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& How to earn money from blog!!

By: Vishnu Kayande


WEB LOG 1. BLOGS are another kind of website. 2. Blog may individual or group. 3. Blogs are usually (but not always) written by one person and are updated pretty regularly. 4. Blogs are often (but not always) written on a particular topic there are blogs on virtually any topic you can think 5. The content is usually organized by date and category with the most recent post/content displaying first.

1. Humans like recognition. They want to have 15 mins. of fame. 2. The internet has the ability to reach millions around the world – so its natural that whatever you share an interest in, there will be others out there that share that same interest. 1. Blogs usually have a few features that are useful to know about if you want to get the most out of them as a reader

How To Create Blog…?

STEP1: Create your email account on gmail, If already have no need STEP 2: Go for websites which provide blogging service



STEP3: Name your Blog Eg if you choose myblog

as domain name then ur blog

will display as


STEP4: Choose a Template



Dashboard--Go to Design-Template designer 1. Template : 2. Background: 3. Adjust width: Entire blog 990px & Right Sidebar 290px 4. Layout: 5. Advanced:

Adding Post and Page to Blog DashBoard --ďƒ Posting New Post Edit Post Edit Pages

How To Add component to blog…? DashBoard -- Design- Page Elemenmt--- Add Gadget

How To Add component to blog‌?


Adding component to blog… We can add slide show, video, page counter, Feedgit, copy write banner, badges ie(link to facebook profile, pages, RSS feed (for share article with gmail, yahoo, twitter, facebook) For free counter: For copyright symblo: To know visitor: For facebook badges: For RSS fiel: View


How To Advertise Blog …?  Update the blog regularly  Submit it to various search engine such as , ,  Share it with various website eg  Brand your blog  Generate targeting word  Add various component such as Including RSS FEED.

Earn Money……… For this purpose we have to create account on Go to your dashboard - Click on Monetize -import or allow ads from adsense View the video

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How to create blog, how to maintain it up to date and how to earn money from it..