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INDO EAST Engineering & Construction

Challenging footprints A

Since inception we have considered challenges as opportunities... viewing them as a catalyst for internal improvement and to add value to our services. We have consistently demonstrated unique ability to be flexible, yet strong, open to modern ideas and methods whilst remaining in control....and innovative. We look forward to more and more challenges and welcome you on our journey...

human ingenuity... modern technology


From Central Africa to South Asia INDO EAST Engineering is an acknowledged name in heavy engineering, power generation and affiliated services. Suffice it to say that we have every conceivable resource; be it human, technical or machinery that is necessary for the type of work we do. Our international stakeholders too are renowned for their efficacy and they are global giants in their respective fields whose reputations are unparalleled. As our success depend on meeting the toughest standards in order to satisfy the client’s needs... we only work with the best.




Sri Lanka - Upper Kotmale 150Mw Hydro Power project Fabrication and installation of Penstock liners, Radial Gates and complete Electro mechanical work for the entire power project comprising two turbines which are the largest in Sri Lanka.

We have been extensively involved with some of the biggest hydro power projects such as Upper Kotmale, Ukuwela, Kukule Ganga and Samanala Vewa in Sri Lanka... A

Top Row 2nd Row 3rd Row Bottom Row

Left Sri Lanka - Upper Kotmale Hydro Turbine assembly Generator Rotor assembly Generator Stator assembly Representation of Sri Lankan

and Japanese stakeholders A

Right Sri Lanka - Ukuwela Generator Rotor assembly Generator Stator assembly Assembling of turbine runner


Combined Cycle

Sri Lanka - Kerawalapitiya - Yugadanawi 300 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant

Our expertise in all aspects of combined cycle power is amply proven and soundly acknowledged across the Region...


Top Row 2nd/ 3rd Row

Left Sri Lanka - Kerawalapitiya - Yugadanawi Power project Complete electro - mechanical work 300MW Combined Cycle Power project Sri Lanka - Colombo - Kelanitissa Power project (Turn key project ) Installation process of 165 MW Combine Cycle plant. Kelanitissa Power project - Installation of Turbine Rotor A


Diesel & Gas

QMMI Power in Madagascar

In addition to Diesel power plants in Sri Lanka, we also have installed Diesel and Gas engine power plants in several countries such as Victoria Power in Seychelles, QMMI Power in Madagascar, Male international Airport Maldives and Kivu Watt Power in Rwanda... A

, Sri Lanka - Jaffna Power project

Top Row 2nd Row 3rd Row

Left Madagascar - QMMI Power project Seychelles Victoria power plant Sri Lanka - Matara Power project,


Right Sri Lanka - Jaffna power project Rwanda - Kibuye Kivu Gas Engine power project Male International Airport power project



Sri Lanka - Ambewela ACE Power Wind generated power project - 12 Towers

We added wind generated power projects to our portfolio recently as many South Asian countries are now resorting for safe, clean and the most eco - friendly power source which also add aesthetic beauty to the landscape... A

Top Row 2nd Row 3rd Row A

Sri Lanka - Ambewela (Hill country) Hoisting and precision installation of the Generator housing and erection of wind tower. An array of wind towers at Ambewela The Rotor housing cover on the ground


High Voltage

Sri Lanka - Kotmale, Expansion of switch yard infrastructure to handle Upper Kotmale power distribution

Constructions of switch yards, expansions and restorations are another area we have proven our expertise... A

Top Row 2nd Row 3rd Row A

Singapore 400Kv Switch House at Tuas Power Plant Sri Lanka - Upper Kotmale Section of Main control room High voltage transformer/switch gears at Upper Kotmale power house



Power transmission is yet another associate field we have established reputation as specialists. We have installed myriads of power networks across all types of terrains in the South Asian Region... A

Top Row Sri Lanka - Kotmale / Upper Kotmale 132 kv transmission tower at Upper Kotmale/ Kotmale power network 2nd Row Upper Kotmale Control Room 3rd Row Upper Kotmale extension A


Singapore - Senoko complete modification of secondary super heater tubes of 250 MW plant - Gas conversion Boiler project

Construction of Steam Boiler Plants is an area we have been extensively involved across the Region and proven our expertise as a giant A

Top Row 2nd Row 3rd Row

Left Kerawalapitiya 2 X 50MW HRSG Boilers Singapore - Senoko HSRG Boilers at Seneko Power Plant Sri Lanka - Kealnitissa Installation of Boilers A

Right Indonesia - Bontang 379 T/Hr Boilers Construction work at different stages of Bontang Power project


Sri Lanka inside Upper Kotmale tunnel

For Mega or Mini Hydro Power it surface or underground, we have the state - of - the - art know how, qualified and skilled personnel and machinery for intricate Penstock laying A

Top Row 2nd Row 3rd Row Bottom Row A

Sri Lanka - Upper Kotmale Fabrication of steel liners at the automated welding workshop ‘at site’ Delivery of penstocks Installation of 750 m penstock Steel Liner Surge Tank steel liner installation


Ducts and

Seychelles Victoria power project

Duct and Pipe laying is a field in which we are the unrivalled experts in this part of the world. The quality stamp we have left in Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Seychelles, Maldives and in Rwanda have earned us confidence from discerning clients across the A Region...

Top Row 2nd Row 3rd Row Bottom Row

Sri Lanka - Meticulous pipe laying at Kerawalapitiya (Yugadanawi) Madagascar - Pipe Bridge at QMMI power project Maldives - Ducts and Pipe laying at Male International Air Port Seychelles Ducts and Pipes at Victoria power project



Civil Buildingsand

From Superstores and Warehouses to Aircraft Hangers, we have built many structures across the region that are solid, long lasting, eco - friendly and picturesque... A

Top Row 2nd Row 3rd Row Bottom Row

Left Right Sri Lanka - Katunayaka - Aircraft hanger Indonesia - Bontang/ Sengkang Singapore - Senoko Boiler structure Construction of HRSG Boiler Structure Sri Lanka - Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium Sri Lanka - Samanalaweva Dam and Channel Sri Lanka - Kukule Ganga Power project A



Water, Fuel and LPG storage is an area that demands solid construction in which we have proven ourselves with high degree efficiency, conforming to API and ASME standards. A

Top Row 2nd Row Bottom Row

Sri Lanka - Kerawalapitiya ‘Yugadanawi’ Tank farm Orugodawatte Largest Tank Farm in Sri Lanka Floating Roof Tanks (40,000M3 X 4) Madagascar QMMI Tank farm




We are specialised in erecting and repairing cranes of any type or size...from Container cranes, Level - luffing, Overhead or Gantry Cranes... A

Top Row 2nd Row 3rd Row

Left Right Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka Port Repair work at Jeya Terminal Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka Port Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka Port Repairing Gantry Crane at SAGT Repair work at Jeya Terminal Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka Port Construction work at SAGT (South Asia Gateway Terminal) A

Resources Our resources, be it human or otherwise are extensive. For heavy engineering work we have almost every asset ‘in house’, which can be located to any site with ease...

        

150 Ton Mobile Crane with xxxm long lattice boom 125 ton Mobile Crane with xxxxm long telescopic boom 80 Ton Mobile Crane with xxxm long lattice boom 80 Ton Crawler Crane with xxxm long lattice boom Heavy Load Transportation equipment 60m high Shire Legs (Gin Poles) with 800 Ton capacity 2500 SqM Workshop Facility NC Plasma & Gas cutting Machines (20m long) Steel Plate Rolling machine A

       

Automated welding plant with motorized rollers for Large Diameter Cylinders / Pipes TIG MIG and AC DC arc welding machines Automated Post welding heat treatment machines with recording facility ‘In situ’ Mechanical Pipe cutting machines for Steam Piping Radiographic Equipment Transformer Oil Purifying Machine (6000 Lt per Hour) Hydraulic Bore Piling Machines Earth Moving Equipment and many more ancillary equipment and services... A



Mitigate Risk Reduce risk factors to the lowest possible level to ensure health and safety of workers, clients and visitors’...

Highest Standards Employ all measures, material and standards to ensure uninterrupted work flow to meet delivery deadlines and reduce waste...

Protect Environment Take necessary steps to avoid damage to environment and protect eco - balance and biodiversity...

and Deliver the Best of quality and on time... Our commitment to safety is absolute and determination to protect environment is total...


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Indo East Engineering & Construction (Lanka) PRIVATE Limited

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Corporate Name Indo East Engineering & Construction (Pte) Limited Directorate Y Inaba A J C Senathipathy Loh Meng Chiang Address 130 Joo Seng Road, 05 - 01 Olivine Building. Singapore 368357 Telephone 0065 6 281 6811 0065 6 281 9515 Email indoeast


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Sri Lanka Office: 133A, Attampolawatte Road, Hendala, Wattala. Sri Lanka. Voice:+94 11 2932745/ 6,2937210/ 1. Fax: +94 11 2937176 E-mail: Singapore Office: Joo Seng Road, #05 - 01, Olivine Building, Singapore 368357. Voice: +656 281 - 6811. Fax: +658 281 - 9515 A E-mail:

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