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Canada is quite a remarkable place. Covering over 9 million square kilometers,








picture-perfect forests, mountains and the numerous lakes, are just the tip

of the iceberg. Being the world’s tenth-largest economy, we can see why people are tempted to move to this place. Whatever the purpose of your visit, as an Indian citizen, you need a Canadian visa to enter the country.

What is a Canada Visa?

A Canada visa is a permit that allows you to visit Canada, and stay there for a certain period. There are a few countries which do not need a permit to enter the country. However, for Indian nationals, a visa is necessary. The Canadian visas are of multiple types depending on the type of stay, number of entries, and the purpose of the visit. Even though the normal visa is issued for 6 months, the actual length can vary based on the Canadian Border Security Office decision.

Trusted Canada Visa consultant in Bangalore Trust is the primary necessity for any service. Despite the presence of a lot of visa agents in Bangalore, at BTW, we have developed an unfaltering trusting relationship with our clients. Thanks to our transparency, customer service, and success rate, we are proud to be known as a strongly trusted visa agency in Bangalore. Apart from the UK, US, Australia, Canada, and several other visas, we are also among the best Schengen visa agents in Bangalore.

Hassle-Free Visa Processing for Bangalore Applicants Successfully helping customers get their visas processed fast and easy is the definition of BTW’s hassle-free customer service guarantee. We ensure that even the most difficult US

visa, UK visa, and even Schengen visa from Bangalore is granted to our customers with great ease.

Reliable Assistance from Visa Consultancy in Bangalore With a team of dedicated, experienced, and committed visa experts, BTW provides expert guidance in the area of visa issuance in Bangalore. Staying up to date with the latest innovations, procedures and documentation, we strive to provide our valuable customers in Bangalore with the most reliable assistance. We are also well adept in dealing with any queries or problems faced by our customers.

Canada Visa We Provide At BTW, we provide visas for over 200 countries. Be it ​e visa​, visa on arrival, visa prior to arrival, or whatever the latest requirements are, we are on top of it. Due to a large number of applicants from Bangalore we specialize in the USA visa, Australia Visa, New Zealand visa, Saudi Arabia visa, UAE visa, UK visa, Nigeria visa, and several others.

Canada visa types Canadian visas can be categorized into Temporary, and Permanent Visa. The temporary resident Canada visa types can be mainly classified into the following 1. Visitor visa / Temporary resident visa (TRV)​ - Anyone who is visiting the country for tourism, family or business-related purposes are granted temporary resident status. These are issued normally for 6 months. They are of two types● Canada Tourist Visa ​- This type is required by an individual whose sole purpose of the visit is tourism. Be it visiting family members/friends, or to explore the country, or any other tourist activities, you require a tourist visa.

● Canada Business Visa ​- If you are planning to visit Canada to implement or expand a business, to attend business meetings/conferences, to venture possible business plans, as long as your main agenda is professional activities, you require a business visa. Work visa ​- This is a temporary type that permits an individual to work for 6 months in Canada, after which he will have to return home or apply for an extension. ● Study visa ​- For students attending courses in Canada that last more than 6 months, a study visa is issued. Usually, these are issued for multiple entries. Meaning, you can go in and out of the country multiple times in the visa period. Also, most temporary visas are issued for 6 months. However, depending on how strong your case is, the visa officer may issue permits valid up to a maximum of 10 years; or until the passport validity date, whichever comes first.

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Canada visa consultant in Bangalore  

Looking for Canada visa consultants in Bangalore? BTW Visa Services is a top visa company in Bangalore We offer visa services for 200+ count...

Canada visa consultant in Bangalore  

Looking for Canada visa consultants in Bangalore? BTW Visa Services is a top visa company in Bangalore We offer visa services for 200+ count...