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We welcome any innovative show once it is in good taste and is a positive vibe for the community.

Real Estate TV Show Series School Event Church Event Vlog How - To - Videos Music Videos Commercials

$75.00 per episode $50.00 per 30 min episode $100.00 $100.00 $40.00 per episode $30.00 per episode $TBA 30 secs - $20.00 1 min - $40.00 1 1/2 mins - $60.00 Per month

Any series should have at least 10 episodes A series can be:

A sitcom A talk show An information based show An educationally based show

Bajan View TV was created to give Barbadians an inexpensive option to facilitate their dreams of marketing their business or exploring the exciting world of film making. This is a medium to express yourself freely, all we ask is that the content be tastefully done and be devoid of profanity.

Send an email to For more information And to receive an application form

Think outside the box and let your creativity flow.

You will be required to sign a contract when your application is accepted.

If you are not able to fund this venture yourself, do not be discouraged, approach some businesses for sponsorship.

We will be launching January 1 2013 ‌ so get started on your projects

Any video can be rejected by the committee, so please keep it clean. Videos will be reviewed before you are asked to pay any monies.

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Information on how to get involved in this extraordinary venture

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