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Give a new dimension to multimedia shows with musical fountains Lately, multimedia shows have become quite popular and have become an integral part of our entertainment options. All the major tourist attractions in the country especially historical places and museums now have multimedia shows. An important part of the multimedia shows is the musical fountains. It should be noted here that apart from the multimedia shows, the musical fountains can also be installed separately in gardens, theme parks, malls as well as amusement parks. These fountains will give a completely new dimension to any garden, multimedia show or theme park! There are a range of fountain manufacturers in India who will be able to provide you with these kinds of entertainment options.

Musical fountains and how they work‌ This is a type of fountain which is mainly designed for entertainment purpose and is known for its aesthetic design and multi-dimensional images. The whole thing is achieved with the help of timed light and sound waves. The effect of laser is also utilized here. In order to create multidimensional images, refraction of water and reflection of lights are used. Musical fountains can be installed on a large scale as well as on a small scale. It will depend upon your discretion as to what kind of installations you will choose. Large scale installations can include large number of lights as well as water jets which will cost you huge sums of money whereas smaller installations might come within thousand dollars. Here you should note that musical features on a fountain will require a degree of mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, and electronic components, you should take help of experts while installing them. Moreover, you should make sure that you purchase them from the best fountain manufacturers in India. This will make all the difference.

Different types of musical fountains available in the market The fountain manufacturers in India can provide you with a variety of options. You should choose the one that suits your needs. Some of the major options available include the following: UFA Musical Fountains: These ranges of fountain are known for the grandeur that it offers to a place. If you install such a fountain, you will be surprised to note that it has fast acting valve which can provide you with breathtaking effects. Moreover, the operations are entirely controlled by the computer which uses an InCommand software. Floating Musical Fountain: You can purchase this as a part of a multimedia show or even as a single unit. These fountains can be installed into water bodies like lakes so that they can be converted into unique night time entertainment options. Most importantly, while installing them you will not require much infrastructure so the surrounding environment does not get disturbed.

The fountain and the pumps are in separate module in order to make it easier to maintain the pumps and avoid any kind of blockages. Normally, it is made up of aluminum allow but many a times stainless steel is also used for manufacturing it. PC Musical Fountain: The PC Musical Fountain is designed is such a way that it can play with the help of programmed CDs. The CD will include the music along with the programming option for the fountain. These are entirely operated through computer and there is an universally accepted software for it. However, it should be noted here that in the hybrid version, the fountain will be able to play to non-programmed music as well. FFC Musical Fountains: These fountains will be able to execute itself to any music that is being played on CD/MP3 player or any other musical source. They have a control system which has the capacity to automatically interpret the music and the fountain will be able to work accordingly. At times, the fountain manufacturers in India will be able to provide you with a hybrid control system so they can even play from certain programmed music. Compact Musical Fountains: This is a compact and a self contained fountain which you can easily install even in a small pool. Here you should note that like many other fountains, it does not require a foundation and can even be installed in a temporary pool. In order to do so, you will need the help of plastic sheeting. It can be well operated through a programmed mode as well as FFC mode. Fantasia: This fountain can be easily placed in a classic octagonal shaped pool which is around 2.1m big. Thus, you can well understand, this fountain can be easily installed in places like lobbies, lawns, shopping malls, gardens, discotheques as well as foyers. Thus, they can be well placed anywhere. All they require is a connection to a music source. The water effects look wonderful in the night time and go well with any kind of music.

Popular musical fountains in the world Some of the popular musical fountains in the world are as follows: The Bodor Fountain: PĂŠter Bodor, a Hungarian gadgeteer and mechanical engineer, built a musical or chiming fountain in the Transylvanian town of MarosvĂĄsĂĄrhely during 1820 and 1822.This fountain is known for round floor-plan and arched stairs on the sides. Apart from this, there is a dome roof which is supported by pillars. The fountain was restored once in1954 and then again in 1997. Now it has come up as a popular tourist attraction. CESC Fountain of Joy, Kolkata: This is a unique fountain in the whole Indian sub-continent. Mr. R P Goenka, Chairman, CESC, decided to gift this fountain to the city during the Kolkata300 celebrations. This fountain is known for its unique 150 channels for water and light effects. The earlier old fountain had only 20 channels. It also brings into the forefront the concept of 3-

tier fountain pool with architectural innovations making this fountain quite unique in the subcontinent. Grand Haven Musical Fountain: This fountain is located in Michigan and was built in 1962. It was the largest fountain in the world during that time. In this fountain, you will be able to find small number of water formations which have been grouped in odd and even segments. The best part is that the nozzles and pumps of this fountain have never been changed. They have only been cleaned and maintained. Apart from these, there are various other grand musical fountains spread all over the world. As you visit various tourist attractions, you will be able to enjoy the spectacular view of these fountains!

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Give a new dimension to multimedia shows with musical fountains  

Lately, multimedia shows have become quite popular and have become an integral part of our entertainment options. All the major tourist attr...

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