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Brand identity design for a restaurant chain in Kuwait [p.6]

Logo and reveal resign Architectural startup business, Calicut IN [p.28]





Re-branding a retal opticals store and its e-commerce expansion [p.12]

AJIMS Medical College annual graduation magazine publication design [p.32]





Architectural symposium NIT Calicut Inaugral Campaign, Posters, Motion graphic teaser [p.20]

Freelance design works,sketches paintings, photography [p.38]

About This portfolio includes few of the works that I have cherished working on and improved my skills through the process of repetitive brainstorming and designing. While being a creative and energetic person, diligent and always eager to learn, I am constantly seeking to expand my horizons while diversifying my interests. Investing in a multi-dimensional approach to design, with excellent knowledge of graphic design software, advanced 3d rendering skills, architectural design software, motion graphics and video editing software and experience in different areas with skills required in design discipline. Looking for challenging opportunities in a fast-paced and rigorous environment.

EDUCATION National Institute of Technology | Calicut, IN Bachelor of Architecture GPA 8.5 First Class with Distinction

University Of Westminster Trophy 2014 100 massive small changes |NASA, IN Top 30 shortlisted entry

Kendriya Vidyalaya No 2 | Kasaragod, IN 12th grade with 91% average CBSE Senior School Certificate

NASA Annual Convention 2015 |Chennai IN World’s largest painting Guinness World record attempt |2nd prize winner

Kendriya Vidyalaya No 2 | Kasaragod, IN 10th grade with 9.6 CGPA, CBSE

BAMBOO LOG |Uravu, Wayanad IN IAY House Design Top 5 shortlisted entry


V I S H N U . PAV I T H R A N Nationality : Indian DOB

: 02/08/1994


: Sreevasantham, Cheemeni, Kasaragod, Kerala IN 671313

Language : Malayalam (Native) English (Fluent) Hindi (Working Knowledge) Tamil (Working Knowledge) Email Mobile :

: +919497381007



STUDIO ATARCHITECTURE | Mumbai, IN Architectural Intern Summer 2016

Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe Indesign

THANIMA | NIT Calicut, IN International conference on Design Pedagogy and Contextual Aesthetics Student coordinator

Adobe Premiere Adobe After Effects Adobe Lightroom Adobe Animate Sony Vegas Tremble SketchUp Vray Lumion Autodesk Autocad Autodesk Revit Microsoft Office Suite Adobe Audition FL Studio

STUDENTS AFFAIRS COUNCIL | NIT Calicut Branch councillor, 2016 ADIZYA 2014 | NIT Calicut, IN Design Symposium Founding member RAGAM 2014 | Cultural fest NIT Calicut Senior Executive Posters and Design committee

BIRYANI.GOLD brand identity design

Biryani gold is a start-up food chain business that serves Indian cuisine based in Kuwait. The company yearns to serve the best of pot biryani in the region along with a range of traditional Indian non-vegetarian dishes. The identity design started off with naming and the name biryani gold was finalized after several iterations. Through the design I have tried to express the richness of Indian spices reflecting the name of the brand with neat lines and font.

Bg Bg The initials BG kick-started the design with an exploration of the same with several fonts. Clean circles inspired from how the biryani would be served alongside small saucers which holds the side dishes, and experimentation with colours of spices were the driving strategies behind evolution of the design. C


M 38 Y 99 K 0

C 70 M 33 Y 100

C 19 M 91 Y 99

K 19



C 59 M 71 Y 68 K 75

THE JOURNEY BLUEZ to GOLD A few of the initial design proposals. From Biryani Bluez to Biryani Gold, several proposals were made and perfected through thorough client discussions and brainstorming.

VISION CARE rebranding

With over 10 years of good will in more than 2 states in the country, Vision care a retail spectacles company required a rebranding. Re-designing the logo and designing a new logo for the company’s new e-commerce service were the task assigned. The client demanded a modern rework so that the company could be at par with contemporary trends.



The eye is carefully enclosed by the ‘C’ in ‘Care’ signifying the company’s trustworthy relationship with its clients. The blue tint gives an overall sense of safety and serenity to the design.

70 67 64 74


55 0 22 0

VISION EXPERT e-Commerce extension for VISION CARE The e-commerce service for vision care had to have a logo that reflected the parent company while being unique and contextual. The design is a combination of pictorial and verbal imagery of ‘Vision expert’ and had a similar nuance as that of the parent company.

logo reveal

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Alternative proposals

ADIZYA 14 Architectural symposium NIT Calicut IN Inaugral Campaign, Posters Motion graphic teaser

The architectural symposium, born in the campus of NIT Calicut, is held annually by the department of Architecture. Adizya offers a plethora of competitions, workshops, lectures and exhibitions. Being one of the founding members of the fest, designing the publicity and marketing campaign was a major and yet a very moving experience.

Event posters

Campaign posters

Teaser animation A short video hinting to what Adizya had to offer to the participants through the use of simple shapes, a complementary colour palette and smooth motion graphics. The video served as a teaser to the upcoming event and was published in the official page of Tathva 14 (The Annual Tech Fest, NITC) and played at the Venue of the Tathva Night shows.


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TEN DIRECTIONS CREATIVE Logo, reveal design Architectural startup business, Calicut IN

A creative startup design studio based in Calicut IN, Tendirections creative handles a variety of architectural design projects and have acquired fame in the realm of architecture in the region in a very short time period. Their works ranger from animated graphics to large scale architectural undertakings. The naming is based on Buddhist cosmological philosophy of the existence of 10 directions that defines the universal space depicting the range and level of work that the company deals with.





logo reveal Snippets


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The looping logo reveal video is an attempt of digitally recreating a traditional flipbook animation.

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AJIMS Medical College annual graduation magazine publication design

AJ Institute of Medical Science is an endeavour in the City of Mangalore, Karnataka. The institution nurtures a vision “To establish as a premier institution imparting medical education that effectively combines high academic exposure, professional outlook and commitment to humanitarian values.� The publication design for the Graduation book for 2018 aimed at creating a capsule compiling memories of college days of the 150 graduands. The book was launched at the Annual Graduation Ceremony held at the university auditorium in March 2018.

Other Works

PIECES OF WORK Youtube Channel, Logo redesign (Fan Art)

The YouTube channel is about a Westerner who reviews movies from the Eastern realm of films. As a fan of the YouTube channel, the work was a self-undertaken project. The initials P, O, and W are arranged to take the form of a video-camera symbolizing the channel’s essence.


Logo for Music club RIT Kottayam IN The logo design for the music club (RITM) of Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology comprises an abstract form of a Cello wrapped within the letters RIT.


Sketchbook 2018

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Sketchbook 2018

Acrylic on paper

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Watercolour on paper

Acrylic on canvas (90cm x 50cm)


Mumbai 2017

Mumbai 2017

Calicut 2017

Calicut 2017

Kasaragod 2017

Kasaragod 2018

Kasaragod 2018

Kasaragod 2018

Kasaragod 2018

V I S H N U . PA V I T H R A N

Graphic Design Portfolio 2018 / Vishnu Pavithran  

Graphic design portfolio

Graphic Design Portfolio 2018 / Vishnu Pavithran  

Graphic design portfolio