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Manage Menopause Naturally


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Therapeutic Benefits of Kitchen Spices

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ear valued readers, Welcome to the sixth issue of our Healthy Yoga Magazine. We wish you all a very Happy and Healthy New Year. We would also like to heartily thank you all for constantly offering us positive feedback and many thanks to our global readers who are reading our magazine and encouraging us to be even better with each upcoming issue. Herewith, this issue, we are drilling you through one of the major health issues nowadays, Obesity (Page 6). We have offered you the four weeks yoga plan to reduce your weight and leading you into a fit lifestyle. Furthermore, we have also added the four best Migraine Poses, which will help you to cure the ailment (page 12). Yoga and a proper diet always work wonders. There is no doubt about that, I must tell you. On one hand, the awesome 10 tips of healthy eating (page 15), will provide you nutritional insight whereas the 5 health You Tubers (page 19) will get you to introduce of few famous You Tubers to follow regarding healthy cooking and diet routines. The other interesting articles, you are going to read are; how you can manage your menopause naturally (page 15), how you can decode your craving habit by understanding few hidden messages behind it that trigger your body health (page 16), the 10 natural ways for brighter and pigment free skin (page 8) and the wholesome benefits of Smoothies (page 18). I would like to end this note with the second rule of Yoga given by Patanjali in Yoga-sutra called “Niyama”. which infers the meaning of discipline in actions, conduct and in our attitude toward ourselves. It includes five sub-rules; Saucha (Purity), Satosha (Satisfaction), Tapas (to burn and to develop a strong resolve for your practice), Swadhaya (Self-reflection) and Ishvarapranidhana (the reminder of higher force around you and within you). Hoping you all have a wonderful read.


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besity is a leading preventive cause of death worldwide with the increasing number of prevalence among adults and children. According to a leading research, Obesity has become one of the most serious public health problems of the 21st century.


What is Obesity?

Obesity is a medical condition in which excess body fat has accumulated to the extent that it may cause an adverse effect on the health. Obesity is a condition, in which a person weight is higher than what is thought to be healthy for his or her height.

Preventive Measures:

If you have any kind of ailments or health related issues, please consult your doctor before doing any exercise or do it under the guidance of a yoga teacher. Pregnant women should not do these sets of asana. People with chronic back pain, heart related problems and hernia should avoid these asana. There should have a break of at least 10 seconds in between each asana in the sequence.

Begin Now: Yoga for 1st Week:

Walking- 10 minutes Kapalbhati-50 strokes-3 rounds Leg rotation-10 rounds each leg Cycling routines – 10 rounds Pawanmuktasana- 10 seconds hold on each side-5 sets Naukasana- 20 seconds hold- 10 sets Ardha Halasana- 90 degree hold- 10 seconds each side- 20 sets


Yoga for 2nd Week:

Walking- 20 minutes- 6 days/week Repeat the whole asanas as in the 1st week. Add Surya Namaskar- 4 to 10 rounds Eka Pada Pranamasana- 10 seconds hold each side Standing Uddiyana Bandha- 10 to 30 seconds hold- 5 rounds Kati Shakti Vikasak- 10 seconds hold each set- 10 rounds

Yoga for 3rd Week:

Walking on the Trendmill- 120 minutes Kapalbhati- 50 strokes- 10 sets Surya Namaskar- 20 rounds Naukasana- 20 secs- 20 sets Bhujangasana- 20 seconds hold- 3 sets Dhanurasana- 10 seconds hold- 3 sets Pachimottanasana- 10 rounds Vakrasana- 10 seconds hold- 2 sets Shahankasana- 30 seconds hold

Yoga for 4th Week:

Jumping routines- 5 minutes Kapalbhati- 100 strokes while standing- 3 sets Surya Namaskar- 4 rounds, 3 breaths each and 20 rounds, 1 breath each Bhastrika Pranayama- 5 rounds Anulom Vilom- 5 rounds Repeat the whole asanas as in the 3rd week.

What does put your Obesity at risk? High Blood Pressure High Cholesterol Osteoporosis Digestive problems Sleep disorders Diabetes Impotence Backache Knee complaints Kidney Liver Complaints Cancer

Causes of Obesity

Obesity is commonly caused by a combination of excessive food energy intake. Lack of physical activity. Genetic susceptibility. Endocrine disorders, medications or psychiatric illness. Lack of Sleep Heredity Prenatal and Postnatal influences



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Get rid of 10 natural ways for clear skin


yperpigmentation refers to the darkening of skin in patches, resulting in blotchy skin. The patches may be small or large, on any area of the skin. It can be anywhere on the body, including the face. It is caused by the production of excess melanin, the pigment which gives skin its color.

Hyperpigmentation can be caused by many reasons, the most common of which are: Too much sun exposure – This results in sun spots or tanned skin that is too dark in some areas than others Pregnancy – This pigmentation is called Melasma that occurs due to hormonal fluctuation Thyroid Disease Birth Control pills Age Injury – burns, acne or skin treatments Genetics Hyperpigmentation on its own isn’t dangerous, unless it’s a symptom of an underlying disease. In most cases, a few simple home remedies can help to get rid of hyperpigmentation. Home Remedies to Clear Hyperpigmentation


Lemon and citrus fruits in general have a high Vitamin C content along with citric acid which is known for its bleaching properties. Lemons are also a natural astringent and remove excess oil from the skin. One way to use this is to simply dip a makeup pad or cotton ball in lemon juice and rub it all over your face. Leave on for 10 minutes and wash off. This might be a bit drying for dry skin, so an alternative is a mask of 2 tbsp lemon juice and 2 tbsp honey. Leave on for 15 minutes and wash off.


Avocados are high in Vitamin C and oleic acid, which help to repair pigmented skin effectively. Mash a ripe avocado into a paste, ensuring it is smooth. Mix a tablespoon of milk and a tablespoon of honey into the paste. Apply the paste over the pigmented areas and leave it on for 30 minutes. Wash off with cool water. Repeat everyday to see results.


Potato starch contains an enzyme called catecholase which helps in de-pigmenting skin. It also helps to get rid of scars or puffiness. You can simply rub potato slices over your face or make a mask. Grate a potato and squeeze out any excess water. Mix in about 2 tbsp lemon juice and apply all over the pigmented area. Leave on for 20 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water.


Turmeric is a traditional remedy for improving skin tone and preventing bacterial infections and acne. Mix turmeric and milk in a 1:2 ratio to make a paste. Apply this paste on pigmented skin, massage for 5 minutes and leave it on for 20 minutes before washing off. Turmeric can also be mixed with lemon juice and applied all over the face. Be sure to use pure, organic and unadulterated turmeric.


5.Aloe Vera

The gel of the aloe vera plant is perfect to rejuvenate and refresh dead skin cells. It also works on hyperpigmented skin to restore it back to its normal tone. Mix two tablespoons of aloe vera gel and enough honey to make a paste. Apply this paste over pigmented skin and let it dry, before washing it off with lukewarm water.


Almonds contain healthy and natural fatty acids that nourish skin well, and get rid of pigmentation. Together with milk, which promotes skin lightening, almonds can restore skin to its natural tone. Soak almonds overnight, peel and grind with milk. Apply over the pigmented regions of skin and leave it on for 20-30 minutes before washing.


Papaya contains an enzyme called papain, which helps in exfoliating skin and encourages regeneration of skin cells. Mash up the flesh of a ripe papaya and apply all over skin and let it dry before washing off. You can also mix a little honey to increase the effectiveness of the mask.

8.Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an ingredient present in several skin care products because of its numerous benefits. Vitamin E helps to repair sun damage on skin and protects from further damage as well. Vitamin E oil can directly be massaged onto the pigmented area for good results. Else, you can mix the contents of 2 Vitamin E capsules with another mask like Fuller’s Earth, or a fruit mask before applying onto the skin.

9.Apple Cider Vinegar

Vinegar is a great astringent, and apple cider vinegar has many benefits that include taking care of hyperpigmentation. However, vinegar is acidic, so never use it directly on facial skin. Dilute vinegar with equal parts of water and rinse the pigmented area with it. For sensitive skin, try diluting with more water or try another method if the vinegar irritates.


Sandalwood is well known to improve skin’s tone and to even out any pigmentation problems. It also has cooling properties which help to refresh tired, dull skin. There are two ways of making a sandalwood mask: one is to mix sandalwood and enough rose water to make a paste, the other is to mix 2 tbsp sandalwood powder, 1 tbsp turmeric and enough milk to make a paste. Apply this paste on the pigmented parts of skin and leave it to dry. Rinse off with cool water.

Even though hyperpigmentation isn’t dangerous as such, it can lower a person’s self esteem and make him feel self conscious. If the pigmentation doesn’t subside in spite of all these remedies, it’s best to consult a doctor and find out if there is any other underlying cause. By Priti Mehta

(Founder- Omved Pure Natural living)





assage is one of the most ancient forms of therapy. At its most basic it is an instinctive method of soothing pain. Phyiologically increasing the circulation to a sprained limb by massage helps its healing. Gentle massage can be used to help people relax. More vigorous techniques can be used to stimulate the workings of the various systems of the body in a very precise way. Massage can also be used to help the body ‘relearn’ movement and posture and counteract the effects of stress in everyday life, which causes many of us to stand, walk and sit in ways that cause long-term problems for our musculo-skeletal system. Massage with essential oils acts directly on the bloodstream. Massage, it is now acknowledged, can help pain management through releasing endorphins and help comfort those in emotional or psychological distress. The skin is an organ in its own right. Massage can release toxins from the system, disperse the lactic acid in muscles that causes shoulder pain and move energy in the body. In Asian medicine, various forms of massage developed as highly skilled techniques philosophically integrated with the central focus on maintaining energy and circulation flows round the body and maintaining balance. Nowadays there is a rich if confusing range of massage techniques available to tone up the system, deal with specific aches and pains and treat the more generalized problems of stress.

Thai Massage:

Thai massage is directly related to Ayurvedic principles originating in India, and is said to have arrived in Thailand along with Buddhism.A complete Thai massage incorporates a traditional combination of acupressure, energy meridian work, and yoga –like stretching. Thai massage is different from many other forms of massage in that there is no oil used, the therapist uses a mattress on the floor, and that the client remains completely clothed throughout the sssion. It is so different from what we typically mean by “massage” that it is often instead described as having someone “do yoga to you”.

Marma massage:

Marma massage is part of the Indian Ayurvedic system of medicine, dating back thousand of years. The principle is that the human body, like any other mechine, needs servicing if it is to function properly. There are 107 marma point on the body where flesh, veins, arteries, bones, joints and tendons meet up. An injury to these points, it is believed, can result in permanent damage. Massage of the marma points, which relate to the internal organs and body systems, improves the circulation in the particular area of the neuromuscular system and tones up the surrounding muscles .


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The Best


Poses For



igraine is considered to be one of most common health ailments in today society. There could be lot of causes of Migraine. It can be happened because of having hormonal changes, food, stress, medications, lack of sleep or low blood pressure. Herewith this article, you are going to learn the best five and effective yoga postures which you can practice every day to alleviate the illness. Spare your few minutes to perform the poses and observe the wonderful results. Pose1


We should start any sort of activity with the easiest step and it follows for Yoga too. Therefore, here we are; ready to learn one of the easy-doing poses called “Child Pose or Rabbit Pose” or “Shasankasana”. To start the pose, first of all, you are required to have your Yoga Mat, a cushion and a slightly cold towel. Lay down your neat and clean Yoga Mat. Keep your cushion and the cooling towel on the side. Sit over the mat with your straight leg in the front and shake them out or gently relax out your toes and ankles before begin to sit on the Child Pose. Now, fold your both legs on the back-side of your hips keeping the feet underneath your buttocks. In case, if you are having difficulties in sitting and you are confronting muscles over contraction and inflammation into your knees area then it is the time to place the cushion right under your hips above your foot and sit over that. Rest your both arms with straight palms pointing downwards and resting your forehead in the front, over your mat. To feel even better, place the cooling towel under your forehead, make sure your head is rested between your both arms. Relax in this pose with 20< slow breath.

Pose 2


To start the pose, first of all, you are required to have just your Yoga Mat. Lay down your neat and clean Yoga Mat. Lie down first with your straight legs and arms on the side, palms facing downwards. Have a distance between your legs and knees. Bend your legs to the perpendicular position having your feet firmly being rested on the mat. Press your downwards facing palms thoroughly on the ground and gently raise your lower back until your chest touches your chin the way, it is shown in the given picture. While raising your lower back up, start puffing slow inhalation until you reach to your final pose. As you get into your final pose, begin to have slow breath for 30 to 60 seconds and then

8gradually lower down your back to rest.

Easy uh! You can turn into an advanced level by raising your both legs up. Relax in this pose with 20< slow breath.


Pose 3


After practicing the easiest pose called “Child Pose”, now we are switching to a little intensive pose called “Fish Pose” or “Matsyasana”. To start the pose, first of all, you are required to have your Yoga Mat and just a cushion. Lay down your neat and clean Yoga Mat and keep your cushion on the edge of the mat. Lie down first with your straight legs together and toes pointing forward. Rest your arms on your side of your torso and the cushion right underneath your head.

Vishakha Rai is a certified Yoga instructor who has achieved numerous certificates on sports and Yoga. Her Yoga style is based on authentic yoga. To know more about Vishakha, contact her on below information address; Mob: 0899657504 Website: Facebook: Email: “SELF KNOWLEDGE IS FOR THE PURPOSE OF CONTRIBUTION -ALENE MORIS”

Slightly bend your arms pressing your palms firmly on the mat and start arching your upper back up along with your neck until your top of the head get rested on the mat. Hold on with your forearms and elbows being rested alongside of your body. In order to give a wholesome stretch and correct breathing, start having slow breath-in while arching your upper back and release the breath gently through your nose in the final position. Stretch your shoulders and chest downwards and upwards respectively.

Pose 4


To start the pose, first of all, you are required to have your Yoga Mat. Lay down your neat and clean Yoga Mat. Come onto your mat on knees and hands. Place you knees right under your hips and palms right under your shoulders spreading out your palms, knees and feet are parallel to each other and having a little distance in between. Take one deep inhalation and press your palms firmly on the ground and lift your knees up. Slightly straight your knees and legs stretching the heels down to the mat. Start taking slow exhalation and lengthen your tailbone up while bringing your arms gradually closer to the mat and pressing your palms firmly on the mat. Keep your head down, face pointing towards the mat and staying in the middle of your arms. In this final pose, concentrate on your slow breathing for 20 seconds and then gradually lower down your back, knees and arms to rest in moon pose (check out the previous article to learn the steps of doing moon pose in the most easiest way possible).


Manage Menopause M


enopause is the start of a change in a woman’s life which could be very challenging. Experiencing hot flashes, body aches, night sweats, memory loss, deflated libido, potential weight gain, mood swings and depression – and most of all, our raging hormones taking over our life. We have days when we feel anxious, helpless, as well as overwhelmed. Enduring the symptoms is not your only option, nor is just hope the only remedy. You can be in control and manage your menopause symptoms naturally and on your terms. Yoga might be the option you are looking for!

Take a deep breath and forget about the super-flexible, candlestick thin, spandex-sporting people doing headstands. Yoga has more to offer than just flexibility and is beneficial for any body type. Menopause does not really require medical treatment since it is a natural biological process and hence yoga is the most obvious option to manage it. From Padmasana, tadasana, trikonasana to kapal bhati, there are various poses and breathing exercises to make you feel better. You’ll find that practicing yoga regularly can help calm your nerves, relax your mind, and relieve many of the menopause symptoms you’re experiencing. It’s also important to remember that yoga poses have a multitude of effects on all the systems of the body, so will generally ease more than one menopausal symptom. You can start your yoga journey in this stage with a restorative pose. In this article, we will explain two of these.

The Great Rejuvenator (Viparita Karani)

It is a safe and relaxing way for women to become accustomed to inverting the body. It helps in replenishing the adrenal reserves. Place a bolster a couple of inches away from the wall. Sit sideways on the bolster, with the wall on your right side. Move bolster under your bottom & lower yourself, taking support of your elbows and forearms, and slowly move around to take your legs up the wall. When you are ready to come out, bend your knees, turn to your side, and come down. While practicing yoga, there are delicate adjustments that cannot be covered in an article. A qualified teacher can help you with individualized instructions and show you how to make these healing poses truly restorative. At Prem Yog and Prana Center, we offer you Therapeutic Yoga classes to help you achieve your health goal, starting from the inside. Come, try our studio. The first, trial class is free!

Goddess Pose

(Supta Baddha Konasana)

It is a nourishing pose which replenishes energy reserves during the menopause transition. Exhale and lower your back torso toward the floor, leaning on your hands. Once you are leaning back on your forearms, bend your legs & pull your knees toward your body. Gently let your thighs fall open and keep your feet together, as you carefully draw your heels toward your pelvis. Bring your torso all the way to the floor, supporting your head and neck on a blanket roll or bolster if needed.

By Bita Sethi



Top TEN Tips For Healthy Eating Read food labels carefully – You may be taking on far less nutrition than you realize.


Change your diet gradually- Don’t revamp your habits too radically as that will lead to confusion and the likelihood of resentment, greatly reducing your chances of sticking to it.


Keep the cookery simple- Nothing is more likely to put you off eating fresh food then elaborate recipes and unusual ingredients- dishes such as roasted vegetables, blended soups and grilled lean meat take minutes to prepare and offer the food’s unadulterated flavor.


Eat more raw food- It will not basically lose the valuable nutrients that get eventually destroyed during cooking and the extra chewing involved will make you feel full, faster.


A Little change goes a long way– Small things like having that quarter pounder without the cheese or holding the mayo on a sandwich will add up to huge long-term benefits for your health.


Keep healthy snacks ready- If you are going to keep the snack a healthy alternative to hand such as carrot sticks, dried fruit, and so on; at work as well as at home.


Eat regular meals, especially breakfast- This will give you far more control over what you are eating as it will cut down the likelihood of your grazing during the day.


A Little bit of what you fancy, does you good- Allow yourself a day off a week from your healthy eating plan.


Spread your nutrition across your whole diet- Don’t attempt to include half-a –dozen super foods and not worry about the rest; look at getting some sort of benefit from every part of your diet, then vary it to incorporate as many different things as possible.


Treat restaurants much like you would at your home-Follow the same guidelines you would in your own kitchen and don’t be afraid to ask questions or make off-menu requests. But don’t take your trousers off, obviously.


Decoding your




rowing up, we are taught that cravings are negative and should be suppressed. However, your cravings can be your ally and not your enemy! We rarely look at our cravings as messages from our body. These messages could be signals that we are deficient or nutritionally imbalanced. It is your body’s call for equilibrium, whether you need more stress-reduction techniques, sleep, intimacy or creativity. Lets look at what the messages in the cravings are.

The four root cravings are Bacterial

We are just starting to really understand the importance of our micro-biome: five pounds of bacteria live in our body – there are ten times more bacterial cells in our body than human cells. Bacterial cells communicate with our nervous system via the vagus nerve and via the neurotransmitters that they produce. When you have an overgrowth of yeast, those yeasts live on the sugar you eat. If you feel intense cravings even after trying to avoid sugar, a yeast overgrowth may be the problem. When you attempt to go off sugar, you experience side effects such as headaches and joint-aches. These side effects are a sign of the bacteria dying and sending out messages to your body saying, “please feed me, I’m dying.” This is why it is so difficult to go off sugar in these cases.



We are physical creatures. We need movement, play, rest, physical touch and intimacy to be healthy. Instinctively we know this; we hug children and rub their backs when they are not feeling well. We need touch and we forget to give it to ourselves. Scientist say we need 6-10 hugs a day of at least 10 seconds per hug. If we feel physical cravings we feel static and at a lost. That is when we reach for energy (caffeine, sugar) and fat (for satiety). As we all love movement, encourage yourself to dance, jump, swim, run, hug. Explore your options to see what makes your body feel good. Listen to you body. It takes some practice and support to be able to decode and learn what those messages are saying. This is also because there is so much dogma and so many rules out there that sometimes we forget to listen to our bodies. Decoding your cravings is a different, yet effective approach to well being and weight-loss. It causes you to go in deeper and really look inwards.


Allow yourself to be comfortable with any emotional discomfort you feel. This means giving yourself space to pause and reflect: Why am I emotionally craving this? What is the stress and sadness? Where is the anxiety in my life coming from? Sometimes emotions can be painful and we do not recognize and honor this. Instead of determining the deep-rooted emotions, we often try to comfort ourselves with comfort foods. An example is loneliness: The same part of your brain that is activated when you feel pain is activated when you feel loneliness. Loneliness is truly painful and a lot of people feel disconnected in this hyper-connected media world. We are constantly on social media to try to connect but it is not the real, intimate, soul-deep connections we all need. It is important to understand and explore your emotions. We are created to have the capacity to feel emotions. Teach yourself to truly feel what you feel. Picture what color the emotion is in your body, if that helps.


Your body craves certain nutrients. One of the main deficiencies women experience is a magnesium deficiency. You crave chocolate because it is a good source of magnesium. Your body will crave the most delicious foods that it knows that will give it what it needs. Adding in magnesium-rich foods (spinach, nuts, seeds, legumes and bananas) in your diet is a good way to reduce chocolate cravings, without trying to deprive yourself.

By Narisa Phichitsingh





Inspired “All ingredients used in the homemade smoothies are Fresh, Natural and Cleaned up to ensure they are chemical and pesticide free” So raise your glass & say cheers to good health!!! Before you order health here are some, smooth-IE - Interesting-Everlasting benefits…

Natural Weight Loss

Smoothies provide the nutrition, vitamins, minerals, healthy carbohydrates, fiber and low fat whole food that our body needs to lose quick weight, safely and effectively without actually starving ourselves or depriving ourselves of food.

Reduce Cravings

Smoothies actually reduce cravings for junk foods, unhealthy sweets, salt and fats. After a few weeks of drinking smoothies regularly, our body actually begins to crave for healthier food.

Increased Consumption of Fruits and Vegetables

Quick and convenient way to get our daily allowance of fruits and veggies (Particularly Greens).

Increased Energy

These power packed drinks are full of all healthy ingredients, fresh and in their natural form, they also contains spices, herbs, seeds and superfoods to boost our energy levels. By Sheetal

Excellent Source Of Minerals For Healthy Bones

Green smoothies provide a rich source of minerals thanks to the dark, leafy greens. All of the bone-building nutrients are in abundance including calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. They are also rich in chlorophyll which enhances the immune system, purifies the blood and rejuvenates the body.


Unlike juices, smoothies retain all the fiber and nutrition. Fiber is essential & is the main component which helps the body to eliminate waste materials and toxins, resulting in a clear radiant skin.



Health You Tubers

Are you looking for the easiest way to make the most fabulous looking healthy dishes and fitness routines? With the exceedingly number of popularity of health conscious food among us, there are number of online You Tubers that you can explore for such health related contents. Their interesting videos are specifically based on the contents of building healthy routines in order to optimize our daily fitness routines. Hereby, don’t miss to check these channels out to add the meaning of ‘convenient home fitness’ in your busy lifestyle.

Clean & Delicious

Tastemade is your daily destination for the best food experiences from around the world. Featuring original recipes and exclusive series from some of the web's biggest cooking stars, there's something here for every appetite.

Fit Men Cook


If you are looking to expand your knowledge in health and wellness and want to have fun while doing it, join the Fitlife.TV team. Mindset Monday - released every Monday morning. Transform your mind transform your life. Saturday Strategy - A juicing / nutrition hack that can help you get the body you really want.This channel has tons of weight loss recipes and other things you can do for optimal health.


He says bodies are built in the kitchen; Sculpted in the gym. You can find here healthy, budget-friendly recipes & tips for all men and women leading to active lifestyles. No crash dieting at all. No magic pills. Just food. Eat Fearless.

The You Tuber Dani is a Health & Weight Loss Coach, Fitness Enthusiast, and Mom specializing in making simple, clean eating meals fun, fresh, and delish!. Her mission is to help you eat better. Think better. And feel awesome. In case, you are looking for a weight loss diet plan, don’t forget to click on this channel.

The Vegan Zombie

If you are a vegan or passionate to cook luscious vegan food recipe at home in a fun and entertaining way, The Vegan Zombie is here for you. He does vegan cooking show that is set in the zombie apocalypse. Along with loyal K9 sidekick, Indy, he fights off zombies and makes delicious food. He might even give you tips and tricks on how to stay safe from zombies.

By Vishakha Rai





Methaneeya Pilanthananod & Yelim Wang

Vishakha Rai

Nattapohn Rawddon & Sam Lee

Prakorn Weeraphon

Prem Yoga

Aom Yoga

Nattapohn Rawddon

Vishal Rai

Vishal Rai

Therapeutic Benefits Of

Kitchen Spices

Green chilli:Hari Mirch

Source of antioxidants/protect from cancer/helps slow aging process Zero calories/balance sugar lavels

Turmeric powder: Haldi

Prevents prostate cancer/relieves arthritis/reduce cholesterol level/immune Booster/heals wounds

Cardamom: Choti Elaichi

Improves digesion/fights anaemia/beats bad breath/

Black cardamom: Badi Elaichi Protects stomach acid/good for teeth


Improves digestion/beats constipation/regulates blood pressure/ relieves asthama/ Great for pregnant mothers/enhance memory/helps insomnia


Helps dissolve kidney stone/helps in weight loss/helps get rid of alcohol addiction


Prevents constipation/good for anemic/reduces mood swings


All above should be consumed in moderation but on regular basis for good Benefits.


Reema K.Shah



healthy yoga issue-6  

healthy life and nutrition

healthy yoga issue-6  

healthy life and nutrition