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You use (and abuse) your knees every day. Keep them pain-free by working these moves into your routine. Save your knees Whether you're a gym rat or you simply have a rigorous walking routine, your knees take a pounding day to day. What's more, women are more likely to experience knee pain than men. Blame it on our wider hips—that anatomical fact leads to more stress. Plus, it has been reported that female hormones, such as estrogen, seem to weaken the ligaments around the knees. With the odds stacked against us, it's crucial that we take the steps necessary to injury-proof one of the most important parts of our bodies.  Add a few of these key exercises to your next workout routine to help keep your knees ready for action.

1-Single-leg hamstring curl

2-Calf stretch

Using your right hand for support (hold the back of a chair, the wall, or even a tree trunk) shift your weight to your right leg. Slowly bend and lift your left knee, engaging your hamstring to bring your lower leg high behind you (as shown); lower your foot. Do 20 reps and then switch legs.

Stand at arm's length away from a wall. Place your right foot behind your left foot. With your hands against the wall for support, slowly bend your left knee forward, keeping your right knee straight, your right heel on the floor, and your left knee above your left foot. Hold for about 30 seconds. Switch legs and repeat.

Be sure your knees stay over your feet (don't let them cave in toward each other!), and keep your back as straight as possible without arching it. Draw your belly in and up, and drop your tailbone down. Hold for five to 15 breaths; release and return to standing. Repeat up to three times.

3-Side-lying hip lift and leg lift

4-Temple pose Stand with your feet at least 4 feet apart, toes turned out to 45 degrees. Bring your palms together at heart level, lifting your chest and dropping your shoulders. Inhale, then begin to bend your knees until your thighs are parallel to the floor (or as close as you can get to that).


Lie on your left side, hips and feet stacked. Place your left forearm on the floor for support and prop your upper body up (A). Lift your hips off the floor into a side plank (B). Lower down to the start, then raise your right leg about 3 feet (C). Return the to start. Do 30 reps (or if you can't get to 30, as m

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healthy yoga magazine  

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