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What the Young people want to read, we have it. Rafael Acevedo & Osscar Anngel

INTRO DUCTION Young people are varied, energetic and multifaceted. For these reasons, this magazine is an attempt to show all those topics to everybody, taking into account music, street sports, art, leisure time and so forth. Sometimes adult people do not comprehend them but they are trying to see the world in a different way, adding adventure, challenges and follies to their lives.

The Youth culture magazine is focused in these aspects, trying to expose them in a fresh and entertained way. Its writers are young like you, and we think that young people need a space when they can read topics that they like, and at a time in many cases they do not know anything about them. We offer a magazine for them do not related with tedious adult themes such as politic, economy or religion.

The youth is ephemeral but the experiences acquired at this age are essential and fundamental to face the adult life, and our mission is to entertain them healthily.


By Rafael & Xscxr



Much people think that Hip Hop is only rap music but it is not true; Hip Hop is an artistic movement that contains four elements that emerged in United States in 70’s in the Afro-American and Latin-Americans communities of New York City. Currently this street culture has thousands followers around the world, and it has became in a lifestyle to individuals with skills to draw, dance, sing and manipulate turntables. It’s common to confuse this term with drugs, gangs, weapons and other things that do not contribute to the intellectual development of people, for that reason some parents do not like that their sons show interest for this movement. But Hip Hop shows some good things that make the youth inverts their free time in a healthy way. Let`s show the four elements of Hip Hop Culture:


The Master of ceremony is in charge of singing or rapping. As known as rapper, MC has the responsibility to transmits messages through his own rhythms, sounding original, honest, fast and coherent. Currently the rap music is a business, and it’s very difficult to find good rappers with positive messages, the majority of them like to show how much money they have, feeding their egos. This kind of rapper is known as fake rappers.

El Canserbero in Rap al Parque, Colombia 2012.

A real MC performances according his values, ideas or points of view about reality. Money comes as an added value. The rap music talks about social problems, personal experiences, love, war and so forth, with a street vocabulary, in many times, that is why rap is not shown on the majority of mass media, except internet.







neighborhoods of New York like Bronx and Brooklyn in 70’s, It appeared as a solution to some problems among gangs, they decided to solve their differences dancing and not fighting, unfortunately all gangs did not think the same. The person who dances break dance is called “B-boy”. This urban dance combines aerobics and rhythmic movements

influenced by







arts, Those

competences are named “battles”, and can be in pair or teams; generally the public and one jury decide who the best is.

Graffiti is one of the most important types of expression shown around the world. Graffiti is an Italian word that refers to the manner in that






hieroglyphics and the clapboards. It is incredible to know that this kind of art was created in the Roman Empire! Many people used the graffiti to express a lot of things: politic slogans, declarations of love, insults, cartoons, erotic pictures, and so on. Graffiti is the result of painting abstract texts in a wall in a free, creative and unlimited way, with the objective of expressing some rebel and revolutionary ideas in a very attractive way. Graffiti is spontaneous, fast, made in public places, and most of the people who do them are anonymous.


The DJ is an artist or musician who creates, selects and plays recorded music. It can be own or by other persons. There are a lot of different DJs. For example: •Radio Station DJ: This DJ plays the music in a radio program. •Club DJ: This DJ selects and plays music in different places like bars, clubs and stadiums too. In this classification you can find the Electronic DJ.


Hop DJ: The Hip Hop DJ is one of the

most important pieces in a hip hop song. Hip Hop DJ uses several turntables, and his music is the basis for an MC can sing and do the performance. Also, the Hip Hop DJ and the Clubs DJ use a technique called turnablism; this technique consists in creating or arranging music with sound effects and manipulation of the rotations of the vinyl records on turntables. Nowadays, the DJ also uses special software to create these effects. As you have seen, Hip Hop is not only music, it is a culture that incorporates many other things that probably you have heard but you did not know how it was created. We invite you to explore this culture. It is very interesting, and so different that a lot of people think!!



As you know our mission as writers of this magazine is to show different ways of entertainment. For that reason, this article is dedicated to skateboarding. Skateboarding is an extreme sport that consists on doing difficult tricks and aerobic movements over a table as known as skateboard; it is about 8 inches wide and 30 inches long. This sport is practiced by millions of young people in many countries. In Colombia, for example, there are around 150 thousand skaters. California is the cradle of skateboarding, it appeared between 40´s and 50´s, and it is related with surfing due to surfers wanted to do their techniques by land, when there were not waves in the sea. They began with wooden boxes adapted with skid wheels, this new kind of table was called land surfboard. The pioneers of this sport descended hills while doing their movements but it was a painful idea because many surfers suffered several injures practicing this new sport.

Skateboarding was quickly popular in the surfers, and it caught the attention of new followers too. In 60´s some surf companies such as California Surf shop started building skateboards thanks to a prominent businessman who saw in skateboarding a good opportunity for business as well other companies invested in betters skateboards in order to bring new skaters and followers. As a consequence these new skaters invented new and more difficult tricks.

Skateboarding has many styles which have been a product of evolution of this sport. In 60´s, 70´s, 80´s the Old School was practiced and it evolved to Street style also known as New School. The difference between them is that, in Old School, the skater could use the hands. Otherwise, in New School the use of the hands began to be limited. Other styles are slalom, freestyle, longboard and mini cruiser. The skateboarding trick is a movement in a skateboard, there are some more difficult than others and there are about 200 tricks divided in six categories. The first and the most popular is Ollie where the skater jumps with the table doing tricks without using hands. In the Aerial tricks the skater can jump helped by hands to hold the board in the air. Freestyle tricks are some of the oldest movements and they became popular in 1960.The slide tricks consists on getting up the board and sliding along it. The Lip tricks are done on the coping of a pool or skateboard ramp. There are from local and simples competitions to international tournaments. Some examples of these events are The X games that are celebrated in many cities of the world, the urban Games in United Kingdom, and The King of The Street celebrated in Europe. There are Vert, Street, and Freestyle competitions; among them, the vert style

Tony Hawk is the most important star of this genre of extreme sport. He began to practice at the age of 9 and he became a professional skater when he was 14 years

has most media coverage.

old. Tony has participated in 103 pro

There are Judges who take into account scoring

record that nobody has been able to

factors such as:

•Height: higher tricks have more points

•Rotation: the way how the skater spins himself or his skateboard doing a trick)

•The difficulty: More difficult tricks means higher points

•Combination: The skaters have to combine the tricks if they want to win more points.

contests and he won 73 of them, it is a overcome. He has his own videogame franchise named “Tony Haw Pro Skater”, one of the most successful videogames ever. He has won many awards what recognize him as one of the biggest action-sports figure and also as a very kind person.

There are from local and simples competitions to

international tournaments. Some examples of these events are The X games that are celebrated in many cities of the world, the urban Games in United Kingdom, and The King of The Street celebrated in Europe. There are Vert, Street, and Freestyle competitions; among them, the vert style has most media coverage.

There are Judges who take into account scoring factors such as:

•Height: higher tricks have more points

•Rotation: the way how the skater spins himself or

Tony Hawk is the most important star of

•The difficulty: More difficult tricks means higher

practice at the age of 9 and he became a

his skateboard doing a trick)

this genre of extreme sport. He began to


professional skater when he was 14 years

•Combination: The skaters have to combine the tricks if they want to win more points.

old. Tony has participated in 103 pro contests and he won 73 of them, it is a record that nobody has been able to overcome. He has his own videogame franchise named “Tony Haw Pro Skater”, one of the most successful videogames

ever. He has won many awards what recognize him as one of the biggest action-sports figure and also as a very kind person.

It is important to know what the style of a skater is if you want to be one of them. The clothes of a skater have to be comfortable, if you want to be a skater, try to use practical, non-restrictive clothes. Moreover, you need to wear flexible, flat-soled shoes with excellent grip to help keep you on the board. Some of these kinds of shoes are manufactured by the same skateboard companies, some examples of trademarks of clothes for skateboarding are DVS, Fallen, Supra, Vans, Circa, DC, Emerica's, Converse, Adio, and Lakai. Skateboarding is a very entertaining sport. Unfortunately, some people link it with drugs and gangs. Another controversial aspect is

that skateboarding sometimes is associated with property damage to urban terrain features such as curbs, benches, and ledges when skaters perform tricks known as grinds on these surfaces. Skateboarding is also considered as a high-risk sport because it can cause many injuries. For these reasons, skateboarding is not allowed in many neighborhoods due to it can bring “bad consequences�. But it is not important; the matter is that Skateboarding is a good way of entertaining if we take all the security precautions. Nowadays is necessary to use bicycle equipment to reduce the probability of suffering any damage. Moreover, in some cities is allowed to use the skateboard as a mean of transportation if you use this equipment. In conclusion, skateboarding is an exciting game which can entertain many people but is important to be sure against any risk while you are practicing it. Skateboarding began being a sport for surfers but it evolved soon and now it is practiced by many people around the world

who have seen in it not only a sport or a hobby but also a lifestyle.

In the entire world, there are a lot of things that are called entertainment: music, games, art, movies, internet, and there is a special, cheap and printed way to entertain called comic.

Many experts have said that comic is the ninth art, and it has been influenced in the society. Obviously, the comics use to be published in paper or digital ways. “Comic is a sequence of illustration which purpose is to transmit feelings and information, in

order to obtain an aesthetic answer by the reader”. Scott MaCloud (1918)

Comic is not the only way to refer it. In other countries, comics have different names, in Japan is called “Manga”, in France is called “Bande Dessineé”, and in Latin-American countries, comics are mentioned with the names of “monos”, “muñequitos and “tebeos.”

The comics have different genres that depend on who are the readers. There are comics to children, adolescents and even adults. Children and adolescents read about superheroes, adventures, kingdoms. Adults read about social problems such as policy, sex, drugs, explicit violence, etc.

For children and adolescents

For adults

The comics were created a long time ago. The first comics appeared in the ancient Egypt, for this reason many people say the hieroglyphics are the parents of the comics. In Rome there were comics too, but many of them consisted on slogans against the Empire, in other words: there were just satires. In 1900 the comics began to be published in the kiosks with creations such as “ Krazy

Kat”, “Bringing up father”, and “Flash Gordon”. But the comics were internationalized with very famous stories such as “Le journal de Mickey” and “Tintín”. There are three countries that concentrate the most successful comics in the world: EE.UU, France and Japan. Probably you have read some of these comics.

 EE.UU: The comics are successful in United States, and there are two high companies of comics: Marvel and DC Comics. These magazines have sold many comics around the world with publications such as: Iron

man, Superman, Spiderman, Batman, The Avengers, Justice League, and so on.

 Japan: In Japan the comics are named Manga. Many of them are about traditions of this country, for example: ninjas, samurais, warrior monks and martial arts. Currently, there are

some manga that are much more globalized with topics like sports, school, pirates, etc. In Japan, there are two main companies of manga: The Shonen Jump and The Shonen Sunday magazines.




masterpieces such as Dragon ball, Naruto,

Samurai X, One Piece, Pokémon, Saint Seiya, etc.

 France: This country completes the trilogy. In France there are fewer comics than in EE.UU and Japan. However most of these comics are successful not only in France but also in the world, Pilote is the most important comic company with publications such as The Smurfs, The adventures of Tintín and Asterix the Gaul.

Comic is an influential mean of communication. It is considered as a new kind of language, when most of the information







expressions. The text is included in the comics represented in globes, posters and onomatopoeias but it is not totally necessary. Every story is a graphic narrative and each vignette is related to the previous and next one, no vignette is independent.

Currently, the comics are read mostly by teenagers and young adults. Most of the public are men, but women began to represent a great percentage of comic

consumers because the publications aimed to them are increasing. Also have influence in other industries such as television and cinema because many of the most popular comics passed from the magazine to the screen as animated series and even as Live-Motion movies. The clearest example is the movie: The Avengers that was an overall success in the theaters around the world.

Comic is also a life style, many people adopt the comic creators philosophy or the comics characters, because many fans feel identified with them. Even many people in the world make and dress clothes of their favorite comic characters. You can confirm it visiting the comic aa

conventions all over the world. There are many events about comics but the most important are:

The Comic-Con in San Diego, MACK and Jump Festa in Japan, Expo TNT in Mexico. In Colombia the most important convention is SOFA which is celebrated in September each year. In these cons you can do many things:

 You can discuss with other people about something related with comics (panels)  You can learn more about how to draw

comics, animation in computer, and so forth (workshops)  You can watch video projections about comics or movies related with comics.  To Participate in Contests and buy/sell comics, action figures, etc.

Finally, the comic is one of the most important and successful industries, having influence in all the parts of the world. It is a phenomenon what can be compared with music, literature, cinema, Internet and TV and it is very important to be familiarized with it because it became from a hobby to a kind of Worship.











Is worrying to know that many people can be

communication and entertainment invented

manipulated very easily and TV Channels have

by the Scottish Scientist John Logie Baird.

already noticed it. For this reason, these

Since its creation – in 1926 – television has

channels add up all their efforts to keep people

caught the attention of millions of people

increasingly distant from the real important

around the entire world. Thanks to television

things. It is common to see less and less

we can be aware of events occurring

educational and meaningful TV programming

thousands of miles from our homes. But, we

that could help the intellectual growth of

have to say that television changed a lot


regard to its origins. Currently, TV has many

fundamental values that are necessary to

negative characteristics and we are going to

model our society such as respect, tolerance,

mention them in this article.

solidarity, and so on. Besides, there are many















of and

irrelevant t issues.

“Television is the mirror which reflects the loss of our whole cultural system”. Federico Fellini (1993).

Everything that is shown on TV is not true, there are many things that seem true but are just lies. For example, the sensationalist newscasts those show a part of the reality and do not allow knowing the real facts. Additionally, these newscasts have an important role for the politic power because news is a good place for showing their ideas that just are pretty words to keep the people slept. In few words, modern newscasts misinform the people.

There is a strategy used frequently by the entertainment channels that is copying program models that have been issued in other countries. A clear example of this strategy is the Reality Show. Unfortunately, they do not make honor to their names because most of the participants of these contests are manipulated with the purpose of improving the rating. Additionally, there are many telesales associated with misleading advertising because they promise miraculous products but in many cases they end being useless. These phenomena is due to the owners of TV spots are not interested on showing quality products.

Something that is fashionable in Colombian TV

As we have mentioned, Colombian TV

programming is to show TV novels about armed

copies some program models of other



countries such as TV contests or Reality

Unfortunately, these productions just work as

Shows. However, many years ago there

an apologia of evil which creates wrong ideas

were some TV programs that gave us some

in people about how to have success in the life

teachings such as: “El Tesoro del saber” or

using the easy way. Even, the children watch

“Naturalia”. We can say that is important to

these programs and then they want to become a

come back to this kind of programs which

gangster or something related with narcotics

joined the family for learning and sharing

trafficking in order to be “someone important”

good moments.



In the Television’s business, some channels’ owners are worried about earning money but they do not care the people and the educational quality of their productions: violence with death like a show, sexual content with women like a product and the policy like a circus are being presented every day since many years ago. All of these indicate the degradation of our society and how television helps that this situation never changes.

TV trash does not contribute to the intellectual development of the people, on the contrary, it encourages mediocrity and facile as means to achieve what you want. But not all the TV programs are bad or without any sense of education. There still are some channels such as Discovery Channel, History Channel or National Geographic which show investigations, social analysis and some aspects that many people relate them with taboos: religions, cultures, sex, and so on. Moreover, these channels allow you to increase your knowledge about the world, the outer space and even yourself. Briefly, these TV programs open your mind.

Finally, we conclude that is the duty of public to demand a television with critical sense of reality. This kind of TV contributes really to a better future in the society. Good TV should have a neutral position without monetary or political preferences, TV has to put aside the interests and increase its social sense with the sole purpose of educating with entertainment.

Nowadays, the industry of videogames is increasing quickly. Videogames is one of the most important means of entertainment together the internet, TV, sports, comics and so on. Besides, its evolution is incredible and this is because of the technological advances. It is important to say that videogames actually are one of the most influential aspects in young people. But also is necessary to know how manage them in order to avoid some problems associated with video games like – for example - addiction.

The history of videogames is so interesting; most of the people grew playing videogames. For this reason, videogames is considered as an art. They were created in 1940 after the World War II and the first videogames had a ludic purpose such as Chess. Other old videogame was Tennis of Two: this game consisted on playing a tennis match just with two bars and one point. It was a revolution in that year. At the very beginning videogames were created for PC platforms, but in 1970 the first machines specialized only in videogames were created. These consoles offered very funny games like Space invaders, Mario Bros, Pac-man, Pong, etc. The most important enterprises of videogames are: 

Nintendo: This Japanese enterprise was created in 1889. At the very beginning, Nintendo was a company dedicated to sell card games. In 1975, Hiroshi Yamauchi took the decision of entering to the videogames business. Fortunately this decision let the appearing of many successful videogame franchises such as: Mario Bros, Pokémon,

Donkey Kong and Legend of Zelda. 

Sega : it is also a Japanese videogames company. It was founded in 1965 after the union of two important enterprises: Service Games y Rosen Enterprises.






franchises of this company are: Sonic the

Hedgehog, Mortal Kombat, The house of the Death and Golden Axe.

 Capcom: Who can remember games such as Resident Evil, Megaman, Street

Fighter or Devil May cry? Thank to this Japanese company - that was founded in 1979 – we can enjoy them.

Other important videogames companies are:

Konami, Electronic Arts (EA), Rockstar Games, Atari, Activision, inter alia. The use of videogames is controversial due to Naruto Ninja Storm 3: A link between Anime and Videogames

many people think that videogames are a kind of distractor for young people. But, specialized scientists determined that videogames not only have disadvantages but also benefits for people

who play them.

FIFA 13: Football and its contribution to video games

BENEFITS: According to All Times 10 – a YouTube

Channel - videogames offer a lot of advantages for gamers.  Increase dexterity

 Improve the ability of Memory  Help to reduce stress

 Video games improve visual ability  Help to improve IQ

 Improve the response speed

Resident Evil: One of the most popular suspense video games ever

Moreover, videogames could be a useful tool for education. Lots of teacher use videogames because they increase the motivation and the participation by students. In addition, videogames a allow children to improve their reasoning ability. Finally, videogames is also an interesting

evaluative system because they generate a healthy competition.

Videogames - like a social phenomenon - are very popular among young people because there are a great variety of games and gamers can chose between

adventure, strategy, simulators, platforms, sports and fighting. Videogames is one of the options for enjoying the free time in many cases. However, this kind of entertainment has some disadvantages if the users do not have enough maturity to control them.

DISADVANTAGES: Videogames could isolate people who play with them. When a game causes addiction its users, they can spend much time in front a monitor and avoid social interaction with friends and family because the videogames can become in a part of their lives owing to they prefer be playing all the time than establish normal relationships with people around them. Activities like playing sports and read books could be forgotten too. For that reason, in the worst cases they could help to produce obesity due to the lack of workout. Moreover, videogames can affect the school activities because gamers probably lose their time sense, so, homework and workshops are not done.

Grand Theft Auto: A controversial game

All video games are not equal and not all present the same violent content in the same way. Their violent content can promote impulsive and aggressive behaviors in gamers due to video

games can influence those people who do not have enough control of their lives. They could lose the reality sense because they live a virtual life all the time.

Other problems related with videogames are:  Gamers sleep less time because of playing.  They do not eat in the correct time or in the worst cases do not eat for playing more time. Problems caused by the abuse of video games according to South Park

 They do not go to school and use this important time to play  They argue with their parents owing to video games  Gamers spent much money for paying games  Videogames could be a cause for forgetting appointments

Finally, videogames are great tools that can bring many benefits to the people and is important to take

them into account. However, everything in excess is bad, and this sentence applies for videogames. At the same time, some categories of games could generate a wrong sense of reality. For that reason parents have to be aware about what kind of games are playing their sons and how much time they can dedicate to play with them in order to have a balance between reality

and the fantastic world of videogames.

This magazine was an opportunity for showing some aspects about themes related with youth (comics, videogames, hip hop, etc.) with the purpose of entertaining our readers. We have to give thanks to many persons that had a certain

Rafael Acevedo

relation with this magazine such as Christian Santa Cruz our English Language professor - who gave us some tips in order to overcome some difficulties about the articles shown in this magazine. Our classmates also participated in the creation of this magazine giving us opinions about how we were designing it. Finally, we thank you because you were the main reason for

Osscar Angel

writing each one of the articles. We hope you like our “creation”.

YOUTH MAGAZINE FIRST EDITION – 2013 AUTORS: Osscar Angel & Rafael Acevedo This magazine is for public divulgation

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