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After producing the Downer monthly video for the last 8 years it’s safe to say we know your business inside and out. Now we’d like to introduce an exciting innovation to give your clients a new perspective of what you can do.


Virtuoso Helicam:

aerial video & aerial photography

Aerial image capture this good, has never been as cost effective.

Using our custom designed Helicam systems we can shoot aerial photography and aerial HD video of your construction projects, telco projects, and Downer sites across the country. What’s more we can do it anywhere in the world and in a timeframe that provides you with the best possible value.

+ Multi-rotor system

+ Helicam

SO What does this mean for Downer?

We can capture images and videos of your sites that will redefine the way One Downer presents itself to staff, clients and the market. Downer project managers pride themselves in delivering great projects. We see this time and time again when we video interview them. They love their work and want their colleagues and staff to see what they have achieved. Virtuoso can get the most jaw dropping shots and video of Downer sites never seen before in high definition. We believe in the saying “Leave nothing to the imagination.” You deliver some incredible projects across the country and we can portray those projects in the grand scale they deserve.

WHAT WE CAN PRODUCE FOR DOWNER + Tender videos: showcase your previous projects in HD video and stunning aerial photography. + Document projects: You are building NZ for generations to come, so document it. + Show clients your true capability as you deliver, send them update photo’s and videos.

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Capturing the perfect shot is an art and something we are very passionate about. Our keen eye for composition, extensive experience in production & post-production, and relentless quest for perfection ensures that everything we deliver is of exceptional quality. Projects change every day so don’t miss the opportunity to capture it! Call Matt on +64 21 479 360 or email Virtuoso Media 19 Pollen St, Ponsonby, Auckland

Virtuoso Helicam  

Introducing our aerial services to the Downer business.