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The Virtual Solution Not everything fits in a box.

Think Outside the Box Explore Virtual Assistance

“Helping you pick the fruits of your labour more easily”

Virtually Does It provides outstanding virtual assistance, taking care of the cornerstone functions for your business. From administration, creative, online and business support, to virtual assistance on tap! And it’s all done virtually. Don’t worry, the support is real, effective and professional, but your business won’t incur the added costs of directly employing a member of staff. Working with a Virtual Assistant, or VA, means the majority of support work is carried out remotely from a fully equipped office, but it’s important to still meet, chat, and email regularly. Working virtually doesn’t mean hidden away and inaccessible, quite the opposite, a VA can be as much a part of your business as you like. And that’s the key. As you like. All virtual assistance is tailored to your requirements for your business. The support can evolve too as your business grows so you’re not restricted and won’t be banging your head against a glass ceiling!


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Collaborate Administration and office management can be a drain on a business.

Think of the time spent trying to get used to the latest office software packages, the shortcuts that will help, and the frustrations when your diary doesn’t sync and your spreadsheet formula won’t add up!

To work, one with another.

All this time that could be spent growing your business, securing new clients, and maintaining relationships with existing ones. So, collaborate with an expert instead. Virtually Does It offers a variety of packages as a basis to start with virtual assistance. The services provided range from the ‘traditional’ office administration tasks, to website and blog updates, design and printing of branded stationery, development of resources, to email organization. The list is endless! Each package is tailored to your business. No boxes in sight!


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Build Investment is fundamental.

We’re not talking pound-notes investment; we’re talking time.

To establish, increase and strengthen.

Although your time comes with a price tag, taking the time, and opportunities, to explain your business, its mission and values, your way of working and the way you interact with your clients, builds a strong foundation for you to work with a VA. Virtual Assistants want to be as enthusiastic about your business as you are, and to continually promote your business for you, through their work with you. To invest the time at the beginning will allow you to reap the benefits later; building the trust in a prosperous relationship.


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Inspire You’ve got ideas for your business.

To encourage, inform and excite.

Perhaps it’s dabbling in the pool of social media or adding a new service or product. Maybe it’s trying a new marketing strategy or rebranding with a new logo. Virtual Assistants make great sounding boards! With a good understanding of business in both the public and private sectors, and knowledge and experience of starting and building a business, coupled with creativity and enthusiasm, Virtually Does It also offers the softer skills to help your ideas evolve.


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Succeed Experience results and your business will benefit.

To thrive, prosper and grow.


Working with a Virtual Assistant allows you the time and the space to really work on your business, knowing that the cogs are turning smoothly in the background. By growing confidence in virtual working, and experiencing the results that it will bring, your business will benefit.

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About Virtually Does It

Virtually Does It Outstanding Virtual Assistance

Katie Macdonald

Katie Macdonald has over 10 years executive PA and office management experience and has worked for senior directors in both the public and private sectors (entrepreneurs, national and multinational organisations). Katie established Virtually Does It to give a more bespoke PA service, and to be able to utilise fully a high-level skill set in executive support, management and business administration, and the professional skills to connect and build successful and beneficial relationships. Virtually Does It first started as a ‘5-9’ business in the evenings and weekends. Katie also featured in Emma Jones’ book ‘Working 5-9, How to Build a Business in Your Spare Time’. E: Twitter: @VirtuallyDoesIt


“A safe pair of hands; and a confident, efficient approach to making sure everything ‘behind the scenes runs as seamlessly and as smoothly as possible. Katie’s as professional as they come – and a dream to work with”. Ian Weightman, Ian Weightman Media Services Ltd.

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The Virtual Solution  
The Virtual Solution  

Not everything fits in a box. A look at how a virtual assistant can help four cornerstones of any business.