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is now in mumbai

new mantra in lighting design : Tune the light ERCO's new catch phrase "Tune the light" is a logical development of ERCO's "Light not luminaires" approach. Digitally networked electronic controls enable multiple lighting parameters to be manipulated. Light can be manipulated even more easily, more individually and more flexibly than ever before - all this is encapsulated in "Tune the light". The interaction of control hardware and software and the addressable luminaires in the ERCO Light System DALI opens up new dimensions for scenographic design. One of the most fascinating properties of light is its ability to continually reinterpret architecture. Designing and controlling such transformations with the inclusion of the time dimension is what we refer to as "scenographic light". As an integral part of the Light System DALI lighting control installation, the ERCO Light Studio software provides operational control that allows light colours and dynamic progressions to be adjusted from vary chrome luminaries in the most convenient and simplest possible manner. ERCO Light Server 64+ can take 768 addressees12 times more then the conventional DALI system.


domestic airport gets a new look of mumbai gets a new look Landscape architect Mr Ravi Punde and lighting designer Mr Abhay Wadhwa put their creative juices together to create a new look for landscape area of the airport terminal. Mr Punde's and Mr Wadhwa's ideas got full support from GVK in creating a new language and spatial experience. As part of the design stunning 3.7 meter high sculptural poles from Carandini of Acuity Brand Lighting Company, USA, supplied by ‘vis-à-vis lights’ intends to provide the right balance of emotional and rational articulation of space.

a new

language of light 1-2007

do you spend 10 hours of your day

in a cave?

You actually do. Cluttered ceiling, distracting bright spots, dark walls, glare on monitor, inefficient in terms of energy is what you live with in your work place. Vis-à-vis presents lighting intelligence called RT5 from Lithonia of Acuity Brand Lighting, USA.


creating a volumetric zone

A feeling of spaciousness

Quiet, please

The unique optical design of RT5 allows it to distribute light uniformly onto room and cubicle walls, from the bottom nearly to the top, eliminating the cave effect common with existing so called parabolic or typical grid ceiling fixtures. RT5 evenly illuminates the space, opens up the room and makes it feel more spacious.

With its recessed refractor, high angle control and balanced fixture-to-celing luminance ratio, the RT5 luminaries' produces quiet ceiling that is not dominated by bright openings.

Reduces Energy Consumption, friendly to natural environment

...complements any space

Engineered to meet the needs of sustainable design. Optical design optimizes the performance of the lamp and ballast consuming 33% less energy than most of the popular alternative. Exceeds stringent regulations, such as California's title 24, ASHRAE 90.1 and IECC. Rt5 with SIMPLY5 offers complete family of products partnering for energy efficient environments. SIMPLY5 intelligent ballast is available as an option to RT5 luminaries to increase energy saving potential of


The sleek, textured lines of the reflectors and refractors. The elegant curves- a perfect intersection of two quarter circles. The tilted end plates adding visual depth unique in fluorescent lighting. All of these make RT5 a graceful fixture that enhances the aesthetics, ambiance of any work place without drawing attention to the

PARADISE PAVILION by One of the highlights of the "Entry Paradise" show is the "Genetic Pavilion" designed by architect Chris Bosse (PTW Architects, Sydney.

Only 21/2’’ aperture downlight by Peerless

vis-a-vis has created work environments for Jindal Saw Pipes, Morphogenesis, IREO, BAIN Consulting, Jindal Steel, Religare, C&C to name a few.

Vertical Illuminance by Quadra wallwashers from ERCO, IREO reception


Wall being washed by discreet Peerless luminaire

Here, the growth and optimisation algorithms of organic structures were transferred to

DALI-controlled varychrome LED Focal flood facade luminaires can cast a gentle grazing light in any colour onto the pavilion’s textile surface.

a new

language of light 1-2007

FLOS architectural

by antares Faretto by Piero Lissoni

Architectural lighting from world renowned designers International designer such as Ferdinand Alexander Porsche grandson of the legendary technical constructor who's philosophy in the field of design consists of translating functional principles into simple, clear shapes that stand the test of time. And Piero Lissoni who has designed outdoor luminaires, creating a brand-new line of up-to-the-minute luminaires which fuses rigour of form and a silent touch with solidity and function. The latest designer to join the company has been Knud Holscher, a well reputated danish designer, who has understand very clearly our needs as well as our work philosophy.

Battery spot by F.A. Porsche



a new

language of light 1-2007





20 AWARDS 07 4760 series Hydrel’s architecturally styled canopy and parking garage luminaires combine rugged construction and superior performance to create a linear lighting solution suitable for all outdoor climates and applications. With the patent pending PolarPack™ cold weather option, near full light output is now a reality to 0°F (-18°C).


Hydrel’s M9000 Series is now available with LED technology. Incorporating the superior lumen maintenance and optimized energy performance of LEDs into Hydrel’s revolutionary in-grade luminaire once again sets the standard for design and performance in architectural in-grade lighting. With mulitple distribution and easy aiming and Aim Lock technology

design and performance is what Hydrel of Acuity Brand Lighting group excels in...

a new

language of light


vibhor sogani : creates news

vibhor sogani

Vibhor Sogani graduated from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, specializing Product Design. He established his studio in 1993. Today his studio deals with such varied and diversified projects, ranging from product and space design to lifestyle, interior architecture and large scale installations that listing them all would be limiting them in mere categories. Last decade witnessed the success of his corporate projects and the launch of Signature Lifestyle Products.


Expanding its horizon further, Studio Vibhor Sogani now gears up to introduce new ranges of decorative lights for the international and national market. The two collections, Chroma and Mushroom, make their debut this season. The collections, high on visual quality yet practical, juxtapose shimmering mirror finish stainless steel forms with gold plated insides. These simple yet surprisingly powerful forms act as accent pieces in any ambience, almost lending a sculptural vibe to the space. The collections include chandeliers, ceiling lights, table lamps, pedestal lamps, wall washers etc.


featured profile: abhay wadhwa AWA is an international architectural lighting design firm based in New York City with satellite offices in Hong Kong, and Mumbai, India. Their staff is drawn from varied disciplines including lighting design, architecture and interior design, industrial design, structural engineering, physics and graphic design. Because of their experience of completing over 150 projects internationally and having such skills in-house, they are able to offer our clients unique, effective and inspiring lighting solutions.

Mumbai domestic airport

They offer integrated lighting design services- a one-stop shop for all disciplines within lighting design. They have made a commitment to green and sustainable lighting design for all of our public and institutional projects. They are also members of the USGBC and LEED Accredited Professionals. AWA was founded by Abhay Wadhwa. He has been enhancing architecture through lighting design for over fifteen years. Abhay has served as the lead designer on diverse lighting projects ranging from hospitality, historic preservation and institutions to transportation, residences and museums

Abhay's international experience allows him to embrace both the cultural and design variances of projects around the world. Some of Abhay's current lighting design projects include the U Bora Tower in Dubai, UAE, Landscape lighting of the Miami Bay Front Park in Miami, FL; the renovation of the Port Authority Bus Terminal Lobbies in New York, NY; Mumbai International Airport; community centers in New York and New Jersey, retail stores for Intermix and Kate Spade, and the Beau Monde Towers in Mumbai. Abhay's recently completed projects include the renowned Peak Tower in Hong Kong, Mumbai University Convocation Hall in Mumbai, 3 West 13th Street Condos in NYC, Mediterranean-themed restaurant “Ludo” in the East Village in New York City, the famous 20,000 square feet multi-function social club “BLVD.” in the Bowery District of New York City and several high-end residential projects and galleries. Abhay holds a Master's of Science Degree in Lighting from the Lighting Research Center (LRC) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in Troy, New York. He is currently an Adjunct Professor for the Graduate Lighting Design Program at the LRC and has also lectured at several accredited institutions in the Northeast. Abhay is the recipient of many prestigious industry awards including the International Illumination Design Award (IIDA) for his work on the Egyptian Funerary Arts and Ancient Near East Gallery at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and the GE Edison Award of Excellence, the IIDA Award, the Lumen Award and the Paul Waterbury Award of Excellence for lighting the George Washington Bridge Towers in New York and New Jersey. He has also been featured in Architectural Record, the Architects' Newspaper, USA Today, and Economic Times, and his work is also being featured in a 8page section in the book “Lighting Spaces” published by Visual Reference Publications in NY.

Peak tower

a new

language of light 1-2007

retail vis-à-vis lights Today's business heads and design community have started factoring in new technology, shift from quantitative to qualitative, well defined orientation, hierarchies of perceptions as a critical ingredient in retail space design. A right balance of ambient, accent and scenic lighting is critical for a spatial experience which leads to hi retention value in audience minds vis-à-vis has successfully lit various retail spaces and changed the way client normally looks at retail space lighting. Square One mall, Crescent Mall, Brioni store in Oberoi, Oma lifestyle, Rohit Bal are amongst many who have experienced vis-à-vis’ insight on retail lighting. Square one mall atrium, Lit by decorative LP Charisma, Louis Poulsen

TRUSSARDI Store, Milano by Antares

The clear centre of the focal diffuser emits the part of the light vertically downwards with high brilliance allowing effective highlights to be placed on merchandise and materials

ERCO's innovative Spherolit reflectors are ideal to focus the brilliant light of metal halide lamps depending on the application. The reflector surface consists of computer calculated, spherically domed facets.

By determining the individual radii of each facet of the reflector, a wide range of beam angles light distributions can be produced within the same shape of reflector.

art of lighting


innovation intent while lighting art flexibility in lighting tools

To achieve clear object form, content and accuracy of colour and dimension; the artifact should be visible. Balancing the right angle of incidence. To enrich the experience of observing art Least light damage to art during passage of time The sensitivity of each artifact should be brought out accurately. Most important provide flexibility by use of lighting tools which can be used for various formats of exhibitions. galleries lit by vis-a-vis Bodhi Mumbai, Singapore and Delhi Chemould Prescott, Mumbai, Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai, Guild, Mumbai, Palette, Delhi, Anant, Delhi, Stainless, Delhi

Should be adaptable to variable beam angles. Compatible to use of sculpture lenses to elongate and diffuse beams. Should be individually dimmable with inbuilt potentiometer. Wall washers should be able to illuminate the entire wall without any scallops or hot spots/dark spots. Accessories like UV filters, barn doors, should be easily mounted on the fixtures. All the fixtures should have minimum 40 degree cut-off angles to avoid direct and indirect glare.

a new

language of light

Changing Urbanscapes


looking for national level presence, .... partner our success Fairly new entrant in Indian lighting scenario, headquartered in New Delhi and now with a branch office in Mumbai, vis-à-vis intends to open an office in Bangalore within this year. vis-à-vis, with its huge portfolio and strong equity in the market seeks franchisee partners across the country.


Target cities are Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkatta, Cochin. Its offices in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore will support its franchisee network in terms of design and supply. Interested parties should write to

vis-à-vis looking for professionals


Want to make a career in lighting? Or you are already into lighting and want to move on...If you are an architect/interior designer and want to learn lighting design or if you are in sales/marketing then there is an opportunity at various levels. From area managers, regional managers to chief operating officers. Join us to learn and talk a different language of light.


Selected professionals will undergo international training. Please write to


Business associate Grandeur


Channel partner Pallate Proform world

see vis-a-vis India pvt. Ltd. Head Office, Delhi ing.castalodi

90, New Manglapuri, Mehrahuli Gurgaon Road, New Delhi 110030, India Email: tel: +91 11 41838037/41838039 fax: +91 11 41838038 It is not just about luminaries but the experience that is Light - the “fourth dimension” of architecture. We channel this keen insight to achieve the rational and emotional balance in ambient, accent and scenic lighting.

Mumbai 27, Tulip Building, Ist Floor S.V. Road ( Opp. Akbar Allys ) Santa Cruz (West) Mumbai 400054, India tel: +91 22 67029805/67029806

That's why our integrated lighting solutions for Museums, Art Galleries, Hotels, Airports, SEZ's, Retail, Residences, Offices and Malls have one thing in common. The yen to create extraordinary experiences via Light. a new language of light