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Supertech Fable Castle Premium Disney Themed Apartments In Noida

Northern India-based property developer Supertech has joined Walt Disney for offering Disney themed homes in its Fable Castle project in Golf Country at Yamuna Expressway in Greater Noida. This is the second such project for Supertech in the history of Noida. It had earlier joined with French fashion brand Armani for one of its major projects in Noida. And now it has been suggested to create homes motivated by the figures from the popular Walt Disney series.

The homes will be fully equipped with Walt Disney styles. Disney, having an amazing line-up of home consumer products, has always been dedicated to interesting with the customers and the latest project is only proof of that dedication. This project is a neighbor of Golf country, a 100 acres incorporated township located at Yamuna Expressway. In this specific tieup, Supertech has employed Walt Disney India to do designs and outside of Dream Experience. Disney India will design rooms motivated by Walt Disney experiences and figures.

The apartment project named Supertech Fable Castle, which is located along the Yamuna Expressway, will now have a comedian relief complimentary. It has been suggested to create homes motivated by the figures from the popular Walt Disney series. Having associated with a very popular company that has been interesting individuals across ages it will be easier for Supertech to market these homes as a huge number of individuals can recognize with Walt Disney and will also be willing to pay a little bit more.

The project is spread over 7.5 acres, and will have a 1,000 flats of 1,0002,125 sq ft. The price starts at Rs 3,250 a sq ft. includes 1,000 homes such as 2, 3 and 4 BHK features. The rates for the personal tasks in Golf Country are set at Rs. 3,000 per sq ft. Moreover, the project will also have Walt Disney motivated kids locations such as the share, play area, party and action locations for kids and close family members. Supertech Fable Castle Greater Noida remains a great choice if it comes down to choosing one of the finest projects in Nida. The project is looking for the center and higher middle-class affiliates with young people. “Disney numbers and activities have motivated every growth and this will give an opportunity to all those who want to have a Walt Disney magic in their homes, especially kids who are attracted to such amazing and amazing improvements. Walt Disney India’s first actual property project in north Indian city.

Supertech Fable Castle Noida  

Supertech is redefining the lifestyle with its latest residential development named as Supertech Fable Castle Noida. The project is earning...

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