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2013 What Bhutan hold - A lighter perspective from Wind Horse Travels and Tours

santosh windhorsetours 12/16/2013

What Bhutan hold - A lighter perspective from Wind Horse Travels and Tours For every discerning traveler, Bhutan is still shrouded in mystery. Travelling to Bhutan can be indulging all the five sense of perception to the greater height. In this fast changing world where yesterday exoticdestinations become todays lackluster, insipid tourists spot. Bhutan tour still hold enigma for even most seasoned travelers andbeing there stirs everyone’s imaginations and find its way, more often than not, in every enthusiasttravelers bucket’s list.

The most important question that never fails to rise is what is it that separate Bhutan Tour from other countries? What is it that bewitches and cast spell on the guests? For more than one decade and half and as a tour operator, it never ceases to amaze us too, with the amount of feedbacks that we receive from guests. For instance Barbara from California said “Bhutan vacation was trip of life time “. Elizabeth from Santa Fe said “Travel to Bhutan was dream come true”. For trekking in Bhutan what Matthew has to say left us in complete daze? “When I unzipped the tent and peeked outside in the morning, peach orange Mt Jhomalari that greeted me, the sight that I beholdmesmerized, stunned and made my mind, body and spirit soars high above just like those footloose and fancy free clouds into the union with the one. A profound sense of peace and tranquility prevailed for long time” What is it that make the places so special, is it the place or culture or natural beauty? We at Wind Horse, when we talk about Bhutan Trekking or Bhutan Journey or Bhutan cultural tour

destinations/trip.php?country=&tourid=238 , we talk at length about experiences that has being

imparted by time in field, an experience in introspecting into guests needs and interests, an area that hold their fascination tight. Bhutan tours are not all about high end accommodation or about being luxurious travelling or about the great sights that the country has to offer.It’s to a larger extent, about capturing the true essence of those sights. And most importantly it’s the people, it’s them that make the culture and hold the tradition in high esteem. What really stir their fascination is being among the people, being part of them in the process being part of culture itself. Wind Horse tours strive so hard to provide our guests in their Bhutan trip, quintessence of daily lives of Bhutanese , an opportunity to delve deeper in their simple perspective by living among them in their homestay, playing with the kids at the shadow of ubiquitously fluttering prayer flag. Bhutan trekking, if not luxurious, neither has to be necessary uncomfortable. At Wind Horse Tours, we havere-defined comfort with the upgrade of state of art trekking gear. At the time of high end and luxurious destination and logistics, to revisit our core ideal and get our basic right and to deliver authentic travel experiences without losing its essential charm and integrity can be a revolutionary act. If diamonds are forever so is our quest to provide Bhutan vacation that leave indelible imprint in their memory forever.

What bhutan hold by wind horse tours