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Dear Readers, I am happy to share with you the first edition of “Engineering Imagination”. You can look forward to a snapshot of our engagement with GE, get an insight into some of the key happenings at QuEST, and know more about recent updates inside QuEST. The relationship between QuEST and GE goes back a long way. In fact, GE is the very first customer engaging QuEST right from its founding days. For more than fifteen years, QuEST has been partnering with various GE businesses across the globe with four near- site QuEST GE Delivery Centers spanning across US, Europe and India. While we added several new customers in the past decade, our relationship with GE continued to thrive as we were committed to fortify this strategic partnership and bettering the value we bring. In March 2013, QuEST has signed up corporate preferred Engineering Vendor (GDC) agreement. Currently QuEST is providing engineering services to multiple GE businesses

covering Power and Water, Energy Management, Oil & Gas, Aviation, Transportation and Global Research Center (GRC) with more than 750 engineers across the globe. Thanks to our key customers, QuEST has been able to achieve consistent growth in our global business. And the recent re-certification of QuEST for CMMi Level 3 demonstrates our commitment to process maturity as well. On behalf of QuEST, I would like to thank to all GE customers for your trust and support and look forward to our continued association. Sincerely,

Dushyant Reddy, GM – GE Account

QuEST Quick Facts QuEST Global, as an organization, has been recognized by various customers for its commitment to innovate and constantly value add.

Corporate HQ

Sales Offices (4)

Delivery Centers (24)

Global Delivery Centers:

North America: Cincinnati | Schenectady | Charlotte | Greenville | Windsor Locks | Rockford | Phoenix | East Hartford | Montreal Europe: Madrid | Seville | Ferrol | Murcia | San Fernando | W-s-M | Filton | Saltney | Fleet | Yeovil | Isle of Wight | Toulouse | Florence | Hamburg APAC: Bangalore | Belgaum | Yokohama | Singapore | Melbourne


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QuEST Association with GE Headcount & Milestones 2006 to 2015

• Super Center supplier for GE infrastructure businesses as “CTQ" • First Term: 2006 to 2011, Renewal: 2012 to 2015 • Signed GDC MSA with GE Corporate

2012 (750) 2010 (480) 2008 (300)

2007 (140) 2006 (110)

• QuEST became GEDC (Global Engineering Design Center) for GE

2003 (80)

• First Term: 2001 to 2003 • Renewal: 2003 to 2006

2001 (40) 1997 (3)

2001 to 2006

1997 to 2001

• Established in Schenectady, NY • High-end analysis for GRC and GEPS.

QuEST Global Footprint & GE Delivery Centers. Cincinnati



Canada Houston

Schenectady Niskayuna


Power & Water 334 FTE Oil & Gas 180 FTE Energy Management 20 FTE


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Aviation GETS GRC

82 FTE 100 FTE 30 FTE

GE W&PT – QuEST A win-win Collaboration The engagement with GE Water and Process Technologies (GE W&PT) commenced during the year 2010. The size of the GE W&PT business is approximately $2.5B with major customer sites in North America, EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Asia) and APAC (Asia Pacific) regions. The GE Water account with QuEST has grown to about seventy engineers supporting from multiple disciplines across different business locations such as India, NAM (US and Canada), ANZ (Sydney) and Middle East and Europe (Milan). The engagement has resulted in the inclusion of a new domain (Water Technologies) to QuEST. During the course of engagement, QuEST has taken great ownership in customer Engineering Project Lifecycle by consistently meeting customer expectations. Currently QuEST takes ownership of engineering and sourcing (vendor communications and technical evaluations) of many product lines of GE W&PT. QuEST supports many engineering functional areas –

Sami Aslam awarded the Delivery Excellence Award to Prasenjit Das of ODC GE, in March 2013 Here are some key achievements by team QuEST recognized by GE:

• QuEST being exposed to different standards followed globally by GE, was able to help it standardize its Global CAD library • Automation of vendor data manual (DMAIC Six Sigma methodology) that passed on approximately $100,000 of annual savings to GE • SAP rollout in Europe: As a global partner of GE, QuEST is helping GE implement SAP ERP system in its Europe office including training of personnel • Successful completion of Lanxess and JSW ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) projects, which were first-off projects for GE Water India • QuEST mechanical engineering team’s direct involvement in Intel projects has helped GE receive 10 out of 10 NPS score. An example of QuEST adding value to the quality of GE’s work.

Mechanical Engineering, Instrumentation, Control & Electrical Engineering, Technical Publication, to mention a few. QuEST team works as an extended global team of GE W&PT and this team has received the “Team of the Year” award in 2011 for their contributions. QuEST’s addition has enhanced 30% capacity in GE’s resource pool and reduced significant engineering cost enabling them to effectively compete in a highly fragmented Water Industry.


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QuEST and GE have indeed come a long way with the partnership. We at QuEST always believe in “when customers win, we win” philosophy and it reflects in the work we do for GE. It is perhaps for the same reason that QuEST and its team received an award from GE and was featured in GE’s internal newsletter “The Ebb & Flow”.

GE Aviation AFS Program

QuEST Global Cincinnati Engineering Center Jon King, GEA Program Lead Support for GE Aviation upgrade (and in some cases, create from scratch) many (GEA) at QuEST’s Cincinnati of their proprietary analysis codes for heat transfer and Engineering Center has secondary flow design. Quality of work is a given here remained consistently as is evident from the consistent CSAT scores of about strong for quite some time. 92% and NPS ratings of around 70%. The team here has a long We’ve recently upgraded many of our workstations to and well-established greatly increase computing power. This is of relationship paramount importance for high-end AFS with our Our team has played a work, and significantly improves our customers at substantial role in the ability to quickly deliver higher-fidelity GE’s aircraft design of several new results to our GE customers. We will also e n g i n e have installed and activated a direct data engine platforms, most facilities in Evendale, OH and Lynn, MA. link into GE Aviation’s internal network, The services offered to our customer notably the Passport20, another step in strengthening the from this center currently revolve around GE9X, INS6, and LeapX relationship with our customer and aerodynamics and heat transfer analysis, variants for both Boeing opening opportunities for work that performed using a variety of third party and Airbus. relies on a constant data connection. and GEA proprietary CFD and FEA codes. GE Aviation has expressed their desire to Our team has played a substantial role in the design of increase Aero Fluid Systems (AFS) support in Cincinnati several new engine platforms, most notably the in the coming year, with the possibility of new service Passport20, GE9X, INS6, and LeapX variants for both offerings in the future. GE AFS team size in Cincinnati is Boeing and Airbus. The latter will be the eventual currently at around 30 engineers, and is expected to replacement for the venerable and popular CFM56 grow with additional AFS opportunities. Additional engine, and as such is a very high visibility program for service offerings such as product design engineering, GE. In addition to new design support, we’ve done a drafting, and mechanical analysis are potential future great deal of work supporting the updates of life opportunities that may be built on our established analysis for several legacy military engine platforms, customer relationship. and have a small team dedicated to helping GE

QuEST Service Offerings Across Product Life Cycle Supply Chain Services Product Specification

Concept Design

Design & Development

Detailed Design

Development Engineering

Equipment Design

Prototyping & Testing

Manufacturing Engineering


Product Support

Technical Publications

Engineering Analysis

Testing Solutions

After Market Services

Detailed Engineering

Tool Design & Build

Sustenance Engineering

Project Engineering Electronics & Embedded Plant Design Engineering Engineering Software Supply Chain Services Engineering Sourcing Consulting


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QuEST Accolades Recognitions conferred to QuEST by its key customers are as follows:.

Pratt and Whitney’s 2012 Supplier Productivity Innovation Award

Airbus Most Innovative Supplier 2012

QuEST was selected as the Pratt and Whitney 2012 Supplier Productivity Innovation Award recipient for demonstrating the culture of maximum innovation during the year. Criteria for selection included IP creativity (including patents), embracing new ways of working using existing tools/standard work (SW), SW creation/ improvements, Speed, Productivity

QuEST was awarded the Most Innovative Supplier by Airbus for the year 2012. QuEST is currently supporting Airbus on concession activities with over 135 engineers. GE India JFWTC Strategic Partner “Supplier Excellence” Award QuEST has received the prestigious GE India JFWTC Strategic Partner “Supplier Excellence” Award for service excellence in the area of design, detailing, and CAE & CFD with consistent quality and productivity. This award was given away during the the first Strategic Partner Awards meet hosted by Gopichand Katragada, MD of GE JFWTC, Tom Mitchell, Sr.Executive – GE India Supply Chain and Roland Sedziol - Global Ops leader for GRC.

Rolls Royce President’s Quality Award 2012 The DAR team of the Rolls Royce (RR) Center at QuEST Global has been part of the SATU (Singapore Assembly & Testing Unit) technical transfer team that has won the “Rolls Royce President’s Quality Award for 2012”. The SATU technical transfer team successfully completed their audit and received the CAA certification and was nominated for RR President’s Quality Award for 2012 along with QuEST’s DAR team. The team has contributed to completing 121 drawing alteration requests over 20 weeks. UTAS Productivity Improvement Supplier of the Year 2012 UTAS recognized QuEST as Productivity Improvement Supplier of the Year 2012 for generating the most cost savings among the UTAS supply base. By November 2012, the teams supporting UTAS in Windsor Locks, Rockford, and San Diego had contributed to ideas summing up to more than $1M in productivity improvement and cost avoidance.

QuEST Happenings QuEST Ingenium 2013 As part of its University Relationship Program, QuEST launched Ingenium in 2011, to promote engineering excellence and grow interest in core engineering as an exciting and challenging career option. Earlier this year entries were invited from final year graduate engineering students from across India for the event’s third edition. Ingenium 2013, sponsored by Airbus, witnessed a whopping 1413 registrations and more than 630 abstracts signaling the growing popularity of this event with the students. 10 teams were shortlisted and top 3 winners from these 10 teams, walked away with cash awards. The QuEST brand received a shot in the arm with the event being widely covered by the national mainstream media and closely followed in the social media. Ajay Prabhu awards the winners of Ingenium 2013 in Bangalore.


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Tech Month at QuEST Every year, QuEST conducts “TECH Month” to rekindle every QuESTian’s curiosity for technology. Events conducted through the month at QuEST offices across the world span Quizzes, Model building, Walk the floor, Assembly/Disassembly, Hardware display, Tech Symposium, Technical talks, Technical visits, and Productivity improvement contests. The events draw enthusiastic participation from all our employees. Customers are encouraged to visit QuEST in Bangalore during the Tech Month and witness for themselves, even judge, some of the innovative designs from the teams.

Paris Air Show QuEST participated at the 50th International Paris Air Show along with more than 2,200 exhibitors from 44 countries. A team of key leaders from QuEST participated in meetings with Rockwell Collins, Dassault Aviation, Saab, Airbus India, Altran, EADS, to mention a few. The QuEST exhibition area witnessed a huge turnout. The team also attended a networking event hosted by the UK ambassador.

Recent Appointments Senior Vice President of Human Resources QuEST’s expanding global footprint demands a global approach to Human Resources. To drive this, QuEST recently appointed Niketh Sundar as Senior Vice President of Human Resources. In this role, Niketh reports into Ajit Prabhu, Chairman & CEO of QuEST. Niketh is responsible for consolidating the fast growing and dynamic HR needs of QuEST Global. There were many challenges such as data integration from multiple databases, false data filteration, implementation of diagnostics/prognostics logics in algorithms, to mention a few. QuEST currently has over 4500 employees and will look at expansion of its operations organically and inorganically across the globe. He is based out of Bangalore. Niketh is an ex-naval fighter pilot and was a faculty member at the prestigious Defence Services Staff College. His experience spans the geographies of USA, Europe and Asia.


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