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December 2010



Dear God by Anais Wright


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programs and new ventures that will be announced at a later date, we seek to show young women a world bursting with opportunity “Thank you so much for Virtue 31 is focused on where they can grow spiritually showing your support for empowering and equipping and dream big, all while V31. I have had the help of young women with the tools to be maintaining the utmost integrity. a great team of people, more than they thought they This is a place of refuge where who along with myself, could be, and all that God has young women can find inspiration believe so strongly in this called them to be. We desire to for every area of their life vision. We want to see all see all women beautifully including: Spiritual growth, young women live to their surrender every area of their life relationship and social justice full potential and follow to loving God, loving others, and issues, money management, their dreams.” loving themselves. Through a beauty and fashion, career and quarterly magazine (Virtue 31 education, travel, personal blogs, -Michelle Moore Magazine), a monthly newsletter the arts (visual, music, poetry, (Virtue 31: In The Know), books), and much more.


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December 2010

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December 2010


V31 Magazine: Spotlight Story


Dear God by Anais Wright ou have truly brought me from such

a very long way. There is so much I want to thank You for. As I reflect back on my life, I can honestly say You’ve kept me when I didn’t want to be kept. You have given me grace in some of the most unfavorable situations. You have transformed me from the inside out, and even though it didn’t feel good, You have emptied me from things that were unlike You. I thank You for everything you’ve allowed in my life, both good and bad because it was all purposed to bring glory to Your name.

As I look back to when I was 7 years old, I remember having to take care of my 2 younger sisters because my mother was absent from our lives. Then there was another period in my life when I was a sophomore in high school, I had to live with my older sister because my father was not fit to take care of me either. This was a very difficult time in my life. I had suicidal thoughts and cut my wrists because I felt that dying would be easier than living, but God I’m still here alive and well and I have to Thank You. You have protected and kept Your hand on my life every step of the way. Because I lacked receiving the love I

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IN THE KNOW needed from both of my parents I didn’t know what love was, but thank You for showing me what real love is. God you knew, more than anything, I desperately needed your love and You freely gave it to me. God I can remember when I was a senior in high school and finally had the chance to live with my father. His cold stares, lack of communication, and emotional distance always made me feel so alone. Once again God you stepped in and became my Father and comfort when I felt I seriously had no one. God you have been so good. I can look back and see the people You strategically placed in my life at the right times for the perfect reasons. People opened up their homes to me, prayed for me, encouraged me, and even introduced me to You. How I came to know You was in college. Since I was abandoned by both of my parents, I had no place to stay, no money, no job, no nothing, but you have used all of those things at the lowest point in my life to bring me to You. At 18 years old, broken, hurting, hard, bitter, resentful, You took me in and You saved me. God, thank You for bringing me out of the darkness and into Your marvelous light. Now I can see more clearly and You have taught me that there was purpose in my painful life’s experiences. Everything I have experienced was for a reason, and I realized it was not just about me. It was Your way of preparing me to share my story to help others. I‘ve also learned that “hurt people hurt people” and You’ve taught me a very valuable lesson to love people the way You love me.

December 2010

Because of Your work in me, others can see that you don’t have to be on a “certain level” to be used by God. You have used someone who didn’t know You at all to represent You. You have also used someone like me who constantly felt that “everyone else has rejected” in addition to my faults of rejecting others (out of my own hurt), and taught me how to embrace and give acceptance towards others. God thank You for my weaknesses because in them Your power is made perfect and makes me strong. Thank You for sending me someone who understands me, who I can be vulnerable and transparent with, who demonstrates their unconditional love for me even in my flaws. God I must admit, I had no idea the things You had in store for my life. Again, You have brought me from a long way. Now everything that I do I want it to give glory and honor to You and to be pleasing in Your eyesight. You are restoring my life again, so thank You for breaking me…to build me…to use me. I am Your vessel. Most of all God, Thank You for specifically “choosing” me. I love You… Your Chosen Daughter, Anais Noelle Wright



December 2010


programs that include:

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•Camp A.O.K (Anderson’s Older Kids) children with cancer. Dress up •Child Life and Adolescent Life Program your iPhones, dogs, trees and •Creative Arts Program •In-Hospital Education Program more in style with these •Annual Rehabilitation Ski Trip amazing works of art by •Camp Star Trails for young patients and their siblings pediatric patients from The •College Scholarships for University of Texas MD current and former patients Anderson Cancer Center. Your •and much much more help make life better for

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December 2010


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Virtue 31: In The Know  

Check out our new monthly newsletter Virtue 31: In The Know! It is our way of keeping you “in the know” in between our quarterly issues of V...

Virtue 31: In The Know  

Check out our new monthly newsletter Virtue 31: In The Know! It is our way of keeping you “in the know” in between our quarterly issues of V...