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Risk Assessment – Health and Safety

Production Name: Conscious Location: Ilford Ilford Essex IG1 4DU

Personnel on location:


Vishoswastik Ravindran

Camera person:

Niraj Magudia


Alexander Masha

Sound persons:

Alexander Masha

Hazard rating 1 – Slight hazard 5 – Potentially a high hazard

There are many precautions that the crew of the film company must take in order for the filing process to be a success. We aim to minimise any threats that may be applicable to the shooting of the film.

Potential Hazard

Hazard Rating

How can the hazard be avoided or reduced?


Busy roads near scene, possible to get run over or injured.


This hazard can be avoided by keeping all cast and crew away from the roads.

Crewmembers can help to do so.

Area near the station is surrounded by anti social people related to drug using and such, this results in them exhibiting aggressive behaviour.


Try to avoid pointing the camera at these people as they may become easily agitated, Or we could just limit the amount of time filming around the area.

This is mainly the crewmembers job as they have most of the equipment.

The area in which we filmed became wet due to the weather so there was a risk that we might slip and injure ourselves.


This hazard can be avoided by doing all running scenes in enclosed places or wait for the rain to dry before filming.

This would be down to both the actors and crew.

Filming near bystander’s cars may cause distress from the owners as they may assume that we are trying to


This can be easily avoided by staying well clear of the vehicles therefore preventing any mishap.

Both the crew and actors.

break in or damage the vehicle.

Filming in the dark alley way may encourage theft or harm as public are not their to witness if anything happens to the cast and crew.


If the place is necessary to film in, then take full precautions and hold all equipment close so that nothing is stolen.

This lies on the crewmembers to delegate what is to happen.

In the scene where Mr Masha had to jump into the parking lot, he could’ve seriously hurt himself by falling down from that height onto the concrete floor.


Due to the fact that this shot was needed, we encouraged Alex to slow down when he was jumping and also bending his knees when he touched the floor to prevent any

The actor Alexander Masha.

harm to his body.

In the chase scene, actors are running very fast meaning there is a high risk of tripping falling resulting in an injury.


Actors could slow down when running and just jog, and after the filing process is complete, we could use the editing software to speed up the scene making it look like they were running.

This is down to the actors just slowing down.

In the parking lot, actors are encouraged to run up the stairs, this could result in them tripping up on a step and injuring themselves.


This could be avoided by doing a similar technique to the last point by using the editing software to trick the audience.

This is down to the actors.

When actor, Alex had to fall down


Alex could try and hold onto the

This is down to the

the stairs due to his death in the film, he might have injured himself due to rough edges or just the overall structure of the concrete floor.

railing located to the left side of the staircase from his point of view and slow down his fall making it safer and more realistic according to the film.

choreography of the director as well as the acting of Alexander Masha as the actor.

When actors were passing through doors, the worn out handles may have grazed the hands of the actors.


They could lightly grab it preventing any deep tissue damage.

This is the responsibility of the actors.

Due to the fact that the last scene was shot in a parking lot, cars were


Be cautious as to when we are filming and notify all members of cast and crew

This is the responsibility of everyone on set.

reversing to leave the car park, as well as cars entering the car park, which could have potentially injured members of the cast and crew.

when they see a car moving.

When Tewanda was killed, he fell onto the concrete floor. This may have resulted in back damage or head damage as this was exposed.


The actor could fall even more slowly than he already is to add tension to the scene as well as preventing him from hurting himself.

This is the actor’s job to do.

The use of the gun in the parking lot was very risky, as bystanders may have thought that the gun was real and may have reported us to the authorities.


The gun should be used in dark places and out of sight of bystanders. Worse comes to worst, everyone on set should warn if any bystanders come to the scene so that the gun can be hidden.

This is the job of everyone on set.

When placing the camera in certain places to utilise the atmosphere, we came close to cars and vehicles surrounding the car park which may have annoyed the owners therefore starting rows.


Try to stay away from cars with the camera, or make sure no one is around when shooting in certain areas.

Down to the cameraperson.

Risk assessment 2  

risk assessment

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