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Part 3 – eBay Listing Analytics – Top eBay Marketing Tool Series Post By eBay Virtual Assistants At OBVA eBay Expert Virtual Assistants at OBVA have been sharing posts on series of eBay marketing tools for effective selling on eBay. Today, we are going to share a powerful tool, eBay Listing Analytics. For every business, it is important to review performance regularly so that the business manager is aware of where the business is heading too! Is the sales trend going upwards Or downwards? Which areas need improvement? Which products are selling more and which aren’t? eBay listing analytics answers most of the questions relating to your business performance review…

What is eBay Listing Analytics? eBay listing analytics helps you review the performance of each and every item of your store. This can be done either by entering the keyword or the item number. You can also review the performance of your listings in a particular category. Thus by reviewing each of your items, you can keep the guesswork out of your work, when you have got access to accurate statistics. Using this tool, you can also check the performance of both your auction listings and buy it now listings. By reviewing the performance of each and every item, you can take better decisions on listing your new products and re-listing your existing products on the basis of their performance. Using eBay research tool – Terapeak, you get data on the hot selling items on eBay for different categories. If you are selling an item which is a best seller, but then your store is selling very less number of the same product, you will know that there is something wrong with your listing. Then you can research for effective keywords, and change your listing accordingly. So, eBay listing analytics will tell you where you need to improve and Terapeak will tell you HOW?


You can also take other effective steps to increase sales of items (that need attention) by -> Reducing the cost of the item -> Offering discounts/freebies -> Reducing shipping cost or offer free shipping -> Extending the offer period for discounts

Advantages of using Listing Analytics in eBay selling 1. It is a free tool and easy to use. 2. If you are medium enterprise eBay store owner selling in huge volume, you can download the listing metrics in a spread sheet and analyze the data for better business planning.

How to Use eBay Listing Analytics? Easy 3 Steps Step 1- Go to the Application tab of My eBay Step 2- Hit the activate button of Listing Analytics and check the subscription box Step 3 -Listing Analytics for your store will be activated then It is free, it is powerful. So, it is smart to follow these 3 steps to activate eBay Listing Analytics today for your store. Reviewing the performance metrics of your store can certainly help you increase the sales volume, if you can take apt steps based on what you learn about your listing. Knowledge is powerful, and it is very much needed if you think progressive for your store… If you are too busy doing everything on your own, delegate to eBay expert VA. We at OBVA help eBay stores sell better. We take care of lot of routine tasks including remote shipping label printing, managing disputes and claims, feedback, customer service, taking inventory reports, sending invoice, refunds and replacement, internet research for product, price and competitor, etc… If you need assistance in successful eBay selling, please contact us. We never work for your competitors! Connect with us through RSS feeds, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and we will keep in touch for better learning for better eBay business. “We do not work for your competitors” www.

Part 3 – eBay Listing Analytics – Top eBay Marketing Tool Series