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Shaping strategy and organising talent JP Trett Ltd is a pioneering organisation and realises that resourcing and motivating talent is an allencompassing process and as such requires constant adaptation of our service to meet the needs of the most dynamic companies. ‘Shaping

Strategy and Organising Talent’ is the best way of

describing our new philosophy and working methods. When we first started JP Trett Ltd the then standard recruitment process along with blood, sweat and tears worked for us. We had a powerful network (that continues to grow and strengthen) that enabled us to reach out to professionals within our specific industry, Agriculture. More recently we have become aware that the demand is for Intelligent

and Insightful knowledge of the industry to be able

to deliver the right results with the right information as efficiently as possible. Our clients appreciate that our Business Partners, Associates and Divisional Experts all have this knowledge and experience at a senior level and as such have a wealth of knowledge to share and advise on, as well as being able to intelligently embrace the challenges of modern business.

Business Strategy and Consultancy is now a fundamental part of JP Trett Ltd and we have a network of very skilled, experienced and capable Consultants and Associates that can offer invaluable guidance within their field of expertise. Whether you need advice on Market Strategy, Executive Recruitment, International Competitiveness, Business Economics, Management Structures, Company Expansion, Mediation, Salary Benchmarking, Special Projects or any other area of expertise in Agriculture we have the resource to assist.

As a Corporate Member of the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC), Fellowship of the Chartered Management Institute and the Institute of Consultants as well as Institute of Recruitment Professionals, our service levels and attention to detail is paramount. Engaging with JP Trett Ltd is connecting with the most professional organisation you can. Our team also have other individual posts within the Agricultural sector which again all add to the integrity, reach and knowledge of our services.

Shaping Strategy and Organising Talent I T 0845 643 2896

Meet the team JAMES TRETT Managing Director and founder of JP Trett. James has over 25 years’ experience in Director level positions and Management within property, recruitment and agriculture. RICS and BASIS trained James uses his technical knowledge and network to ensure that JP Trett is as dynamic and efficient as possible. Full CV JAMES GARROD AIAGRE Divisional Director of the Agri-tech, Machinery and Engineering James uses his extensive 20 year experience within the machinery sector at UK Management level to continuously build his network of professionals. Affiliate Member of the Institute of Agricultural Engineers, previous member of the Association of Agricultural Engineers and currently County Treasurer of the Norfolk Machinery Club (Normac). Modern Language Graduate from Hull University and regular attendee of many trade events. Living and involved on a working farm in Norfolk. GILES BLATCHFORD MBA, CIM Senior consultant for JP Trett, Giles uses many years of overseas and domestic Agricultural project experience to provide focussed, strategic solutions to Agribusinesses. MBA with Distinction (Norwich Business School), CMI Diploma in Professional Management Consultancy, Level VII, HND Agriculture, Seale Hayne, Advanced Agricultural Business Management, Wye (Worshipful Company of Farmers), CIEH Food Hygiene for Supervisors Level III; CIEH Health and Safety at Work Level II, BASIS & FACTS Professional Agronomy Qualifications and licensing PHIL GARNHAM Phil has over 20 years’ experience within the Grain, Feed, Seed and commodity markets and is well known to all professionals within these sectors. Due to his knowledge of the sector and ability to understand worldwide markets Phil often writes articles for leading Agricultural journals. Phil is a Senior Recruitment Associate for JP Trett and has an extensive network of professionals and colleagues he shares intelligence and market insights with. PHOEBE GALE Operations Manager. Phoebe is one of the original members of the JP Trett team and has grown into her current role due to understanding the business fully. A great ambassador for the industry and organisation Phoebe has the ability to pull together projects and solutions for smooth running of JP Trett. Educated in Agriculture and having been raised on a Norfolk Estate Phoebe understands Agriculture and its challenges.

MIKE MURRAY JP Trett Senior Agribusiness Consultant Partner – Mike has an extensive commercial history to include other professional positions: Past Chairman MMMA and Past Chairman of the NFYFC. Competitive business winner and structured strategic thinker. With past roles from dairy management and equipment to animal health and agricultural machinery Mike brings a strategic commercial solution to agri-business. MARK ISAACSON JP Trett Senior Agribusiness Consultant Partner – Mark is an accomplished and versatile MBA and MCIPS qualified strategic Commercial Director with broad experience in both food and agribusiness sectors. An effective and credible communicator with a track record of building strong commercial relationships, high level negotiation and account management, international exposure and experience of operating and influencing at Board level and across Global Joint Ventures. Marks specialisms include purchasing and supply chain (commodity and food ingredients), risk management and hedging, energy procurement, negotiating 3rd party agreements, leading commercial account management, strategy development and strategic project lead, property acquisition and site development/disposal. Having successfully represented major agricultural organisations at board level Mark has the credibility and provenance to provide solutions at the highest level. ROSEMARY LALLEY JP Trett Senior Agribusiness Consultant Partner – Rosemary has a well-established career and industry profile as a NonExecutive director with both national and international level experience, steering marketing strategies to deliver positive progression and growth for businesses. RICHARD ANSCOMBE JP Trett Senior Agribusiness Consultant Partner - Richard Anscombe is an award winning businessman with over 20 years’ experience leading organisations in the IT and Agricultural sectors. Richard is an agent for change, with a proven track record in transforming businesses. Richard’s career has taken him from co-founding a successful IT business, to leading and transforming one of the UK’s largest agricultural co-operatives, and sitting on a number of charity trustee boards. XXXXX X

Insight & intelligence

Fly in the face of the adverse trends With access to many industry leading sources of data JP Trett is able to provide insight

and intelligence into trends

and likely campaign success based upon factual evidence and many years of experience from the team in their chosen sector. Each quarter an analysis meeting is undertaken to report to the team, our growing database and other industry experts to share this insight. It comes as no surprise that due to the heightened uncertainty in the current economic climate recruitment and hiring activity is waning. In fact, the latest report from KPMG and the REC* suggest that ‘demand for staff increases at slowest rate since January 2012’. (pic) It is telling within our business as well as others, the number of quality talented candidates in supply is reducing all the time. Never before have we had to use the direct approach of head hunting so much. The majority of our time is now spent in direct contact with new connections and industry experts, the administration and day to day housekeeping being done outside office hours or partially automated to compensate for this. As a pioneering

consultancy we again turn to the expertise within our organisation to ensure we are performing at

an optimum level to service the demands of our clients. We understand that speaking with new and current professionals is the only way to keep progressing into and hopefully through the uncertain period. We look at new and innovative ways of tracking, progressing and reporting to our audience and again embrace

any new

technology that enables us to do this. The latest data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) showed that total job vacancies across the UK declined by -2.4% on an annual basis to 820,000 in the three months to July 2019. JP Trett is able to fly in the face of the adverse trends due to the protocols and awareness of the market. When the indicators are set to a declining period, we are able to increase our coverage of awareness and attract inbound movement of clients and candidates with concentrated campaigns that are scheduled into our workload. Again the direct approach and ability to understand the businesses and professionals within mean that all campaigns are efficient and undertaken within a timely manner. The past three months have seen campaigns completed within our standard in-house targets where companies’ in-house teams have been struggling for over a year in each case. The industry of Agriculture is of paramount importance to the UK, the farmers of which provide the raw materials for a sector worth almost £122 billion employing over 4 million people. It is the premise of these outstanding facts that we are able to fully immerse into the industry and provide the guidance and resource to ensure that the industry has a trusted and efficient partner able to

‘Shape Strategy and Organise Talent’

*The KPMG and REC, UK Report on Jobs is compiled by IHS Markit from responses to questionnaires sent to a panel of around 400 UK recruitment and employment consultancies. JP Trett being involved. I T 0845 643 2896

Industry & Community MEMBERSHIP AND STANDARDS OF SERVICE – ASSOCIATIONS AND PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS JP Trett are a Corporate Member of the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC), Fellowship of the Chartered Management Institute and the Institute of Consultants as well as Institute of Recruitment Professionals, our service levels and attention to detail is paramount. JP TRETT IS VERY INVOLVED WITHIN THE AGRICULTURAL COMMUNITY FROM GRASS ROOTS SCHOOL LEVEL RIGHT UP TO THE IMPRESSIVE LARGE-SCALE AGRICULTURAL SHOWS IN EUROPE:




Oxford Farming Conference


Beef Expo

Potato Europe

UK Dairy Day

AgCareers Live

Farmers Weekly Awards

Services EXECUTIVE SEARCH AND SELECTION full suite of recruitment services to incorporate a bespoke service: Executive Search and Selection, Talent Mapping and Acquisition, Market Intelligence and Insight STRATEGIC BUSINESS PARTNERING (through consultancy and coaching). MARKET STRATEGIES - encompass developing and refining strategies aimed at maximising a company’s advantage over its rivals; strengthening a competitive position within a supply chain both up and down stream, and analysis and insight considering innovative changes and challenges from product substitution. INTERNATIONAL COMPETITIVENESS how a company might leverage its market arena by better analysing of international competition particularly from emerging Agricultural economies that might become trading rivals. BUSINESS ECONOMICS understanding business costs, and the strengths and weaknesses, within a business model. This would particularly focus on evolving high performance practices and high achieving teams, motivating their people to deliver the company strategic objectives and targets. COMPANY MANAGEMENT STRUCTURES accelerating succession planning, personal development and making refinements to working roles to play to the strengths of their teams. ENHANCING PRODUCTIVITY forming high delivery teams and a high-performance work culture, including rebooting staff relationships and sometime re-aligning personal objectives through mediation. PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT Developed from a foundation of psychology, social analytics and brain science, JP Trett have partnered with Emergenetics who provides contemporary tools and high energy, tailored people development to drive individual, team and organisational performance. Emergenetics International Europe is an organisational development consulting company dedicated to realising the potential of people in organisations, the community and at home. We are experts in the way people think, behave and communicate and we apply this to every facet of the way individuals work and the way people understand themselves. BELGIUM • BRUNEI • CANADA • EGYPT • FOSHAN • FRANCE • GERMANY • GREATER CHINA • HONG KONG • INDONESIA • IRELAND • ITALY • JAPAN • KOREA • LUXEMBOURG • MACAU • MALAYSIA • MEXICO • NETHERLANDS • ROMANIA • SCANDINAVIA • SINGAPORE • TAIWAN • THAILAND • UNITED STATES • UNITED KINGDOM SHOW CASE OF ACHIEVEMENTS AND TYPICAL SUCCESSES (ENDORSEMENTS)

Shaping Strategy and Organising Talent I T 0845 643 2896



We engaged with our client to provide a Senior Director for

Entering the Hydroponic industry with some major

the UK. The company had always managed to recruit for

worldwide projects: With a massive waste product from

themselves through their network of employees and dealership

the core business of the potential client we met with them

networks but have found recently that this method is not

to strategically provide feasibility on the

proving as successful. Having a significant market share

resource of the potential idea they had. We engaged with them

in the UK and beyond it was imperative that the business

after providing various industry expert reports on their idea

partner it chose was connected and able

from connections within the hydroponic industry that have

to offer

intelligence and insight into the sector and

been well known to us. They needed a specific

set of

understand where the talent is.

skills and knowledge within an industry that is experiencing rapid growth. The individual would not only have


to have this specific skill set but also be required to grow with

Meeting our clients to understand their philosophy and working

the role and travel worldwide regularly

style enables us to create

a strategy that embraces

both and will give rise to successfully producing profiles


that we know will fit. We include a short, medium- and long-

After meeting and engaging with the client it was clear that

term view on the industry utilising our Business Consultancy

this was a very focussed campaign (of which we are seeing

services if and when required to ensure any business we

a lot more of these). Working within a niche industry and

partner has the resource to develop and retain staff and

requests for more specialised roles within these sectors

market share – a sustainable

requires some focussed processes. Our main advantage as a

and profitable

and show how we are able to provide a sustainable service to

leading network of contacts, connections and specialists

our client. We include

willing to assist us in every stage of our campaign. It was soon

future. Our first task was to map the talent in the industry sector intelligence and

niche recruiter is having a market

insight to illustrate the power we have available. Once

apparent that we had access to the only few profiles in the

engaged the process was understood and the communication

worldwide arena that could successfully fill this appointment.

channel opened up to provide real time updates and a good show of efficiency in how we work.

THE SUCCESS From highlighting, introducing and developing each profile


to the client again a successful appointment was made as

From sourcing and networking utilising the extensive resource

well as a further opportunity for one of the others when

we have in candidate mapping and connectivity we successfully

the business escalates. We always stay in touch with our

provided a shortlist of talent that eventually gave our client

clients to onboard

a tough time in deciding whom to take forward within the business. In some instances, we have provided such exceptional results that the client has either taken more than one candidate on, not wanting to lose the opportunity, creating other roles, or actually immediately promoted the role to a higher position given the experience and ability of the chosen candidate. This is how we can shape

the strategy of a client and organise their talent.

the candidate as well as again plan for the future. Very much a case of Shaping the business strategy for the client and organising their talent both now and in the future.

UK BASED INDUSTRY RESEARCH AND KNOWLEDGE ORGANISATION This required a number of Senior Heads to restructure

their evolving team. They required a recruitment partner able to span a number of industries within farming to include livestock, commodities and the arable sector as well as technology and other niche areas of development. The criteria was again focussed and definitive, education to a specific level as well as experience in the sector and management capabilities. We strive for the most detailed profile our clients seek and this was definitely proven in these cases. JP TRETT PROCESS Given the breadth and powerful

depth of

industry knowledge we have at JP Trett we were able to draw several of our consultants together to fully understand and map the resource required to fulfil the various projects we had to work on. Once allocated the


worked extensively together to ensure every stone was turned and every avenue explored through allencompassing contact through personal contacts, our CRM, social media and business networking. Once fully explored and profiles qualified thoroughly the shortlist was presented. THE SUCCESS Our client was ruthless in their approach to qualifying each submission to the extent that the first round of candidates produced resulted in only a 50% conversion to an interview, a lot lower than usual. Through a thorough stress test on our process and again consulting with the HR team we realised that the communication between the organisations hierarchy and then us had some areas that needed clarification. The result

was a campaign that filled 5 Senior Heads of Department within 3 months from a campaign that had been running for nearly a year prior to JP Trett being engaged. We continue to work with this client and will undoubtedly be assisting the future of Farming in the UK through organising

the talent required and thus shaping their strategy. I T 0845 643 2896

Testimonials “From beginning to end, the support and attentiveness provided, by James Garrod in particular, was exemplary and professional. A process which I had assumed would be complicated, long winded and stressful, actually proved to be seamless and straightforward thanks to regular contact with James, provision of useful interview guidance, employer information and general coaching, without which, the outcome may have been very different.” 2019 – David, Area Sales Manager for a premium brand multi-branch machinery dealership in the North of England

“Through the help of JP Trett, I have successfully found a new role with a company that ticks all of the boxes I requested during our first conversation. JP Trett is a friendly and personable service that provides access to high profile companies while guiding you to get the most from each communication. I would recommend JP Trett to anybody starting their career or established and thinking of a move.” National Sales Manager - 2019, Leading UK Precision Technology Distributor

“Highly professional team, who have a very straight forward approach and manner, making the highly anxious process of recruitment a much more easy and pleasurable process, a great team of people, highly proficient at their job” Tractor Manufacturer, 2019 - National Sales Manager

“When headhunted, I’m sure many recruiters look for the quick win to fill a role; but not JP Trett. they want to ensure that the match between individual and role go hand in glove; suitability is essential. I was really impressed with the JP Trett experience. From initial talks through to interview, offer and post-start date support, each update was always encouraging and supportive. I’m really happy with my new role; the match-fit is perfect. It has been a life changer complete with relocation.” 2018 - Harry, Agricultural Marketing - British Sugar

“We have been using JP Trett Ltd for various recruitment campaigns overseas, in particular Africa to include Egypt and Sudan. We have successfully recruited Senior Managers for various contracts through JP Trett and would recommend their services for any domestic and overseas Agricultural appointments. James Trett has personally dealt with our account and with his team has always given a courteous and professional service throughout.” Head of Farms Business of International leading provider of agronomy services, technology and strategic advice.

“We are currently using JP Trett Ltd for a recruitment campaign to source a General Manager for our business. We have found that JP Trett are both resourceful and professional in their approach to our requirements and have provided some exceptional candidates for consideration. We would not hesitate to recommend their services to others for senior appointments.” MD of Leading exporter of premium vegetables and fresh produce from Kenya

“We have used JP Trett for numerous successful Senior Appointments within African countries that we have various business enterprises in. We have found that JP Trett is both professional and efficient in supplying a collation of high calibre CV’s. These include General Manager roles, Farm Managers, Site Managers etc We also have many roles that we continue to use JP Trett for including senior appointments within our Agri-business. We would recommend JP Trett for use within the Mid to Senior level recruitment of Agricultural professionals.” MD of One of the top Saudi Agricultural Investment companies I T 0845 643 2896 I T 0845 643 2896

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JP Trett Brochure