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Free Yourself From Dieting For Ever!

A special report from Leigh Mitchell

Free Yourself From Dieting Forever!

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Free Yourself From Dieting Forever!

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Introduction................................................................................................................4 The Naturally Slim Person .........................................................................................6 The Fuel Gauge..........................................................................................................7 Peckish...................................................................................................................9 Ready...................................................................................................................10 Hungry/Starving ...................................................................................................10 Stop When You’ve Had Enough...............................................................................12 Satisfied ...............................................................................................................12 Full Up/Stuffed ....................................................................................................13 Some Tips and Suggestions for Putting it into Practice .............................................14 Conclusion...............................................................................................................18

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Free Yourself From Dieting Forever!

Introduction My niece is one of those naturally skinny people. You know, we all have friends or relatives who remain skinny whilst eating what they like. She eats like a horse and yet, fascinatingly, remains skinny. If I ate like that I’d be as big as a house in no time!

This super-simple technique means you never have to diet again So what’s the difference between naturally skinny people and the rest of us?

Well, I’ve observed one crucial difference in my niece’s behaviour, and my research on the subject has confirmed that naturally skinny people follow a rule, without realising it. It just comes naturally to them.

The good news is, that we can all follow this simple rule too, and it works! You just have to think like a naturally skinny person, and you’ll become naturally skinny. In this special report, I will show you exactly how YOU can lose any excess weight you may be carrying, become a naturally slim person, and never have to diet again.

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Free Yourself From Dieting Forever! Yes its true, using this devastatingly simple technique, you can free yourself from dieting forever – you never need to count calories (or points) again.

I will show you how you can eat what you like, without guilt or regret. You don’t need to weigh your food or worry about what you’re eating. You just need to follow a couple of simple rules and you will be able to quickly achieve your ideal weight and stay there. No foods are banned, and you don’t have to eat special diet shakes, meal replacements, pills or so-called super-foods.

You really can free yourself from

dieting, for ever!

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Free Yourself From Dieting Forever!

The Naturally Slim Person

Let’s think of an imaginary naturally-slim person, we’ll call her Skinny Mini.

Now, lets imagine how Skinny Mini behaves around food. She eats what she likes, right? Yes, she does, but crucially, the other side of eating what she likes, is this: Skinny Mini stops eating when she’s had enough, and she doesn’t overeat. You may think that’s not true, Skinny Mini eats like a horse…well, she may well do, but if you closely pay attention to how much Mini eats over the course of the day, and week, you will undoubtedly find that she doesn’t in fact eat as much as it seems. It may not seem like it, but it has been proved in studies that naturally slim people simply eat fewer calories than their weightier counterparts. You may be thinking that’s not true, but bear with me…

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Free Yourself From Dieting Forever!

I remember one Christmas when we had the family together for Christmas dinner. Of course there was a lot of food available and my niece (the skinny one – lets call her Mini) had a plateful the same as the rest of us. But I noticed at the end of the meal, she had hardly eaten a thing. There was a large amount of food left on her plate, which stood out among the other, cleared plates. I realised that she had not eaten the whole plateful, not because she didn’t like it or whatever, but simply because she wasn’t hungry. Unlike the rest of us, she had simply left the surplus food on her plate because she didn’t need the fuel.

Mini eats according to her hunger, and significantly, if she’s not hungry, she doesn’t eat. Research has confirmed that this really is the crucial difference to having a tendency to be overweight, or being naturally slim.

You may think this is stupidly simple, and wouldn’t work for you. Perhaps your instant reaction is “that’s no good for me, I don’t have the willpower”. Well, hear me out, and I’ll explain a little more about how we can all implement this technique for ourselves. Once you get the hang of it, you really don’t need willpower. It’s not about willpower, it’s about getting in tune with your body.

The Fuel Gauge Many people ask me “How much should I be eating then?”.

Well, there is no one

answer. I can’t set out a meal plan that is suitable for everyone. I couldn’t even set a meal plan for you as an individual, because everyone needs different amounts of food at different times.

In modern society people tend to eat for many reasons, such as habit, a treat, for celebration, comfort, distraction, out of politeness, because we’re expected or told to, or just because we like it. In many ways we sometimes lose touch with the needs of our bodies, and how the body communicates its needs to us. In this case, in the form of feeling hungry.

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Free Yourself From Dieting Forever!

Going back to basics, the reason for eating is to give your body the fuel it needs to provide you with all the energy you require to go about the business of your day, whether that be sitting at a desk, or running a marathon. The food you eat is used as a consumable for building flesh and bone or burned as fuel for everything your body is doing throughout the day and night.

Your body will need different amounts of fuel, for different activities, and on different days for many reasons, such as natural cycles and rhythms that the body goes through and the weather. The trick is to listen to your body and eat according to what it is telling you. This may sound obvious, but in today’s world most people have actually lost touch with true hunger. If you’ve ever found yourself eating for any reason other than hunger, then this technique may come in handy for you. Don’t worry, its not hard and you can learn how to do this with a little practice.

I find the easiest way to think about whether you’re hungry or not is by using what I call the Fuel Gauge.

The Fuel Gauge

I call being hungry, being in “The Hunger Zone”. It’s all about tuning in to your body and its needs for ‘fuel’. Lets take a look at the Fuel Gauge:

Ready for a Meal Hungr y


Satisfied/ Not Hungry

r nge u eH Th Zone

Full Up

Starvi ng

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Stuffed (the sausage skin feeling!)

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Free Yourself From Dieting Forever!

As you can see, the Fuel Gauge is a diagram that represents the amount of fuel in your body, just as a fuel gauge for a car shows the level of fuel in the tank.

Take a look now, where are you on the Fuel Gauge at this moment?

The principle is about working your way towards being at the right place (on the gauge) at the right time (when it’s time to eat). This will mean that your body is using the fuel you are feeding it, and will not be laying down spare fuel in the form of fat.

Peckish Starting with the needle pointing straight up in the Fuel Gauge, this is where you are Peckish i.e. just starting to think about being a little hungry.

This is the starting point of the Hunger Zone. If, when you are about to eat, the needle on your Fuel Gauge is not at Peckish or to the left (i.e. more hungry), then you really should reconsider whether you should be eating right now.

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Free Yourself From Dieting Forever! Ready

Moving to the left towards empty on the gauge, we next reach Ready for a Meal, this is the ideal place to be when sitting down to eat.


The next point is Hungry. This is the most hungry point of the Hunger Zone.

When you reach the point of Hungry, and your tummy starts rumbling your body is telling you that it needs you to eat something.

If you have a while to wait before your next meal, then a small snack such as a banana might be a good idea to bridge the gap before meal time. It is important to try not to go over the line towards Starving as this is the ‘danger zone’, where you are reaching the point where instinct will take over, and you will be tempted to reach for whatever

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Free Yourself From Dieting Forever! food becomes available (e.g. chocolate bars and crisps from the filling station or vending machine). This is beyond the point at which you can reasonably be expected to be in control. Once you pass Hungry, instinct will be in control, and you are much more likely to eat too much and probably unhealthily too. So, the best place to be when meal time arrives, is in the Hunger Zone i.e. somewhere between Peckish, and Hungry.

You may find that you are at Satisfied/Not Hungry on the gauge when your meal time arrives. In this case it is up to you whether you eat or not (if it’s not practical to eat nothing, you could eat a tiny portion). Remember this is not a diet, and there are no hard and fast rules. However, you may need to engineer your meals the following day, so that you are hitting the right spot on the Fuel Gauge when meal times come round. It will probably take some trial and error, and adjustments according to your activities. Persevere and it will get easier.

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Free Yourself From Dieting Forever!

Stop When You’ve Had Enough Stopping when you’ve had enough is the flip-side of eating only when in the Hunger Zone and means listening to your body carefully so as not to ‘overfuel’.

This is

probably one of the most challenging aspects of this principle for most people and can require some will power at first, until it becomes second nature (yes, it will!) Don’t worry, there are lots of tips and techniques to help you to build this principle into your life.

Looking once more at the Fuel Gauge, you can see that when you get to the Hunger Zone and eat some food, the needle of the Fuel Gauge will start to rise as you refuel.


At some point you will be ‘Satisfied’, and therefore no longer be in the Hunger Zone. This is the point to stop eating - as soon as you reach Satisfied. It is important not to overfuel because if you put surplus fuel into your system, it will probably mean that you won’t be ready for your next meal when the time comes, and the extra food will require your system to carry out lots of processing which could leave you feeling tired and sluggish, robbing you of the energy you need to continue with your day.

Of course, it is not a ‘sin’ to eat beyond when you are satisfied, as this is not a diet, and of course it’s up to you, but I recommend that you try not to eat beyond Satisfied for best results!

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Free Yourself From Dieting Forever!

Full Up/Stuffed

If you do find that through circumstances you have reached ‘Full Up’ (or even ‘Stuffed’?!) then do try to leave your next meal until you are in the Hunger Zone once more. This will probably mean leaving it for quite a time and you may even need to miss a meal. It is usually against advice to miss meals and I would concur with this advice and state that in normal circumstances it is best avoided, but in the circumstances where the meal time has arrived and you are nowhere near the Hunger Zone then your body is telling you that it is not yet ready to re-fuel and it would probably be best to leave it until later, when you are feeling more hungry. You are the only one who can tell if you are in the Hunger Zone or not, and so you are the only one who can decide whether or not to eat at that time.

If you do eat when you are not in the Hunger Zone then you will be taking on surplus calories, and these are likely to end up distributed around your body as fat. However, a tiny snack may be appropriate, to take you up to your next meal-time, and to keep your metabolism working.

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Free Yourself From Dieting Forever!

Some Tips and Suggestions for Putting it into Practice Half the Portion If you’re finding that you are not yet in the Hunger Zone when meal times arrive, you may need to reduce your meal portions. Try taking HALF the portion you normally would. You may be surprised at how satisfied you feel after eating a half portion. If you are still in the Zone, then have second helpings, or another course, with a clear conscience!

Breakfast Do you eat breakfast because you know it is supposed to be good for you, even though you’re not ready for it first thing in the morning? The Virtual Health Club way is to eat only when you’re in the Hunger Zone, so this could mean leaving breakfast until later if that’s when you’re ready. However, I would suggest that you plan for this and have something healthy handy, rather than going to the chocolate machine at 11am when hunger gets the better of you!

“What about if I eat breakfast late, and then I’m not hungry at lunch time?” This is a matter of engineering the size of your meals, so that you’re more likely to be in the Zone by the next meal time. Give it a go, with practice you’ll be able to get it right. If you are consistently not hungry at breakfast time, you may need to reduce your portions at your evening meal.

Remember you always have a choice When you are contemplating that extra portion, or smell a compelling burger or fried chicken, think before you act. “I choose to eat healthily.” Write it on a post-it note and place it somewhere that will remind you that you always have a choice. You are the only one who decides whether to put something in your mouth or not, no blaming anyone else!

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Free Yourself From Dieting Forever!

The 20-Minutes Rule If you’re wanting second helpings, a point to remember here is that it takes approximately 20 minutes for the Satisfied signal to reach the brain, and so you may find that if you wait a while, you will no longer feel any hunger.

If you are

contemplating eating something else, try not saying “No” to yourself, but “Wait for 20 minutes”. See if you’re still hungry. Chances are you won’t be.

Savour your Food! I encourage you to enjoy your food. I recommend against substitute foods, and want you to enjoy what you eat.

To help with your enjoyment, here are some

recommendations: •

Make the effort to present it beautifully

Use your best crockery and utensils

Sit at the table

Pay attention to what you’re eating (try not to do something else whilst eating such as watching TV, or reading (chatting is allowed!)

Enjoy it!

Eat Slowly Try to lower the pace of your eating down to as slow as possible. Take small mouthfuls, put your utensils down between bites, chew it, taste it, ENJOY it!! This will help you to enjoy your food more and could mean that you don’t even realise that you’re eating a smaller portion because it takes longer to eat what you do have on your plate.

It could also prevent the possible negativity that would come from

finishing before other people.

Eating slowly is also good for your digestion.

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Free Yourself From Dieting Forever! Don’t be Afraid to Leave Some This is a challenge for many people, and often stems from having it drummed in as a child that you had to clear your plate. OK. There are a number of ways round this one. The first way is to take a smaller portion, as mentioned above. Secondly, practice. Try leaving just the smallest morsel to get used to the idea. Also don’t save the best till last…

Don’t save the best till Last! My husband will eat all the items on his plate that he’s not so fond of, and leave something that he really likes, until everything else has been eaten. As you can see, this is a good way to make sure you eat the lot, no matter whether you’ve had too much! The Virtual Health Club way is to turn this on its head! Eat what you like best first. That way, if you feel full before the plate is cleared, it will be easier to leave some. I once heard of a restaurant owner who had a customer who used to order sticky toffee pudding as a starter just in case he didn’t have room for it later - that’s one way of doing it!

“It’s a Waste” This is often a strong motive for finishing everything up and is a problem for many mothers who find themselves finishing what the children have left. Take a moment before popping leftovers into your mouth (practice!). There are a few options here. Perhaps, if there’s plenty and it’s suitable, you could save the remaining portion in the fridge, or the freezer for a later meal - either in original form, or to eat with a jacket potato, as a sandwich filling, or to incorporate with other ingredients as a new dish…or maybe the birds would appreciate it?

The main point to remember here is that to eat it is a waste, if you’re not hungry. If you find you have food left over on your plate when you have had enough, try to reduce your portions. You can always have second helpings if you are still hungry.

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Free Yourself From Dieting Forever!

“There are People Starving in the World” Yes there are, but unfortunately it doesn’t make any difference to underdeveloped countries whether you eat some more or not.

It’s not a proper meal without Dessert A common problem is that it doesn’t feel right without a dessert, or perhaps your significant other insists on a dessert (this is the case for me!). Well, there are a number of ways round this one. Don’t forget that you always have a choice - you need not have a dessert if you’re full, you don’t have to have the same as your partner, you can prepare a low-fat dessert for you both; have a smaller portion of first course (you may be surprised at how small your portion can be, and yet be enough), so that you have some room left for dessert etc.

If you do over-indulge, Don’t Panic! Everyone over-indulges sometimes. The key here is: don’t panic! If you’ve had too much of a good thing - OK (I hope you enjoyed it!). Don’t give up. Use the Fuel Gauge.

Dealing with your Tormentor We all have our own personal ‘Tormentor’ inside our heads who seems to be there specifically to find everything negative and to torment you with it! Your Tormentor might be having a field day and causing you grief and guilt - maybe saying something like “Oh well, you’ve blown it now, you might as well have this as well…” or some such negative ‘diet mind-set’ talk. Just accept that this is normal and move on ignore your tormentor or answer back with a retort.

It is worth stopping as soon as you realise, and not continuing to overeat for the rest of the day. Don’t give up for the sake of one too many biscuits. Squash the Tormentor and carry on.

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Free Yourself From Dieting Forever! Conclusion Try to think about where you are on the gauge next time you go to eat something. You may be surprised, that you are not actually hungry at all, and you are actually eating for another reason. If this is the case, don’t worry. With a little practice you will be able to automatically check your fuel gauge and you won’t even have to think about it. It’s a bit like driving a car, or riding a bike. When you’re learning a new skill it seems very difficult and you may think you’ll never get the hang of it, but with perseverance and practice, you soon realise that you’re doing it automatically.

Use the fuel gauge to check if you’re in the Hunger Zone before taking on more calories/fuel. Stop when you’ve had enough so you don’t get too full. Moderate your portion sizes so that you’re regularly hitting the Hunger Zone when your next meal time comes along.

And that’s it. This devastatingly simple ‘rule’ that naturally slim people instinctively follow without even realising it is the difference between them being naturally slim, and tending to put on weight like the rest of us.

So, next time you’re eyeing up some delicious temptation and having the conversation in your head, “I shouldn’t eat that….” just check where you are on the fuel gauge and think “What would Skinny Mini do?”

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Free Yourself From Dieting Forever!

This report comes to you from Virtual Health Club. For more information on weight loss and other aspects of living a healthy, happy and successful life, visit

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Free Yourself From Dieting Forever  
Free Yourself From Dieting Forever  

This special report from Leigh Mitchell at tells you how to lose weight quickly and easily, without dieting, eating sp...