islands, as well as parts of southern Florida This is an excellent game which is going to save every individual in his free time. New pirate experience and excellent graphics with an powerful story line makes this game a success Rating-4.5 out of 5 (Based on so far AV’s released and interviews of the makers)

Publisher: Rockstar Games Developer: Rockstar North Grand Theft Auto V, commonly shortened to GTA V, is an upcoming open world action-adventure video game being developed by UK developer Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. The game will be the first major title in the Grand Theft Auto series since Grand Theft Auto IV (2008), and a continuation of the fictional universe that was introduced in that game. The 15th game in the series overall, GTA V is to be set in fictional Los Santos in the state of San Andreas and its surrounding areas, based on modernday Los Angeles and Southern California.Renditions of San Andreas were previously featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, released in 2004, and the original Grand Theft Auto, released in 1997.


P. Sai Abhishek

I think this game would change the gaming experience of hard core gamers, combining real world experience with real time challenges with add on style and attitude. With a good story line = GTA V Rating-3.5 ot of 5 (Based on so far AV’s released and interviews of the makers)

Pages Of my Diary Taken from Molika Sinha's Diary

Today, it was my first day of internship at PepsiCo. Oh! I hate waking up at 8:00 in the morning and that too in vacations!!! To my misfortune, I couldn’t wake up on time even though I went to bed early yesterday. I wonder how come my mother’s loud and shrill voice couldn’t reach me in my dream world. (I guess the only time she hates me is while waking me up.) I woke up an hour late! HOLY HELL! The PepsiCo Bottling Unit was 45 minutes away from my house and my reporting time was 10:00. I wonder at what speed I expect myself to get ready with my mom continuously shouting at my ears for being late. Argh..!!! And to add to my misery, I had to drive all the way on my own on my so-calle “BULLET”! (Don’t mistake it to be an original bullet. It’s Mahindra Kine, a scooty!).In this scorching heat, I hated driving from the innermost core of my heart. The drive seemed to be never ending. I regret why I fought with my mom and left the option of being dropped by the driver. I tried my best to make up, but still reached half-an hour late. And over it, the guard at the gate gave me the look – Gak! How can we let this girl enter? (I think my manifestation of a dacoit made him think so. You see the look which the girls usually carry over during summers.) I wanted to rush in. So many questions were coming up in my mind – What impression would the administrative officers get of me? What excuse would give them? Will they believe that? What if they send me back home? But again,the guard’s drama was still to go. It seemed to me that I was playing Takeshi’s Castle – coming over all the hurdles! I liked one thing about the beverage company today the most, they make you fill so many forms (pun surely intended)! Forms inquiring the diseases I am suffering with forms stating the extra materials I took in, and the weirdestone – death responsibility form. It took me another 15 mins to complete filling them up. I almost ran to the Administrative office to meet Miss Mukti Rani. While on my way, I heard noises of glass bottles clanking.

I look up and saw that crates of glass bottles have formed a train with innumerable bogies running at a moderate speed on tracks designed especially for them. It was really amazing! There were huge tanks almost everywhere with different markings on them. Rolls of tin sheets were lying here and there,huge cylinders of CO2, and the most important thing – uncountable bottles of slice, pepsi, mountain dew, aquafina! I will surely try flicking some bottles in the next fifteen days, or if possible a y whole crate! Miss Mukti ordered her assistant to take me to the microbiology lab. One thing was really funny about all the people present there – they were wearing SHOWER CAPS! Yes! It was a shower cap. I really didn’t want to ask s them if they had any particular name for it. As of for me, it was a shower cap. From workers to officers, from sweepers to managers, all of them were y wearing it just for a formality as half of their hair was out of the cap. It really didn’t matter to them if the consumers get a hair strand in their drink. edI had to cross 3 doors to reach the lab inside the plant. After entering the firs door, there was a warning in red to get our hands sanitized. At the 3rd door, y there was a warning for wearing hand gloves, caps, lab coats & toe-covers. But to my amazement the guard didn’t ask me to do any of the tasks mentioned nor did he do it. e I entered the lab. I saw men and women working, performing different experiments on the beverages. The lab had all possible apparatus required. h But one thing to which my attention was drawn to was that even these peopl were not wearing lab coats and toe-covers. I wonder if they had sanitized their hands or not. Still, they didn’t forget one thing – SHOWER CAPS! :D I I don’t know why I was scared. Scared of being questioned and judged!!! This is my first exposure in an g industry, so this nervousness was quiet obvious! I introduced myself in a very low pitch. Several questions were asked – what my name was? Where was I from? What I aspired to become? Why I chose biotechnology as my career? I felt like they were never ending! I was made to sit on a chair for about an hour or so, and wait for the labI incharge, Mr.Sandeep, to come and assign me work. The best and the most funniest part of the day – While I was waiting, the people working there offered me a lemon yellow coloured drink in a beaker. They were calling it Mountain dew.

(Ok! Don’t get shocked after reading the next few lines). I never knew that the colour of Mountain dew was lemon yellow. I always assumed it to be transparent in colour. First of all, I was confused as to what they have offered me. I was cynical if they had mixed any chemical to it and targeted me as a model organism. Secondly, I didn’t know if I should pour the drink in my mouth or drink it in the usual manner. Finally, I decided to drink in the normal way. I didn’t want to face the thwarting situation in which instead of pouring the drink in my mouth, I pour it on my dress.But still, the confusion persisted in my mind. I wanted to be sure that I was drinking a healthy drink, and not a chemical. I ask one of the ladies present there “Madam, why is this drink yellow in colour?” The lady puckered brow, gave me the “Mr.Bean “look and said – “Obviously because the PepsiCo has set that standard colour for it.” “But mountain dew.... “. I got rebuked and that too on the first day itself. I felt embarrassed. Silently, without asking any more questions, I gulped the whole drink in just one go. (Have you seen the Melody chocolate advertisement? The boy asks the girl – “Melody itni chocolaty kyunhai?”.And the girl goes mad! Yes! I was in the same situation. It was just that, I was the boy of the add and the lady was the girl. )The wait ended up late in the afternoon. The lab-incharge entered. I wished him and the series of questions started again! As, there was only an hour left for my dismissal, he ordered his assistant to take me for a plant visit. I felt like I was in cloud nine. I was about to witness beverage making in reality. All these years, I had watched it on National Geography – “Food Factory”. The assistant gave me a cap to wear. She took me in a huge room which had six extremely gigantic steel barrels containing syrup, sugar, treated water and mixture of all the three. This is usually done at a particular temperature and pressure. She has promised to tell me that in the coming days (I guess she didn’t know herself!). The syrup is then transferred to different intermediate tanks for storage. Then, she took me to another unit where they make PET bottles and wash the glass bottles.



I was happy to see that these people believe in reusing the bottles and not throwing it away like the Americans do! The cleanser was making the most noise. I wondered how the workers worked in that situation. Don’t they get headaches? All kinds of bottles – newly made or reused ones, are once again washed before taking in for filling. One thing I noticed, they were washing all the bottles in an upside-down position. I wonder why? I will surely find this out Subsequently, the filling of syrup, capping, marking of batch nos, sealing, sticking of plastic tags were done. The bottles were then ready to be sold. In America (for what I have seen in food factory), machines are used from initial stage to the packaging stage. No man power is used. But in this industry, just the beverage making and filling up was done with machines, but the packaging was done manually. I am happy to see this for it must hav decreased the illiteracy rate in India. One interesting fact which she told me while explaining the process that they make beverage only for 4 months in a year i.e. from March to June. In the rest of the year, they sit comfortably selling the bottles and working for audits (for those who doesn’t know what an audit is – it’s a technical term used in the industries for any award competition). Now, this rose many questions in my head which I hope to get clarified tomorrow. The lab-incharge has told me that he will teach me microbiology tests tomorrow. For the first day ended well with mixed feelings. Just the first da experience was worth waking up 8 in the morning. I look forward to play with the bottles. I wish I could flinch one bottle tomorrow!

Face-quotes is a column, we have here at G-Mag where the and obviously viral status updates by random people in the parody, poems, short stories, photos and even puns. So, eno I am an atheist.......but am partly religious during exams: D: D: P -TMS

Every one prefers saying that their language is called "Mothertongue". This is because the father never gets the chance to speak out: D: D -Anonymous.

When someone offers their time to put me down, I give them the thanks they deserve...A standing ovation of two of my tallest fingers. -Randolph Phantom

team borrows post's the most humorous, brilliant, meaningfu e social networking giant. The posts can range from jokes, ough talk and let the fun begin. If we all call him "Anna Hazare"; Does that mean we have to call his son "Nephew Hazare"? -Randolph Phantom

"All men are created equal" -Thomas Jefferson Only partly true, All men are created equal, but some men are created more equal. -Srimoudgalya Sanagavarapu

Even if you're right, if everyone else disagrees, you're still wrong. I hate relativity. -_-Srimoudgalya Sanagavarapu

If you want to write to us at face-quotes mail your posts to

Garfield and Friends

Calvin and Hobbes

Why Science is Important

A Day with Team 3 Productions at Subway, GITAM University As given by : Anjali Dasari

1) Team 3 productions have become a hub for spectacular short films. How did the team come into being? (Revanth says)LPR is my schoolmate. One day, he approached me with a script named VALUE and he was so desperate to make that film. The movie came to post production stage after approaching many technicians. Due to some reasons, the filming stopped abruptly. (LPR says) That was when Bharadwaj joined us and our work moved at a faster pace. He was always there to give us the push we needed. Then, we started a production house of our own. The name Team 3 makes sense as we felt it caught the essence of its three founders. You can never imagine a building without a basement. Similarly, Bharadwaj is the basement for everything in Team 3. (Bharadwaj says) It's a privilege to be a part of this Team. I can't ask for a better one. I liked all its scripts very much and I really love the way Revanth acts. The production was 1st started by lakshmi Prasad and then later on Bharadwaj came in the team thats how the team3 is formed. 2) The team has experimented with different genres, which according to you was the most challenging as of yet and if so why?

(Revanth says)Basically, every genre has its own merits and de-merits. We never oriented ourselves to one specific genre. But our first movie was very challenging to me (LPR says).Event videos are the most challenging. You can't just relax while doing them. You gotta give it your best shot till very end.


Anjali Dasari

3) Can you share with us an insight about your future projects?

Yeah, our upcoming film is LOVE LETTER and we're planning to release it after two weeks. We’re also making a video for the NGO -Make a Difference (MAD), where we cover the main essence of the organization. 4) Team 3 productions have become an inspiration for most Film aspirants here at Vishakhapatnam. Who was your inspiration?

Well, we had been watching several videos and we had been observing the work of several famous directors. We love the films of Christopher Nolan and we find him inspiring in every way. The most inspiring person is definitely Trivikram Srinivas (LPR says).When people compare me with Trivikram sir,I would like to quote "If Trivikram is a library, I would atleast want to be a book in that library�. I feel privileged to be compared with such a legend (Revanth says).I would feel the same when I am being compared with Actor Nani.

Revanth Revanth

Bharadwaj Bharadwaj

5) Of all the films you have worked in, has any script written based on a true-life 5) Of all incident? the films you have worked in, has any script written based on a true-life incident? says)There is one incident I want LPR to describe 5)(Bharadwaj Of all the films you have worked in, which has any script written based on a because it seems effective only if he tells it.It was based on my friend (Bharadwaj says)There is one incident which I want LPR to describe true-life incident? who loveditaseems girl soeffective deeply about which I wouldn't like to disclose too because if he tells it.ItI was ondescribe my friend (Bharadwaj says)There is oneonly incident which wantbased LPR to much for now (LPR laughing out loud).The film is named MANO and who loved a girl sosays deeply about I wouldn't to disclose too because it seems effective only if which he tells it.It waslike based on my friend the shooting is under process. It will out veryfilm soon. crossed. much for now says laughing outbe loud).The is Finger’s named MANO and who loved a girl(LPR so deeply about which I wouldn't like to disclose too the shooting is under process. It will be out very soon. Finger’s crossed.

much for now (LPR says laughing out loud).The film is named MANO and the is under It will see be out very soon.years? Finger’s 6)shooting Where does Teamprocess. 3 production itself in five Do crossed. you want 6)become Where does Team 3 production see itself in fivefor years? Door you to an ad-company that develops concepts clients dowant to become an ad-company that develops concepts for clients do to 6)you Where does Team 3 production see itself in five years? Do youorwant intend on venturing in mainstream cinema? you intend on venturing mainstream cinema? become an ad-company thatindevelops concepts for clients or do you intend on venturing in mainstream LPR wants to get into mainstreamcinema? cinema after graduation. Whereas, LPR wants to get into mainstream cinema after graduation. Whereas, myself and Bharadwaj will turn up if any huge prospects comes andinto I will turn up if any hugeafter prospects come Whereas, along after LPRBharadwaj wants to get mainstream cinema graduation. 7)we The team has in. set a will bar turn to most vizagites – aprospects bar of excellence. Have get settled myself and Bharadwaj up if any huge comes along, you after facedwe any hurdles the way to become what you are today? even get settledalong in our life. 7) The team has set a bar to most vizagites – a bar of excellence. Have you facedare any hurdlesinalong the way whatofyou are today? common field andto webecome faced tons hurdles in thisyou 7)Hurdles The team has set a bar any to most vizagites – a bar of excellence. Have process. We had along a tough time our parents when came to faced any hurdles the wayfacing to become what you arethey today? Hurdles are common any field and we faced tonsfirst of hurdles in this know about companyin(says Bharadwaj curtly).The hurdle we faced process. We had a tough time facingDSLR our parents when they cameWe to was when couldn't get a decent camera films. Hurdles are we common in any field and we faced tonstoofmake hurdles in this are know about company (says Bharadwaj curtly).The first ahurdle we faced now in a position to engage 10our cameras towhen make work happen an process. We had a tough time over facing parents they came to know was when weencouraging. couldn't get We a decent DSLR camera toin make films. We are that's really some friends the and about company (says Bharadwajgained curtly).The first hurdle weprocess faced was now in a position to engage over 10 cameras to make a work happen and lost some along the way (Says Revanth) when we couldn't get a decent DSLR camera to make films. that's really encouraging. We gained some friends in the process and lost some along the way (Says Revanth)




MOVE Presents The Big Beach Bounce Official After Movie by "The Team 3 PRoductions"

LPR 8) What message would you like to give to the current aspiring directors of GITAM?

Once you enter this field in college, professional careers must not be altered or spoiled. Love the work you do, be dedicated towards it, Work hard. There are people who worked with us, learned work from us and put up their own Production houses. 9) Of all the movies you have taken, which according to you is the team’s best work? The film LOVE STORY was our team's best work. It was shot after semester examinations and we hadn't had much trouble while shooting. It went really smooth. It had a very nice screenplay and consequently it bought loads of fame to everyone who worked for the film. 10) The big question? What is the motto of Team 3 productions?

Entertaining audience. Making good films. CAMERA YOUR DREAM AND nd w REEL YOUR FANTASY.


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