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Who we are... One of the educational wings of the Sri Lanka Foundation which came in to being in 1984, is currently a national media training centre comprehensively equipped and staffed to conduct professional training in the field of electronic media. Accredited under the Ministry of Vocational Training, SLTTI offers a vast range of training programmes relating to all the disciplines of television, radio & film art at different NVQ levels. We are geared with optimum infrastructure, technical & training environment to facilitate the conducive ambience our services necessitate. What we do... Our commitment to conserve national and social media responsibilities has been the bedrock platform that influences the remarkable training structure and high quality standards of electronic media training that yield professionals to the field of electronic media. Inclination to equipment based practical training and ample hands on experience for students in each discipline are the distinct attributes that attract students to the National Trainer. Variety and flexibility have been integral in offering tailor made courses to suit customer needs.

For whom Avenues of SLTTI are open to people of all walks of life. Why SLTTI..? We conserve our uniqueness in numerous areas of competence when delivering programmes. We conduct not courses but forums to disseminate bundles of skills & knowledge for those to perform tasks confidently, offer not services but mutual guidance to future success, create not scholars but professionals. Equipment based ‘hands - on’ experience in each discipline is the distinct attribute that has attracted aspiring candidates to the National Trainer. Our mission... To train media & film personnel in Sri Lanka and Asia in programming and technological aspects of TV, Radio and principles of film art to improve the quality of electronic media and to make a more meaningful social impact

unleash your imagination... TRAINING UNITS Television & Film Art Unit Opportunities are available to learn television and film art from scratch and gradually qualify for professional status in the field. We have introduced many professional directors, cinematographers, editors, presenters, scriptwriters, producers, lighting personnel, broadcast engineers over the past twenty five years. The areas of training encompass Television & Radio Programming & Production, Acting , Film Art and Broadcast Engineering. News Production & Reporting Unit We have created most sought after news anchors, newscasters news producers & reporters with a bundle of skills that invariably gear firm and productive outputs, encompassing news gathering, editing, producing and presenting.


3D Animation & Visual Effects Unit Our 3D Animation & Visual Effects unit offer opportunities in the areas of 3D movie making, 3D Gaming, Architectural Designs, Character Animation and Visual Effects for young enthusiasts who look forward to realising the dream of becoming a part of the vivid 3D world. The courses lead to Degree level education and are in harmony with real world and 3D world methodologies and practical work to offer the complete experience in 3D movie making.

Customised Training Custom made training programmes with variety and flexibility to match the explicit requirements of clients are additional services offered by us. VALUE ADDITIONS Affiliations Our far reaching affiliations with Local and Foreign Education Establishments initiate high standard training and degree level education opportunities. Professional Trainers Matchless pool of trainers consists veterans and professionals of the television & film industry who also have ample training experience, skills and knowledge to blend technology with aesthetics. Resource Centre Functions as a fully fledged resource centre offering easy access to reading and visual material, movies, research facilities and distance (web based) media learning in selected areas. Research & Development Centre Offer research work pertaining to programme development and need analysis in the areas of training and technology.


Training Facilities De Luxe training ambience – Lecture Halls & Auditoriums with ample facilities, Reference and Library facilities Open Theatre, Hostel and Restaurant, Professional Technical Environment - Fully fledged Video Studio and Main Control Room ,Audio Studios, ENG Units, professional Editing and Animation suites etc.

Professional training in Electronic media A variety of courses in the fields of radio, television & film art to suit different skill levels are awaiting the right student; practicing media persons and those who are interested to join the field of electronic media.

Alumni Association The solidarity of alumni of the Sri Lanka Foundation is privileged to take the initiative in carrying forth the skill orientation to different societal terrains of the country whist thriving as a professional association.

Professionalism Assured Hands on Experience Distinct feature of the SLTTI training is hands - on experience which enables students to take up jobs confidently in after accomplishing relevant courses of the respective areas.


Media Production Unit The unit engages in the video production based on customer requirements enabling the SLTTI students short term internships.

Opportunities to make own film within the course Students get the opportunity to create own video or 3D production/s within the courses and posses their own film at the end of their courses. Follow up Opportunities Those who complete courses at SLTTI get further opportunities of short term follow up courses from time to time. Paid Internships Opportunities created within the institute for students to get post training experience in making documentaries, short films, event coverage, news reporting etc through the Media Production Unit. Recommendation to the Field Top performers are recommended for vocations in the field of Media. Competitive Forums to Exhibit Talents Annual Film Competitions are organised for the students to get into a competitive forums with local and global competitors from higher education institutes and universities.

We offer venue and video facilities for those who seek professional video production facilities for various commercial purposes and additionally technical consultancy, as well. Areas of training Television & Radio Programming & Production Acting & Presentation News & Reporting Film Art 3D Modelling, Animation & Visual Effects Broadcast Engineering Media of Instruction: Sinhala, Tamil & English Programme Highlights

Diploma in Television & Film Objective: The main objective of conducting a diploma with a practical orientation is to impart advanced techniques and aesthetic skills in filmmaking and television productions and introduce professional Directors, Cinematographers, and Video Editors to the film & television industry at national and international level. In view of the aforesaid the diploma offers three areas of specialization; Direction, Cinematography and Editing.

Certificate Course in a video production discipline Degree in Television & Film


Advanced Diploma in Television & Film Certificate course in a Video Production discipline

Diploma in Visual Effects & 3D Animation Overview: The aim of the Diploma is to create competent and confident players with ample artistic skills, creativity, knowledge and ability to embark on any project on 3D Animation & Visual Effects of global standard. The course will offer not only software manipulation skills but also a package that will expose participants to comprehensive training on the aesthetics and practical movie making aspects. After successful conclusion programme participants can embark on careers in 3D movie making, gaming, architectural design, commercials etc.

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Degree in Visual Effects & 3D Animation Advanced Diploma in Visual Effects & 3D Animation Diploma in Visual Effects & 3D Animation Computer Graphics & 3D Animation Basic Certificate course


GCE O/L + Basic knowledge in 2D computer Graphics or GCE A/L Diploma Courses Diploma in Television & Film Diploma in Animation & Visual Effects Diploma in Television News Production & Reporting Diploma in Editing Advanced Certificate Courses General Television Production Course Lighting for Television Camera work in Television Certificate Courses Camera work in Television Level I Graphics & 3D Animation (Basic) Non Linear Editing (Premiere / Avid) Television Multi Camera Production Radio Programming & Presentation Documentary Production Course Script writing for Television & Film Critical Film & Television Appreciation News Reading & Programme Presentation Acting for Camera Voice Training Makeup for Television Broadcast Engineering



Workshops Workshop on Direction Workshop on Commercial Direction Workshop on Music Video Direction Workshop on Lyric Writing Workshop on Makeup A series of Workshops on Film Appreciation A series of Workshops on VFX & 3D Animation ‌‌and on most trendy concerns

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Basic academic qualification in the field. Assured planners of projects.

Diplomas, Knowledge that helps confidently Advanced handle projects and also offer career Diplomas development and managerial level promotions. Certificate Basic knowledge that help embark on & Advanced a vocation and career development Certificate for existing workers within the Depart Courses ment. Workshops Cover contemporary and short term requirements, usually advanced programs.


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Business Development Unit

We are rich with a beautiful premises located in the heart of Colombo 7, with ample parking which no other State Institute can match! Our dedicated Business Development Team takes a long-term and customer-driven approach in order to facilitate both educational and training activities, thus promote SLF as a premier fountain of knowledge and venue for rejoice.

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