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Part 1 – 7 Powerful Ways eBay ellers Can Use Facebook for Promoting Their Stores and Listings As of 2011, 1 in every 13 people on earth use Facebook. Half of them are logged in on any given day. 48% of 18 to 34 years old check their Facebook right after they wake up. The world is Obsessed With Facebook. Is your eBay store on Facebook yet? If not, be there now. Social Media Professional VAs at OBVA have been helping eBay stores market their listings on Facebook. It is all about better distribution of listings, more participation and better traffic to your store. We share 7 Powerful Ways to use Facebook For Your eBay Business-

1. Tagging of photos Recently Facebook introduced Tagging of photos for fanpage. This means that you can create a listing, add your product image on your fan page and then tag those pictures with your fan page. Also, you can run contests or give away some discounts to encourage others to tag your product/listing pictures. Obviously, you will have to work on the photos to make it look interesting rather than just add a general product photo. Either you can pose with the product or click an interesting shot with some new ideas. Tag your products with your fan page. Encourage others to do this for you. From fan page you can redirect visitors to your eBay stores by using attractive wall posts marketing your active listings. You can read this article by Mari Smith “Facebook @ Tagging Etiquette – A Guide For Personal And Business Use” where she says Tagging your Facebook friends in photos is one of the most ingenious and popular features on the site.


2. eBay auction eBay auction was developed by Phil Tucker. It helps you to show your auction listings at your Facebook profile. Using the app, you can also browse your friends' auctions, search eBay, create a wish-list, comment on auctions and much more. Once you have installed the application, you simply need to provide your auction listing numbers to load the listing in your Facebook profile. The eBay Auctions application page also has an active discussion board where you can learn more about using specific functions of this application plus read even more tips for selling on Facebook.

3. eBay Market place In general eBay Marketplace creates a powerful online platform for selling goods and services by a passionate community of individuals and small businesses. On any given day, there are millions of items available through auction-style and fixed-price trading. Developed by eBay Inc., eBay Marketplace lets you see what your friends are buying, selling and watching on eBay. This app lets you add to your eBay watch list—and share your finds with your friends. You can take advantage of the eBay Marketplace application to also manage your own eBay items. An eBay news feed will highlight your eBay activity, such as notifications when you sell an item, links to the items you have for sale, and updates on new eBay feedback left for you. This information appears in the eBay Marketplace News Feed, and you will also see these notifications for any of your friends using the eBay Marketplace app on Facebook. www.

To use the eBay Marketplace app you need to link your eBay account to Facebook when you add the application to your own Facebook profile. At first glance, the eBay Marketplace “review” page contains more negative reviews than positive, but if you dig deeper you’ll see positive user comments in the app discussion forum, along with helpful advice and tips for giving this eBaydeveloped application a try. 4.

eBay wall

“EBay wall” which was developed by Iter-8 Partnership, is a simple Facebook application lets you and your friends post eBay listings to each other's profile. You can show what you're selling on eBay or just discuss the neat things you find on eBay. To use the eBay Wall application, you don’t need to provide your eBay credentials, and the application developer says that it supports both the U.S. and U.K. eBay sites. This Facebook application is still being updated, and with 78 monthly active users, it appears to be a relatively new eBay Facebook application.

5. Branded You Tube Channel Sellers are increasingly utilizing online video to showcase products. This can include creating a YouTube channel for those videos. A number of Facebook app providers incorporate the YouTube channel into Facebook Pages as a separate tab. Here are three options: • •

Involver offers a YouTube channel app as part of a suite of free apps. NorthSocial also includes a YouTube channel app as part of its suite. This particular app offers a customized header. But it is not free. The price begins at about $20 per month. Best YouTube Channel for Pages is an app designed for use on both Facebook Profiles and Pages. The layout features one video, with clickable thumbnail images to others. It is free.

6. eBay Items


Merchants who use eBay are in luck. There is an app called eBay Items that allows sellers to display eBay items on a Facebook Fan page. eBay sellers now have an app of their own, eBay Items.

7. Real Gifts Facebook has long offered virtual gifts that users could purchase and give to their friends. Real Gifts is an app that makes use of the Facebook gift shop to enable the purchase of physical products. Real Gifts is a directory of hundreds of products from many online retailers. Merchants apply to become Real Gifts’ vendors and, once approved, transfer a list of products to the Real Gifts online catalog. Orders are processed via Real Gifts transaction tools. Mashable shared that “eBay + Paypal + Facebook Connect = Group Gift-Buying” this is an attempt to capitalize on the rise of social commerce, online auction behemoth , eBay launched its Group Gifts service. Real Gifts uses Facebook’s gift shop to market products. As you can now understand, there are lot of ways that you can use Facebook to build an online reputation and get more traffic to your eBay store. The key to success is consistency to add new content, write it well, keyword optimize it well in your listing, distribute the listing well without looking to spammy, and then initiate and participate in the online community. All this may take time, but the results are worth the effort. You can also hire a Virtual Assistant who knows all this and is happy to assist you in marketing your online store.

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Part 1 – 7 Powerful Ways eBay ellers Can UseFacebook for Promoting Their Stores andListings  
Part 1 – 7 Powerful Ways eBay ellers Can UseFacebook for Promoting Their Stores andListings  

The world is Obsessed With Facebook. Is your eBay store on Facebook yet? If not, be there now. Social Media Professional VAs at OBVA have be...