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As G’know Belafonte AKA “Yung Face” came up as a young man, he frequently appeared to be young throughout life. He was known through the high for his “baby” face, and there he had the nickname with him for life. But as his rapping life grew, he noticed alot of other artists also used the same name. Instead of having a name that would stir up drama or grabbed fans attention with obvious sex appeal. He chose the name of yungface. G’know liked the name because he was greatly influenced by big daddy Kane and babyface.

In this Video he is repping ATL to the fullest dedicating this mixtape to his home city. G’knows music has that down to earth smooth feeling of the ATL. However, his style alot different then other artists in the ATL. In the words of G’Know, “Not everyone does it.” He wants to be more than a one hit wonder he wants to be around for a very long time. Creativity, doing things different, thinking outside the box are things that describe him well. He greatly appreciates what past artists contributed to rap/ hip hop so he never forgets where he comes converted by

from. Yung Face gets upset when an artist will take something already out there water down the lyrics and speed up the tempo. To him that’s cheesy and the easy way out. Face wants to distinguish himself among the other artists. G’know says it is a good sign when you go somewhere and people appreciates him for what he does. In all hip hop music videos he represents GA to the fullest and is one of the best hip hop music artists bar none. One of his goals is to be on bet hip hop music like the basement or something like that. G’know definitely has a cool hip hop music style. I was extremely lucky to get a exclusive hip hop music interview from G’know. Someday soon we will be seeing G’know on the hip hop music awards either winning because of his ill lyrics or hip hop music instrumentals.G’know is a star in hip hop music to listen to he likes to make hip hop music online he says you can also make your own hip hop music. G’know is a name to look out for in the urban hip hop music scene. The thing I’m most impressed about G’know is the fact that he is unconvientional and to him that’s ok. I like the fact he is who he is and doesn’t listen to the critics. That should get a lot of respect from other artists and people at large. In a world that being the norm and fitting in is common place, he would say just be yourself. G’know has a very cool rapping style. He is very courageous for doing his hip hop music remix. G’know is a up and coming urban hip hop music star you should listen to. I know I am… Casanova music group: G’Know Belafonte AKAYung Face (CEO/Lyricist/Guitarist/Producer/Songwriter)Shakia (Songstress/Songwriter)Babycakes (Lyricist/Guitarist/Producer/Songwritter)Nikesha Zellnar (Song Writer)Chicago aka Chi-Town (Drummer/ Keyboardist/ Producer)

You can find G’know and his group on









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Roni Love July 3, 2013 at 4:06 am

I loved the rap it was great. Dig the Atl represent .G Know keep creating. I can’t wait to hear more of your music. Reply

admin July 3, 2013 at 4:10 am

was hot! Reply

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G'know casanova martin  
G'know casanova martin  

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