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Way Beyond The Front Door

When you are in control, there is nothing to worry about. Meet the ONE COMPANY that unites every service you need to simplify building management.


STEP AHEAD OF THE COMPETITION > Know who stays in every unit > Increase the safety of your properties > Attract quality tenants with unprecedented luxury services


No more missing deliveries. Using a secure audio-enabled camera intercom, VirtualWay™ will process packages and deliveries according to each tenant’s instructions. Then VirtualWay™ notifies the tenant by phone or email (the tenant’s choice) when they have received a delivery. Packages are safely stored in a custom built package room in your lobby and are remotely monitored until the tenant picks them up. No need for a full time doorman!

A virtual doorman who never sleeps! Working 24/7, the Virtual Front Door service screens visitors to your building according to each resident’s instruction. When visitors arrive, they’ll speak to the central monitoring station that sees and hears them through an audio-enabled camera intercom. VirtualWay™’s staff notifies the resident. The resident decides whether or not to open the door. VirtualWay™ is your gatekeeper.



Simplify communication with the click of a button. The VirtualWay™ Control Panel puts all the information you need at your fingertips. No more hunting for phone numbers. The built-in messaging inbox lets you organize and execute daily tasks or keep track of current projects whenever and from wherever it’s convenient for you. Manage maintenance requests, post building announcements and maintain the integrity of vacancy listings without picking up your phone. No more endless cycles of phone tag.

BUILDiNG Monitoring

Put eyes in your blind spots. Increase your building’s safety with VirtualWay™’s Building Monitoring system. VirtualWay™ will set up cameras in strategic locations according to your building’s needs then track them 24/7 from our central monitoring station. If anything suspicious or unusual occurs, VirtualWay™ will immediately alert building management and the proper authorities. Rest assured – VirtualWay™ has got your back!

Building LifeSpan Increase the value of your property. Recognizing the relationship between how a building is maintained and how it is perceived, Building Lifespan works with management to maintain a property inside and out throughout its life cycle. Some of Building Lifespan services include post construction clean-up, renovations, landscaping and ground maintenance. Give VirtualWay™ your building’s shell, and VirtualWay™ will resuscitate its life. Perception is reality.


Showcase the uniqueness of your latest listings. With VirtualWay™’s Real-Time Real Estate listings, it’s easy to create a buzz about vacancies. Upload pictures or create a short film to differentiate your property and fill your open units. Because you post and update in real time, people will trust the integrity of your listings. Forge a relationship with would-be tenants before they even sign a contract.

Reputation by Association Our virtual concierge service gives residents the personalized convenience of living in an upscale boutique hotel in the comfort and privacy of their homes. These value added little luxuries make residents’ lives easier. Easy resident lives make smooth tenant-management relationships. Let us make you look good.


ABOUT US VirtualWay™ was founded by a group of New York based service professionals with extensive experience in the fields of technology, physical security, real estate, marketing and customer service. Our mission is to make residents’ lives so convenient and safe people will want to live in a building with VirtualWay™ instead of one without it. Building communication will be so simple and reliable building management companies will want their managers to partner with VirtualWay™ instead of going it alone. Owners will want VirtualWay™ in their buildings because they will see apartments fill up in buildings with VirtualWay™ because of VirtualWay™. Our services are billed as monthly per apartment fees which vary according to building size and the service selected. There is no fine print.

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For more information about VirtualWay™, please contact us at: 336 W37 STREET Suite #1180 New York, NY 10018 (212) 981-4695.

VirtualWay- Way beyond The Front door  

We are a residential building service company dedicated to shouldering the burden of building management. VirtualWay™ was founded by a group...

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