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What do you think about hard drugs?

It’s our theme today:

Do you think they’ are useful for you?

Real difficulties can be overcome, it is only the imaginary

Hard Drugs: Problems in the society

ones that are unconquerable. ~ Theodore N. Vail

Have you ever watched the new TV show “Catfish” from MTV?

Interview with New Shulman Prove yourself how addictive you are with the social networks and the instant messaging. In this edition: Mini - Test Executive man trying to use GPS

In this number 

Learning Language

Hard drugs

And more

Students of English Language Teaching Program

Editorial Nowadays, it is important to establish a routine which can help us to improve English language. So English readings are the best way to increase our levels because of three fundamental aspects: 1. We can learn a lot of new vocabulary. These new words will be part of our English learning language, and we can use them in any time, in any way, depending on the context. 2. When reading, we are used to speak loudly. In a certain way, this is useful, because we train our speech pathway and our parts of articulations get a special habit when pronouncing words. 3. When speaking while reading, we can train our listening, (one of the most important communicative skills). This is such a significant manner to increase the listening skill. We have these three and many other reasons why we should 2

read frequently. Other aspect to take into consideration is the advance of technology and all their benefits, but the prons and cons of social networking and other topics related with technology should be analyzed. It is like we are in a constant evolution where people are getting more and more separated. The current communitcation is being done through Instant Messaging. We do not realice the consequences we have right now. We are focused to make this magazine attractive for all kind of people, even for those who do not like to read. We promisethis magazine will be the best and the most eye-catching one. Do your best!!! Oscar Quintana and Viviana Cuellar Official Editors and Directors


1. Learning languages…………… 2. Health Benefits of Jogging….. 3. Interview: New Schulman Catfish. The TV Show………… 4. Hard drugs Problems in the society………. 5. How addictive you are Minitest - Social Networks…….


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Learning Languages In a global world like the actual, learning a second language results very important for us, because we can survive in a market world as competitive as today. The companies of our country require people which have as minimum an English Intermediate level. So, to speak two languages, let us have a better communication in order to travel abroad. Besides, to know a language we are just not only involving but also learning vocabulary. Otherwise we can know the culture and customs of the country that have the language we learned. We are living the 21st Century and every science field is advancing at the point of thinking about creating flying cars and all what we know about the "technology of future". Now people can appreciate the new inventions such as smartphones, Laptops and Notebooks, the new motorcycles and electric cars. The more the time goes by, the more technology and other science fields advance.


Also, we cannot forget the role of business people. They are the ones who take the most important decisions in enterprises. We are talking about future because we consider that learning languages could take a fundamental part in the construction of that future. Whether to learn a language or not, is a decision that only you can take. Remember: Only you know the benefits of knowing a language, the advantages of it, and what you can be losing right now if you are an ignorant. Now, learning languages is not only useful for business, but also for studying all the characteristics of a language, the process of language acquisition and all the variations there could exist. If we analyze a certain language (for example: Colombian Spanish) we can find a number of differences in pronunciation, writing and some others. We conclude the last analysis let us know the aspects related to other languages, because American English differs in those variations and processes from British



English. The last variations we mentioned before can also make a reference about informal English and formal English. You learn a language according to your needs: if you only need to learn to enjoy and have a good trip, you learn informal English, which allows you to get a good interaction, but if you need and advanced English that you must use in a meeting or a business issue you are going to solve, the best thing you can do is to learn business English.

We have shown you all the main aspects about learning a language. We invite you to learn not just English, also French, Portuguese, Italian, German, Japanese, and all the languages you want to. That’s your decision. Whether to learn a language or not is a difficult decision for you or for somebody, try to think about the pros and cons of being a multilingual person. Viviana Cuellar






Health benefits of jogging Before starting to talk about this topic, we should know the following aspects: Jogging is considered one of the most complete exercises that could exist. Every muscle is getting involved while doing this activity. To get exercise with jogging, can bring to you a lot of benefits, and you obtain a good workout. This sport can be realized by everybody, in everywhere, in every time, whatever the reason is. All kinds of exercise are good for your health. In this case, jogging is. It provides a great cardiovascular workout and prevents some illnesses such us angina, hypertension and heart attacks. Nowadays, many people around the world die because of heart diseases. For that reason the WHO (World Health Organization) realizes campaigns in order to prevent them. On the other hand, the WHO is facing another problem: Sedentary. In fact, there are some world statistical stud11


ies which determine some levels between 60% and 85% of people who don’t make any type of exercise. The recent governments are concerned about this social problem and they have adopted certain policies for promoting exercise.

You must take into account that making exercise is a need. Currently, people prefer chatting or doing other activities than jogging. When you go jogging, your body begins to acquire muscles and your heart gets better. Therefore, we ought to take care of our health and we have to take some measures to face this problem. We should do it for ourselves.

Viviana Cuellar




Interview with New Schulman Most of you know the principal social networkings and which one is more used than another. For that reason, we have decided to discuss with a protagonist of a phenomenon is happening currently on line: fake relationships and unreal profiles and accounts. We have now the expert in finding out these kinds of situations: Nev Schulman. He is the presenter of a TV show called “Catfish� and he was the protagonist of its documentary. 14

1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Nev: Right. I’m New Schulman. As most of you know, I was the protagonist in the documentary I have created by Henry Joost and my brother Ariel. They decided to do the video because they knew how my real situation then was.



2. At the moment you meet Megan and you discover that her real name is Angela, what did you feel in that moment? New: I really get disappointed. I didn’t know what to do then and I had no idea what Megan was like. In fact, I didn’t know what were the reasons for meeting her and all my mind came into my thoughts and reminiscences. It was the hardly moment ever in my life. 3. Why did your brother wanted you to continue with your relationship online? Nev: Because when I used to be with Megan; she sent me some songs, and I realized each one of these audios were not belonged to her. I identified the songs because they’re in YouTube. She was lying to me and I was at point to break up with her but my brother insisted me to continue. That’s why the video was crea16

4. After the documentary, probably you have received a lot of e-mails about your performance and the courage to face your situation. Why did you decide to do this new show? Nev: I just read these mails and I thought they’re having the same situation as me. It is quite hard for me and for those people who are living the same experience. Most of them are suffering because I know the majority of times, people like to cover the truth by a fake Facebook profile and all kind of information there could have to fake. Every single person in any way is taking my role and I think I shoulda been done something for them. 5. What do you feel when accompanying the person in love of someone who it is not what he is going to be? Nev: I try as less as possible to get involved with each case. I see my own reflect in each one that makes the participation in my TV program. It happened to me and I think I’ve overcome this circumI am used to do is to suggest the per-

stance. The only thing son in believing

real things, not in facts that you think

are true, and

this advice is for everybody, they’re


They can also be a victim of a love that


exist. So many people think that this


saved. not

is not serious enough.


6. Do you think this show is useful for everybody? Why? Nev: Of course. The technology world is giving huge steps and the advances are highly amazing. With technology, there are a lot of things to do, and people have more chances to lie and give us false information. We must be careful with all we see. Not everything we have met in a person could be true. Certainly, the teaching of this story could be to trust in ourselves and not in other people that we don’t even know.

7. What is your methodology for researching those “catfish” people? Nev: Okay, the first thing I do when I am doing the research is to type the full name of the catfish in Google searcher to see the first results and analyze the kind of person he or she is. If they are who they say they are, it is likely to find real information such as profiles, interviews, achievements, etc. and that’s a good way to compare the information our lover has given us. Second, I check all of the information this catfish has uploaded to Facebook: photos, friends, pages, comments, likes, posts, states and so forth. I use the Google Image searcher to find 18


another profile with the same pictures or the origin of the photos. Sometimes, I try to call some of their friends to confirm if they are who they say they are and finally I confront the person through calls, and I try to encourage them to meet their apparent love.

8. Can you tell us what has been the most amazing case you have worked with? Nev: Ehmmm… Maybe the unbelievable case was one from the first episodes we shot, where a woman fell in love of a man and they had a relationship online, but we realized in the day of the meeting that his man was a woman who wanted to take revenge and the worst part was because she was her friend. We couldn’t believe that. It was entirely surprising for us. There are other cases that would cause an impact to all the viewers of our show.

9. Finally, invite all the people to watch your TV program! Nev: Well. This show is meant to be one of my best projects and our aim is to create a conscious thinking about being in love of a person that maybe doesn’t exist, so if you wanna learn more, just watch Catfish, the TV show. Interview done by: Oscar A. Quintana 19


Hard Drugs: Problems in the society Hard drugs is a problem that has a social impact for many years and today it continues occupying one of the first points of discussion with government and society in general, so we could say that the "war" against illicit drugs is lost. We put the word warm in quotes, because the issue of drugs use has gone from being known as a public health problem to a crime. Currently and particularly in Colombia talking about legalizing the consumption of illicit drugs such as: marijuana, cocaine, etc. and this subject is very well regarded by some social class and by some government officials, considering that one of the human rights stipulated in the Political Constitution of Colombia, is the right to "free development of personality." So, each person has the autonomy to choose what they want for their life.

So, drugs are chemicals that alter the behavior, mood, percep-

Leaf of Marijuana 20 20

tion and mental functions, to the point of endangering his own life, because one of the most harmful effects of drugs use is the creation of dependence to these elements, so the person finds it difficult to stop using drugs.

Magic Mushrooms

We think, often family problems and social pressures lead people to make the decision to use drugs, believing that is the only way out of their problems, falling into a dark and cruel world.

Hard drugs do not care about people and their si-

21 21

Chemical Drugs tuation: persons from different ages, from different beliefs, from different races, from different socioeconomic situations, it does not matter who you are and where you come from. This can affect anyone and makes you completely dependent from it. There are some countries like Ukraine and some others that consuming hard drugs are legal and you have no restrictions for taking them; in fact, in those countries you find specific places and sites where you can take substances such as cannabis, coke, depressants, etc.

What governments have to face is the ethical issues of forbidding or allowing the use of hard drugs in the societies, the impact this


could cause and the different patterns that affect the culture and traditions of those societies are the dilemma we all have in our lives.

Some people conceive the hard drugs as a problem we have to fight as much as we can, but there are others that believe in taking them as a medicine, considering the use as a life style, because they think the increase of relaxing and doping substances are as normal as looking at men who like men, women who like women, as the civil wars in diverse countries, as the corruption, etc.

The matter now is: What do you think about them? Do you think they are useful for you or for those who take them? Today we should be careful with these situations because we don’t know what we expect about hard drugs, and what objective could take, which the use could be; all these aspects will be known in a future where you might be present.

Viviana Cuellar 23 23

How addictive you are Minitest - Social Networks Social networks are a phenomenon we are living now, with the advance of technology and the fact of being connected through internet. We are in 2013 and we can find a variety of smartphones, tablets, laptops and all those machines which allow us to get communicated; we can find phones from all the brands, from all the sizes and from all the functions we want to. The matter now is the use we can get with all these webpages and applications. Most of the people like chatting and chatting and more chatting. We cannot find any other use for that. Besides, the photos, video clips, pictures and any other kind of expression on line are not the majority of times improving instead of those that at least transmit a positive message. That is why we have decided to make a kind of test, in order to determine how addictive you are in social networks and therefore in internet. The next chart you are going to find is a 2424

test you should fill, because you think you control what you do on internet, but sometimes we are not right. The next steps are the way you are going to fill that table: 

You find the list of the most popular social networks, instant messaging and apps. 

On the next three columns, you mark one of the

three statuses from the mentioned social networks. 

On “Terms”, you mark the one is indicated for

you: it is about the frequency you use that social networking. 

As soon as you do that, you are going to assign the values to the next criteria: 

To the first three columns,

you assign three, two and one respectively. 

To the last five columns, you assign five, four,

three, two and one respectively. 

Then, you multiply the two numbers you get from each social network, and you put the number in the result.

Finally, you are going to add up the results and you write the final result in its respective space.

25 25

Important! If the results are higher than 96, it means you are addictive to social networks, social messaging and some apps.


Mini Test I don't want to

Not yet

I have it

Social Network, Instant Messaging or App

TERMS I use it once or twice a week

I use it three or four times a week

Okay , five times a week

I use it the majority of times

I can't stop using it


E-mail account (Hotmail-Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) Skype Facebook Flickr Twitter Google Plus Whatsapp BBM MySpace YouTube LinkedIn SlideShare Scribd Blogger Tumblr Instagram Issuu Any other? Mention them up next: _________________ Final Results 27


a uintan


Vivia n a C uella

A. Q Oscar


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