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Part 7 – Here is A Top eBay Marketing Tool “Deal Finder” – By eBay Virtual Assistants At OBVA eBay Virtual Assistants at OBVA are sharing the best of eBay marketing tools like Turbo Lister, Terapeak, eBay listing analytics, Selling Manager,BayEstimator, Bay Research Labs BayEstimator, based on what we use for our client store. Today the tool we have chosen is eBay’s Deal Finder

What is Deal Finder: Every savvy shopper does a little comparison while shopping. To make sure that holiday season to be a great one sellers can start using the tool eBay Deal Finder . According to eBay Deal Finder is “To truly find the best deals, we built Deal Finder to compare the current selling price of an item on eBay to the lowest price we can find for the same item”.

Features of Deal Finder: We can just set the price limit and then search for the item you want using categories and keywords. Not all items found on are displayed in Deal Finder. For an item to be displayed in Deal Finder it must meet the keyword and category constraints as well as have zero bids, no reserve price, less than four hours left, free or fixed rate shipping and a total price that is below the selected criteria. Make sure that you choose the right keywords of your store. If you have any difficulty in doing it delegate the task to professionals. eBay will display items that meet your criteria, with those closing soonest at the top. www.

Sellers can find this tool very helpful for sourcing bargain items that have been overlooked for some reason. Any seller’s items can appear on Deal Finder. The only requirement is that the item meets the keyword and category. The opportunity to buy items cheaply and resell them for a profit is huge. You can also find out about wholesale lots which is much cheaper. Just type ‘wholesale’ or ‘lot’ into the search bar and get the answers. Its that simple.

Limitations: There are few limitation for this tool. Such as • • •

No Shipping Prices are included while searching. Doesn’t include Third Party Sellers rates. Sometimes, the eBay Deal finder does comparisons on products that are not exactly the same.

Deal Finder is very efficient at what it does do. It will be interesting to see whether eBay makes further changes to it in the future. Have you started using this tool? Then we would love to hear your thoughts and experiences with Deal Finder. You can join us in our Facebook Fan Page, Follow us on Twitter or leave some comments on how this tool has helped you. We appreciate your feedback.

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Part 7 – Here is A Top eBay Marketing Tool “Deal Finder”