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Part 4 – 6 Facebook Applications Which Can Be Used Effectively For EBay and Amazon Businesses – Shared By OBVA Social Media Virtual Assistants Social media Virtual Assistants at OBVA have posted blog posts on ‘Use of Facebook for eBay/Amazon’, ‘Use of LinkedIn for eBay/Amazon, and ‘Use of Twitter for eBay/Amazon.’ These posts are a part of the blog post series where the social media assistants at OBVA working for small businesses and eBay/Amazon stores share their experience with everyone. Now we would like to share some of the applications of these social media sites which can be used for eBay and Amazon businesses. We will start with the Facebook applications. Facebook is home to over 350,000 other applications and they were created by third-party developers across the world. With so many apps Facebook provides a great opportunity to use them for better eBay and Amazon business. Almost every online business has claimed a Facebook fan page. You can integrate your fan page with your website/blog and then integrate your website/blog with your fan page. So, you can use Facebook to get traffic to your website and then direct it to your web store.


Here are 6 effective Facebook applications which can be used for eBay Business and Amazon Business-

1. Facebook Reviews Facebook Reviews can prove to be very useful for eBay and Amazon stores. Customers can leave a review for the products you sell at your store. These reviews give new customers more confidence on your store as they know more about you from other customer reviews. To make this work, you have to add this application to your fanpage. By encouraging reviews on your fanpage, you encourage people to connect with you for longer time. Be careful to immediately respond to negative reviews .

2. Social RSS You can use Social RSS to integrate your blog and fanpage. For example, a person selling diapers at eBay can write a review post on his product and his reviews will automatically be published on his Facebook fan page wall using Social RSS. Similarly, if he is running multiple blogs/websites for multiple products, Social RSS can be used to syndicate all the posts automatically at the fan page wall. Isn’t it cool?

3. Constant Contact Constant Contact is an email marketing tool. When you sell for eBay, you get lot of customer email contacts. Add them as a list to your constant contact and then send our mailers to customers when you have an attractive listing on products of their interest. When this tool is added to fanpage, it can do the work of collecting contacts for you. For example, you may launch an offer just for fans and then they have to register to be eligible for it. Constant contact can capture the contacts easily.

4. Promotions With monthly active users of 377,511 and growing, Promotions is a real gift to any eBay and Amazon business. As a seller you can start a giveaway contest or other promotion to more people to your storefront. Offer something “free” and you’ll have your fans hooked. Just be ready to be creative on your promotions!


5. Coupons Want to offer promotional discount coupons? Now you can do that on your fanpage. However, you will have to give a cut to Facebook for this. You can add coupons for your fan page members. They can use these coupons to buy products from your store. Another great feature is you can remind your new customers to leave a review at your reviews tab.

6. Youtube Youtube can be used to create a relevant, interesting, informative and appealing video presenting your most profitable product listing at your eBay or Amazon store. Your video content should motivate the people to talk, discuss and finally visit your store. You tube can be used as a social media marketing strategy for more traffic. Add these applications to your Fanpage today. The key to social media success is smart integration between your Fanpage, Website/blog and your online store. Be careful to follow all eBay seller rules. If you think you have too much to do and less time to do all that is required to sell better at your online store, contact us today for a free consultation on how the Professional Virtual Assistants at OBVA can help you reduce costs and increase efficiency. PS: My next article will be on Use of Digg by eBay and Amazon stores. Subscribe to RSS feeds so that you do not miss out on the content. I highly appreciate any feedback via comments. + “We do not work for your competitors�


Part 4 – 6 Facebook Applications Which Can Be Used Effectively For EBay and Amazon Businesses  

Social media Virtual Assistants at OBVA have posted blog posts on ‘Use of Facebook for eBay/Amazon’, ‘Use of LinkedIn for eBay/Amazon, and ‘...