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This paperless solution allows you to disseminate information in one of the oldest forms of marketing but in a modern and more cost effective way. Internet, may it be via Websites, social networks or E-mail has fast become our open door to the world of potential customers. There are over 5 billion people in the world 3/4 of whom are on the internet every single day. Facebook alone sees 5 million daily. Now, that is a HUGE potential client base. The Virtual Pamphlet: 1) Eliminates thousands of dollars in printing costs 2) Allows you to reach a wider demographic of potential customers. 3) Makes your information available 24/7 4) Presents your information in a more eye catching way 5) Allows you to “give out� from one to ten to one million if you so choose at no additional cost.

The Virtual Pamphlet is available from 2 - 8 pages Any content desired


2 pages - $20.00

The back and front are not considered pages

4 pages - $40.00


6 pages - $55.00

printing 1000 copies x 2 pages @$0.35 = $350.00

8 pages - $75.00

Hosting per month:

2 pages - $12.00 4 pages - $24.00 6 pages - $36.00 8 pages - $48.00

hosting 2 pages @ $12.00 X 12 months = $144.00 Unlimited “copies�

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Ashiek Enterprises

Virtual Pamphlet Info  

Cost effective way to disseminate information

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