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5 Useful eBay Business Auction Tips – By OBVA Inc. Virtual Assistants eBay is the world's largest online business platform. There are millions of products and services being sold by thousands of eBay Business Owners. In this steep competition, to become a Powerseller, you have to be competitive. eBay Virtual Office Assistants share the 5 eBay auction tips that can help you get the most out of your auctions-

EBay Business-Auction Tip 1- Maximize Bids By Timing Your Listing: It is very important that you must choose the right day to end your auction to get maximum bids. Some time back, there was an eBay announcement that the site has the highest traffic on Sundays. Then everyone assumed highest traffic means highest sales. But is it really true? You may have hundreds of people visiting your listings pages, but what you really want is more sales rather than just visits. The best auction day pretty much depends on your product and your selling strategy. Here is an interesting post by Steve Nye, certified eBay consultant, on this topic. It all depends on your strategy. Do you want More Volume And Less Profit OR, Less Sales and More Profit. If your strategy is higher sales, then we can assume that you can get good number of bids on Sundays as the traffic is higher. We suggest, research continuously to keep track of changing patterns as eBay is a highly fluctuating market.

eBay Business-Auction Tip 2- Offer A Return Policy: To assure your buyers that your item is faultless, you need to have a flexible return policy. Buyers always look for trustworthy eBay sellers and a buyer supportive return policy will certainly give them the confidence to hit the buy button. Always make sure that your listings page tells in details about the true condition of your product. You can have a look at the eBay Business guide, ‘How to Create a Return Policy- EBay Business Help?’ This help section from eBay confirms that sellers with a clear return policy sell more. If you do not have a return policy so far, write one today or take help of a professional to do it for

you. For general information, rules, and legal guidance on offering a return policy, check this sample eBay return policy guidelines.

eBay Business-Auction Tip 3- Start Bidding At Lower Cost: If you start your bidding at $0.99 (or lower), you will definitely attract more bidders than if you start with higher amount. You also get the advantage of paying only a $0.20 insertion fee. This trick works on most of the items, not all of them. However, you can expect to see some remarkable competition at the end of the auction.

eBay Business-Auction Tip 4- Reasonable Shipping Charges: In many cases, the buyer gets upset after they have won the bid due to high shipping cost. This can result in deserted purchases, complaints and negative feedback for your eBay store. Charge a reasonable handling fee, but keep it in proportion to the actual shipping charges. Offer different shipping options and discounts when similar items are purchased. Clear communication of reasonable shipping & handling expenses will lead to a good transaction that benefits both the buyer and the seller and good reputation for your store. To make this easy for you, here is the EBay Business-Shipping Tool Guide on for your reference.

eBay Business-Auction Tip 5- Have Flawless Feedback: When you receive positive feedback, it tells the entire eBay community that you are trustworthy. More positive feedback leads to more sales. Since eBay is an online sales platform where we cannot see each other as buyer and seller, feedback is really helpful in generating trust for your store. Positive feedback is a wonderful tool available to all eBay users that lets buyers and sellers know that you deal with them in a sincere and honest way. This results in increased sales and smarter transactions when you buy and sell. Always try to get positive feedback for almost all your transactions. eBay Virtual Office Assistants promptly follow up each neutral/negative feedback that their client's store receives. Virtual Assistants offer an immediate solution to the customers and then work with them to get the feedback removed. Prompt response is very helpful for effective feedback management. The above mentioned 5 eBay Auction Tips and the tools can be really helpful when applied effectively. If you think you do not have enough time to follow these tips, you can simply hire a professional who has lot of experience managing online stores like Amazon Business and EBay Business. OBVA Virtual Office Assistants for eBay Businesses are reliable, affordable and efficient when it comes to managing your store. Contact us today for a quote.

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5 Useful eBay Business Auction Tips – By OBVA Inc. VirtualAssistants  

eBay is the world's largest online business platform. There are millions of products and services being sold by thousands of eBay Business O...

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