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Cole Martin was born on June 20, 1995. He currently lives in Dodge City Kansas. Bubba has been a fan of hip hop music since the 6th grade, but he just started making his own music two years ago. Cole is a recording artist on Papamaka records. Bubba gets static because of his skin color, but he doesn’t let that slow him down. He figures he’s one of the homies too.

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Bubba C | Virtually Loaded

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This video Final warning was recently released by Cole and did really well in a contest sponsored by Skylar Grey. For being such a young artist Bubba C does a great job of staying with the beat and delivering a strong message in his video. As Cole goes along he is attracting many more fans making quite a name for himself. Bubba would say to haters,” let them hate”. His philosophy is if they are taking the time listening to his music they are still listening, so oh well. Cole has preformed many times in Dodge City and now he has his eyes set on bigger stages with larger crowds. Bubba hasn’t ever experienced being booed, but he says you got to take the losses with the gains, believing in yourself is the key in hip hop. Cole hopes to do the whole nine when it comes to being a MC whether that be in movies or even have a Bubba C cologne. Cole Martin is one of this years best of hip hop artists, Bubba C is very enthused to do a hip hop blog, he thinks anytime he can get some face time it’s going to be a good thing for him. Bubba is for sure more than another hip hop eminem, he has some sweet music you can do a hip hop dance to. Bubba is one of hip hop favorites, I cant wait to see his name on many hip hop playlists. He has ambitions of being a hip hop producer, I can see his name in big lights on one of the exclusive hip hop record labels,or even make his own hip hop records, If you haven’t you should check out the new hot hip hop artist Bubba C, he is bringing rap to a new level, this is hip hop at its finest. I am a huge fan of the new urban hip hop smash Bubba C. Interview: Tell the fans about yourself where you are from ect…- I’m Bubba C straight out the middle of the map Dodge City Ks! I just turned 18 almost 2 weeks ago. I love to make good music. That’s all I do besides work. Do you like doing solo joints better or collabs? I love it all really. As long as I’m makin good music. Who are your influences? Eminem, 2pac, Twista, Tech N9ne, Dizzy Wright, Crooked I, Rittz, MGK When did you start rapping? When I was 16. Are you signed on with anyone? Not “Signed” I never signed any paperwork but I represent “PapaMaka Records” I’m known as a PapaMaka artist. Do you got any upcoming shows? Not right now. But hoping to. The last show I did was opening for Twista with the rest of PapaMaka Records. The Ladies wanna know are you single? Haha Yea How do you feel as a white rapper? Shit just like a normal person. I can just rap and I happen to be white. How would you describe your music? Unique. You’ll never hear anything like it. I like having my own style. I didn’t try to make the type of music that’s out trending . I try to create something new. Where can I find you on social media? Twitter you can follow me at @bubbac620 Instagram:Therealbubbac . You can also find me on facebook under Bubba C Anything else you like to tell the readers? My solo mixtape is coming soon! It’s called “The Beginning” You will hear all different types of styles on this mixtape, its gonna be HOT! So be on the lookout! .

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Bubba C | Virtually Loaded

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admin July 4, 2013 at 3:11 pm (Edit)

thanks Paula missed u Reply

admin July 4, 2013 at 3:11 pm (Edit)

love it Cole Reply

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Bubba C | Virtually Loaded


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