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Newest attachment option for Spider Mountain:


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Combo Oval Spider Mountain with 2 station Clear-Climb and tubular slide

• Coated with a proprietary industrial epoxy paint to prevent rust, which is superior to any painting process including powder coating.

Combo Round Spider Mountain with Rock Climbing Wall & Inflatable Slide

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Spider Mountain & Combos

• Indoor and Outdoor Mobile or Stationary • Can be combined with Rock Wall, Bungee Trampoline, Slide or all


Vertical Reality has over 6 different Spider Mountain models to choose from. Voted “Best New Product” in the 2006-2010 seasons, Spider Mountain is the revolutionary climbing concept of the future. With no harnessing required, entirely self contained and requiring only one operator, it truly is a great attraction for everyone. Up to 25 participants permitted entrance at once (depending on height and width of your Spider Mountain), profit and throughput on Spider Mountain are incredible. Spider Mountain is available as a mobile or stationary product with both indoor and outdoor applications. Spider Mountain is an exciting way for children to challenge themselves as they find their own way up through and out of the WEB. Upon completing this challenge, they would then have the option of sliding down a slide or climbing and squirming back down through the webbing. Spider Mountain uses all aspects of the body’s skills. It develops their psycho-motor and balancing skills as they stretch their kid-muscles and tap into that unlimited kid energy. Spider Mountain shape options include: oval, round, octagonal, rectangular, square and semi-circle (perfect to place semi-circle against a wall and when space is an issue) H 24’ x W 8 ‘ Standard size, may be customized to any height or width. Structure is completely padded to custom color.


Spider Mountain

Employees Required for Set Up / Time It Takes 1/10 min. Employees Required to Operate 1 Avg. Number Hours Per Day 6 hours Length of Time Per Customer 3 minutes Maximum People Per Hour 120 per hour Avg. Charge Per Customer $3.00 Potential Hourly Income $360.00 Potential Daily Income $2,160.00 Potential Prepaid Event Rental Income Per Hour $175/hour

Spider Mountain with any slide

Spider Mountain with 3 Bungees

Spider Mountain With 2 climbing

2/1 hr. 2 6 hours 3 minutes 200 per hour $4.00 $800.00 $4,800.00 $275/hour

2/1 hr. 3 6 hours 3 minutes 165 per hour $5.00 $825.00 $4,950.00 $375/hour

1/15 min. 2 6 hours 3 minutes 180 per hour $5.00 $900.00 $5,400 $275/hour

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INDOOR Spider Mountain, Straight Inflatable Slide 16



Vertical Reality has many attachment options to choose from. You can have more than one attachment on the same Spider Mountain. On one side, you can have either an inflatable or enclosed tubular slide and on the other side popular options include: real-rock climbing wall, flat-clear climbing panel or knotted gym rope. Spider Mountain can be equipped to accommodate up to 4 Bungee trampoline stations.

All-In-One Spider Mountain Combo with 3 Station Bungee Trampoline Rock Climb and Inflatable Slide


Spider Mountain is an incredible profit center as a stand alone or combined with other amenities and requires only one attendant to operate. Even with this very small footprint (8’ x12’ in Diameter), you can have up to 25 people inside the standard 24 foot tall apparatus at once. There is no harnessing and therefore can maintain a very high throughput, but more importantly, as with every one of Vertical Reality’s activities, Spider Mountain is extremely safe. With very few parts to replace, as well as its extreme stability due to its metal substructure, there are very low maintenance costs associated with this attraction. Spider Mountain is a very distinctive product and extremely popular. Climbing through Spider Mountain, comprised of rubber strands enclosed in a soft polyester fabric, is deceivingly challenging and fun for all ages. All exposed hard surfaces are enclosed in 4 inch padding and the entire attraction is netted. It has been voted “most fun and challenging attraction” on the exhibit floor at many different expositions. Having sold over hundreds of versions worldwide, with extreme success, it is safe to say that Spider Mountain can pay for itself in a short amount time.


Elastic Spider Mountain Webbing

Durable webbing Indoor and outdoor use UV stable

Knotless, light weight netting is highly resistant to abrasion, moisture and chemicals. Fire-retardant .

2� Polyester Elastic Webbing. Soft to the touch. Extremely durable and long-lasting. Fire-retardant.

Safety Padding. Colored foam padding to protect the participant. Covers entire steel sub-structure. Fire-retardant.

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Gym Rope Climb and Real Rock Climb attachment options (shown here) Both include Vertical Reality’s Award Winning Auto-Belay System.

Oval Spider Mountain Combo with 3 Bungee Trampoline Stations and 2 Clear-Climb Stations


Spider Mountain  

Spider Mountain