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VIRTUE’s ACHIEVEMENTS 14-YEAR-ANNIVERSAY: 1997-2011 VIRTUE is celebrating fourteen years of providing excellent service – April/12th/2011 – plus the following outstanding professional achievements with these prestigious institutions … WWAC accreditation of our post-secondary program, “VIRTUE Christian Dance Studies (VCDS)”; CLU articulation agreement for automatic transfer of our VCDS credits into CLU’s “Christian Arts” Degree programs – AA, BA, MA, PhD; IARC accreditation plus international recognition of VIRTUE, 5*star rating; AAB excellent 2007 exam results. (Abbreviations: WWAC=World-wide Accreditation Commission of Christian Educational Institutions, Virginia; CLU=Christian Leadership University, Louisiana; IARC=International Accreditation & Recognition Council, Australia; & AAB=American Academy of Ballet, New York) ARTISTIC ACHIEVEMENTS – 5 original productions debuted by VIRTUE: Including “Beauty & The King” - aired primetime on ZNS TV 13, performed live in NYC in 2000; “The Seed Of The Woman” - presented in both ‘98 & ‘02, & in movie format at GALLERIA Cinemas in ‘02; “The Showdown At Mt Carmel” – presented in ‘04; “The Prophet’s Wife” -viewed by Bahamians in ’06, movie-attending students at GALLERIA Cinemas ’07 + British audiences in London, UK in ‘07; plus “Diary of a Bitter Mother-in-law” – debuted Jun/09, with encores in Nassau & Freeport in May 2010. ALUMNI ACHIEVEMENTS of former VIRTUE students include (i] acceptance into Alvin Ailey School in NY, Bah Dance Company & Bah Nat’l Liturgical Co., (ii) employment with the Bah. Ministry of Education & private pre-schools, and (iii) dance school ownership.

WHY CHOOSE VIRTUE? Ask any of our loyal parents and students who keep coming back year-after-year, about why VIRTUE is their first & only choice for dance training. Whether you want a fun but disciplined activity, or focused training, VIRTUE is the only way to go!

VIRTUE Dance Academy “Certifying Dancers Globally From K3 to PhD” Led by Marilyn T. Deveaux Founder, President & Author of the recently published book: “Exercising Kingdom Dominion In Dance”

DEAR PARENTS & ADULTS, Are you looking for a fun, yet focused, Christian yet professional dance program for yourself or for your child? Our achievements & those of our alumni attest to the supreme value of VIRTUE’s training.

Our MISSION is to produce excellent, “virtuous” dancers worldwide through quality artistic, academic & anointed training; & empower them to change their world thru job & missions opportunities. Space is limited, so Contact us today or or Tel: 326-1510.

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VIRTUE's 2010-11 Brochure Outside Cover  

Official brochure for the 2010-2011 school year of VIRTUE Dance Academy's, Nassau Bahamas campus.

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