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1st Progress Report: (1) Before start of work, the levels of N.S.L. (natural surface level) of plot were calculated with reference to BM (bench mark). (2)

Demarcation of basement area was marked at site.


Excavation work of 1st stage (up to 5ft depth ) was started and completed

(4) Excavation work of 2nd stage (up to 10ft depth) was started and has almost been completed. This Excavation work is done by main excavators. (Note) It may be mentioned hare that in original drawings the level of most of the area in basement was 95.0 but later on this level was changed from 95.0 to 90.0 due to the reason the excavation work has been increased. (5) The 3rdstage of excavation work has been started. It includes the excavation with tractors blade and requires more precision. This work is in progress. (6) 53.23 tons reinforcement (steel) has been received. Proper stacking has been advised which is in progress. (7)

Working drawings are being sent by M/S A.A .Associates on regular basis.

(8) BOQ’s for electrical system, AC system and plumbing system is being prepared at Karachi, Tender opening for the above system, will carried out shortly.

From: Al-Huda ISD H-11/4 Project incharge To: Dr Farhat Hashmi Copy To : Br.Kahleeq-ur-Rehamn, Al-Huda Construction Team.

Progress Report - 5 May, 2005  

H 11 Building Islamabad - Report

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